Quick tips for Masters - discussion + share

Disclaimer: I’ve only been doing Findom since September of last year. I am still new to this. Add your gold nuggets of wisdom to this list. Plenty of tips available for us all.

So here’s three Don’t’s and three Do’s…

1. Don't waste your time EVER on the ones who don't tribute and $erve - you'll never get a non-findom fag to become a findom fag.

2. Don't fall for the 'only serve in real time' - you're not an escort - so they fucking tribute when you say, or don't waste your time on them.

3. Don’t waste your time trying to poach owned fags. It’s unmanly and you’ll rarely get anywhere.

4. Do be prepared to acknowledge each and every tribute.

5. Do be willing to engage and communicate with fags.

6. Do take your time to get to know the slaves / fags - the good ones are looking for a real connection.

Slave catfish?
There is a slave on this site, and other Findom sites I use, that is pretending to be something its not -- a wealthy business cunt. I know it's not the only one that does this, but it's pathetic none-the-less. I googled it's Skype handle and found out a lot about this low-life fag, even bordering on scams it may have been involved with. Pretty sad stuff. So, be aware of who you are talking to at the end of the day...

Anyways, the point of this is, I have come across a handful of slaves, in My experience, that claimed to have multi-millions right off the bat, and probably didn't. This is a problem, here is why...

Master's typically do not care what slaves do for work, or how much money they make (at least I don't). All I care about is respect, HONESTY, and submission. It doesn't matter if a slave is a cashier and makes an 1/8 of what I make, or if the slave is a Doctor and makes much more. The point of serving is to do what slaves CAN do for their Master. Eventually the Master and slave develop a sense of trust and an understanding of each other, and then boundaries can be pushed.

Slaves: If you have a Master that isn't happy with a tribute of say, $25/week (or whatever amount under $100) and that's ALL you can afford to start, dump His ass. Seriously. This whole thing is supposed to be fun, and while Master's are allowed to make their own rules, I think that good Master's will be happy that you tribute (out of respect) what is manageable... unless it's pennies...don't do that. 

 Extreme greed is a red flag, in My opinion. If Master's are extremely greedy, they probably depend on this as part of their income... and while the fantasy is to not have to work at all, and live off fag cash, it's not a great thing if it's because they are barely surviving with their own expenses but just don't want to work... A good Master will have many slaves that tribute Him, and so $25.00 a week is additional fag cash in His pocket. I get that slaves that claim to be wealthy may get a little more attention from Master's once they start chatting, but these Master's will have MUCH higher expectations of them, and the lies will back-fire completely. What is that saying, "talk is cheap?" Don't claim to have millions, and then just send a $50-$75 tributes, once per week, after hours of cam sessions. It creates a huge lack of trust. In My case, I didn't NEED more money, but I expected it, otherwise, it's as if I received pennies (like I discussed above, as it is all relative). 

I am looking for HONEST slaves, over anything else, because this is such an invested relationship (on both sides of the coin). Don't pretend to be something else, you are a slave either way. 

Kink Glossary - Humiliation

Okay so its been a while since my last blog. My reasons are my own and don’t expect an apology for it. I’m gonna go for a popular past time and subject tonight. Humiliation

Everyone knows this subject either as a provider or victim of it. But those of you who are new to it here’s a rundown of the basics.

Verbal -This is the most versatile and basic of Humiliation. This is the insults, the belittling degradation, the screaming, the profanity etc. But for those in the know its also the way to remind people of their rightful place in the order of things. Alpha, Boss and Sir when reinforced into someone helps to remind them your superior to them. Likewise Slave, Boi, and Faggot can be used to remind them they’re less than you a good cunt and bitch thrown in for good measure doesn’t hurt but remember verbal humiliation can be/mean so much more when used right.

Clothing – Lets be fair the first one that usually comes to mind is usually sissyfication. Put them in women’s underwear/clothing and emasculate them. But don’t forget there’s more fun to have beyond that. Try putting them in a nappy and turning them into something weak and helpless. This humiliation doesn’t even have to include clothes. Strip them naked and bare and make them even more exposed to you and your abuse. Give them a uniform (domestic/prison) and reinforce that they serve/obey you when they have that uniform on. Remind them of it every time.

