I Prefer Real-time Meets
because in a real time meet I am able to see where a fags fears are so much more easily. I can work the fag through those fears, turn him out, push him to his limits and beyond them (or where he thought they were). In a real time meet, there is no option to turn off the computer if things get too real, communication is absolutely necessary.

A real time meet allows me to more wholly examine and work with a boi to help him to realize his truest, most actualized, and happiest self.

don't get me wrong, I love to use a faggot on-line. There is so much work that can be done to shape and mold the faggot into himself, his whole self. but each and every one of you faggots should crave and work toward real time meets, because there is no purpose delaying your happiness which will be found in true, complete servitude. 

So get to work, faggot. I demand your obedience, you NEED my guidance. 

New God in Town
No worries, faggots, because your favorite Alpha is expanding his social media. You may have seen me on twitter or tumblr, and now you have the chance to worship me here. So why don't you celebrate by giving me what's mine lol

Here you'll find the posts that make your pathetic little shrimp dick hard as a nail. You'll see my Godly feet, my amazing body, and, sometimes, me wasting some of my fag water. If you're lucky maybe you'll even see my Godcock. Think you have what it takes to serve me, pussyboi? Let's find out

Conclusion to my food budgeting.

For those who have taken interest in my food budgeting to save my Owner's cash, this is how it has concluded.

It was my own initiative to budget on food, in order to save money. Being poor, and not a particularly productive cashfag, i've looked for ways to free up cash from everyday living, so i could hand over a more favourable amount to Him. I began by working out the meals for each week, making sure I had enough fresh food to sustain a healthy life, while cutting out all snacks, meals out, visits to cafes, etc. This enabled me to save quite a bit, with a weekly food budget coming down well under £10 most weeks. 

I've I'd been overweight or well built, this would have a very positive and healthy initiative. However, i've always been skinny, no matter how much I eat.

After a couple of months on this diet, I've felt good and healthy. Although I've been aware of some loss of weight. At 6'4" tall and 12 stone in weight, I've not got much leverage to afford to lose weight.

The crunch came this week when people who have visited me at work and hugged me have ALL said I've lost a lot of weight. On Wednesday I was aching in my neck and joints, and kept waking up in the night with stabbing pains in my shoulders. On Thursday morning I took some pics of myself, and it was clear I'd lost weight, even from the skinny runt i already am.

I realised that what little chest muscle I had was almost gone, and my arm muscles had reduced a lot, with my boney shoulders sticking out as if I'd been on a starvation diet.

My Owner has removed any choice to budget on food and has instructed me to buy high protein weight-gain supplements and eat as much as I need to put on weight. When I said i'd cost it, He said "fuck that!" and not bothered about the cost.

I guess the reason for posting this is because, if you take your role as an owned cashfag seriously, makes sure that it doesn't interfere with your health. A fat cunt could benefit a lot from this sort of budget regime, but each fag is unique. This was my own error, and my Owner has put things back on track.

I haven't posted any of the pics I took, as even I find them a bit shocking.  I've not felt the slightest bit horny over the past 3 days because of this and the aches.

To sum up: Enjoy $ervice to the full, but be sensible... to an extent. :-) 

A short intro Story
It's late, you are sat by your computer scrolling through the endless barrage of shit you normally deal with. Your wallet is heavy, your mind full of useless junk. It is then you get that need, that craving you cannot deny, the need to serve others. Your mind is racing now, going through scenario after scenario with all the different levels of control. You start to stroke your useless cock, maybe someone who will take all the precious cash away? Maybe someone that will humiliate the fuck out of you? You recede into your pathetic thoughts of how utterly useless you are, how you need to serve someone greater than you. 

Then you stumble onto this site, you look through and see the profiles of true Masters and Alphas that need to be served. It all makes sense to you now, you are in the right place, you are home. It is time to empty those thoughts, empty that wallet. You start to discover that your life's purpose is to ensure true Masters and Alphas get the respect they deserve. 

