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I have served Masters in the past, yes I do know that this is about cash and i know this site promotes that, as do others.  I would like to just say that as a person, i WILL respect ALL Masters and i would hope to get that in return.  I've served many in the past year or so, which i've had the reputation as a whore but as long as they get their $$$, they are happy.  It has quickly become a turn off to see Masters always posting degrading things about faggots and PAY UP or nothing.  I am aware that some fags LOVE that stuff, i don't say it's wrong for them, but it isn't for all of us.  I truly believe the mind is a challenge as to why i call this a "MENTAL CHALLENGE.  

I'm a weak faggot like most on here but I also am a human being that likes to be talked to with a small amount of respect.  Get in my weak brain and make me want to serve you.  I don't have much to give but if you are willing to work with me, i can work with you.  I believe the mind is the first thing that needs to be mentally challenged to break us down and make us weak.  Not the standard IM, inbox or post...PAY UP FAGGOTS, YOU WORTHLESS PIECES OF SHIT!  I don't buy into that.  We need to have a "new breed" of Masters that are wiling to get in our heads mentally and challenge us to serve.  Most likely, you do that, i'm weak and i will give you something.  But it also has to be something that clicks with us.  I'm not that much of a whore to just dish out to anyone.  After past experiences, i want to know you a little and see what makes you tick and in turn, you can see what gets me crazy.  As the site name says...fags submit, and Masters benefit.  I believe that with all my heart. 

I know i will get some negative comments about this post but that is the price i'm willing to pay to explain where I come from.  Some slaves may not agree nor may many Masters but this will save us all a waste of time.  I do not want nor intend to waste a Masters time if we don't match up.  In the past, i would have been throwing money around because my body just said too.  Now, it's more of a mental challenge and i know there are many Masters out there that are good at this aspect.  I'm waiting to here the backlash now so thank you for reading and i hope we can respect each other here and move forward to create a site that is world class and trash free.  I know the Admin wants to make this a site different from the "others" and that difference starts with US...all of us, Master and slaves alike.

RmanSlave Aug 19 '13 · Rate: 4.88 · Comments: 36
The Dungeon is now up and running.

Slaves in the Dungeon can view no area of the site other than the Dungeon.

They cannot read messages, comment, view profiles - NOTHING until their sentence is finished.

Slaves can put themselves in the Dungeon by going to their profile, or if they're owned their Master can put them in there from the Manage Slave screen.

Masters can comment on the slaves in the Dungeon, abuse and humiliate them , while the slaves can do nothing but watch!

Let me know what you think and any suggestions for improvement.

Based on feedback the Dungeon has now been updated:

- Masters can add any slave to the Dungeon that is not owned at half the price a slave pays to add theirself there

- Slaves have a 1 day grace period after being released from the Dungeon

Masterofall Jan 29 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 26 · Tags: site, dungeon, features
Make a Valentines image related to domination and post it here in the comments.

The winner - chosen by me, but with the help of the other members thoughts will determine the winner.

The winner will get 200 tips, featured for a month, and access to the new members list for a month.

More than one entry is allowed, if you post one from Google and get caught out you'll be disqualified, the website address must be on the image.

Competition ends at midnight tonight.

I'll start.

Masterofall Feb 14 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 19 · Tags: valentines, site, competition
Hey faggots, thought I'd show you a witness account of my skills as a Master of fags. This is from one of my new fag slaves. If you want some serious mindfuck and ownership, hit me up on skype or yahoo, ID: nickhungmaster

Dear Master

I write this to tell You what You have done to me.

Like so many other fags I have spent my days months and years looking for ‘the one’ Master who will make me complete. And, like so many other fags, I have met and talked to Masters that seemed to be all that I needed. And, like so many others I found that these Masters were not what they said they were… not what they promised. These masters were not Real masters. They did not understand me. They did not seek to own me,. To own my head and to own my heart.

And so, I had resigned myself to expecting little…the odd thrill of a cash r**e or to enjoy their aggressive attitude. Then I spoke to You yesterday. I thought You would be the same. Maybe I would get a bit of a thrill form talking to You. I was so wrong.

Quickly and silently You got into my head. You expertly entered my thoughts and before I knew it…here I am. I can’t think without thinking of You. I can’t do anything without wondering if You are online. I sit and wait in case You come by and I might talk to You. Very quickly You have taught me my place. I stop asking questions and I do what You questions. You are Master and I am Yours. You can take it all.

