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A new section, 'The PlayRoom' is up and running. Expect new games and things to be added here over the next few weeks, if you have any ideas for new ones then let me know.
Masterofall Oct 12 '13 · Comments: 1 · Tags: site, playroom, games
So, a bit more about the awards and league system that I'm hoping to have launched by Monday.

There will be a new section where you can see all of the awards handed out to Masters and slaves. There awards will be for various things, mainly stuff like, the most number of referrals, time spent on site, number of credits brought, that kind of thing.

The league table will mainly focus on the slaves, showing the current number of credits they have, total brought that week and total brought in a lifetime.

If you've any other ideas then let me know.

Masterofall Jul 19 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: credits, site, awards, league

You came to Me remember...

You are seeking that special something that no other can give you and you are wanting My time and attention not the other way around.

Moany, whinging, selfish subs/slaves do not make adequate financial slaves. If this is you turn around and trot on!

As with any Domination it is about pleasing your Dominant before yourself.

Masterofall Jun 10 '13 · Comments: 1 · Tags: slaves

Me and my friend, bro and Master colleague ZeroAlpha have decided to corporate and do some tag teaming. This means that we are both open for application for tag teaming and for the novices that just need one Master. Curious subs can talk to me or ZeroAlpha if they have questions. But be aware we only answer seriously questions and time wasting is punished hard.

I will start telling about my friend ZeroAlpha, he describes himself as illusive and mystic. I have the pleasure to know him better. And it's true he is illusive and mysterious. He is not a cam monkey, that's for sure. So do you have the pleasure to see him you are highly rewarded and have impressed him with your tributes, services and obedience. He has a ironhand when he gives command and a vocabulary who not are in this world. He are very creative with his tasks he gives to slaves and his expecting that the task will be done. He have very few limits. If you want to take part in being blackmailed I highly recommend him, but I warn you, it's not for they who have weak hearts and make sure you afford it. I have seen him action and I'm not scared for much or feels pity for any, but for ZeroAlphas blackmail victim I can feel some pity for, even if they participate by their own will. 

Being tag teamed by us means that we will command you to do task for us two, you can be commanded do tribute booth of us or I command you to tribute him or he command you to tribute me. We can squeeze you in the tasks we give you. You can be humiliated by two ways with us. Both of us maybe look at you when you do task and comment your pathetic try to please us. Maybe a little tease and denial there we instruct you how you will jerk. A double keyholder means that you need both of us to be free from your chastitydevice.

Humbler May 16 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: humiliation, master, chastity, c******e, double

One of my favorite types of men, "An Eager Chore Boy"

Zageden Oct 23 '13 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: bdsm , bdsm, fetish, gay, kink, submission
Zageden Oct 29 '13 · Comments: 1 · Tags: fetish, bdsm, bdsm , gay, kink
So the new update went out today with only a few issues.

Here is a list of some of the more noticeable changes:

- Completely over-hauled the photos section.

- News feed items are displayed slightly differently, showing photos more predominately

- Changes to the profile menu

- Changes to how comments are displayed

- You can now report many more things for moderation, such as news feed posts, profiles, forum posts etc

- You can now set your own photos as your profile picture

- Various bug fixes

- Various style changes

A new messaging system has been postponed due to unforeseen issues and will be coming shortly.

Please let me know your thoughts on the changes, or post bugs here.


Masterofall Jan 11 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: upgrade, site
A new feature has been added.

You can now change your username from the 'Edit Profile' screen.

You can only change your username once within a 90 day period.

There are also other limits detailed on the page.

Masterofall Apr 28 '14 · Comments: 1 · Tags: features, site, change username
SLAVES- scared,worried,skeptical,unbelieving,not trusting,not obeying, and etc. why this is you may ask as a master for the last five years of the master and slave relationships have been falling apart due to all the fake masters and slaves out there fucking the scene up totally making it not what it should today you are lucky to find a real master or slave because of the fucking greed its became this way not even understanding what it takes to be a master or a slave is the issue i as a master have been doing real time and live in slave for these last five years as my part of trying to bring back the master and slave scene we all once had. If any other master or slave believes this is true add your comment and lets make this scene what it used to be. This site is perfect for that our of all the sites i have been on as a master i feel this one will keep the scene going i also think there should be a donation area for slaves and masters to make it even better also would love to see more masters and slaves in chat room. we all can make it what it once was if we all understand our slaves and masters.
mcdrainer Mar 20 '14 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1

I know in writing this, I come at it from a slightly different angle than some. All my experience is in the none Cyber world . 20 years as P/A personal servant to a single Master.

I have never had to stick a toilet brush up my bum . Or write "Fag Scum"on my body. And post it for humiliation and the amusement of others.

Is this all Cyber servitude is to be?  Menial tasks of humiliation and hand over the cash. Many Master and some slaves will say "piss off then Fag" this is a Cash slavery site. Which is true but a few Masters seem to want more, and think more outside the box.

I have been surprised and humbled by the attention I have received from a number of Masters. And those who have sort ownership . But some in just a few emails have professed love and care for me .

How can this be.You do not know me.

It takes time to build a relationship and trust, which is the basis of a long term connection . There can be fun, role play, tasks and gift giving. But I can do that for a friend.

I asked all the nine Masters who have asked me to serve them. Above just ownership "What do you want me for" Non have any real answer beyond platitudes of care. I could find a boyfriend for that.

If I am to deny myself a relationship or love or sex, to serve as some Masters require, there has to be more.

I have met a few Masters, who know who they are. Who have been incredibly kind and helpful. I think I am a square peg in a round whole, an perhaps this is not the place for me. But beyond my need to care and be of use to a Master. Someone out there must know " what a boy is for".

wetsocks Jan 12 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: servitude
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