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I married young too young, a bit of a problem on the rubber front, didn’t use one, still Liam was worth it, sure makes you grow up fast being a dad well in some ways, I was just sixteen and a horny bugger.  Jennifer was a real fuckin peach but well I had a wandering eye, my dick led me into a lot of trouble but at least I had learned to wear protection.  It was just a matter of time before I was busted and I was divorced when I was nineteen.  At least I still had access, anyway with support money was more than tight.  I was twenty three, it was my first blow out in months, good night out, I was determined to get drunk and my leg over.  Guess I was a bit too full to recognise the sign when this older guy bought me a drink at the bar.  Looked like he was about early thirties in good clobber wearing a wedding band and talked like a fuckin budgie, still he was keeping my glass full, so I let him talk and gave him some details, so he knew I was divorced with a kid.  My bladder was full so I staggered to the bogs and propped myself up and pulled out my snake and let go off a good stream of yellow piss, with an “Ah”  My nine inches was hard, it was obviously hungry for some attention.  I heard a gasp to my side and there was this guy from the bar his hand reached for my dick and I sobered up fast.  A quick gut punch and he let go of my meat flying into a stall, “Fuckin faggot.” I growled at him, the hit must ave taken him by surprise and he shook his head, “I’d pay to suck that sir.” He blurted out.  “Like you could afford it.” I scowled tucking it away.”  “I can sir, how much?”  I had no idea, I knew you could get blown by a hooker from 25 quid.  “Too much bitch.”  He kind of got up a bit and pulled out his wallet, “I have about two hundred here Sir.”  I nearly agreed off the bat but then I thought if he would pay two hundred, how much more would he pay, “No, and you best move your cunt before I report this.”  “I can get more from the Cashline Sir, I got a room in the hotel.  Please I could really please you.”  “Get up then faggot, you got two withdrawals to make.”


The guy followed me and I stopped at an ATM, “How much Sir?”  “Take the max you can.”  “Shit that’s three hundred.”  “You want me to report you for touchin me up?”  He took his card out and slipped it in the machine and pressed the buttons, I clocked the PIN 1591, I can’t tell ya how stiff I got when the machine spat out the cash.  I told him to lead the way to the room, the guy had a fuckin fancy suite.  I wasn’t sure how to continue but I needed sucked, I picked up the menu, “Best order some room service, I guess.”  I lifted the phone and ordered a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and before I put the phone down the cigars at the foot of the page caught my eye, best send up half a dozen of the Cohibas too.”  I knew fuck all about cigars but they were the most expensive on the list.  “Sir, this is getting out of hand.” said the guy, “Shut the fuck up, you want to suck this or not?  Maybe you would rather I beat the shit out of ya?”  “No sir but please no more.”  We didn’t have to wait long before room service arrived.  He signed for the stuff and tipped the guy then closed the door, “Hope you ain’t given him any of My cash bitch.”  “Just change Sir.”  “Bring me a drink and one of those cigars.”  He came over holding two glasses, “I never told you that you could have a drink, put that down and get me lit up.  No on yer knees.”  A good glug of JD and I took the cigar and stuck it between my teeth.  Lucky the cunt had a good gold lighter, that would be mine.  He held the lighter steady and I leaned in and sucked a few puffs later and he got a blast of smoke in his face.  He put his hand on my crotch, “Not fuckin yet, strip off cunt!”  He started taking off his clothes as I drank and blew smoke at him, he had a small stiffy I laughed, “Guess that don’t keep the wife happy.”  He blushed, “Hand over my cash and take out a real man’s cock.”  He rummaged for his wallet and went to open it, “I can do that, you will be too busy suckin me.”  As he unzipped me and pulled out my dick I counted the contents, his greedy mouth was all over my rampant dick, 515 in notes, Christ I started shooting hard. 