I want to tell You I love You

‘I love YOU’


Then it wrote this today after I hypnotised it and proper mind fucked it:

I wrote that letter 2 days ago...then I tried to run away because I was scared that he would get too much power over me. But I went back to him.

Today I had a session with my master. He entered my head and my consciousness in a way i have never before experienced. He is changing my life. You may read this and think I am over-stating but I am not. He has me.


NickHungMaster Feb 21 '14 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 19
...what bugs you about it, and how could it be addressed?
Masterofall Aug 15 '14 · Comments: 19 · Tags: ideas
The Pantheon is the oldest church in Italy, built by the Romans to worship the many Gods they had.

We've adopted that idea and created this new section, along with 'Master Points'.

Masters can now earn points from various things on the site.

Masters can currently earn points from owning slaves, how many credits their slaves have purchased, how many times they've been posted on the Worship Wall and how many gifts they've received. More will be added in the future.

To see how the points are calculated, head over to The Pantheon.

More details on how the Masters can use these points will be detailed soon.

Please leave comments and suggestions below.

Masterofall Oct 14 '13 · Comments: 17 · Tags: features, masters, site, pantheon, masters points
The more time I spend as a cash Master, the more that cash slaves are drawn to me. Even if they don't know themselves as such yet.

You can line up a bottom to take care of your needs without even knowing just how submissive the pig will be. Or that that bottom will want to give up cash and experience cash servitude -- even if that is a brand new experience for them.

The bottom will walk into the room and you can't help but just take what you need. Which is what they want to give up for you. Someone may think they are just going to get a very hard anal ramming, no more.

They may think they just enjoy the feeling of penetration, and don't feel submissive at all. But before you know it, they will be down on their knees with their tongues lapping at their Master's bare feet, before they even realize that they are before a Master and it is their place to serve. They just do it, unthinking.

Before they know it, they are placing several of the Master's toes in their mouth at the same time. They may have never been called names before, but you do it, you call them the names that you like to use, the ones that get your cock even harder alongside the foot worship that you know you deserve. Which they now also realize that you deserve, and that they are luck to provide.

You make them strip, and you make a point to toss their jeans up onto the bed. If you are like me, you are bigger and stronger than this anal bottom, now discovering itself as a foot worshipper, as a slave before you even use that word. So you pick them up and put them onto the bed like a rag doll, like an object that is yours to shape and mold. Do whatever you want it. Put into position.

Yes, the pig will grunt and grimace when you shove your way into its asshole -- because you are large and it needs to stretch to accommodate you and you didn't give it much warning. Yes, it will moan quite loudly when you show it what you can really do with that big dick of yours. You expect this.

It's pretty standard when you say "You like that big cock, don't you, fagboy?" This is par for the course. Things start to get a bit more horny when you drill really hard. You shove all the way in and pull all the way back out with that big cock. You stop. "This is your place, isn't it, slave? On the end of your Master's big dick."

"Yes, Master." The first time this pig has ever said such a thing. Thought it was just a big gay anal slut, but now sees that it is truly a slave. With those words, you shove your thick cock all the way back in. You take what belongs to you. The power feels good. Your powerful cock feels good. The tight hole feels good. The one that belongs to you. You fuck it like you own it. Because you do.

"Slave," you say. You slam your cock into the slave's ass right in to the hilt, and stay still.

"Yes, Master."

"Reach into your pants, now, and take out your wallet." This is a slut. Cute face. Tight body. Willing hole. But now it's become a cash slave. It has never done anything like this before. You know this. But you go ahead and tell it what to do, while it is in the height of enthrallment -- having been jammed over and over by a big cock with which you now have it pinned down, hard. Not going anywhere.

The piggy does exactly what you say. It reaches for its pants, takes out the wallet, and looks into your eyes. You put more weight onto it, making sure it feels every inch of your thick meat as it pulses. This fag is completely full of cock.

"Take out that 20-dollar bill, and give it over to me."

The pig's hand trembles, but it does exactly what you say. You take the twenty in your hand, the same one that is holding its right foot, holding its legs up in the air since you have been using it in the most vulnerable position possible.

And that's when you start to really use that cash cunt. Long, slow strokes, pulling all the way out, then shoving all the way back in. The pig has closed its eyes. It clutches the wallet. It yelps on each downstroke. Your cock it taking up so much space inside of it. You watch the clock overhead and give your slave two minutes of long, slow strokes like this. Then it's time again.

