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So completely out of character for Me, I wrote a blog post about love. What can say, it was snowing and I felt like having a muse about it all.

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So, a bit more about the awards and league system that I'm hoping to have launched by Monday.

There will be a new section where you can see all of the awards handed out to Masters and slaves. There awards will be for various things, mainly stuff like, the most number of referrals, time spent on site, number of credits brought, that kind of thing.

The league table will mainly focus on the slaves, showing the current number of credits they have, total brought that week and total brought in a lifetime.

If you've any other ideas then let me know.

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I'm now very pleased to announce that we have live video chat on the site!!

You can not chat 1on1 with anyone on your friends list. NO NEED TO ADD TO SKYPE OR YAHOO.

Simply add them as a friend then then click the video button next to their name.

It currently uses flash, so will not work on some devices but a new version will be released soon that will work on all devices!

Example chat window:

Masterofall Dec 17 '13 · Comments: 1 · Tags: video, chat

Over the next couple of days we will be launching our new video chat service.

This means you will be able to cam 1on1 with any other member that is verified directly on the site - even if they are not on your friends list!

Slaves who're in chat with a Master will be able to send credits, virtual gifts, add the Master to the Worship Wall and other things for a more interactive experience.

Masters will be able to perform various actions whilst on the call as well.

Our new video chat uses the latest in HTML5 and Web Real Time Communications technology, as such only certain browsers support it. We recommend using either Google Chrome, or FireFox. Other browsers are slowly catching up.

Sadly because of the way Apple like to do business Safari does not support this technology yet, so this new chat feature will not work on iOS devices.

When it launches we'll be asking for as much feedback as possible, so please try to use it as often as you can.

Many thanks!

Masterofall Jan 6 '14 · Comments: 1 · Tags: chat, site, video

In honour of your dark lord master SKIN TRADE, every week you will be required to commit a different SIN.

SINNING is your way of making an offering to him, a good slave will please his master by making sure the sin of the week is completed, otherwise suffer a fate in eternity of banishment and exile.

The current SIN OF THE WEEK will appear along with instructions of how to compete your sin.

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SLAVES- scared,worried,skeptical,unbelieving,not trusting,not obeying, and etc. why this is you may ask as a master for the last five years of the master and slave relationships have been falling apart due to all the fake masters and slaves out there fucking the scene up totally making it not what it should today you are lucky to find a real master or slave because of the fucking greed its became this way not even understanding what it takes to be a master or a slave is the issue i as a master have been doing real time and live in slave for these last five years as my part of trying to bring back the master and slave scene we all once had. If any other master or slave believes this is true add your comment and lets make this scene what it used to be. This site is perfect for that our of all the sites i have been on as a master i feel this one will keep the scene going i also think there should be a donation area for slaves and masters to make it even better also would love to see more masters and slaves in chat room. we all can make it what it once was if we all understand our slaves and masters.
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Remember how I have made it a personal goal to obtain an alien ovipositor dildo? Finally, I have finished making My alien race from scratch: the Orak, based heavily upon some of the more well-known races in media and borrowing liberally from the Goa'uld, the Species beasts, the Xenomorphs, and the Visitors. I have just uploaded My first video, requesting a human ally to buy Me this synthetic organ, for it is needed for the Orak to begin conquest of Earth. In exchange, the faithful ally who gets in touch and purchases Me a Splorch will get a personalized video of My very first host being implanted!

Get in touch. The toy in question can be found here:

So as some older members will remember, we used to have a section called 'The Pantheon', which was basically a Master league table.

It gave Masters points based on certain criteria, and then ranked them.

We're bringing it back, but this time with some improvements.

Things that will be taken into consideration are:

The number of slaves a Master owns
The number of credits their owned slaves have purchased (basically how valuable the slaves are)
The number of videos a Master has uploaded (extra points given for those videos with an average ranking of 4+ stars)
The number of times the Master appears on the Worship Wall
The number of times a Master has been voted 'Master of the day' in the webcams section (to be added)

This is just a start, more criteria will be evaluated as more features are added to the site.

Give me your thoughts, should anything else be taken into consideration?
Masterofall Aug 31 '14 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: features, pantheon, site
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