slavefaggotLondon (1. accepting its inferiority through food)

this faggot has the honour and privilege of humbly suffering for the pleasure and entertainment of its perfect, natural Superior KINGZay

in short, this faggot wants to give as much of its money as it can possibly spare to SIR.. This is not a game or a fantasy, this is real life. This cannot be entered into half-heartedly and the faggot should be grateful to be given this opportunity to think of ways to make its cash go further so it can eventually tribute more and more and more each time.

As such, how does a pathetic, inferior, weak-minded faggot maximise its cash for SIR? Well, outgoings need to be severely trimmed. Where to start? Some things like the cost of travel to work (car/bus/train) are tough to reduce. Much the same with rent and utility bills (unless the inferior intends to move to a cheaper area - drastic but possible).

Realistically there are two areas of spending which can be curbed to squeeze the extra pennies and pounds - each day, each week, each month - for SIR. The first is easy: clothing. The answer is,to only buy new clothes to replace unusable items (and only then with SIR's permission). 

The second is more useful as it is a daily consideration - FOOD. A faggot is not a Real Man as (most of us) would all accept. So a faggot can forego, at least for part of its diet, food that Real Men eat and enjoy as a matter of right. 

To this end, this faggot has pledged from today to deepen its service to KINGZay, its perfect, Superior SIR, by agreeing to drastically modify the type and amount of food it consumes. this will cause occasional tiredness, many hunger pains, feelings of patheticness and doubtless a slow, imperceptable weakening of the faggot - both mentally and physically. But that is the whole point - a faggot does not exist to grow, prosper and succeed - it is there  merely to maintain the very bare minimum to ensure others can profit and prosper from it. That is the basis of this faggot's daily sacrifice for KINGZay.

Breakfast - GONE. Not needed. A weak cup of tea may be allowed if the faggot has permission.

Lunch - A modest meal - rice, maybe with cheap cuts of cooked meat mixed in or with carrots/mushrooms - tasteless but with at least some calories and minerals to keep the faggot ticking over.

Dinner/Tea - Dry dog food from a dog bowl. This daily act of self-submission, self-punishment, self-abasement reminds the faggot that it is an inferior, it is a degradable object, it is an animal in comparison to its Betters and Superiors. It should be proud of gnawing on small biscuits of dried chicken and dried vegetables. 

No taste, no pleasure, no enjoyment except knowing it has reduced itself to a dog. Every day. Updates to follow.

Common Courtesy

How rude can someone be?

Someone looks at a profile,  So I send a opening message.   Instead of showing a little common courtesy by sending a replay saying something like " Thank you for your interest.................but sorry Sir I don't feel able/wish to server you.", They delete the message.

If you label your self as a fag then you should have more! than Common Courtesy you should have RESPECT! 

I understand that you only have a pic to go by, before you click on a profile and once you read a profile you may think "O my _____ I don't want anything to do with him" That is still no resion to be as rude as to not even answer a message.   I would go one stage more and that is to say even after reading a profile one can not make a desion on someone until you chat with them.


New to OF Straight Master Intro Post

Hey I'm new to OwningFags but not to Owning Fags.  22.  Straight.  USA.  Shawn Haze.

Like My little blurb above says I'm new here, but not to domination.  I don't know what it is about Me aside from the fact I'm hot as fuck, but for some reason even "straight guys" find themselves completely dumbstruck by My presence.  While most of My experience has been real time, as I dip My toes in the water of the porn industry I'm becoming more and more curious about what kind of freaks lurk on the internet waiting to pay Me.  All the emails I get are pathetic, but mostly hilarious.  Had a guy write Me randomly on Facebook begging to pay Me to smell My shoes.  I didn't think it was legit until he paid the deposit I jokingly demanded, and have been researching this whole financial domination thing since then.  I harbor no hatred towards fags, I just genuinely get a kick out of gay dudes being so obsessed with Me they pay Me for permission to try to jerk it.

Outside of that finsub on social media, most of My experiences have been real time.  My girl and I had this fat house slave for a bit, and it was always funny as fuck to listen to him scrub the bathroom until it was literally squeaky clean.  He was My age as well which only made it more pathetic and enjoyable.  She would have him get all dressed up and sissified, then he'd beg to suck My dick. When he was denied, obviously, he licked My shoes clean.  I think the real fun was as soon as he left and We would just burst into tears laughing so hard.  Of course, I can't forget the cuck.  His loser ass met Me at an adult convention once and he couldn't even look Me in the eyes.  He wound up paying big for the privilege of listening to Me fuck through a closed door locked in chastity.