"Time to pay me again, slave."

The pig fag boy opens its eyes immediately, staring right into yours. It uses both hands to open the wallet, then hands you the next bill. You give it a fierce look as you take the twenty from its hands.

Now you drill it very fucking hard. Fast pounding, intense full-length thrusts. You really throw your weight into it. You have completely taken over. You know that you will mark this cash fag's insides. As your territory. You glance up at the clock again. You will continue this level of assault for five minutes. You are in complete control. Meanwhile, it babbles. It grunts. It yelps. It moans. The things it is trying to say are utterly incomprehensible. You have it exactly where you want it. And exactly where it wants and needs to be.

You enter it completely, feel its gaping arselips stretched out and fully and tightly wrapped around the base of your thick and throbbing meat. You stop moving. It is fully occupied by you.

You look at your new cash fag. The cash faggot looks right back at you. For a few long seconds. Its eyes widen. You don't even have to tell it what to do anymore. It understands.

The cash fag grabs its wallet and just hands it up to you with a pleading look in its eyes. It fixes you with a greedy, needy stare. Quietly but clearly, it speaks to you. "Just. Please. Take. Everything."

And you do. You grab its wallet, shove it against the fag's foot that you're holding up in the air, so lewdly exposed. You clutch hard onto the wallet and the foot together.

This gesture of total cash-fag surrender triggers a contraction in your big bullnuts, pilled up against its arsehole, which is fully crammed with your cock. You feel your fat, hard cock begin to spasm. You retract it one last time till your cockhead is at its anal lips, then you slam all the way back inside. You know you are going to cum, and cum very fucking hard.

With the hand not owning the wallet, you reach down and clutch at your new cash faggot's throat to heighten your own orgasm. And you tell it like it is.

"I. Own. You. Cunt." You start to spray massive jets of seed into your new property, filling it with your greedy dominant pleasure. And filling its future days with great promise.

"Yes, Master." That's all it says. Its eyes say everything else.
BearMaster Feb 27 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 15 · Tags: domination, domination , control, cashfag, cash slavery, big dick

So I like to keep everyone in the loop with what's going on, and I thought I would publish a list of features that are in the works.

I'd like comments on if you think they're worth doing, and also suggestions for anything you would like to see added.

To come

- Theatre

- More controls for Masters over Owned slaves; Masters will be able to stop slaves viewing other Masters profiles if they wish, Masters will be able to charge slaves a monthly fee for being owned, Masters will be able to read their slaves private messages, more to come

- Set up recurring tip transfers to Masters

- New improved shop

- Book time with a Master through the site

- Allow Masters to set goals and targets for slaves

- Pantheon updates

- Slave market updates

- Mobile version of the site

- Auction house


- Master and slave review/rating system (leave feedback on your experiences)

- Cam section

- Videos section

- Change username

- Master and slave tabs on the search page to separate the two

- Country search

- 1on1 video chat

- Credits roulette

- Owner Badges

- Improvements to the worship wall

- See who's visited you

- Send gifts


Masterofall Aug 25 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 15 · Tags: site, features
Well, this was our first whole year done, and what a year it's been.

I just wanted to take a few moments to review what a whirl-wind it's been, especially for me behind the scenes.

2014 started off with a few feature to the site and that was 1on1 video chat. I had this great vision in my mind of a 'Skype style' experience where members call each other on the site and cam without having to add each other to Skype and all that cumbersome stuff. Sufficed to say I didn't realise my dream correctly for whatever reason and the feature flopped. Hard. I think it was more down to the way I implemented it, but either way, it sucked.

My next big idea for the site was 'The Theatre', a place where Masters and slaves could book a room to broadcast themselves to the globe. They could send out a link to anyone they wanted, fire up their cam and be watched by hundreds. Although this feature was almost finished towards the end of development I decided that if I was going to implement webcams on the site, in whatever way this was not how I wanted to go about it. 4 months worth of development - scrapped.

April was a busy month, and saw a lot of new things asked for by users. The introduction of separated lists in the members section to just show either Masters or slaves, The Pantheon and updates to the ownership system.

May saw the Pantheon and Slave Market taken down as it was just not how I wanted to to fit in with the rest of the site, and it also did not integrate well with the other features here. We had our 1 year anniversary and also the announcement of the Videos section. All was good!