He swallowed down my jizz and my dick slipped from his lips, I blew down thick smoke at him.  “Get that back in yer mouth fag, I want more.”  He opened and put my flaccid dick back in his mouth and started to suck and work it with his tongue.  I took the cash and pulled his bank card and wrapped it in the notes before pocketing the cash, 1591 I reminded myself.  Took the cunt a lot longer to make me cum again, long enough for me to finish the second glass of JD and almost finished the cigar, I must say he sucked better than any woman had and I don’t think it was just the booze.  He was panting after I shot the second time, I had made him work for it, ideal gave me time to pocket his lighter.  I zipped up and after rummaging around I found a laundry bag the JD went in there the other cigars in my pocket and I left him, it was after midnight so a quick stop at the ATM in the lobby and I had another 300, I pocketed the cash and handed the card into reception. “Found this in the machine.”  They thanked me and asked for my name in case there was a reward, “That ain’t necessary” I said and left and got a taxi home.  That was the start for me.  I got Liam a Playstation and some games, he was really chuffed with the gift, best I’d managed to get my seven year old.  The encounter for me was liberating, I wondered how many other guys were wired like the cunt I had used.


I was stunned there were loads of guys into this, they especially liked young, straight, selfish. greedy guys with big dicks, I ticked all the boxes.  I started off using various sites and getting an amazon and paypal account set up just using an internet café.  It wasn’t long before I had a Macbook Air, courtesy of one of my first rich fags.  I had one that paid my bills, I was gathering a little tribe of worshipping fags.  I was earning more from their tributes and taxes from what I made at work, fuck! It was good to be me!  Amazon gifts and gift cards meant I could get the best of gear not just for me but for my son and the cash that was raking in was incredible and I wasn’t even meeting these cunts mainly online, easy money.  Still I really enjoyed meets, you could get far more that way and I fuckin got off on the humiliation and the feeling of crisp notes handed over always got my dick stiff.  Meeting them in their cars, in their offices, in swanky hotel suites and sometimes in their own fucking homes when the little woman was out, if they had a wife.  I enjoyed doing all kinds of shit of them and would even fuck them up the arse.  I took ownership of the homes of ‘Yourproperty’ and ‘expoitmefully’, I considered moving in with ‘Yourproperty’, he was fuckin loaded but I had Liam to consider, so instead I let them stay there and they paid rent.


You probably think this is all easy, but it can be fuckin hard work, they all got their particular needs, humiliation, blackmail, Teamviewer, buying your gear, the list goes on plus there are always those that you spend ages on who are in love with the idea but when the rubber hits the road they fuck off.  Plus you get those that serve then disappear then come back, they tend to be known, they serve on guy then another and so on, fuckin cash whores I call them won’t commit to anyone.  It was one such fuckin whore that drove me nuts, mainly cause he gave big time.  I got a bit obsessed about him, I had to bring him down his profile was ‘£xploitme$ir!’  When I was almost twenty nine I met someone I was at school with, one of those chance meetings, I heard “ROB” being shouted in the crowd and looked for who it was, I was surprised he recognised me after all this time, Phil had been a decent guy at school, we had a drink and caught up, I didn’t tell him about all I had been getting up to, I was still working, I didn’t have to I guess but still it was useful to know I always had something to fall back on.  Phil was in IT security, he was always a smart guy.  I got him a few drinks to loosen him up and asked what you would need to track a someone down.  “You had problems?”  “Yeah a fuckin hacker but don’t know what to do about it.  Think it’s someone I have pissed off, so if I knew then I could sort that out in person.”  “Still a hard ass then Rob?”  “Yeah like to deal with things in person.  Thing is it is someone I used Teamviewer with.”  “Been raking around in someone’s PC huh?  People don’t like that kind of shit Rob, no surprise that they kicked back and if they know how you are built they will not want a personal conflict with you.”  “Might be something I can do but would need connection to get ISPN from there it’s pretty easy to locate someone.”  He gave me his card and told me to call him if I was going to be making a connection again.