Animal – Here’s a fun one. Indoors or outdoors treating them like an animal is great. And it’s even easier if you have a pet. Lock them in a cage, make them eat pet food, have them tied up to a tree in the woods. Let them beg for your attention and let them know when they’ve done something wrong just like you would any other animal. Treat them like a pig and throw them in the mud, ride them like a horse and hit them with that whip when they’re too slow. If your into harsh discipline and humiliation give them a shock of electro to keep them in line with a nice shock collar.

Toilet/Object – The only one I’ve combined because whilst a toilet is an object its such a wonderful humiliation tool it had to have a special mention. Those that love the piss, shit (you know who you are) and the other dirty bodily functions so much to you a broken toilet is an opportunity to serve a guy in ways few will. Just make sure you get flushed in the toilet when your done and need to clean off. Of course you still have the other more standard object rolls of footstool, doormat and ashtray. Make sure your ready for a guys feet at all times.  If his boots need cleaning get that tongue out. If they need putting up then get yourself over their so he can rest them on you. And when he’s ready with his cig get yourself over to him. NOW!!!

Deprivation – Those with someone loyal and obedient will know this one and use it to great effect. The biggest and most humiliating thing you can deprive someone of his freedom, or more specifically freedom of choice. Chastity is common one in this area with the key holder in control until he either begs or pays for release (or maybe both). Don’t forget though this can tie in with other humiliation. Tell him what he can wear during the day, what he can eat and when to go to the toilet etc. Never limit yourself when you can limit someone else instead. 

Task - Clean up, kneel, go wait for me here etc. Tasks are the humiliation by obedience they underpin the majority of humiliations. They require authority to deliver and loyalty and obedience to submit to. But remember this they show respect when completed and disrespect when failed or poorly done.

Worship – Finally another obvious one, and quite a popular choice for those new to the site. Boots, feet and socks are the first choice for pics and worship. Simple, plain and the lowest point you can serve someone (it’s all about your status). If your lucky you can work your way up to his pits or maybe even arse or dick or dick if your lucky. Of course the main purpose of this site is financial worship so don’t forget it. It’s the only worship that matters. 

One last note, if you want to prolong the humiliation add photo and video footage to the above. Make sure that the memory and feeling is constantly reinforced and maybe you could move onto a bit of blackmail

My experience
I am not new to the scene, but re-aquainted to this site and Twitter. I have been involved in FinDom since 2014 when an online slave  found My fitness profile and messaged Me on social media begging to serve Me. As a straight Man I had no concept of this world and thought it was crazy and probably a scam. I started to look into the legitimacy of this and realized FinDom is huge, especially among Dommes and slaves. I was intrigued and slowly entered the scene. As a newbie I made many mistakes that we all make, such as camming with a "slave" right off the bat and allowing it to buy Me items off My wishlist only to find it cancelled the orders the next day. I gave out My Skype willingly and found that I didnt enjoy having so many random slaves messaging Me without actually building a relationship with them. It took away from My enjoyment and I actually started to feel like a service. I sold cock pics and immediately realized that I had started to cross into sex work instead of being Myself, a Master of slaves, who does not consider himself a porn star but a God deserving of worship. I have even been stalked by a "slave" that served Me in real-time and quickly realized that before engaging in real-time sessions, trust is extremely essential. 

After a year I left the online scene to focus on My career in law enforcement (as any ties to this would not have been favorable.)

I have returned to the online world, because I missed the power exchange. For me, it is not to get as much cash as fast as I can. This site is the best one I have used, because Masters here are more established and experienced so there's less begging for money going on here. Slaves also generally serve and know their place.

Now as a "new" face here, slaves may not like that I dont just post cock pics, or willingly give out My Skype account (slaves are lucky I post pictures for free, but I digress). The reason I don't do this is because while it is very easy to obtain even more of your fag cash this way, it completely takes away the mystery/the thrill of fantasy and the chase for slaves. It also makes Me feel cheap and I have learned from My own past experience, that for Me, being a Master does not mean providing services. If you want to see a thick cock, watch BBC porn.

I am here for the long-run and would rather steadily build on My empire than burn out fast. So for the slaves that have asked, no I will not jerk off on cam. Seeing My cock is an honour and worshipping Me is a privilege. 

Slave targets (My opinion)
While I love the "slave target" option on this site, I think other Master's may actually benefit from laying off it with the brand new slaves. Myself included, as I have indulged as well.

I have talked to a few new slaves, and it seems that some are hit with so many targets that they either feel like leaving the site for a while, OR have to reject targets, even though that's not in their nature (or something that they want to do). This is not in the best interest of anyone here.

