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Okay, so we're trialing instant chat again.

You'll notice that down the bottom right of the site there is now a chat box. You can use this to chat in real time with anyone on your friends list.

Masterofall Apr 17 '14 · Comments: 2 · Tags: site, features, chat
Taking care of a boy who's never been with another man before.

Zageden Oct 10 '13 · Comments: 2 · Tags: domination, domination , gay, straight

Let’s get things straight off the bat, I guess I would say I’m pansexual, any hole is a goal, don’t be fooled to thinking I’m bi-sexual, I ain’t gonna suck yer dick nor am I going to take it up the shitter, sex is always on my terms.  Always knew I was a cut above, I was taking weak cunts lunch money long before I hit puberty, one way or another they coughed up, I wasn’t the tallest in my class but I was a fuckin handful.  So you might say I was a Cash Master long before I got into the formal scene back then the word bully was used, dumb wits that didn’t understand the natural order of life that was.  Fuckin handy too, I didn’t have well off parents.


First time this became sexual was when I was nearly seventeen.  I had already got a bit of a reputation with the girls at school, more than one of them had ridden my impressive dick.  It was after a football training session when the PE teacher called me aside at the end of the match, I guess I expected him to, he had seen me smoking at the weekend in town.  He held me back to say he thought I was not as fast on my feet during the match and brought up my smoking.  I was still fuckin fast but Mr Kelly didn’t approve and told me to think about if I wanted to be on the team or if I wanted to smoke.  Tough decision, I had been smoking for over two years, not as if it was the bloody premier league.  I enjoyed playing but if he was going to can me then be the team’s loss and he must have known that.  Anyway by the time I got to the dressing room the guys were pretty much finishing up getting changed.  I stripped off and hit the showers.  I was a bit mad, I mean some guys had missed some great opportunities and Kelly didn’t chew them out, the bastard didn’t even mention my goal.  So I am soaping up, letting the hot water relax my muscles and I clean the soap from my face and I saw him, fucking kit boy ogling me.  “What the fuck ya lookin at cunt?” I demanded.  He went bright red and didn’t say nothing, “Bring me that fuckin towel.”  He picked one up and brought it over, his eyes fixed on my cock which was at full mast.  “What ya doin lookin at my dick, ya lousy queer.  Ya like it so much get on yer knees and suck me off.”   He dropped to his knees and I pushed my cock at his mouth.  “Suck my cock, you worthless piece of shit!”


He opened his mouth and I slid my cock down his throat.  This wasn't the first time he had sucked cock judging by his technique so I flexed my hips up and down and face fucked him with my cock for the next 10 minutes, ramming into his throat.  He was bucking his hips up and down in frustrated ecstasy as he sucked my dick.  I had to finally hold his hands forcibly to keep him from jacking his cock.  He pulled his head off me and said, ”Fuck me sir, fuck my ass, hurt me sir, please.”  He pulled down his shorts and bend over and I slid my cock slowly up and down the crack of his ass then rammed my cock up his ass with no warning and no preparation.  He was obviously no virgin and was certainly used to being fucked but he liked it rough. I fucked him hard and fast.  He was moaning and writhing and meeting every thrust of my cock with a thrust of his hips.  God damn I loved fucking his ass.  I felt my orgasm building and building and finally I blew my load.  After shooting for a while, I pulled out my cock, “Get back on your knees, shit head and clean up my cock.”  He licked and sucked my dick as I dried off.  “Outside in fifteen minutes faggot or the whore fuckin school is gonna know your are a fuckin queer bitch, GOT IT?”  “Yes sir.”  Just outside the building, I had lit up a smoke and a few draws later and the lanky guy came out, clocked me and came to me.  I blew my smoke in his face, right up his fuckin nostrils, “On yer knees cunt.”  He looked around, I gave him a knee to the balls, “I said get down fucker.” He dropped hard to the ground.  “That’s better, want my fag to do what I say when I say, you can start by handing over yer cash.”  He did it, that wasn’t a surprise, what did surprise me was he said “Thank you Sir” as he did it.  I got an instant boner, what a bloody rush, could have fucked him again right there and then but this wasn’t a private place.  That was the start, he loved abuse, humiliation and blackmail.  He was my first proper cash cunt.


The joy of the internet meant I found some others like this cunt, it wasn’t just about the money, the control, the power was a real rush but own a cunt’s wallet and you own them and there are a few that not only know that they beg for it.  I had already decided I wasn’t going back for the next year at school but what I was going to do after that I wasn’t sure, off course the cash cunts I had kept in a certain level of luxury but as much as it was like a drug for them, it was for me too and I wanted more.  After a few weeks of drawing dole and farting about as my old man put it he told me my Uncle Lewis had got me a summer job in his firm.  I was a bit surprised, my Dad and his brother barely tolerated each other.  My dad worked in a factory, machine fitter or summat and Uncle Lewis worked in an office, had done pretty well for himself too, think my Dad resented that, I know he did, used to call him Flash Harry.  Anyway to make it easy I moved in to his place, that way I had a lift to and from work.  I had ever been to his place before, wasn’t like our two up two down, he had a detached place, four bedrooms even though it was just him that lived there.  When I got there the first thing he told me was he didn’t like smoking in his place, fuckin great at least at home I could smoke.  Not even in my room he said, like he was underlining it for me.  It was weird, eating at a table and not round the TV, like at home.  He spoke funny, all posh like, he couldn’t have been any different from my old man.  At least he had decent internet and I managed to do some cash rapes from my room that night but I caught myself a couple of times reaching for my pack and remembering telling a cunt to wait and heading out for a smoke then back to raping their wallet was a bitch.  The room I had was great like something from a flash hotel, I really didn’t fit in here.  Kind of afraid to fart if ya get me.  The next morning Lewis went on about how this was a great opportunity and if I did well it could mean a full time position and it paid well.