It took ages to get a session with ‘£xploitme$ir!’ and it was too short notice for Phil, I was beginning to think he was gonna escape my grasp but I managed to get an agreement for a date and time one afternoon.  Phil said he would take the afternoon off and come to mine.  He was surprised at my place, the gear I had was top notch even if the outside was nothing to write home about.  I laid on lunch and we had a few beers and I treated him to some of my cigars, watching for the clock.  “Fuck knows how you afford all this doing manual labour.”  “I got my methods.  What do you need me to do?”  I asked, “Just Teamviewer him and let me do the rest, he pulled out a memory stick and a laptop and booted his machine up.”  “Not used to Mac so use my laptop will you.  There is nothing on here so if he tries any shit he will hit a blank wall.”  I got on my Mac and waited for the skype message that gave me the log on details.  I called them out to Phil his password this time was ‘GoOnIDareYou’, Phil laughed, this fucker won’t know what’s hit him, keep chatting to him on there, keep him busy and I will have my hands up his hard drive in no time.”  I chatted away and Phil typed away, got the fuckers ISPN, let me see if I can track him down, fucker ain’t even bouncing his signal, easy.  What the fuck, how do you know Sir Dennis Wheatleyy, the MD of Entercon?”  “Don’t worry about that Phil, can you get what info you can on him?”  “Yeah easy.”  I had a really good rape, two grand, he always was a good cash cunt, I wouldn’t hear from him for months now, but I was intending for him to hear from me.  Once we had finished I was stunned at the info, the guy wasn’t just loaded, he was powerful, forty nine and in decent shape, from what you could tell with him clothed.  Phil copied the files of info for me and Emailed them over, as I got us some JD and fresh cigars, I gave him 500 in notes for his help, “This ain’t some illegal shit is it Rob?“  he asked, “No totally consensual, I assure ya.”  “I don’t get how you are mixing with a guy like him, even online.  Just be careful guys like him hold some serious clout.”  “I grinned round my smoke, “And I don’t?”  “You know what I mean, I don’t want to see you locked up man, surprised you ain’t been already.”  “Don’t worry that ain’t gonna happen, got Liam to think off man.”


Liam was fourteen and a real chip of the old block, lucky he had my build and not his mums cause I raised him to take no shit off anyone.  Fourteen and plenty attitude but I could reel him in, needed to be on a short leash, not only was he smoking but he would help himself to my cigars when he visited and was partial to a beer.  I was proud of him, give him plenty warnings about being careful about screwing around, at his age I was doing that, I didn’t regret having him but he didn’t need to have a kid at that age, he accepted that, thank fuck.  Couldn’t tell him off I was no bloody different at his age anyway I had plans for him, he was going to take on my mantle.  Took time to get to know Dennis Wheatleyy’s movements but the fucker never seemed to be alone, was even driven by limo.  Patience and persistence is rewarded, the company that did the cleaning for his offices advertised for staff, it wasn’t ideal, working nights and cleaning up other people’s shit didn’t appeal but small price to pay for nailing this fucker.  It meant monitoring my slaves by phone when working but it was easy work.  Getting into Wheatley’s office was a problem that was a job that the supervisor kept for herself.  Mary was a bit of a battle axe so I decided to turn on the charm, I offered to help her, no joy, I thought about offering to fuck her but she had a face like a well spanked arse and a body like the Mitchelin man, decision two was to get her immobilised, I got a variety of different products for constipation, laxative chocolate and stuff, lacing her snacks was a breeze. The bitch could do with losing some weight anyway.  Fuck knows how many doses she had but it wasn’t long before she waddled to the ladies.  She looked and smelt of shit when she came out of the toilets, only long enough to get one of the girls to clean them before going back in, according to her there was diarrhoea all up the walls, “She is still in there, she gave me these can you make sure the senior offices get cleaned as a priority Rob?”  I said sure and headed off with the keys to the kingdom.  First things first I emptied all the bins and cleaned up any coffee marks then got myself settled in Wheatley’s office, nearly helped myself to his humidor but thought better of it, all the cupboards were locked and any paperwork was shredded.  I booted up his computer and couldn’t pass the password security, I was almost ready to give up when I noticed a computer case,  I opened it and slipped out the laptop and plugged it into a spare Ethernet cable it booted up and demanded a password, I tried ‘GoOnIDareYou’ invalid password, damn, it couldn’t be, ‘£xploitme$ir!’ and the computer loaded, fuckin ace.  I went through his system, yeah this was what he used for his Cash Slavery, getting into his PayPal was easy, password was saved, I downloaded the history, pulled down chat records and pictures, none with his face but this was too easy loading to my data stick, as it copied files I cleaned.  The last step was establishing a key logger, just in case.