So June comes around, and well this was probably the most significant month of this year for me. I decided to quit my full time job and focus on this place 100% (with some other side projects). It was a big step for me, and a scary one. I had no idea if this place would work or what kind of situation I might be in a few months down the line. Also, how would I cope focusing on this all day every day, would it drive me mad? (I think it has).

Thankfully though, everything seems to have worked out fine - apart from a few issues I'll come onto soon. I'm pleased I made that decision and I think if I hadn't this place would not be here today. When I had my full time job this was a hobby to me, I wasn't that bothered if it worked or not, however spending all my time on here made me determined. Determined to give the great members that we have an awesome place to come, and I am going to continue to do that.

June also saw the launch of the lottery, a little fun game we're all familiar with and some members have won a lot of money on it!

We also launched our slowly becoming popular Webcams section.

July comes in, everything has an opposite right? This is June's opposite. Well, our payment provider at the time - Zombaio. Decided that after months of fucking me around with not paying out on time etc they would close my account. I followed all their rules, played by the terms Visa and Mastercard set out, but because I (and other Zombaio customers) demanded our money they closed our accounts. 4K was lost. Just like that. They had not been paying me for months which is why payouts to Masters were delayed on here. I had to fork out from my own money to pay the Masters here, all the server and software costs, as well as my own living expenses.

Let's just say it was a VERY stressful time. I really wanted to jack it all in. After thinking this place was doing great I was suddenly broke and without a payment provider for this place. In comes Verotel. My saviours. They saw the problems Zombaio customers were having and stepped in. They took me on board, set me up in double quick time and we were away again. Things were on the up!

In comes August. Oh fuck another problem. PayPal had been snooping around the site, and because some members can't stick to the no mentioning PayPal rule they close my account. More money lost. At this point I'm in despair. Has this really happened again two months in a row? Yep it sure had. Still, people need to be paid so I fork out more of my own money. This is becoming ridiculous. What am I getting out of this? Ergh. I hate my life.

Everything else is pretty quiet up until November - thank fuck!

November we get the Pantheon and Slave Market back with a new updated look, we also have the feedback system and the Shop! Development is in full swing, hurrah!

I still have so much to do here, and I think you all for staying with me. I know at times it can seem frustrating.

Masters, I'll be getting more payout options in January to replace PayPal and give you more choices than just Amazon Gift Card. I know the last few months have been annoying in that respect but bare with.

We're also going to be having a site re-design in the new year to make it a bit more friendly and bright, the darkness is a bit too much sometimes, especially for me looking at it all day; but I think I'm going to keep the yellow theme, I quite like the yellow.

I think I'm going to be looking for a few Admins in the new year as well. This place really is getting too big for me to manage all by myself now. I remember the days when I could log in and know almost everyone here, there was a good group of regular users who would chat and get involved.

Now I fear it's becoming a bit like the other sites with the Masters who just log in now and then to post PAY ME NOW FAG in the chat room and then vanish for another few months. This site however over the next year is going to start supporting the members who do contribute and join in regularly, I don't have a clear vision on it yet, but some sort of reward system anyway.

Oh, I've forgotten the threats from other sites, I've had a lot of those. Messages saying I'm copying them etc. Please. I design and build everything here myself (it shows ha-ha).

I found it amusing when one site introduced credits (tips were called credits here at one point) and claimed they were unique to them! However they had copied and pasted my FAQ page exactly ha-ha. When confronted about it I was threatened and banned. I probably get a few e-mails a week hurling abuse at me. I'm used to it now.

In spite of all this I do love this place. I've had members help me out with all kinds of things from helping with the wording of something to helping promote the site, and for that I am truly grateful.

I suppose in short I'm not too sure what 2015 will bring for this site, definitely some more unique stuff, a bit more refinement and hopefully a lot of new members. We're close to 1000 members, that's pretty cool. We've had a lot more join obviously, but anyone who joins but doesn't verify after 28 days is removed. I only want the best here :)

I'm going to keep on at it, try and re-coupe the thousands that I lost and then hopefully I can relax a bit!

Anyway, thanks for listening to me ramble on, it got a bit negative towards the end there, sorry about that, I guess it's still all playing on my mind.

If you do enjoy this place, and would like to help fill that hole in some way the donation box is in the sidebar, every little helps.

Right, I probably won't be on here much until after the New Year, so I hope you all have a good one, and yeah. Cheers.

Masterofall Dec 23 '14 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 12 · Tags: 2014, site
I thought it may be useful (and horny) for some members to read my story of discovering what I am. First of all, some background.

