UK Age Check Notice

Due to new UK law which will come into effect from April 2018 every website displaying and giving access to pornographic material MUST age check it's users; the same as gambling websites.

In order to do this Owned Fags has decided to use the services of which is one of the biggest age verification companies in the UK.

You do not have to do anything yet, when ready the Agecheck service will integrate into Owned Fags and provide a seamless way to verify your age. offers a very quick and simple way to verify your age without having to leave the site. Verification can be done within 2 minutes and is FREE for you to do. You can also create an account so that you can quickly log into other websites that integrate, meaning you only have to verify your age once for multiple sites.

Ways to verify your age will be via - Credit Card, UK Mobile Phone Contract, Driving Licence.

This is something that I will have to implement by law, and if you do not pass the age verification then access to the site will legally have to be withdrawn from you.

Let me be clear, this is not me adding this for the fun of it, it is becoming law in April and EVERY porn site accessible in the UK will have to age check it's UK customers.

We have been told that the UK is a 'pilot case' and after this has been rolled out in the UK other countries will follow suit. Eventually having to verify your age will be second nature when visiting these kinds of sites.

On the run up to April we will start giving members the option to run an age check; from April 1st it will be mandatory and access will be revoked until the check is completed and passed.

If you have any other questions then please e-mail or use the contact us form.

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