I got the files I wanted and the laptop back snuggly put away, all senior offices cleaned, well a good going over, I didn’t have time to do much more than empty my own offices buckets empty.  When I checked on Mary we had a conversation from the ladies bogs, she asked if I had managed and locked the doors again, fuck the stench was rank even from the door.  She asked me to keep the keys in case she wasn’t in tonight, the priority was the senior offices.  I told her that was no problem and to look after herself, fuck knows how she was going to get home, even with the cleaning she got one of the girls to put an out of order sign on the Ladies.  I clocked out and went home and after I had the files on my lap top I set them to print and headed to bed.  I could only hope Mary would be still out of commission but in case not I got a set of her keys cut, I packed my suit and a razor and the paperwork.  I got in to work early so I could stash my suit and stuff.  It gave me time to start cleaning the offices on my floor, when I said the supervisor took unwell the night before they were pretty accommodating.  Mary called in at the start of the shift to say she wouldn’t be in, ideal as it was a Thursday night, all going well I wouldn’t be working here anymore.  I got everything sorted and gave the keys to Sally, she used to travel with Mary. 


I wasn’t as tired after my shift as usual as I used my keys to get into Wheatley’s office again, I made use of his private bathroom to shave and shower, wanted to look my best for my new cunt.  Soon I was in his office pouring out a large Scotch, going from the years on the bottles he had expensive tastes, suited me, so do I, I helped myself to his humidor and before firing up decided I would be better placed in his bathroom, the bog wasn’t the most comfortable position but I was on the home straight now.  The bathroom was ideal the extractor fan taking care of my smoke and I didn’t have long to wait before I heard his door open and close within five minutes the bathroom door opened and he went into a rant, “What the bloody hell…..Well explain!”  “All I can think of saying is Exploit Me Sir!”  “What did you say?”  “You are Exploit Me Sir!”  “Who are you and what the fuck are you babbling about?”  “I would be SIR! And if you really don’t know what I’m talking about you won’t mind these pictures, chat and PayPal records going to the press, someone in your position being a reckless cash cunt would probably have you out of your position, your title stripped for ya and fuck knows what else.”  “What do you want?”  “What I have always wanted, YOU! You as my personal property.  You did say, go on I dare you.”  You could see his mind running like a computer, “You are Master Rob”  “Got it cunt, now go lock your door.”  He left and I walked into his office and took a seat, “My shoes faggot, they need seen to, you said in cyber often enough you wanted to.”  He got down and lifted my shoe and kissed it with a moan.  “Please Sir, what is this going to cost me?”  I laughed heartily, “Fuckin everything, you are all mine, no more whoring around with every dom, you serve me now.”  “Can’t I make you a big payment and continue as before Sir.”  “Keep lickin my shoes fag, if we did that all this information might end up with the press, they would pay well for all this.”  I could see him looking at the papers, “Yes, I know what you are thinking you could shred all these and get security to throw me out but I have a copy off all this quite safe, this really in your best interest.” 


I let him process that as he licked and kissed my shoes, he was making all the right sounds, as I got some pictures with my phone, on silent off course.  “I’m going to need a fresh cigar for you sucking my dick cunt.”  “Sir, I’ve never.”  “Fuckin nice, just jacket off over this eh?  Well this cock is gonna be your world from now on.”  Nothing like it a guy’s first time, especially if suppressed for years.  His hand shook as he lit my cigar and I undid my belt and trousers, “All yours fag, now take it out and suck it.”  He went down on me like a guy possessed, had me groaning in pleasure, he was murmuring as he slathered all over my meat.  He had seen these nine inches in pictures now he was getting it in three D as I took more pictures, blowing some fine Havana smoke down at him, he was to cock fixated to notice.  When my balls started to rise I gave him a hand, two hands pulling him own till my dick filled his throat firing into his stomach then in his mouth as I let up with the pressure on his head, not enough for him to let my cock go, he needed to taste this.  His face was all flushed some of my jizz round his puffed up lips, “best lick that up, every drop then get yourself straightened up, call your PA and tell here you ain’t to be disturbed and then your driver, we can take your security elevator down to the limo in say thirty minutes.  “Where are we going sir?”  “To your home, I mean My home, I need a sleep before I fuck ya.”  “Can’t I stay here Sir?”  “No I need my cock sucked, I believe it’s a good hour to my home.”  “You are serious about this?”  “Yeah I own ya, don’t worry you can still work here, but you are transferring everything to me.”  “This is blackmail.”  “I have chat records where you begged me for this, what was it again, yeah find me and I am yours, well I found ya.”