It all sounded good but when Monday came around and I arrived and found out what I was doing which was like an office boy I hated it.  I wasn’t sure I was going to hack it but kept thinking of the cash and Lewis hadn’t demanded anything in digs from me like my Dad had and despite having to nip out for a smoke, it was a cool setting to be in.  I still got bewildered when I thought of how different my old man and his brother were, chalk and cheese comes to mind.  It got to Saturday and Lewis was going shopping and asked if I wanted to come along, Saturday mornings I tended to cash rape so I gave him the bum’s rush and he said he would be back for dinner and to help myself to whatever I wanted from the fridge for lunch.  Soon I was in full flow, got a couple of my cash cows lined up for milking and did them over big time.  A couple of loads lost and I felt the pangs of hunger and decided to check out what was in the fridge.  Loads of cold meats and cheeses and salad and shit but I was in the mood for something more substantial.  I opened the freezer looking for some burgers or a pizza and after rummaging around came across what I didn’t expect, two fuckin bottles of poppers, holy shit that was a surprise and I put everything back and decided on a sandwich with some meat from the fridge.  My head was doing somersaults as I ate, Uncle Lewis, I guess that would explain a lot, never heard of him having a girlfriend.  I cleaned up and decided it was time to explore.  Lewis’s wardrobes were like a fuckin tailors, neat as fuck too.  There was a long set of cupboards that ran above the main part of the wardrobe and I moved his dresser chair and climbed up, I pulled down the first box and opened it, fuckin hell there were all kinds of shit in the box, condoms lube and a variety of dildos.  I put that back and pulled down the next box which was bigger and heavier, in that was handcuffs, restraints, whips, paddles, nipple clamps, a chastity device and a pool carry case that had a variety of canes in it, “Kinky bugger!” I thought.  I pulled out the next box, fuckin jackpot, porn mags and DVDs, you can learn a lot about someone from what they read and watch.  What could I learn from this?  Well, polished Lewis was a fuckin dirty pig, material on CP, piss drinkin and even shit eatin, filthy fuckin bugger.  He even had a selection of magazines that were dedicated to young guys.  I took a selection of his porn mags and left a couple of mags out and one DVD labelled Raunchy pigs. I hid some mags under my mattress and headed downstairs,  Lewis wasn’t a beer man so I grabbed a bottle from his wine rack and a glass and found a saucer.  Back in his room I left the stuff and got stripped in my room and grabbed my fags, lighter and laptop and headed back to Lewis’ room and got the DVD playing on his flat screen and lay on the bed and lit up.


As I booted up my laptop his pc caught my eye, it could have been password protected but only one way to find out.  It wasn’t, RESULT!  Oh fuck he had some real nasty pics of himself in action, I needed those a quick Email and I switched his machine off and got back on the bed watching the kinky shit on the flatscreen and back cash raping, enjoying his wine and my smokes.  I had restarted the DVD when he walked in his room, “What the fuck Gordon?”  Shit even the way he said fuck was posh.  “Oh hi pig, I wondered when you would get back.”  His eyes were blazing with anger then lust when he saw what was bobbing around between my legs.  “This is.” The bugger was lost for words, “This is what fag?”  “What the bloody hell are you doing?”  “Makin myself right at home, why don’t ya strip off and come suck my dick cunt?”  I knew enough about my Dad’s dislike for him to know he had no idea about all this.  “Kind of helped myself to some of the pics on your computer, I am sure my Dad would be disgusted and what would Gran say?”  “You wouldn’t!”  “Oh I would now fuckin strip and get between my legs, fag, you have probably jacked off over my young, toned body every day since I moved in.”  The tension hung in the air between us like my smoke, I flexed my dick so it twitched hard.  “Come on queer strip and come taste, I know ya wanna!”  I said with certainty seeing his erection tenting before taking a last drag of my smoke.  He started to strip, Ace in the hole, I pulled a cylinder from my pack and he was sucking my knob before I had lit up.  He went to town on my cock, “That’s it pig, do well and maybe I will feed ya my shit later.”  That drove him wild he was deep throating me like crazy.  Fuckin greedy bugger had me spunkin in him in no time and he proved what he was by draining down every drop.  Once he had come off me and recovered from his oral service he looked up, “We need to talk Gordon.”  “Yeah we do pig but I will talk and you listen.  First you are all fuckin mine, all you have and all you are, those pics will go to not just the family but to everyone in the company if you don’t agree, you ain’t out pig, I can change that in a matter of minutes, and you ain’t just queer you are one perverted bastard.  Second get dressed, we need to go shopping, I need some smokes and this wine is alright but I want some beer.”  His flushed face was a picture, “You are just property now fag, or should I make it known you just molested your Nephew?”  “No Gordon, I”  “Shut the fuck up pig you call Me Sir!  Now get fuckin dressed.”