So tip well and enjoy yourself, fag. You are home sweet fucking home.

You like what you read fags? Message me for more.

Targets Uncompleted Until the Deadline

$lutty's Top 5 Reasons Why It's So Difficult to Leave a Target Uncompleted Until the Deadline

1. Can't help elevate the Master into the Daily Top 3 where He belongs

2. Not $erving can feel like chastity; it makes the fag horny and so the fag longs for it even more

3. Can't celebrate an important achievement by giving a gift to the Master

4. It hurts to see a positive number in the tip account when it should be drained to zero

5. Waiting too near to the deadline to pay the target will risk a trip to the dungeon

Download personal Data

You can now download a copy of your personal user data that Owned Fags holds on you.

To download this information then go to your dashboard (https://www.ownedfags.com/dashboard) and click 'Download personal data'.

This report will show you what information we have and how to modify or remove it (if possible).

More information will be added to this report over the coming weeks, however if there is anything missing from this report that you would like a copy of then you can use the Contact Us form (https://www.ownedfags.com/contact) and if possible we will provide the information requested within 2 weeks.

Many thanks.

New Privacy Policy

In order to stay compliant with new data protection laws (GDPR) coming into effect on the 25th of May this year we have updated and reviewed our privacy policy.

The policy has been re-written to be as clear as possible on what data we collect, how it is processed and who has access to it.

The new policy is live now and can be viewed at any time by clicking the link to it in the footer of the site or by viewing this address: https://www.ownedfags.com/privacy-policy

In addition to this privacy policy GDPR also requires anyone storing your information to give you an easy way to download and view what information we have stored about you. This would include all your profile information, images, blogs, videos, comments, IP address, payment transactions etc.

I will be developing tools to allow you to download all your information; much the same way Facebook currently does, but this is still in development. I am hoping to have it ready for the 25th, but it may be slightly delayed.

As always I am doing my best to keep up with all laws applicable to me, but please understand I do all this on my own and it can take a while for small businesses like me to implement everything required.

In addition to reading the new privacy policy I would also ask you to review your notification settings by visiting this page: https://www.ownedfags.com/preferences/notifications

GDPR requires that we only contact you about things you have opted in for, so making sure your notification preferences are correct is vital.

Thank you for your time reading this.


7 deadly sins of findom (Master's perspective)
Like many Masters higher up the Pantheon, new masters often message me for advice. I'm usually happy to give some pointers unless I'm really busy. Makes me laugh really. I've not even been doing Findom for a year. To be truthful, after trying a few 'strategies' when I first joined, I've given up on that, and just try to approach it in the way that feels right to me. I'm still new to this, And I am not scared to admit when a slave tells me they've been into cash slavery for 15 years, I feel in awe and a bit intimidated.

So I've tried to learn along the way, by the mistakes I've made. And the mistakes I go on to keep making. 

This is just my thoughts. I’ve fallen guilty of these. Lots of times. I don’t always practice what I preach.


In early civilisation men were expected to work hard and contribute to society. Failure to do this was looked on as a sin.

A lazy Master just lumbers across the corridors of life. Never knowing really what he wants, so all doors of opportunity seem shut in his face. As men we must utilise whatever we have - whether it’s our mind, bodies, or both, to make sure we give the best of ourselves and push those doors open.


A CashMaster should be strong, confident and a bit conceited. But loving yourself too much is weak. Don’t say you’re the dogs bollocks - show and be you’re the dogs bollocks. And remember, as Master’s you’re only ever as good as the slaves who are serving you.


A deep-rooted trait in every Master. We don’t like to see another Master better off than us. Forever looking at the Masters getting more than us, more tributes, bigger tributes, bigger stables can be powerful though. Let that envy burn calmly within. Use it as your fuel to aim to emulate their success and get what you want.


Anger is easy. But getting angry with the right people, to the right extent, for the right reason and in the right way. That’s fucking nearly impossible.