The biggest thing about this for Me is the power rush.  Knowing some no name loser is so obsessed, refreshing his messages, begging through his finances for My attention knowing he can't have Me gets Me off the most.  Obviously this site is for fags, but My girl and I love dominating losers two on one.  It adds an extra element of kink to our dynamic to watch each other be so cruel and controlling over a submissive weakling, and our games to push it to the next level only give us better and better sex.

Outside of S&M, My nickname is 'stunt penis' due to the fact My little porn star uses My dick for miscellaneous porn We profit from.  I don't need to financially dominate losers, its just fun for Me.  I'm planning on relocating to the west coast, and while My primary interest is obviously $$$ I would like to find the right person to establish a long term relationship with the goal of being a live in slave for clips, house keeping, butler service, and general non sexual use by Me and everyone in My life.  When I'm not being surprised at what desperate betas spend money on, I'm in the gym, banging, smoking, chilling, lounging, traveling, living the best life.  

I'll be updating with photos and videos soon but until then, shoot Me a message if you're intrigued.

Teaching fags

A is for Ass. A faggot must always be prepared to sniff, eat and lick a Man’s ass — whether it’s clean or dirty, smooth or hairy, dry or sweaty. As a faggot, it’s your duty to be a human asswipe wherever and whenever your services are needed.
B is for Balls. A faggot never neglects a Man’s balls. Fresh from a shower or ripe and sweaty after days without a shower, His sack is your snack.
C is for Cum. Cum is the staple of the faggot diet. Your primary source for sustenance, therefore, should always be seed. It is your lifeblood. Down your throat or in your ass, you need a constant supply of cock snot and must be willing to do whatever it takes to get fed.
D is for Dick. A faggot exists to service and worship dick. Never forget it. His dick is your deity.
E is for Enema. Unless otherwise instructed by his Master, a faggot always must keep his hole in pristine condition: clean, shaved and ready to be used at a moment’s notice.
F is for Feet. Figuratively and literally, faggots live at the feet of real Men. At your Master’s feet, therefore, is where you belong. Furthermore, it’s your duty as a faggot to worship Men’s feet. Stinky, sweaty, dirty, bare, socked — it doesn’t matter. When you’re so commanded, you are to lick, sniff and suck your Master’s feet.
G is for Gangbang. Faggots are ideal for sharing. Even if you belong to just one Master, therefore, you must be mentally and physically prepared to be passed around among Men, who will bond over the experience of sharing your holes.
H is for Hole. Every faggot has two holes, both of which were designed to be used and abused by Men. It is not up to the faggot which hole is used; a Man may choose to occupy — and, if He so desires, ruin — whatever hole He pleases.
I is for Inspection. Faggots are subject to frequent and thorough inspections by Men, who have the right to ensure their faggot meets their standards both physically and mentally. You must be prepared to have every inch of your body examined and prodded during an inspection, and — at the discretion of the Man who is inspecting you — to either thank Him if you receive a passing grade, or to commit yourself to making whatever improvements He deems necessary if you receive a failing grade.
J is for Jerking Off. When they are being used, faggots are not permitted to pleasure themselves, unless given permission to do so by the Man they’re servicing. This includes jerking their fag-dick and cumming; a faggot is not allowed to do either without prior permission.
K is for Kneeling. A faggot’s default position is on his knees. Unless ordered otherwise, a faggot should never stand or sit in the presence of a Man; he should always kneel.
L is for Licking. A faggot must get used to licking, because he will do a lot of it. He will lick his Master’s cock and balls, for instance. He will lick his Master’s ripe shit hole. He will lick his Master’s feet. He will lick up spilled spit, piss and cum from the floor. He may even be required to lick the shit and piss stains from toilets.
M is for Masochism. Faggots are masochistic by nature. They enjoy being used, degraded and abused. It is their place in life. If you’re going to be a practicing faggot, you must get used to the idea that you are less than a Man — perhaps even less than human — and will be treated as such.
N is for Nipples. A faggot must recognize that His Master’s nipples are centers of pleasure, and deserve to be licked and sucked for his Master’s enjoyment. Likewise, he must recognize that his own nipples are centers of pain, and will be used for training or during punishment if so desired by his Master.