He was dressing and I got to my room and got dressed.  “Ready fag?”  He just nodded and followed me out to his car.  Once inside I fired up and he objected, he got a slap for that.  “Best get it through yer thick skull fag, I am in charge now, it’s what you want, I’ve seen enough of yer porn to know that.  Head to the high street and I hope you have a credit card on ya, cause you are payin!  How much you got on yer card fag?”  “There is almost five grand Sir.”  “Good fag, plenty to use then.”  At the tobacconists I selected some boxes of cigars, a couple of lighters, a cutter a couple of ashtrays and a carton of Reds.  He bill came up to almost three grand, his face was a picture.  “Pay the man!”  He took out his card and handed it over.  I whispered in his ear, “Most expensive cum you’ve ever had and the youngest eh?  Don’t worry you are going to be getting plenty of it and paying for it from now on”  Once the payment went through I turned to leave, the owner threw in a cigar which I took, he don’t smoke, well not yet but that’s good of ya!  Don’t forget the bags Lewis.”  I got back in his Audi A and fished in the bags and lit and fired the cigar.  “I need some beer, Budweiser, makes for good piss, you can decide where from and get that window up, this is my car, best get used to my smoke pig.”  It was fuckin nice to fill his car with smoke.  When we got back to his place he was a bit withdrawn, “Strip fag, I want you naked as soon as you get here.”  He took his clothes off, his cock was still hard, “We best lock that up.”  “Please Sir, we can’t do this I mean I’m your Uncle.”  “You are what I want you to be, now go get that chastity device and I will explain some things to ya.” 


He left and returned with his chastity device.  “Looks like you need to cum before I lock ya up cunt!”  I got him sat down and milked him as I trash talked him.  It was easy to lock his manhood up after, his floppy dick was encased without trouble.  When I snapped the padlock on I pocketed the key, “We can’t do this, I mean I’m your Uncle.”  I laughed, “You are My pig and you ain’t the first, you can have my room for now I am taking yours, tomorrow we go through your finances, I mean My finances, I ain’t coming back to work, you like my other cunts will serve me fully, you got that fucker?  Now lie down cause I need a smoke and a dump and I bet you are fuckin hungry.”  Turned out Lewis was my best cash cunt, it was like he had saved his whole life for me.  I took his cards and I dribbled out the cash he needed if he served me right.  My parents?  They still thought I was working at his firm, Yeah right like a man like me needed to work.”  I spend my days raping cunts now some I have in person but even if I don’t manage to have them I still got my Pig Uncle to use, he works hard but he gets exactly what he needs.

LeatherCigarMaster Apr 5 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2 · Tags: erotica
So it's been quite a while since my last update here. The blog's still on, no worries, just been dealing with life and some challenging bullshit.  Nothing I can't conquer.

Enjoy: "IML 2014", and be sure to check out the previous posts as well, boys.

Play safe.

Zageden Jul 28 '14 · Comments: 2 · Tags: fetish, gay, kink, leather , leather

I was married, it was really a marriage of convenience a family expectation, even after twenty years together we had separate bank accounts, we had a joint one that covered the other bills we had slept in separate rooms for more than half our married life so when Laura said she was going to spend the weekend at her parents I decided to act on a fantasy that I had for years, every now and again it would have me drawn to the internet to dominant smokers.  Since I was a teenager my mind had always dwelled on master-slave scenarios.  There was something about the role-playing and power-exchange that could sexual excite me like nothing else.  While I would still masturbate to nude magazines and porn, more often than not my fantasies would take me to situations where I was made to do the bidding of someone else.  Sometimes the "Master" in my dreams was a woman, sometimes not.  But they all smoked, unlike me.  I took the plunge, it was Friday night around eleven, I drove nervously to the postcode, following the Sat Nav in my pristine Porsche Panamera Turbo S in Executive Green.  I stopped when the Sat Nav said I had reached my destination and switched off the engine, my heart was racing and I was sweating as I turned the engine off.  Seconds later headlights flashed three times and I walked in the direction, I could see very little using my iPhone’s torch app I made my way over seeing a bright orange glow behind the window.  When I opened the passenger door a thick mist flowed out surrounding me and I climbed in, I remembered what he had said, “I don’t want to hear a fucking word from you boy.”  The truck was beat up, there was an oily film on the dash, in fact everywhere no doubt from a lot of smoking.   I just watched as he focussed on driving and smoking, I was nervous but so horny.  I could hardly believe in when we eventually pulled up at a static caravan that looks as well maintained as his truck.   When we stopped, the large man sat next to me in the darkness.  I saw a tiny bit of light come from the end of his cigar before he stuffed it out in the over flowing ashtray.  His door creaked and his seat moaned as his hefty body got up and stepped out.  "Come on CUNT you are home now."  He closed the door and started walking towards the shack then stopped when he realized I hadn't left the car.


The butterflies in my stomach were overpowering.  I was somewhere between nausea, fear, and total excitement.  I looked down at the door handle and realized that my opening it was taking me one more step closer to my recurring dream.  I still wasn't sure if that was a good thing.  Sometimes dreams and fantasies are meant to be just dreams and fantasies.  He waited.  I sat for a few seconds and then cautiously opened my door and got out.  A first step.  My situation was unique and if it collapsed onto itself, I only had one person to blame for it.  Me.  Here I was stepping inside Rick's caravan for the next 48 hours.


"Take your clothes off."  Rick demanded as he worked another cigar to life, then he walked towards the back of the caravan into the bedroom.  His words brought me back to reality and my situation.  I just stood in shock.  The utter filth that I was surrounded by was daunting.  It looked like no one had made so much as an effort to wash a dish for years.  Rick came back through  "Didn't you hear me bitch?  Clothes off NOW!"  I was stunned.  "What?  Why?"  Rick smiled around the smouldering stogie that was rapidly filling the place with an increasingly thick haze.  "You're my slave for the weekend.  So you do as you’re told.  And the first thing I say is you're naked bitch boy."  I slowly began taking off my shoes, shirt, and jeans.  I felt awkward undressing with him standing right there but, I bent over and removed my underwear, when I did that he gave a sound of approval.  Except for my watch I was now naked.  I could feel his eyes linger along my body for a minute as he held his hands out for my clothes.  He placed my items into a plastic bin bag and took it to a closet.  As he did so, he leaned in and came back carrying one last item.  "Almost forgot.  Trade your watch for this."  With that he handed me a dog collar.  The meaning was clear.  "Why do you need my watch?"  "Everything you own belongs to me for the next 48 hours.  The only possessions I'm allowing you to have is that collar, to remind you that you're just a little slave bitch, so hand it over and get down on your knees slave."