I am not one to tell other Master's what to do, but I personally am going to start off by talking with slaves first, see if there is any purpose for Me to allow them to pursue My attention, and THEN start taking from them via targets and whatever else. 

If we ALL set up targets right off the bat, and take, take, take, it is not sustainable. Then all Master's start doing it and setting up those targets of $10-$50 in tips, and then guess what? The slave leaves the site. Yes, we are greedy by nature, but this approach will not do anyone good, because realistically speaking, slaves do not have infinite incomes. 

Just My 0.2 cents. 

Being an 'ethical' CashMaster

Perhaps it sounds like an oxymoron, but I always strive to be an ethical CashMaster. And I care about the fags that $erve me. But make no mistake, if you’re just a random free-loading fag I truly don’t give a shit about you, until the point that you show me that you are going to be useful to me.

A huge mistake I see some new Masters making is wanting to be a findom without really understanding or being a dominant first. The whole basis of financial domination is power exchange. If you’re broke, and really need the money, then you don’t stand a chance. That puts the power in the hands of the fag. And that is not what this is about.

Being a real CashMaster means taking control of your fag and getting inside it’s head.  It’s not just insults and demands for money. Some fags don’t even enjoy it or respond to it. It’s about dominance and manipulation. But at the same time you need to care about them, and understand, and respect what their limits are.

A Simple Observation
I have been here, exploring and chatting with a few fags and Masters for a little while now and it seems a lot of fags are afraid to truly open up and be honest about what they want. I have found that they talk about fantasies and desires without any clear goals for themselves and I have seen this when they set these goals too high (sometimes to please others) it fires back in their faces. It's nothing new, it's simple psychology. 

I can be an arsehole, I can be a cunt (especially if you want me to be) but I also respect honesty above all else. Some fags need encouragement and nurturing to truly achieve their potential with others it will always just be a fantasy. Either way is fine but as long as you are honest with the slave/master you are messaging then there will be no issues. We are all here to get something, one way or another but to achieve any goal you need the basic levels of trust. 

Saying that, if you approach me wanting to be treated like a cunt, I will treat you like one. If you just want to talk, then I will talk. We all have lives and we all have our own shit going on. I don't give a fuck about any tough guy image, we are here to achieve a fantasy or goal and I will help with that as best I can, however, do not feel you can just waste everyone's time by only messaging when you want to get a quick fix and fuck off. I do not respect that and I know a lot of other Masters who don't either. If it is too much, then tell the master/slave that it is and work it out from there. 

Most importantly, remember that abuse is sometimes just abuse, you can say no. I personally would rather have a slave achieving realistic goals than being pushed to breaking point and I know others on here that would agree with me. 

Stay safe, Stay sane

Wednesday - Hump Day and Fags

Wednesday.  It's customarily known as "hump day" because it's the middle day of a traditional five-day workweek.  It's halfway to the weekend, those two days of leisure for which many work hard for five days.  The end is in sight, more of the week is behind than in front, and the fun of Saturday and Sunday will be here before we know it.

For proper fags, Wednesday "hump day" can be as good of a day for service as any other day.  Sometimes I'll start my hump day by climbing out of bed and falling to the floor onto my hands and knees.  Down on all fours, i can do some morning stretches and press my ass higher than the rest of my body to remind myself that i am there to be humped when a Master wants to hump me.  I might place my wallet on the small of my back to work on my arch.  There for the taking, it is a reinforcement that a fag's ass, wallet, and mind are all there to be humped.  For fags owned by Masters who want to shape the fags' bodies, hump day can also be a day to focus on the humpy body parts and develop the muscles or curves that they seek. 

For fags paid on Fridays, hump day is not just halfway to the weekend.  It's also halfway to Fagtax Friday and the need to be rin$ed of selfishness.  Been then again, for a fag, almost any day is a good day for service.

My Tuesday morning :)
What a nice surprise yet again. I didn't even have to command My slaves to tribute this week. This is true submission at its finest! Come grovel to join in My pig stable, and serve Me by treating Me with gifts, fag cash and worship. I am at 6 very loyal piggies and will take on more and more until I don't even have to lift a finger.
More Amazon gifts XD
I forgot to post a few packages since My last post, but overall I am happy to state that I have taken $2,050 of your fag ca$h. It has only been My first month back on the scene so this makes Me very excited. Keep it up, peasants! Make My cock rock hard. 
Master of the day
Slave of the day