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I have served Masters in the past, yes I do know that this is about cash and i know this site promotes that, as do others.  I would like to just say that as a person, i WILL respect ALL Masters and i would hope to get that in return.  I've served many in the past year or so, which i've had the reputation as a whore but as long as they get their $$$, they are happy.  It has quickly become a turn off to see Masters always posting degrading things about faggots and PAY UP or nothing.  I am aware that some fags LOVE that stuff, i don't say it's wrong for them, but it isn't for all of us.  I truly believe the mind is a challenge as to why i call this a "MENTAL CHALLENGE.  

I'm a weak faggot like most on here but I also am a human being that likes to be talked to with a small amount of respect.  Get in my weak brain and make me want to serve you.  I don't have much to give but if you are willing to work with me, i can work with you.  I believe the mind is the first thing that needs to be mentally challenged to break us down and make us weak.  Not the standard IM, inbox or post...PAY UP FAGGOTS, YOU WORTHLESS PIECES OF SHIT!  I don't buy into that.  We need to have a "new breed" of Masters that are wiling to get in our heads mentally and challenge us to serve.  Most likely, you do that, i'm weak and i will give you something.  But it also has to be something that clicks with us.  I'm not that much of a whore to just dish out to anyone.  After past experiences, i want to know you a little and see what makes you tick and in turn, you can see what gets me crazy.  As the site name says...fags submit, and Masters benefit.  I believe that with all my heart. 

I know i will get some negative comments about this post but that is the price i'm willing to pay to explain where I come from.  Some slaves may not agree nor may many Masters but this will save us all a waste of time.  I do not want nor intend to waste a Masters time if we don't match up.  In the past, i would have been throwing money around because my body just said too.  Now, it's more of a mental challenge and i know there are many Masters out there that are good at this aspect.  I'm waiting to here the backlash now so thank you for reading and i hope we can respect each other here and move forward to create a site that is world class and trash free.  I know the Admin wants to make this a site different from the "others" and that difference starts with US...all of us, Master and slaves alike.

RmanSlave Aug 19 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 23
The Pantheon is the oldest church in Italy, built by the Romans to worship the many Gods they had.

We've adopted that idea and created this new section, along with 'Master Points'.

Masters can now earn points from various things on the site.

Masters can currently earn points from owning slaves, how many credits their slaves have purchased, how many times they've been posted on the Worship Wall and how many gifts they've received. More will be added in the future.

To see how the points are calculated, head over to The Pantheon.

More details on how the Masters can use these points will be detailed soon.

Please leave comments and suggestions below.

Masterofall Oct 14 '13 · Comments: 22 · Tags: features, masters, site, pantheon, masters points
So I like to keep everyone in the loop with what's going on, and I thought I would publish a list of features that are in the works.

I'd like comments on if you think they're worth doing, and also suggestions for anything you would like to see added.

To come

- Theatre

- Master and slave review/rating system (leave feedback on your experiences)

- Master and slave tabs on the search page to separate the two

- More controls for Masters over Owned slaves; Masters will be able to stop slaves viewing other Masters profiles if they wish, Masters will be able to charge slaves a monthly fee for being owned, Masters will be able to read their slaves private messages, more to come

- Set up recurring credit transfers to Masters

- New improved shop, with ability to download videos and other files directly after payment

- Book time with a Master through the site

- Allow Masters to set goals and targets for slaves

- Pantheon updates

- Slave market updates

- Mobile version of the site


- Country search

- 1on1 video chat

- Credits roulette

- Owner Badges

- Improvements to the worship wall

- See who's visited you

- Send gifts


Masterofall Aug 25 '13 · Comments: 14 · Tags: site, features
Hey faggots, thought I'd show you a witness account of my skills as a Master of fags. This is from one of my new fag slaves. If you want some serious mindfuck and ownership, hit me up on skype or yahoo, ID: nickhungmaster

Dear Master

I write this to tell You what You have done to me.

Like so many other fags I have spent my days months and years looking for ‘the one’ Master who will make me complete. And, like so many other fags, I have met and talked to Masters that seemed to be all that I needed. And, like so many others I found that these Masters were not what they said they were… not what they promised. These masters were not Real masters. They did not understand me. They did not seek to own me,. To own my head and to own my heart.

And so, I had resigned myself to expecting little…the odd thrill of a cash r**e or to enjoy their aggressive attitude. Then I spoke to You yesterday. I thought You would be the same. Maybe I would get a bit of a thrill form talking to You. I was so wrong.

Quickly and silently You got into my head. You expertly entered my thoughts and before I knew it…here I am. I can’t think without thinking of You. I can’t do anything without wondering if You are online. I sit and wait in case You come by and I might talk to You. Very quickly You have taught me my place. I stop asking questions and I do what You questions. You are Master and I am Yours. You can take it all.