I lowered down to my knees handing over my gold Rolex.  Rick chuckled as he placed the collar around my neck and snapped it into place.  He hooked a leather leash up to my collar and gave me a tug, he might as well have put it round my cock, it jolted with excitement as he tugged on the leash.  "Do you like that slave boy?"  "Yes."  "Yes what?"  His tone was stern.  "Yes, Master."  As hard as they were to say, the words ended up feeling good coming out of my mouth.  The weight of the collar around my neck was almost overwhelming.  My cock felt stiffer than I ever remember it had been before.  Rick ordered me to follow him as he gave me a tour of his dump.  As we walked, my mind took me back a few weeks and how exactly Rick ended up in the "Master" role for this particular weekend.   Rick fit my requirements.  He was single and lived alone.  He was taller, larger, and hairier than I was, he was a heavy smoker and he was constantly talking about sex.  He also got me talking a bit too openly about my own life and he asked me the all-important question which gave me the opening I needed.  "So what sort of things would you like to try?"  I replied that I was wanting to be with a person who takes control of the situation and makes me do their bidding.  “I don’t smoke but”  “Yes I know bitch boy.” he replied.  “It's like the power-exchange that turns me on.  Not having a say in what I do. Changed to what my owner desires.”  There was a long pause, I thought he had gone, just another wind up.  “Rick?  Rick are you there?”  "Yeah I’m here just firing up bitch.  So, why are you telling me all this Malcolm?"  "Well Rick, I was hoping you could help me out with this.  I want to experience being a slave for a short amount of time.  Say a weekend.  Kind of see if actually living my fantasy will help cleanse some of these desires from my mind."  Rick was silent on his end.  I kept chatting, rubbing my cock as I did.  "I mean don't get me wrong, I'm not asking for sex acts.  It's the role of being subservient that I want to experience, and I just can't do that at my house."  "Really? So why are you wanking Malcolm?"  Shit how did he know that?  "Stop that or I go now, I’m not here to give you a cheap thrill.”  I dropped my cock, “I understand, and that’s what I want if we did something like this, I can't have any say in the situation.  I need a person who is 100% in charge and just demands me to do things.  I’m willing to pay you for this.”  “How much?” he asked I said a grand, “You want a lot for very little Malcolm.”  “What then Rick, what will it take?”  “Two and a half.”  “Alright but it has to be at yours.”  Organising when was a problem until Laura announced her weekend away, it was now or never.


Rick slid down on the couch.  He glanced at my watch and blew smoke in my face.  "It's been a long day.  Fetch me a drink."  He unclipped the leash and I found a glass that was not too dirty, I washed it out and took a can from the fridge that’s insides resembled a spore growing lab, the stench was terrible.  I poured the can out and brought it to him, he had flicked on the TV and had a brief break of his focus from the screen to take it,” Get into the bathroom and give that thing a good cleaning.  There’s cleaning products in there and it's time they were used.  I don’t want to see you until it’s done, unless I have other need of you."  I walked to the bathroom.   The shower, toilet and sink might have been white at some point in time.  But not anymore.  I opened some cleanser and got down to work.  He called me twice in that time, the first for another beer and the second for a beer and a fresh smoke.  He made me light it up for him.  He came into the bathroom and had a piss, shit he had sprayed over the bowl I had just cleaned then tapped his ash into the clean sink, he just said, “When you’re done, you can sleep on the couch slave.”  It was three am before I finally collapsed on the smelly couch and went to sleep.  But the bathroom looked and smelt clean.  The next day he woke me with a kick to the couch, “Where the fuck have you been slave?”  I wiped my eyes, “Master?”  I had to get my own fucking coffee and smoke, now get on with making my breakfast.  I had to clean some things before I could even start cooking and while he ate I had to kneel by him, he fed me a bit of sausage from his hand then spat some chewed food into my mouth, I swear I could taste the tobacco spit off the chewed mix.  Once he finished he told me to clean up.  I spent that day cleaning Rick's caravan.  I began to realise I hated cleaning, he just smoked barking at me to bring him a fresh smoke light it for him, get him drinks and he just watched TV.  I looked over my shoulder to see Rick reclining on the couch blowing smoke, like he was playing with it.  He was wearing a pair of ratty old joggers and nothing else.  His naked hairy chest and stomach glistened with sweat, so far he hadn’t showered his heavy odour filled the place.  Little surprise why at 40, he was still single.  He was contentedly watching a movie and drinking beer, blowing smoke, he seemed to chain those thick dark cigars.  I started to feel like a mug, I was paying him two and a half grand to be his domestic.  As I looked at him he got up and headed for the bathroom.  Rick took a lengthy piss with the door open and then returned to the couch.  He was the picture of pure relaxation while I busted my ass to clean his place.  I was starting to get the impression that he was really enjoying it himself.


"Hey Slave Boy, bathroom looks great!" he said.  "Get in there and flush that for me."  Maybe enjoying it a little too much.  Rick hadn't called me "Malcolm" all day.  Since the moment he woke up he referred to me as either "slave" or "slave boy" or just plain "boy".  It didn't matter which name he chose, I responded equally to all of them.  I stopped washing and walked to the bathroom and flushed.