O is for Obedience. As a faggot, it’s your duty to obey Men. When they tell you to do something — no matter how humiliating, scary, gross, etc. — you do it. End of story. In the event that you do not obey, you should be ready and willing to receive appropriate punishment for your disobedience, which might range from spanking to solitary confinement to chastity, or anything in between.
P is for Poppers. Many Men love using poppered-up pigs. If your Master is one of them, you must open your nose and inhale from his little brown bottle whenever he presents it. It is your duty to please him, so if he tells you to sniff, you had better sniff long, hard and deep.
Q is for Quiet. A good faggot expresses appreciation to the Men he services with verbal thanks and moans of pleasure. However, there comes a time when every Man demands that a faggot simply shut up and take it. During these times, it’s your duty as a faggot to remain quiet — and to be gagged if you fail to do so.
R is for Restraints. Faggots often must be bound and restrained in order to be of maximum use to the Men they service. As a faggot, therefore, you must not object when your Master breaks out the rope, handcuffs and chains. If He needs you to be immobilized so that He may make optimal use of your fag holes, you must submit. He knows what’s best.
S is for Service. Faggots must have a servant’s heart. Service and enslavement are in your faggot nature; embrace them.
T is for Toilet. “Faggot” is a synonym for “toilet.” As a faggot, therefore, your holes must be available for Men to use as they would any other toilet. That is, as a receptacle for spit, piss, cum, snot, farts and perhaps even shit. Not every Man will choose to use His faggot this way, but if you’re to be a true faggot you must resign yourself to your role as a waste receptacle. If a Man’s body produces it, it is His right to dispose of it in you.
U is for Underwear. Unless otherwise instructed, faggots are not allowed to wear underwear — or any clothes, for that matter — in the presence of Men, as their holes must be as available and as accessible as possible. The only exception is a jockstrap; because it does not block access to a faggot’s cunt, a jockstrap is an acceptable fag uniform.
V is for Vibrator. As a faggot, your hole should be constantly occupied. When it is not filled with cock, then, it should be occupied by a vibrator or another anal toy — a dildo, perhaps, anal beads or a butt plug.
W is for Whore. Faggots are whores. Remember this. If you find yourself feeling ashamed or embarrassed or regretful of your fag activities, remind yourself that you are a whore. The knowledge that you are fulfilling your God-given purpose in life should be comforting, such that you can continue your mission of sexual servitude.
X is for X-ray. Remember that Men have the equivalent of X-ray vision when it comes to spotting pigs and whores. If you’re a faggot, they will see it and they will know it. There is no use pretending to be a real Man, therefore. You might as well give in and accept your true identity as a faggot, because everyone around you already sees it and knows it — even if you yourself are trying to deny it.
Y is for Yes. As in, “Yes, Sir,” which is the only phrase a faggot should know how to say.
Z is for Zoo. It’s no accident that many faggots identify as “pigs,” “otters,” “cubs” and “pups.” If they weren’t so useful to Men out in the real world, faggots would likely be kept in a zoo alongside the real pigs and pups. If you ever feel the urge to talk back to a Man, therefore, or to demand equal treatment from one, stop and remember that you’re really just another animal; the Man is doing what’s good and right by trying to domesticate you so you may live alongside him in society instead of in a zoo.

Slaves should remember their place

Being able to contribute to my life in any capacity is a privilege that can be revoked at any time, don't you ever forget that. So slaves need to remember that it is a privilege to serve a master. I have encountered some slaves in my time who have suddenly stepped outside their position in life which they must remember is the bottom of the food chain.

ATMs and the Men who use them

I've been in the scene for a bit, but I ran across a particularly sub $lave that piqued my interest enough to join up and write about him. He tells me he wants a contract, never done it before, and I'm the man that excites him to do it. While not surprised--I've been pulling money out of fag wallets for a hot minute-- I did find his eagerness exciting. Thus started my newest $lave's debt to me, hiring me as his personal accountant for a modest fee of $10,000 over the next few years.