I want to tell You I love You

‘I love YOU’


Then it wrote this today after I hypnotised it and proper mind fucked it:

I wrote that letter 2 days ago...then I tried to run away because I was scared that he would get too much power over me. But I went back to him.

Today I had a session with my master. He entered my head and my consciousness in a way i have never before experienced. He is changing my life. You may read this and think I am over-stating but I am not. He has me.


NickHungMaster Feb 21 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 14

I want to seriously discuss the issue of addiction with Cash Play.

I've now dealt with several slaves who are, without a doubt in my mind, seriously addicted to cash slavery.  They have problems with willpower, they give too much too fast, they feel they cannot cum without giving their cash, they have a serious problem. 

As a Master, I take this very seriously.  I have returned money, and urged them to seek assistance from family, spouses, and professionals for their addiction.  I have also ended any and all cash play with them altogether.  Even if they wanted to give just a little bit, "It's not much, I promise! Just a little bit!" it's the addict in them begging for its fix.  It's really easy to take pity and want to feed them a tiny bit, what could it hurt? Well it hurts them a lot, because you're not solving the problem you're just feeding it again.

Now I'm not an expert on addiction or how to heal it, but I know enough to say that enabling their addictive behavior doesn't seem to be the right direction.  I've done this, and the response is always the same "Can I have more?" The "little bit" they beg for quickly turns into "just a little more".  

If you want to really care for your slave and be a real Master about it, be strong enough to say no and tell them to get help.  They can be destroying their future, the financial realm of their family, their spouse's credit, the money could be going to their kid's education or medical bills. 

This is a fetish, sex play.  This is what just gets us off.  If it's taking over your life, interfering with important issues, get the hell out of it.  This is serious shit that can have serious consequences and is not to be taken lightly.

Of course you're all grown ups, big kids, adults, and you will make your own decisions.  You can choose to be who you want. You can choose to do what you want. I just feel that it is my responsibility as a Master to say something.

Play Safe.

Zageden Aug 20 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 13 · Tags: cash play, safe play, addiction
So I've been to a few cash play websites, this one being different from the usual masters shouting and screaming at the submissives demanding cash and whatnot (I've only been to three, this one included, not sure where else to look as it's forbidden to speak of other sites on a lot of them), but the one thing I don't see is any boys really stating what they're looking for.

The cash play culture is a bit vague and gray to me right now, I'm not sure what is considered acceptable or expected, but I do know the overly aggressive doms come off as obnoxious to the boys I've talked to.

One thing that I like to know in all aspects of my dominant play is "What does the boy want?"  It gives me a better view as to how to set up my approach and if we have strong common ground, a deeper connection.

So boys, tell me what turns the man into an oinking piggy?  What brings him to his knees, eyes glistening, eager to serve?  What makes his dick hard, dripping with anticipation?  What brings his tongue out, eager to lick my boot?  What drops his pants and raises his ass the fastest?

What do you want, boy?

Tell me, right here, right now.  You already know what I want, so I want to hear what you want.  You will think about this, don't just throw a "I want to serve you, Sir!" up on the reply, be a little selfish, be specific for fuck sake!

I'm giving you some time to come forth and let us all know what makes your dick hard, boy!  I love reading someone's fantasies.  It's really fucking hot!

Zageden Aug 28 '13 · Comments: 10 · Tags: pig , pig, slave, slave
My blogs are usually dedicated to all the miserable pussy wimp slaves out there and as usual, so is this one. It helps condition the motherfuckers mentally to accept their world and position in our natural habitat. We god masters are the rulers and owners of everything that exists including the faggot slaves and all they have and the cunt slaves as the sub human forms made to be used, dominated, taken advantage of, and made to lose.

So I always say that these ass rugs never cease to amaze me with how low they can get. One of the despicable things contacted me on my Skype yesterday and though he handled himself quite confidently in the beginning, I could tell immediately through the act that he was no real man but one of those embarrassments. When I confronted him with what I thought about him, he gave up the act and started blabbering on about his place as a useless faggot bitch and what a god I am. I put him in his place with all the accurate descriptions I could think of for his purposeless vulnerably weak nature.

The little bitch thanked me endlessly for reminding him of what he was and his purpose among real alpha studs like me. He thought it was an honour for him to be around us gods in his useless life and I corrected him that slaves don't have honours but privileges. So it wasn't an honour for him to be around me, but it was his privilege. With that well understood, he went on to tell me the things he needed me to do to his dirty self. Now here is why I think this slave is not an exception to my theory that slaves always strive to sink lower than they already have. He literally begged me to r**e all of his cash from his white wallet with my strong black god hands, and fart on his face with the most stinking pungent and intoxicating gases my perfect tummy would reject.

I must admit that though it would be done on cam and the fucker won't even smell the intensity of the fart, I was astounded out my mind about why a well thinking normal human being with a sense of disgust would want to be smothered by another man's pungent smelling farts. Then again, I remembered that these wimps are nothing more than asslicking abnormal sub human freaks who are disgusting. I decided to give him his first slave name as 'fart cushion' and he was over elated to be considered by me for such a befitting name. All he could do when I delivered those heavy gas blows were, "...mmmmmmmm..." He was such a weird psycho with a purposeless life like all the other maggots I have come across.

