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This post is addressed to REAL fags. The ones who only get happiness from worshipping a superior male and making that male happy by sending generous gifts and tributes. Honest fags. Respectful fags. 

It seems there are more and more wannabe Masters on this site (and other sites), who are in this only to make a quick buck. I mean, some of them look like kids. Others look like faggots themselves. I'm seeing more and more pics of gross, unfit bodies, small dicks, ugly faces. They're not Masters. A Master is two things: body and mind. Both must be strong. They must be manly. Fearless. A Master must be fit and handsome. A Master is an alpha male.

I just want fags to keep this in mind when they are looking for a Master. Wannabe Masters have no clue what to do with you. They'll just beg for money. And everyone knows my views on this: REAL MASTERS DON'T BEG. A real Master will find your weak spot and exploit it. A real Master will put you in your place. At his feet, emotionally and sometimes physically. But the most important thing here is that a real Master will give you what you want and desire. In exchange you will worship and tribute your Master generously. This is the transaction. 

As the Master/slave community is becoming larger, it is attracting unskilled "men" who just want money. NO. You fags deserve better. You have no power. You are dirt to me and I am here to exploit and abuse you. But you have this right, your one right only: to serve a REAL Master. A powerful Master. You owe it yourselves but most of all you owe it to our community.

I will be posting further blog posts in the coming week. If they are any subjects you want me to write about, please say in the comments. I often get asked about my fag training programme so this will probably be one of my next topics. 

NickHungMaster Sep 10 '14 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3
Faggot was plugged at work today under orders from MasterRubTho. It was fun having the cock locked up and a plug in faggot's ass while none of my co-workers suspected a thing! The plug wanted to come out a couple times, but I kept stuffing it back in. My ass cheeks are raw now from wearing it overnight and throughout work, and MasterRubTho has graciously given me a break until I go to bed again. Faggot gets to wear it through the night and at work tomorrow again :)
LockedJonson Jul 28 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3
So, the Pantheon and Slave market are being re-made.

What would you like to see added/changed? I'm not saying all ideas will be implemented, but if I think an idea has merit then it will be considered.

Masterofall May 19 '14 · Comments: 3 · Tags: features, pantheon, site, slave market
I was sought out in CL by a cash fag. There was a rather explicit post that caused his fag mind to get all bent out if shape. And the picture I posted of my big black cock sent him over the edge. It was hard, uncut, curved right, and had 7 quarters placed along the length for size comparison.

He began messaging me immediately. Within the first 3 messages I let him know that he had to pay tribute being such an inferior fag. He was willing more than willing without any further information or sight if me to send the $100 tribute I require. We never met and never spoke - just communicated through emails.

He asked what I needed. I told him it was his place to sweep, make beds, do laundry, serve me good/beer, and take punishment. He was very nervous and shy and afraid to meet. He stated that he could send money immediately to appease me until he worked up the nerve to meet in person. I advised that I would have to break him in and rid him of that trait. I only referred to him as "it" and said that I would use the leather paddle on his ass to break him in eventually. In the interim I let him know how to pay tribute.

I sent him the link of the most popular way to exchange money (you know what it's calked) and he quickly sent the funds. The $100 is still sitting in my account as I haven't transferred it to my bank yet. And there hasn't been a need. Just the following day I collected $100 in person from my second slave submissive pussy boy of the weekend. I'll tell you that story later.

You can see some pics of the email conversation on my profile page.
Black_Master_Daddy Sep 28 · Comments: 3 · Tags: black master, bbc, pay pig, cash fag

Hi Sub Slaves,

(copied from my profile page)...

About MeType of meetsReal-Time, On-LineHere forCash Slavery, Cam Use, Physical Use, OwnershipFetishesCash Slavery, Humiliation, Piss, Muscles, Leather, Boots, Bondage, Suits, Uniforms, Sounding, CBT, Edging, ElectroAbout Me

I am TOTAL BO$$. I demand 100% obedience at all times. I expect nothing less. I live near Birmingham, U.K. I have gear but I don't always wear it as for me it is about deeper stuff... full mind control and real connection/relationship. Total ownership of my sub is important to me. If you are my sub you will do exactly what I say, locally this means sexual and non-sexual, house servant and sex slave. Simply anything I want you will do without question. You will be happy knowing I am happy. If its Ca$h Domination that turns you on then I'm more than happy to take your money or gifts from you but it's not just about that for me. It's about giving something in return to my sub slaves. That deep satisfaction that the are serving a real Master. But there is more to me than meets the eye. My Dom personality is so deep and important to me, it's not role play. My subs can testify that am the real thing! I don't stand any fucking around from time wasters. Once under my control you will do as you are told!! I am fair, respectful, but firm and can hand out CP without feeling guilty. I am a successful man, have a good job, nice apartment a Large Cock and a firm hand. If you want a pretend Master then go and find someone else who only plays at it!! I am a true Master. My mind and body are Strong and I am extremely Passionate. Once owned, you will be MINE... My subs Fear, Respect and indeed Love me, and I Love them too. I am into 100% total control, I expect and demand 100% obedience, nothing less. For me that's what it is all about. No fancy swear words or gimmicks. I am not a soft cushion, as well as you being my servant, houseboy, slave, I like whips, spanking, paddles, Electrostim, sucking, fucking (if the mood takes me) and and other stuff which you will have to do if we meet, so expect a very "bumpy ride"! TOTALBOSS.


I have said it all above. I do not want to repeat myself. However, I insist on 100% Obedience. 100% Control of your body and mind and 100% Loyalty, Respect and Honesty at all times. Simple. Cash gifts will be appreciated, very much, if you want to treat me to nice things in exchange for my very valuable time as a professional Dom Master. (No time wasters please). I love it when my sub slaves love me. But I can be a mean fucker when it comes to being in control. Only contact me if you are genuinely interested in being my sub slave and serving me properly and we can talk more... BOSS.