I will keep you all posted on the happenings with this new boy, and here's to his first late payment when those evil fees and penalty interest rates hit... 


I am Italian, born in Milano and living in TORINO. My english is absolutely full of mistakes but not my life. I'am a LEATHER Master since i was entered into the bdsm world at about 20 years ago. I am not looking for bottoms but i am looking for slaves. Slaves never have sex with me but for sure they are, will be, dominated and in trainig following their attitudes, desires and my judgment. I am not angry with the universe so I smile, lough, dialogue with my slaves but always with respect for my role. I am a teacher, abig father too. Master = maestro =teacher; Padrone=big father.

Dogtraining, bondage,poppered, making smoke, human ashtray, bootlicker, dirty, verbal, humiliations (public and private) financial domination, teamwiever, cashmaster, and more.

Looking for slaves to train and trained. For sure chat, webcamchat, webcamsession.

Contact me for more details if really interested

Introducing Fatsmalldickfag

I figured that now that I've finally signed up for the site, I should introduce myself. The short version is simple. My name says it all. I am a fat small dick fag.

I have enjoyed humiliation and exposure for as long as I can remember. From streaking around the house and shoving things up my fag cunt when I was young, I graduated to running around campus naked, body writing and shaving, and chastity devices in college (though I've discovered chastity doesn't work for a thingy as tiny as mine). A few years ago, I started taking naked pictures of myself and posting them online. At first, I only put them in password protected sites, but eventually they started spreading, and I finally started posting them publicly.

These days, most of my exposure comes from following orders from masters online. Most orders I get require partial or complete nudity. Some involve degrading poses. I also complete humiliating tasks like eating off the floor, licking shoes or toilet seats, wetting myself, eating cum, drinking piss, public nudity, or filling my holes with toys. It's not exposure if you're not exposed, so I always include my face whenever the pose allows.

I do have a few limits. I'm not into shit, *****, or doing anything that will permanently mark me (though weight gain and the resulting stretch marks don't count). I won't get naked in places that could easily get me arrested, though I'm always willing to try and find a safe alternative. I'm not a true cash fag, but I'm not above occasional small tributes. I also won't share very much personal information, but like I said, I'll almost always include my face.

If you want to humiliate, degrade, and expose me, feel free to message, email (, or hit me up on Twitter (@gainerboy85). And if you find any photos of me online, you're obviously welcome to share them. If you really want me to squirm, let me know where I can see my exposure growing.

Introduction for Master Parker

parker. new to the site. 23. usa.

hey, fags. i got into the scene awhile ago mostly on twitter and kik until i discovered ownedfags and realized it was much more my speed. i'm looking for new fags to add to my stable.

experienced with online domination but not quite in-person domination yet - haven't met any slaves in real life. i like to learn more about my slaves and understand their fetish to help me be a better master to them. not all fags are the same and i'm not going to treat each one the same.

i've learned from twitter (findom_parker) and kik (gay_findom) that slaves are very individual. i'm not a dictator. i listen to and appreciate my slaves, but in the end i'm in charge and they will remember it.

for the most part, i'll humor all interests and fetishes from a tributing slave. will do requested pics and videos for high-tipping slaves and even skype calls and teamviewer sessions if that's what you like. basically, if you're interested, tip me and message to let me know what makes you squirm and what you want to do. i want to be a gracious master and grant those things to you (sometimes) but you're always going to be in your place.

about me

23 and new to los angeles. i spend all my free time on the internet or by a pool or at the beach. i like to go clubbing, shopping, and to sex clubs every now and then. if you hit me with a good pop culture reference or meme, i'll probably follow.

Hard sports with a faggot, my first time!!

Today I had a booking from a very nice subby guy. He was however, a toilet slave. This was new territory for me.

Once he payed for his hour, we began straight away.

I enjoyed having him lick my boots, and crawl around like a dog.

he loved rimming, being face fucked and gobbed on... I love doing them too.

after toying and teasing him for half an hour or so, I came in his mouth, we moved to the bath room for some water sports, and then the grand brown finalie!!!

This bit I had never done before, but I have a very creative sexual imagination.

He LOVED it. he couldn't believe it was my 1st time doing hard sports.

This is not my cup of tea, but he loved it. cum'ster satisfaction at its best!

He said he would do me a field report and provide feedback, I'm looking forward to reading it

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