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I am in need of a cash slave today who will ready to serve me and pay me tributes as his master.

I am working on the new marketplace at the moment, which will allow you to upload your videos to the site, meaning that when a slave buys one they can download the video right away - saving you the hassle of having to send them the link.

I was wondering, how large are your video files on average? I need to know what kind of upload limit to set.

Would around 100mb be enough?


Masterofall Sep 9 '13 · Tags: market, masters, videos
Buy and sell stuff!

Have fun.

Masterofall Jul 24 '13 · Tags: credits, market
Today we added in a proper shop function.

This will make it easier to buy and sell items on the site.

You can buy and sell with either credits or PayPal to make things easier.

So, get selling.

Masterofall May 19 '13 · Tags: shop, market

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