TOTALBOSS Sep 28 · Comments: 3
Hi everyone,

So yeah, I've been a bit quiet lately as I have been mad busy trying to get lots of things in place to really make this place kick off. 

I've kind of been hindered though with other things going on so it's taken longer than expected.

I'd like to thank Wetsocks for looking after the place for me in my absence, he's done a great job.

So I've been working on bank transfers as you know, and I have finally been authorised now to send international payments, so with a few more back end tweeks and a bit more planning this should be ready to go very soon.

I'm also working hard on a mobile version of the site, as well as some other new requested features.

I'm not too sure when all these will be in place but it will be very soon.

At the end of the month I'm moving house so it will probably not be until after then and I'm settled a bit.

Anyway that's all for now. I just wanted to show you all I'm still alive.

Masterofall Jun 15 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3 · Tags: update
The other day I had dirtied just about every single dish I owned at my place.  I knew immediately that doing the dishes was the perfect job for my slave.

I gave him a time to report to my place and even gave him a list of items to pick up at the store for me to bring with him (including sponges and deodorant).

He arrived on time, handed me the bag of purchased items, and I immediately set him to work.  I showed him where my recyclables were (cardboard and glass).  I gave him detailed instructions on how to get to trash and recycle buns in my complex and handed him all my empty beer bottles.  He left my place and told me that he was lost.  I went and found him let him know that getting lost was unacceptable and for that he would be punished.  He answered with an obedient "Yes Sir" and took care of the cardboard.

When slave got back to my place he started making his way to the kitchen when i stopped him.  "What are you doing?" He stopped in his tracks and looked up at me confused. "Why are you still wearing clothes?"  "Sorry Sir," he replied as he disrobed before entering my kitchen.  As I said, he had his work cut out for him as almost every dish I own was dirty.  For over an hour and half his faggot ass washed while I sat on my couch watching football and drinking beer.

When he finally fished the dishes I had him crawl on his hands and knees into where I was on the couch.  I made him stand up and said "It's time to be punished slave. Bend over my knee."  He bent over my knee and I proceeded to wear out his flabby ass with a series of quality spankings.  On every spank he would let out a whelp and whimper upon contact.  I could tell that his noises were made from actual pain. My red hand prints covered his ass. After I his punishment was complete he stood up and I saw just how much he enjoyed his punishment.  "Are you fucking hard slave?" I asked. "I'm sorry Sir."  I flicked his 4 inch hard cock and laughed.  "That's pathetic. Get dressed and get out out of here!"  And with his tiny erect member he grabbed his things and left.

Saturday night I was having mates over at my place for a couple beers before we were heading out to celebrate a female friend's birthday.  But before going out I got the urge to abuse my slave.  I texted him and told him I was coming over to be ready.

When I arrived at his apartment I made him strip and then proceeded to put a chastity cage on his tiny boy cock.  His cock is so small it didn't even reach the end of the cage.  He complained and whined the whole time and told me it was uncomfortable and hurt him.  I told him to shut the fuck up because I didn't give a shit.  

After that I grabbed his arms behind his back and cuffed him tight.  I then sat on his couch, swung him over my knees, and began to tear his ass up.  I spanked him even harder than I had the time before.  I was actively trying to make red hand prints on his flabby fag ass.  After I had given him what I figured was more than enough spanks I gave him one more and then threw him off of me.

 As I was getting up off the couch, I laughed at my slave and shook the chastity cage to cause him a little pain before I left, when all of a sudden the fucker was leaking precum all over my hand. I said "what the fuck? Is this your precum?" to which he answered yes sir.  I slapped him in the face, made him lick it off my fingers, and told him he better not let it happen again.  

Then I pushed him to his knees and bent him over the couch to admire my handy work.  I took pictures so all my fellow Masters could appreciate my work and all the Slaves on here could be jealous it wasn't done to them.

After I was done taking my pictures, I scoffed at him.  I called him a "Faggot Bitch" and left him on his knees and walked out the door.

***Feel free to leave me comments and suggestions for how I should abuse my bitchass slave next!  Cheers!

It really is pathetic the way fags reach out to me on CL to get abused. It's sad and pathetic that you pay for this treatment like the worthless fag you are. But it understands that their cash is actually mine and whatever punishment I give out is too good for it. Here's a request from a pathetic faggot begging for abuse and after my response.

["""hey man, submissive masculine mixed race dude here, 5'9" 135lb and 54y/o. I was bullied by bigger males from childhood through college, even when i was in the army. I crave extreme verbal abuse such as humiliation, intimidation , being cursed and physical domination such as slapping to face, head and chest. Been into gutpunching since getting punched during a fistfight. worse pain i'd ever felt at the time but as years passed i began to want it again.
I would like to get spit in my face and will also take some piss. Am willing to experiment with being choked and i would definately gag on your cock. No fucking since i am too tight.

I have a rental apt coming avail soon in oaklawn , we could meet there."""]

Really so fucking pathetic this loser Is. And this is my response to the dirty faggot.

["""I am available when ever the pathetic weak faggot is done with it's fag duties so he can take care a real man. You're worse than a fucking cunt you know that. The fact you need to pay tribute and be humiliated makes this even more degrading. So get ready you dirty faggot. I'm going to slap the shit out of you and gag you so fucking hard on this big black cock that you'll wish I was gut punching you instead. But that comes later faggot. Pay my tribute and meet me at the apartment for you punishment you fucking loser!!!"""]

Check out the actual screen shots pics of the conversation on my profile album called Pathetic faggot.
Black_Master_Daddy Sep 29 · Comments: 2 · Tags: abuse, pathetic, faggot , faggot
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