Most of us have probably fallen guilty to road rage. That fucking fury that comes over you as a driver when someone else breaks the rules, and then arrogantly speeds off in the distance as we’re left behind. Our instinct as men is to get even. In that tidal-wave of rage we have one single though - to get the better of the other guy.

Some fags will let you down. Always. Some of your fellow Masters will piss you off. Always. Do you want to waste time getting even? Or accept, like you, they aren’t perfect either and put your energy into something more productive.


Gluttony. That damn hunger in the pit of your stomach that sometimes won't piss off. It drives us to eat more than we need, simply because it's there. As Masters we can have that same hunger for slaves. We want them, or want to try to get them, just because they're there.

But be realistic. Spread your attention across a realistic number of targets. The best slaves will be in higher demand. So if you're taking too long to get in touch, keeping the connection going, I guarantee some other fucker isn't. Same applies for owning fags. Unless you are super-organised, have endless time, having too many fags in your stable is a one-way destination for failure. Maybe you want a revolving door. I don't. 


Men are beings of pleasure. We like to feel good. But all of us can sometimes in that search for pleasure take it too far, and end up in situations or scenarios that aren’t right for us.

Know your limits, know what you’re into, and stay clear of anything that doesn’t feel right. 


The original and deadliest sin. Greed drives men. Greed makes us want more of everything. Greed exists in all of us. 

For a Master that feeling of greed can be incredibly horny. We revel in it by pushing faggots further. Wanting more. Stretching their limits….and often going so far we lose the slave. Slamming on the breaks of greed occasionally is powerful.

Enjoy greed more, and make sure we don’t make it our Master….

Why fags should $erve

To round off on my earlier blog posts, How to start $erving, and How to enjoy $erving, this one will focus on the why fags should $erve…at least once.

Every Master on here has encountered the slave that doesn’t $erve. There may be a variety of reasons, lack of money, not into the same thing, doesn’t like you etc. But there are also slaves that seem to never $erve.  

To be clear; I don’t think fags should $erve every master who asks for it. Send your tips to a master you feel a real connection with. A master you interact well with and that offers you something you need and you could build a great bond.

So why should fags $erve at least once?

Practical reasons:

1) First off, if you are a slave, and on here, you’ve joined a findom site. The tagline is ‘Fags submit and Master’s benefit…

2) Only want to $erve real-time? No problem. But remember, very few masters will take you seriously unless you’ve tributed a small amount. This scene is riddled with time-wasting fags who’ll say anything when their fag clits are hard and they’re strumming away. You may think we’ll fall for it / can’t tell? We can.

The real reasons:

1) Masters like it. Receiving tributes is a sexual experience for most Masters. It makes us feel good. And horny.

2) It can self-degrading for you. Nothing more humiliating and self-degrading for a slave, then to submit your cash (e.g. via Syphon) to masters that aren’t expecting it / haven’t even asked for it.

3) It can be highly erotic for you. For a lot of slaves, $erving stems from a deep need for a loss of control. Having a master harshly or persuasively manipulate you into a state of wanting to $ubmit money is powerful, and for many fags releases you into a sub-space high.

The more your $ubmit to and $erve your master the more powerful your bond will be. As you selflessly sacrifice to make his life better, you’ll make sure you remain a part of it.

As always, let me know if you find this helpful. 

22 and unstoppable.
Congratulations, You have found your new muscle god. You will no longer put up with mediocrity, you will serve someone who has it all; handome, a body to die for, an alpha mindset that will make you submit on command, i have it all. You will serve me just to see me grow in many ways. My body will grow, my finances will climb, and my greatness will expand. Do you want to support a young alpha that has ENDLESS potential? Do you want to be part of something more than just someone’s wallet, and be a apart of their GROWTH? Look no further. Come to me. Submit to me. Worship me. Enjoy me. Give me what I deserve.
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