Slave of 2 Masters

They say that it's difficult to be the slave of two Masters. However, clichés should never be a reason not to pursue what might be an amazing opportunity to serve two great men. So, this faggot and slave is extremely pleased to announce that he has become the grateful property of Master Stabxme and Master Groundxvxzero.


My Masters have generously permitted me to serve them, pay homage to them, entertain and dedicate myself entirely to them. In return for this loyal and unquestioning service I hope that they will use some of their precious time to mould me, train me and guide me to becoming a better slave. I wish only to make myself useful to them, and by doing so explore to the fullest my natural urge to acknowledge the superiority of Alpha males.


There are many slaves and fags who choose not to limit their need to serve to just one Master, they prefer the opportunity to grovel at the feet of more than one superior. Each slave, servant and fag has different hopes and ambitions. Now I must work much harder, obey without hesitation and deliver excellent service with energy and pride. I am extremely fortunate that two Masters, each naturally dominant, creative and inspiring, have given me their consent to begin my service to them. I know that their wisdom and experience will improve my mind and my skills.


Being the slave of two Masters isn’t a cliché, it’s a rare and honourable opportunity.

22 and unstoppable.
Congratulations, You have found your new muscle god. You will no longer put up with mediocrity, you will serve someone who has it all; handome, a body to die for, an alpha mindset that will make you submit on command, i have it all. You will serve me just to see me grow in many ways. My body will grow, my finances will climb, and my greatness will expand. Do you want to support a young alpha that has ENDLESS potential? Do you want to be part of something more than just someone’s wallet, and be a apart of their GROWTH? Look no further. Come to me. Submit to me. Worship me. Enjoy me. Give me what I deserve.
A letter to a fag
Bitch ! Get on your fuckin knees, you are mine ! You afraid when you see me but you like it, The mental abuse is on the edge to get you lose your mind. Fag ,sometimes you consider  to give up because you are so scared about this control , but it's too late, you are mentally chained and you can do nothing, .... you are nothing without me and you like it. So now the only way to feel alive is to complete my tasks and make me happy. You know I am sophisticated and always in need for more. It's time for you to clean my toilet with your tongue and don't forget about my shoes, I am getting out with some girls tonight,spending your fucking money. Pets are not allowed in restaurants, you have to stay home or outside the restaurant chained.


23 years old , New master VladTheImpaler.

Im the newest master on here, little sissy !!!!!! Make it worth faggot and help me to learn using this site !

I'm enjoying life so much, I drink, smoke , I like to dominate faggs, I like to have control on other's life, I travel, I also need slaves to make my life easier, you know this is the faith of many of you. My faith is to relax ,enjoy, be wild, dominate male bitches, and fuck women. Sometimes I can make your life so hard, but you will like it, because you are nothing without an handsome beautiful master.

me and my partner are looking for other dirty sleazy slaves to do as they are told, take what we give you obey all orders at all times, naked in a jockstrap all the while getting pissed. He must also take me and husbands seed daily. On other days he must be on all fours and while i let each paying passenger he must let the load flood his entire guts and leave lying like one used cum pig kinky sleazy sub power seed bb tramp. You must do as you are told and if this rule is not obeyed to well you dont want to know what that entails, financially, you must also let every take a tube filled with cum and piss that has been building up in the sling room let us alll syringe that mixed dirty pox toxic tonic straight inside ur used cunt
James89 is the best
Since becoming Master James' owned fag, it life has changed even in such a short space of time.

He has given this fag a purpose, a reason to focus and get up in the morning - He gives structure and discipline, He is understanding but He also is very clear about what He expects and what this fag needs to do to please Him.

For all those fellow lowlife fags aimlessly drifting through life, make the right choice and choose to respectfully approach Master James. 

In short, Master James is amazing. He is naturally Dominant, confident, has a perfect body, a sharp mind, a lifestyle that deserves to be bettered by those He controls. He is a true Alpha. This fag is privileged to be allowed to serve Him. 


Pulling - How a bitch should behave


I am on my knees on the hard and cold kitchen floor.

I feel his strong hand pushing my back.

No choice but bending over.

Resting my face on my hands.

My bare bum fully exposed.

I know he is looking; I know what he likes.

I wait patiently

His left hand is pushing my back further down.

My knees hurt but I can't back down now,

I need to feel what is coming.

His right hand grabs my hair, pulling my head back.

As he pulls, I feel shivers going down my spine.

For a moment I think of what we are doing,

Being here like animals feels both unnatural and natural.

I feel his hard on against my bum.

I want him inside but I do not move.

I hear him moan, his body could not remain silent.

I shut my eyes and focus on myself.

My nipples harden, they know what is coming.

In an act of defiance, I utter the words he was waiting for: 

"Take all of me, show me what I am to you".

And so he did.

Learning The True Meaning of Dominating
I didn't truly understand what it meant to be a master until my very early 20s. Sure I'd been rough with some of my previous boyfriends- I'd always been top and the bottoms always like it when you pound their pussy a little bit harder then they were expecting, but I never knew the true power I had over men until I started using faggots. It started with an older man I used to fuck on my way home from college, it started off normal- he one day expressed a desire to worship my feet. 'Hell, if it'll make him happy' I thought. It was the last time I ever thought about making a fag happy. Seeing that pig worshipping my dirty feet, sniffing and licking the grime from between my toes caused something to click within me. I was an alpha male, pigs like the one in front of me were put here to service my needs. So I started to take control of his life. Our sessions became steadily less and less about him. I made him sign a slave contract and cum on it to seal it. From then on the fridge was always stocked full of my favourite beer, the cigarettes I smoked were always available (and his mouth served as my ashtray). I got bolder, I began researching findom- realizing that this was the ultimate forfeit of power for faggots. I started bringing him to ATM's to drain him. As much as he'd whine and complain I could always see his cock leaking as he did it. 