I expected it, he got home that night and tried to negotiate.  “Why would I settle for a few grand or millions when I can have it all?”  He got the logic, “This way you get to serve every fuckin day, don’t worry I will look after my bitch, I want all your assets transferred to me, this place, savings and all other accounts.  Look at your pathetic rigid dick you want this bad.  Time I fucked you Exploit Me Sir, I got some great pics of you earlier to add to the evidence, great face pics of you suckin my dick.”  Like it or not he was bent over for me, he was a virgin, tight as fuck, he had told me often in chat how much he wanted this, now he was getting it despite his resistance, “Better if you relax but if you want to resist it will just hurt you more and be tighter on my shaft.”  I buggered Sir Dennis Wheatleyy hard that night then locked his pathetic six inches up.  Sounds like a breeze huh?  But this was a special weekend for me Liam would turn sixteen on Tuesday, I had planned to give him a kick ass pre-birthday celebration.  I couldn’t see him cause I was breaking in my new bitch, still this was all for him, I consoled myself.  I called him on his birthday, it was good to hear him.  I told him I had a special gift for him and asked if he wanted to move in with me, he was an adult now and could make his own decisions.  I was chuffed when he said he would love that, I knew I gave him more freedom than his mum, treated him like a man.  Fuckin lawyers and banks, the transfer seemed to take ages, hours of meetings but by the following Wednesday Wheatley’s assets were all mine.


I don’t know who was more surprised Liam or Jennifer when the Limo pulled up at the house and got out, Paul the driver loaded his stuff into the boot.  I got it in the neck from Jennifer, I was turning him against her with being flash, shit let her think that.  Liam was so excited when we pulled away.  He lit up with me and asked if Id won the lottery.  “Not exactly Liam, always told you to be the man you are ain’t I?”  “Yeah Da!”  “Well son you need to know there are two kinds of guys in the world, guys like us and guys that are less than us.”  “Shit I know that Da!”  “Ah bit yeah but you are about to get a new education.” 


Back at the mansion we had dinner then some fresh cigars and I let him have some whisky, when he saw Wheatley naked with his cock locked up I thought he was going to drop the cigar from his mouth.  When he dropped to his knees and took my cock out he looked shock.  “You know who this is son?”  “No Da, are you bent?”  I laughed, “No son, this is Sir Dennis Wheatley one of the more powerful men in the UK and he serves me and soon he will serve you, he will suck you when you like and take your dick up his ass, guys like us get served by fags like this and soon you are going to have your own cock worshippers greedy to serve you throwing cash at ya.”  Wheatley sucked me good till I filled his mouth with my spunk, “You want sucked off son?”  “Don’t think so Da!”  “How about having your trainers worshipped?”  “He does that?”  “Sure does son, see to my son fag, get him a cigar and show him his power.”  Nothing like your son reaching manhood, this was just the start.  The fag was lighting up Liam, he was drawing on the cigar, it was a hot sight, he blew a plume of smoke into the air and kicked out his feet, “Not yet son, you think he should get to do that?”  He had a confused look and he drew hard on his cigar, “Show him fag.” He crawled to the coffee table and picked up his wallet, I had loaded it, “Please Sir may I serve you?”  He begged then put the wallet in his mouth, I gave Liam a nod and he took the wallet and his eyes went wide when he saw the cash, “all your if you want it son, the first of many, beginning to get it?”  “Fuck yeah Da, lick my trainers cunt.”  I smiled at him, “Fuckin horny aint it?”  “Yeah.”  “Plenty more guys like this piece of shit son and they will be real generous to just chat with ya online.  You change your mind on the blowjob just tell it, guys give the best blowjobs son.”   I grinned as he couldn’t handle the slavering fag and the cash I his hands drove him wild and he pulled down his trackies showing off his young firm meat, “Up here and suck me off fag!” It didn’t take him long to get with the program, some coaching as I got him profiles set on a few sites and he took to it like a duck to water.  He decided on the profile name MineInit and it wasn’t long before he had his own website where his growing band of worshippers could serve him online or book a personal session, sometimes we used scum together, fuckin hot.  He is one awesome Cash Master, not that he needs it, the fucker is set for life, he just wants it cause he knows he deserves it, a lesson from his old man.  