"Bring me a beer, and hold that ashtray for me I can’t be arsed stretching.”  I picked up the ashtray kneeling by him, he just sucked on his cigar and blew it in my face, he did this a few times and the ash dropped on the floor, “Shit slave, you should have caught that, lick it up.”  I looked at him, he wasn’t joking.  I leaned down and licked up the ash, my tongue was coated with grit, my mouth felt so dirty, my cock so hard.  “Now get my beer, maybe next time you will do a better job.”  I opened the fridge and got him a fresh can of beer.  I walked to the sofa and handed it to him.  "Hey Boy, it looks like I need a fresh smoke, ashtray.”  I picked it up and he dropped his butt in the ashtray that was about half full.  “Good now bring me a cigar."  I was having mixed feelings about this, as much as I was glad to be living as a slave, it was a great deal of work.  To be at someone's beck and call constantly, I just never had a moment to relax.  I grabbed a cigar and his lighter, I popped the cigar in his mouth and sparked his lighter.  He now had his feet up on the leg rest of the sofa.  He puffed away, looking at me.  "My place hasn't looked this good before.  Sit down and rub my feet."  Rick wiggled his fat toes.  I kneeled down on the floor.  My hands began massaging Rick's feet.  For the next fifteen minutes or so he didn't say anything, he just watched TV and smoked and occasionally looked down at me and smiled.  I worked his feet keeping in mind that this is what I asked for.  Hell, I was paying for this.  “Take my socks off and suck my feet boy.”  Shit even before I saw them I knew they would be nasty, the pungent sweaty odour.  They were filthy, he gave new meaning to the term toe jam.  I actually gagged as I sucked on his big toe.  I felt so humiliated my cock was rigid.  I must have given his feet a tongue bath for an hour, every now and again he gave off a groan.  He didn’t seem to want me to stop he was reaching for the ashtray and depositing heavy drops of ash.  Eventually he stubbed it out and told me to get him another, as soon as I had fired him up he stood and wiggled his toes and slid down his joggers pants slid down, Rick was naked.


It was the first time I had ever seen him naked.  His cock and balls were on display, he was hard.  His uncut cock was about eight inches and a good girth, but his balls were incredibly large.  In fact, they were so big and dangled so low it made me question how they could even stay attached to his body.  However the real shocker was the amount of body and pubic hair that covered Rick's crotch.  It honestly looked like someone had set off a "Hair Bomb" down there.  He sat back down I was hungry, it was after midday so I didn’t think anything of his words, “You like cheese slave?”  “Yes sir.”  He spread his legs, “Pull down my foreskin down I have fucking great cheddar under there for ya.”  I was just staring, ga ga.  I had never touched another cock in my life Rick slid his thighs apart exposing his cock.  The fat girth dangled long, “I’m waiting slave””  I held his warm cock in my hand and pulled the skin back the tip was all slimy, as I kept pulling the whole head was revealed, the smell of his sex filled my nostrils, I could feel the thick warm gravy run through my fingers.  “Pull it right down boy, peel back my slime hood.”  Christ a thick layer of man-smeg had been fermenting there, the stink of cock-crud was something I’d never experienced in my life.  Raw, smeg-stink saturated the sides of his delectable, manly spice hood.  Deep breath followed deep breath and I was drawing in his pungent pig scent into my lungs.  The rancid cheese stink is pure man.  He barked at me again, my tongue touched the bitter cheesy, putrid dick slime that coated the inside lining.  “Fuck yeah clean my dick boy.” he said, I scooped my tongue gathering his cock filth into my latrine mouth.  I am nervous as I slowly, almost reverentially, peel back his scum sleeve further.  It seems like a foot of foreskin retracts until it folds itself like a closed accordion behind the ridge of his cock head.  His entire cockhead is slime covered in whitish-yellow smeg crud.  There's enough there to make a fucking sandwich.  Thick curds of cock-cheese release the most salivating and awesome stink imaginable.  Even the rancid, filth odours from his bathroom before I cleaned it was dwarfed by the raw, manly stud-stink of his nasty, cheesy dick meat.  I licked and lapped and swabbed the smeg filth off his fuck stick plastering his slimy cheese curds across my tongue and onto the roof of my sewer mouth.  My work has him oozing more precum, I tongued every nasty ounce of stud filth off his dripping meat.  My lips and snotholes harbour the ripe, slimy remnants of uneaten cock-cheddar. My mouth was a sewer, a receptacle for his foul man-filth.  


Once he was clean my mouth felt so fucking nasty but he wasn’t finished.  Rick told me to lie on my back, I was fighting the urge not to cum, I wasn’t touching my dick but my loins were on fire.  Rick towered above me looking down into my eyes.  His uncut cock looked even larger as it dangled menacingly above me.  I lay on my back.  Not speaking or knowing what would come next.  Rick kneeled his large body down above me.  I could feel the body heat from his hairy thighs surround me.  His face was the most serious I'd seen him since he agreed to play the role of my Master.  “Opens your mouth boy you are going to be T-bagged.  Rick reached down and rubbed his balls, and then moved them towards my lips.  "Open your filthy mouth."  I did as he said, the sweatiest hairiest balls I had ever seen dropped onto my lips.  Rick held his position as he looked at me he took a strong suck on his cigar and started pushing until one hairy ball dropped into my mouth then he pushed in the other, my cheeks were swollen like a well fed hamster.  "Ah, this is much better.  Do my balls feel as hairy as they look?"  He mockingly waited for me to answer, which was impossible.  "Go ahead and lick the sweat off my balls."  It's not like I had a choice.  As my tongue went to work on his musty balls Rick leaned his weight down on me.  He was a heavy man and with my arms pinned between his legs I was trapped.  Even if I fought with all my might, there was no way my skinny body was getting up.  This position of power over me had my cock stirring my own sex drive working overtime.  My cock twitched violently and I shot my wad, not just once three times my dick roped.