 I've always been sexually submissive for as long as I can remember. That extended into the desire to be controlled and owned. This may come out of having been adopted, and never really feeliing I belonged to the family that adopted me. Hence, the desire to belong.  That may be coincidental, but that submissive and devotional essence of my being has always been there.
It expressed itself in early years and decades through faith and christian devotion. Although, from puberty, the pull had always been towards worship of men and 'darker' beings.

At the turn of the century I got involved online with a Master with whom I got on very well, and we would chat on Messenger while I was at work. It was very friendly, jokey, and he was a really nice man - but he was clearly dominant and I was respectful and doted over his pictures of him in his leathers, boots and expensive clothes.
After about a month of chatting, he encouraged me to show submission by sending him cash through a popular online banking service that we are all familiar with. I remember it very well, as a $25 submission to him, to please him and do as he wanted. It took me 2 days to set up the account in those days, but I wanted to please him. This was something I'd never come across before, nor had it crossed my mind. He told me it was a very horny and powerful way to show a real submission to him, and wanted me to tell him how it made me feel.
I wasn't very keen, and couldn't really see how it would be horny, but I did as he told me while we were there on Messenger together, putting in the amount he wanted, his email address, and then he gave me the order to click the 'Send' button.... click!.... that very first time.

How did I feel? I told him it made me feel used, and gave me very confused thoughts and feelings in my head. Even thoughts of regret at having done it, as it was money I'd earned and simply handed over to someone else. How can that be right? ... It gradually began to sink in, and I felt horny at how my cash tribute to him was a material acceptance of his superiority over me, and of my need to feel owned and belonging.
It remained confused in my mind and feelings for some time after that. However, it was exciting, stimulation, and something of a mind-fuck.  We discussed it, and he told me that we'll do it again in a couple of week, and it would feel much better the 2nd time.

We continued to have our daily morning chat online, with him sending me pics of his latest purchases, pictures of himself and his boots. I gradually became to feel much more involved, and my sense of loyalty to him had really started to develop.  We continued to discuss the cash tributing, and he helped me to better understand it's meaning.
Two weeks on, and by this time he had me keen to experience the 2nd tribute that he'd prepared me for. The same procedure, logging in, inserting his details, then ready to click 'send'........ but not until he had me begging to do it, rubbing my cock in my jeans under the desk at work, calling him Master and saying that what he wants is what matters most of all and what he deserves. Once he had me sexually high and pumping with worship of him, he instructed me to ....... click the SEND button...

He was right. It was much better the 2nd time. He had prepared me well.
He asked me again how I felt, wanting to gague what progress I may have made since the 1st time. I told him - I felt used, and deeply submissive to him in a way I'd not previously felt. I also felt degraded, which was a new feeling I'd not experienced before - I felt put in my place.  Clicking the SEND button was like signing a declaration that he was superior, and deserving of what I'd worked to earn.

He was pleased at how I'd responded to my 2nd tribute, and the words 'deserving' and 'deserve' would become frequently used by him from that time onward. He began to reinforce it in my mind, and would build me up each month towards what became a regular monthly event. He began telling me about other fags that tributed him and bought him expensive leathers, clothing and boots. The language gradually changed, from simply horny submission to him, to using words such as 'abuse' 'exploit' 'manipulate' 'cashrape' when discussing those he used. It all began to feel much darker and hornier as he drew me deeper into it. He still called me by first name, but he also began reinforcing things by calling me his ca$hfag.

In just a few months, he had hooked me into it, and began showing me things online he wanted me to buy for him. I was eager and horny to buy them as he told me how hot he'd look in them, how he deserved them, and how good I'd feel when buying them for him.
The monthy tributes began to increase in value, which was needed to maintain the intensity of the sexual high from it. Initially, he wouldn't allow me to increase frequency of the tributes, and I ended up begging him. When he started to allow me to tribute more frequently, he made sure I felt grateful to him for it.

Over just a few month, my whole sexual needs had been repurposed, as my casual and friendly online Master had hooked me up to something more powerful and controling than anything I could have imagined when he had suggested that first cash tribute.

However, things didn't go quite to plan for him, as my addiction became totally out of control and soon saw me leaving him and his safe hands, and becoming very lost, heavily exploited on a journey of self-discovery and eventual acceptance of myself and what I am...... but that's for another chapter.
SmokeAddict Mar 11 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 12 · Tags: cash, cash , control, domination, domination , slave, slave , story, ca$h
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