LeatherCigarMaster Apr 4 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3 · Tags: erotica
This post is addressed to REAL fags. The ones who only get happiness from worshipping a superior male and making that male happy by sending generous gifts and tributes. Honest fags. Respectful fags. 

It seems there are more and more wannabe Masters on this site (and other sites), who are in this only to make a quick buck. I mean, some of them look like kids. Others look like faggots themselves. I'm seeing more and more pics of gross, unfit bodies, small dicks, ugly faces. They're not Masters. A Master is two things: body and mind. Both must be strong. They must be manly. Fearless. A Master must be fit and handsome. A Master is an alpha male.

I just want fags to keep this in mind when they are looking for a Master. Wannabe Masters have no clue what to do with you. They'll just beg for money. And everyone knows my views on this: REAL MASTERS DON'T BEG. A real Master will find your weak spot and exploit it. A real Master will put you in your place. At his feet, emotionally and sometimes physically. But the most important thing here is that a real Master will give you what you want and desire. In exchange you will worship and tribute your Master generously. This is the transaction. 

As the Master/slave community is becoming larger, it is attracting unskilled "men" who just want money. NO. You fags deserve better. You have no power. You are dirt to me and I am here to exploit and abuse you. But you have this right, your one right only: to serve a REAL Master. A powerful Master. You owe it yourselves but most of all you owe it to our community.

I will be posting further blog posts in the coming week. If they are any subjects you want me to write about, please say in the comments. I often get asked about my fag training programme so this will probably be one of my next topics. 

NickHungMaster Sep 10 '14 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3
Hi everyone,

So yeah, I've been a bit quiet lately as I have been mad busy trying to get lots of things in place to really make this place kick off. 

I've kind of been hindered though with other things going on so it's taken longer than expected.

I'd like to thank Wetsocks for looking after the place for me in my absence, he's done a great job.

So I've been working on bank transfers as you know, and I have finally been authorised now to send international payments, so with a few more back end tweeks and a bit more planning this should be ready to go very soon.

I'm also working hard on a mobile version of the site, as well as some other new requested features.

I'm not too sure when all these will be in place but it will be very soon.

At the end of the month I'm moving house so it will probably not be until after then and I'm settled a bit.

Anyway that's all for now. I just wanted to show you all I'm still alive.

Masterofall Jun 15 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3 · Tags: update
Okay, so we're trialing instant chat again.

You'll notice that down the bottom right of the site there is now a chat box. You can use this to chat in real time with anyone on your friends list.

Masterofall Apr 17 '14 · Comments: 2 · Tags: site, features, chat
Taking care of a boy who's never been with another man before.

Zageden Oct 10 '13 · Comments: 2 · Tags: domination, domination , gay, straight
Testing out a new program that gives me total control over a fag's PC. So far so good. Much better than TV, more power.
MasterRF Feb 21 '14 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2
You now get 10% extra on tips each Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 
Masterofall Jan 31 · Comments: 2
check out my blog and tumblr page. my treatment, musings as a master and my journey with my slave
MasterEdinburgh Jun 13 · Comments: 2

Happy as a pig in swill, My Dip Turned up Y'all

Mastervape Jul 22 · Comments: 2

I like this website for its unique style and the open attitude of the owner.  Just one thing irritates me.

I was contacted today by means of an ownership request.  In principle this function seems like a good idea, but I think it is sometimes misused.  The 'master' concerned sent this request without having had any contact with me before.  This has happened to me a few times now.  I wonder are there any slaves who would accept such a request? 

Personally I ignore all such requests.  Why would I agree to be owned by someone I have never chatted to or exchanged messages with?

Does this happen other people? Is it a trait of lazy 'masters?  I'm certainly not averse to being owned, but for me ownership comes a lot further down the line than first contact.

need2serve Nov 13 '14 · Comments: 2 · Tags: ownership
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