He laughed as I shot, I was so humiliated, “Guess my slave loves this, you will be begging for my dick soon.”  There was the loud rip of a monster fart.  Rick smiled in his position as I could feel it reverberate along my body.  "Oops.  It's going to be a stinky one too Malcolm.  Guess you'll be able to fully appreciate the smell."  The odor was horrendous but at the same time my own cock was still throbbing painfully I could feel cum was leaking out.  I had no control and I was loving every minute of my punishment and degradation.


Eventually Rick let me up and told me to clean up my filth, the rest of the day became a blur.  Hours passed as I continued the ritual of cleaning the caravan, keeping Rick in beer and cigars on demand.  I made dinner.  Rick ate, and laid around naked watching TV, then he ordered me to clean his bedroom, I was starving.  “Master I am hungry.” I said as I got him a beer.  “If you are really hungry you will suck my cock boy.”  Shit this was another step up, “Get on your knees boy.”  He clipped the leash back to my collar I need a fresh cigar slave, about an inch was poking out of his mouth he took it out, the end was wet and slimy.  “Open”  He stuck it in my mouth, shit I hadn’t even had a cigarette, my dick was throbbing again, “Puff on that boy good practice for ya!”  Shit I was doing it as I held the lighter for him.  Rick smiled broader with his stogie clenched between his teeth as he puffed.  He blew smoke in my face look at you all fuckin excited while you are practicing puffing.”  He pulled the wet smouldering weed from my mouth and pulled the leash, slowly my tongue came out and his cock ran across my lips.  The veins on his cock were bulging and it was stiffening.  Rick flexed it once and it smacked along my lips.  I was repulsed and yet butterflies of excitement leapt through my body.  I opened my mouth and licked a little and he pulled me forward till his cock was in my mouth.  Rick laughed.  "Man, I could never get any of my old girlfriends to even consider this, I guess having a slave does have benefits."  That shit-eating grin rose up as he dangled the leash in front of me.  "You suck me off and I will feed you after my cream is in you slave."  He jerked my leash and my face brushed deep against his messy pubic region I groaned my cock shot again, “Yeah you are my cock sucker, you fuckin love it.”  Rick smoked and mocked me.  His free hand tugged on my leash assuring that my head was pulled along his full length.  His hand then moved in closer and allowed his fingers to grip tightly into my hair, guiding my movements.  "How's that cum taste boy?"  Rick watched me work as he smoked, "What do you think Laura and the guys at work would think if they saw you sucking my cock?"  I looked at Rick, he was really enjoying his power role over me.  It dawned on me that our roles were the exact opposite of what they were in normal day-to-day life.  Usually I was the one doing all the bragging or leading the way.  Not anymore.  Anyone who saw us would have seen immediately who was in charge.  I was licking his tool and loving it, Rick started to pull my head down so my mouth was pumping on him hard then it happened.  He gave off a roar that would have scared of a lion, his cock didn’t so much shoot as puke, cum pumped into my mouth with such power.  He held me so tight I had to swallow, some jizz escaped and ran down his shaft coating his pubes and balls.  "Clean that up slave and don't forget my pubes.  Master wants all that mess cleaned up."


I worked my way from his cock and balls towards his thick area of pubic hair.  Rick was the hairiest guy I'd ever met and his pubic area was true to the rest of his body.  It was clear he'd never considered doing a little trimming to clean it up.  And now cum was everywhere!  It felt like hours must have passed by as I savagely licked and cleaned his body, swallowing whatever my lips came into contact with.  He pushed me back down into his hairy crotch.  I was thankful to take in and swallow the last bits of his thick cream.  I could feel stray hairs slide down my throat.  The strange thought entered my mind that when I cleaned his bathroom last night seeing pubes on the toilet had repulsed me, and now I was swallowing them down directly from the source.  “You can help yourself to some food now slave, then for the rest of the night you're going to be down between my legs, swallowing my seed.  I ate quickly and cleared up.  By the time I had done that several bags of garbage were piled up by the door.  "Where do you take the garbage to Master?"  I asked.


Rick paused the porn movie and looked at me.  "The correct question is where do you take my garbage?  The answer is the skip around the corner."  "Can I get my clothes?"  "No."  "I'm not taking these bags to the skip naked."  "It gets done or Master will not be pleased, you want to wait until its daytime tomorrow?"  I looked at him, I knew he was serious so I decided I'd better just work on getting the garbage to the skip.  It was dark outside and there didn’t seem to be anything in the way of lights apart from the distant head lights of a car.  I grabbed the three bags of rubbish and ran as quickly as I could, rounded the corner, and tossed the bags of garbage into the dumpster.  My heart was racing from the embarrassment of being seen.  I sprinted back to Rick's pleased that in that minute no one had noticed, I saw headlights getting closer and ran back slipping in mud, I got up quickly and went back in and closed and locked the door.  Right now I was the dirtiest thing in the caravan, inside and out.  “Fuck you dirty pig, look at you, don’t move.”  He got black bin liner, get in that and shower.  I climbed in, look at you, fuckin trailer trash.”  That had me hard again as I shuffled in the bin bag to the bathroom, “Fuckin hurry up pig, my glass is dry.”  He kept shouting sounding more irritated each time.  Fuck I was working as fast as I could.  He looked pissed off as I emerged his stare had me intimidated. I poured out a drink of beer, shit how many had he had, I was trying to think when he said “Cigar!"  As soon as he was lit he pulled me back between his legs fixing the leash on again.  He had me busy servicing him as he smoked drank and watched straight porn.  His cock was hard in my mouth and he pulled me off him, “I need a beer slave.”  I went to get up, the leash stopped me from getting up, he released some of the slack and followed me till I got to the fridge, I leant over to pull out a tin, shit I felt Rick’s cock between my ass cheeks.  “Please no, not that” Rick laughed as one hand was clamped on my hips and the other hand triumphantly held my leash.  Shit the hot iron was pushing into me, once in ball deep he rocked and swayed his hips, I was being taken by him, I had no choice I was here for his control and pleasure, he hurt so bloody good, I was getting a blast of cold air on my front as his hot poker slammed my ass.  Even in pain I shot into the fridge eagerly waiting his explosion deep inside me, so this violation would be over.  He pulled me back to the couch and had me clean his dirty cock while he had his last beer of the night.  He left me to the couch and went to his room.