I was finally where I always deserved to be, a true alpha master reaping the benefits of pig slaves.

How i started as a cashfag...

A faggot's introduction to FinDom

Remember the days when Yahoo Messenger was one of the most popular ways to connect with men online?

It was around 1999. I don't remember exactly. I worked in an office job with a reasonable but not wonderful salary. It was very easy-going, and the company was small and had little idea of what it's employees got up to. I would go online on the computer while working, and log into Yahoo Messenger - browse the gay dom/sub Yahoo groups and other gay sites.  It was a gay company and I was in charge of their online shops that sold sex toys and porn DVDs. So, there would be no serious issues, even if I'd been caught. Everyone there was probably doing the same thing.

I became very proficient at keeping it all hidden, making sure I positioned myself at the desk where nobody else in the office could see my monitor. Then I'd go home in the evening to my partner.

It was through Messenger where I was contacted by a 55 year old leather Top man called Jon, from Maine. He was very friendly, and we ended up having some horny chats as well as talks about each other's lives. This became a daily routine. He was well into his leather gear, and we would even do a bit of cam on Messenger while I was working, so he could show me his latest aquisitions. 

Jon (or 'SIR', as I called him) liked to tell me about his leathers and how hot they made him look. They did. He liked the best in everything. Top quality leather, as well as expensive labels in his clothes. He worked in Real Estate, so wasn't short of money, to say the least. We were quite a contrast, with me rarely ever buying new things for myself, and getting by fine on my modest income. I was content with that.

I was keen to always be submissive towards him, as is my nature. He encouraged that. We had discussions about domination and submission, and the problems of doing it over the internet. I told him of my frustration of having a partner at home, and not being able to submit to a Master in any real way.

During one of these discussions, he asked if I had an online bank account - the one that people used with Ebay. I didn't, so he told me to get one, and it would be active within 24 hours. He didn't tell me why, but that he had something horny in mind for me. I did as he ordered, of course.

The following morning, the account was set up and live, and it was the first thing he asked me about when he logged in. I still had no idea what he had planned. He mentioned how I wanted to experience a real form of submission to him, and this was going to be the means of achieving it. He wanted me to wait for a few hours until the late afternoon when I could really focus on him and my submission to him when the others in the office had gone. He told me that I was going to send $25 to him, which would be a very real form of submission. Handing over to him some of what I had worked for and earned.  The way he worded it made it very horny to me, and it was a way of submission online I hadn't thought of.

 The time arrived, alone in the office at the end of the working day, and he gave me his email address to do the deed. He told me to transfer the money and then tell him how I felt. I did as he ordered, clicking on that button to transfer the $25 to him.  It was a unique feeling I'd not felt before. but I needed to experience the feeling of sending cash as a submission, as it was a real way of showing it.

I told him how it felt... it felt very strange, an experience not felt before... sort of humiliated but also horny by the fact it was a real submission, and not just doing something pervy on cam. It was handing over a part of what i'd earned in the day. A proper sacrifice.

I wasn't really sure what to make of it, but He said to let it sink in...

it was about a week later that He said I should try it again to see how it felt, if different at all.

The 2nd time was more intense and horny, really feeling the deep level of submission of it and the reality of the submission.

After that, he had me send $25 once a month on a fixed date. We would chat a lot, and He told me about others who $ubmitted to Him and bought Him clothes and leathers.

it was a gradual process, but I started to look forward to the $ubmission date... then after a few months, the need suddenly escalated, and I was asking to $end more frequently.

It developed there on, with him getting me to $10 at a time with increased frequency. The intensity of the feeling became more and more addictive. I started to buy Him things online that He wanted, such as a leather jacket and leather trousers, and they were sent directly to His address.

I was with Him for about a year until I broke loose, needing much more, and became a cash $lut for all sorts who would demand cash from me. But that's another story.

How to enjoy $erving

As a follow on to my blog post about ‘How to start $erving’ I thought I’d post a blog on how to enjoy $erving.

(1) First off only $ubmit if you feel a deep desire to do so. For some, tributing is an immensely sexualised experience. The rush of submission and handing over your hard-earned cash is something which you live for. Some fags enjoy it in a non-sexual way, but enjoy it none the less. If you don’t enjoy it - then don’t do it.

(2) Tribute what you can afford. It should come from your disposable income. Nothing else. Enjoy it sensibly.

(3) Tribute often. 

(4) Tribute a few masters until you build up a connection with a master that’s right for you. Don’t expect to make the right choices straight-away.

(5) Once you’ve found the right master, stay focused. Shouldn’t be a difficult rule to follow because once you’ve found the right Master you’ll probably have trouble not thinking about him. But remember, whatever you do, wherever you are, your Master should be in your thoughts. It’s a great way to reinforce your submissiveness and make him the centre of your world. 

(6) $trive to be better. Even if you think you’re doing your best, you’re not. Work at it. Harder and harder each day.

As always, let me know if you find this helpful. Keep $erving.

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