By the time we were done with the session, I had emptied his PayPal account into mine on TV while he sat and watched like a rejected dog, embarrassed and blushing outta his fucked up brains. I really was impressed at what a sicko slut the bitch was and I always look forward to crushing, humiliating, and cash r****g slave freaks like him. So you bitch boys out there who need to be owned and made lower than shit can always contact me and not worry about sinking lower than you already are . At this point, it is all I expect from you despicable fucks.
MasterPhrost Sep 26 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 9
Okay, so here is a list of ideas that I've had for the site, what do you think of them, any other suggestions?

1. A list of slaves that have credits, and how much they have. That way there would be no hiding and Masters would know which slaves are the most lucrative.

2. Video chat built into the site. Cam with people on your friends list so you can serve and tribute on the site at the same time, no adding to Skype etc. It should make things easier.

3. Require credits to do things on the site, such as upload photos. This would would mean that slaves would need to buy credits to send to the Masters so that they can do things. Doing this would force slaves to send Masters credits, meaning more money for the Masters ;)

Any other suggestions?

Masterofall Jul 9 '13 · Comments: 9 · Tags: credits, site

There is now a new feature which I though was long overdue - ownership badges.


Since this site is called Owned Fags, it makes sense to be able to show who you own, or who you're owned by.


Slaves can now buy these badges by going to their Masters profile, from there you should click 'Buy Ownership Badge'


The badges are QR Codes. We chose QR codes as they're becoming increasingly popular and they're very easy to share. The codes contain your Masters profile link, so slaves should share these to get more slaves for their Master.


The codes also look like barcodes, which I thought was apt, because being owned means you're essentially your Masters property, and a barcode shows this.


Please let me have any feedback you can think of, or let me know if you come across any problems.



Masterofall Sep 13 '13 · Comments: 8 · Tags: ownership, badges, owned
Best Masters are often the most discrete ones. Why? Because they don't need to advertise. (before anyone makes a nasty comment: of course my Owner cannot be very discrete on this site, but you will not see Him spamming the other sites.)
Actually i would say there are two kinds of Masters: the fishers and the hunters. Fishers cast a large net and hope among all the shoe soles, empty cans, and other rubbish, they will find a tasty fish. Of course the larger the net the higher their chances. That's why they advertise as much as they can. They also usually have nothing to do of their day since they need to stay a lot online to make their net bigger.
Hunters, on the other hand, will look for fine preys. They don't want to waste their time with plenty of junk slaves, they just want a few fine, juicy and tasty ones. Hunters don't advertise much. They prefer placing bait with a few pics or a well written description that will attract the slaves so that they can catch them with their claws or shoot them with their bow (depends on the hunter). Hunters don't really need to spend their days online. They know that actually, it is the slaves who will spend their days online, close to the bait, in the hope to be caught.
Masters are not necessarily fishers or hunters for life. It is not uncommon to see a Master start up as a fisher, and once they find a few good fishes in their net, become a hunter. I never saw the opposite though: a Master moving from hunter to fisher. i guess once a Master has tasted the juicy flesh of a hunted slave, they cannot come back anymore to the swamp. But if you know of such a case, i would like to hear about it.
As you probably have guessed i have a strong preference for hunters. And here comes another category : farmers. When you are a successful hunter, you have two options with your preys. You can bleed them and enjoy the moment of pure extasis, usually making a BIG amount of cash at the time. The drawback is the prey is dead. If it is not it will need months to recover, and when it has, it will be a free prey again...
The other option is to act as a farmer. You don't bleed your prey (well you don't bleed it too much :), You chain it. Chaining means addicting it to you. The prey needs to be conscious to be chained effectively. If it is in the limbo because You took too much blood out of it for it to be able to crawl before a few months, you have no chance to chain it. Farming is a very tricky skill. Only the very best Masters can achieve it. It requires extreme skill at slave management. The problem is to always know the limit where you bleed the slave too much and lose it. The most skilled Masters have a predator instinct that let them know exactly the limit of each slave. They won't go to far, because the slave would feel bled and run away, and they will still demand their due, so that the slave does not feel abandoned. Moreover, they instinctively know the triggers to chain a slave. They know they should press here and there for this slave, but to other places for that one... I would be very surprised if more than 50 Masters in the World mastered that skill fully.

OK, that's just a few thoughts, that were inspired by my dear brother Rmanslave's post "A mental challenge". i started writing it as a response to his post, but when i realized it would be that long, i thought i should post a blog of my own.

Please if this raises some approval, comments, doubts, irony, anger... feel free to comment. i would love to read you.

PS. i am sure i don't need to tell you the category of my Owner :)
klakofr Dec 21 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 7
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