The next day fortunately I woke before Rick, I had a coffee for him and a cigar ready.  He had me lying on his bed sucking him then got me up, Rick needed a dump and he told me to get an ashtray he was sitting on the toilet in the bathroom and he had me on my knees right next to him.  His ever present cigar dangled from his mouth.  The smell in the bathroom was bad, but the fact that I was kneeling mere inches from the toilet only made things worse.  I was ordered to hold an ashtray for him as he shat and smoked.  Rick grinned.  "Grab some paper, slave boy."  My stomach tightened into more knots as I pulled off some toilet paper.  Rick stood up and turned his stinky hairy ass towards me.  It was disgusting and I didn't want to do it.  "You've got a choice slave.  Either wipe it with the paper or in a second I'm going to back my ass up against you and you can clean it with your tongue."  He slowly moved closer to me.  "And believe me; you'll be cleaning for a long time, until it’s all clean.”  I had to keep my eyes open but grudgingly I had no choice but to wipe.  Rick went back out into the living room and sat down as I washed my hands.


He had his position on the couch and had me sucking him, he heard my phone my cell phone rang.  Rick let go of my leash and said, "Slave go and get your phone, but do not answer it."  I went and grabbed my phone.  It was my wife calling.  I returned to Rick held his hand out for the phone.  "Kneel, slave and get back to my cock.  You’re not finished."  I returned to my position.  With that Rick answered my phone, "Hello?"  It was agony to know that he was talking on the phone to my wife as I was sucking him off, what would he say.  What would she say if she knew I was inches away from the phone, on my knees sucking Rick’s swelling cock?  I hear Rick’s comments.  "Oh Malcolm was here.  He left his cell phone behind.  Good.  Good.  How's your parents?  Ok, well he should be back later.  Yeah, he's helping me out with a few things so I'll make sure he gets the message and the phone.  Bye, Laura."  Rick winked at me as he delivered the last line.  He handed the phone back to me.  "Damn dude, you're so lucky.  You're wife sounds like a major hotty and yet you'd rather be here with me."


I spent the day keeping him happy eventually he said "It's getting late slave.  Get your clothes and I'll drive you back to your car."  I retrieved my items and went into the bathroom to clean up and change.  When I stepped out Rick was dressed and waiting for me.  I stepped out of his caravan and he drove me back to my car.  I sat for a few minutes in silence, I had such a boner, I called Laura and told her I had been helping a guy from the office move some stuff.  It was the best I could think off, I’m sure she wouldn’t have believed it except she had spoken to Rick, maybe it would be alright.  I was going back to my responsibilities in the real world, wondering if life would ever be the same.  I had washed and changed when Laura got home, dinner was all set.  I was messaging Rick regularly but getting time was difficult and whenever Laura went out with her friends Rick wasn’t available.  I was getting so frustrated, I wanted more, whatever he wanted, he had totally fucked my mind in those 48 hours, I was his, I knew that.  I don’t know where he got it, I got a delivery at my office.  Before I opened it I knew the smell.  A note sat on top of it, “Clean this with your tongue slave then return it, there is some cum in with the ash.”  He had posted me his ashtray.  I locked my office door and started licking it out when I got a moist glob of his cum I filled my boxers, shit I pulled my suit open fearing a stain.  Here I was one of the highest paid and powerful executives in the country like a pig.  My phone rang an hour later, my spunked boxers were wrapped in a bin liner in my trash can, the number I didn’t know.  “Is it done slave?”  “Oh yes Master, how.”  “Don’t you worry about how you are mine now.”  “I need you Master.”  “Best carry about my ashtray slave, I will be seeing you real soon.”  With that he hung off and I tried to call back but he had blocked my number.  I tried my office number blocked.  Damn.


The next day I got home and there was no sign of Laura, there was a letter in the mail with my name on it.  I read it in shock, Laura had left me, she had found someone else and was happy, she told me that she had signed the house over to me as she was the guilty party.  I tried to call Rick from my landline again the number was blocked.  I only had a vague idea of where he stayed and I went to try and find him.  I eventually found the spot but there were just the indentations in the ground where his caravan had been.  I went home and had a liquid dinner, got totally trashed.  I went into work the next day and tried to call him from a pay phone, it went to answer machine the message just said, “Stop trying to call me slave, I am busy.”  I gave a sigh, it was good to hear his voice but I was obviously pissing him off.  I had mixed feelings, would I see him again?  I finished early from work and went home.  I poured a drink and loosened my tie sat on the couch and put on the television and started channel hopping.  My mobile rang and I answered, “Where is my ashtray slave?”  “Master I have it here, I tried to deliver it but you have moved.”  Best bring it to me right now, my ash is about to fall and I need a drink.”  “Yes Master, I will be right there, where can I find you please?”  “I’m in my room boy.”  “Where is the caravan please Master I will come right now.”  “Who the fuck knows boy, I’m in my room upstairs.”  “You mean you are here?”  “My ash is about to fall slave.”  I pulled the ashtray from my brief case and ran upstairs, I started to smell the faint smell of smoke.  I opened Laura’s door and there he was on the bed naked and smoking.  I ran and caught his ash.  I had so many questions.  Where’s my drink and why are you in clothes slave.  I disappeared shedding clothes as I went and poured him a large scotch and went back to him, he held my collar up, my watch slave, I tugged at the strap and clipped it round his wrist and he fixed the collar, “My cock.”  I got down and started sucking him.  “Laura was a stunning woman slave, no don’t stop, keep sucking.  She was quite a good fuck, right now she will be in the Bahamas, waiting for me.  Don’t worry I’m not going.  She has a clean static caravan, I take it she did as agreed, this is your place, well mine slave.  This is real power exchange, she could never have served me like you have.  Tomorrow we are going to your lawyers, you are signing this place over to me, then the bank, time I took control of your accounts, you can have a card that I will make sure there is some cash in for shopping and shit like that.” 


Laura’s girl’s nights out and him not being available all made sense now, my details, access to the house.  He had taken over.  I had to put my work clothes in the cloakroom the night before work, I was never allowed clothes inside the house beyond the hall, I had to strip and collar up as soon as I got home.  A month down the line he had me smoking, I had to wake him in the morning with coffee lit cigar and see to his morning glory.  I had never met anyone with such a high sex drive, he had sure made mine step up a notch.  I was so settled into life with my Master, work passed so quickly and I would get home to my proper work.  I got home stripped and collared up and fetched a drink he wasn’t downstairs so I went to his room.  On either side of him were two young guys one was snogging him the other was sucking his cock.  I had mixed feelings and just stood there.  “Ah boys this is my slave.”  “My drink slave.” I took it to him.  He took the glass and blew smoke, “What’s wrong boy, my cock needs serviced you know that.”  These two young guys were smoking cigars too.  I got down between his legs and I heard him say, ”Go on he has a very nice ass.”  I felt that one guy was at my hole.  “Yeah do it.”  As the guys cock entered me the other had worked his was under me and started to suck me.  “That’s it slave, you like that I see, much better sucking when you are being fucked and sucked.”  I started cumming within a minute groaning round Master’s cock, “Fuck yeah that’s good slave.  The other guy was demonstrating youthful energy as he fucked me, his groin slammed my ass.  Shit he sprayed into me hard.  Then the other stuck his dick in me and he was sucking my limp cock back to life.  Master held me in place until he had shot his load.  I had cum again and the other guy had finished with my hole.  “Dinner for three tonight slave.”  “Yes Master.”  I left them to it and cooked, I wondered what the fuck was going on.  I served drinks and dinner, “Must be great to have a slave, he is hard still, must like it.” said one of the young guys.  “Yeah its awesome, how’s the steak?  “Yeah it’s good, I usually have sauce with it.”  “You heard him boy, why don’t you work some hot creamy sauce for my guest’s steak.  I stood by the guy working my cock.  My spunk shot then oozed over the thick fillet.  “Holy fuck, that’s twisted as fuck.”  “Better?”  The young guy cut a hunk of meat and coated it in my semen, “Mmm, really good.”  “Get under the table slave, help my guests relax.”  I climbed under the table and started to suck on the other guy.  The moans above the table were not just in appreciation for the food.  I drained them both and I was told to get back up and served them drinks and cigars and sucked Master as they just watched on.


This was the first of many encounters with them and other guys, he had other guys over for sex, dinner and poker nights, I was always naked and forced to serve but only as he dictated.  I felt so fortunate, does that sound strange?  Every so often Master would tell me to relax and to enjoy a smoke with him.  He would lean over and toss me off, forcing me to suck in more and more smoke, he didn’t stop till he was satisfied, this was about control, power and for his pleasure.  This was unusual, I tended to only get to finish off a cigar he was almost done with.  The worst was when he had a woman over, I had gone off sex with women, all I needed was his cock.  He never let me fuck a woman fortunately but he would get me to eat them out as he would smoke and snog them playing with their tits till they sprayed over my face then he would fuck them, me just holding his drink and ashtray as he shagged them, fortunately that was few and far between, “Women are too fucking needy slave, they don’t know how to satisfy a man like me.” said Rick, “All you need is My cock slave.” blowing a cloud of smoke and waving his cock in my face.

LeatherCigarMaster Apr 2 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2 · Tags: slavery, erotica, slavery

I like this website for its unique style and the open attitude of the owner.  Just one thing irritates me.

I was contacted today by means of an ownership request.  In principle this function seems like a good idea, but I think it is sometimes misused.  The 'master' concerned sent this request without having had any contact with me before.  This has happened to me a few times now.  I wonder are there any slaves who would accept such a request? 

Personally I ignore all such requests.  Why would I agree to be owned by someone I have never chatted to or exchanged messages with?

Does this happen other people? Is it a trait of lazy 'masters?  I'm certainly not averse to being owned, but for me ownership comes a lot further down the line than first contact.

need2serve Nov 13 '14 · Comments: 2 · Tags: ownership
You now get 10% extra on tips each Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 
Masterofall Jan 31 · Comments: 2

You came to Me remember...

You are seeking that special something that no other can give you and you are wanting My time and attention not the other way around.

Moany, whinging, selfish subs/slaves do not make adequate financial slaves. If this is you turn around and trot on!

As with any Domination it is about pleasing your Dominant before yourself.

Masterofall Jun 10 '13 · Comments: 1 · Tags: slaves
A new section, 'The PlayRoom' is up and running. Expect new games and things to be added here over the next few weeks, if you have any ideas for new ones then let me know.
Masterofall Oct 12 '13 · Comments: 1 · Tags: site, playroom, games
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