Exploitation and Predatory Instict

As a cash master, I’ve developed my natural predatory skills to hunt, brainwash, and mentally collar a faggot slave, so I can  progressively tight the grip on their weak minds until they reach the psychological point of no return, unable to ever think to rebel or scape. With every new faggot I take the time to explore their weak minds, asking them - besides their income levels- important questions about their lives, such as: fears, desires, weaknesses, fantasies, an so on. With that information I evaluate my plan on how to emotionally and sexually control and use every slave  and  then implant a financial regime of exploitation over them. Once a rhythm of financial exploitation is established, within their comfort levels, then I start to increase the burden in a slightly but steadily rhythm. When I find the lightest resistance to the increase of the burden I use all the information collected about the faggot  to manipulate their brains and reduce resistance to a minimum level, like bats and vampires do to their prey when ******** them dry,  so i easily handle them to make them break their resistance, limits in any prior financial cash **** records they accomplished.

Bankrupting A Fag Made My Day

I demanded the faggot write in his own words what had happened that day so i could blog his own words and this was what he had to say!

"Just remember that day when i was begging HIM  to skip just one month tribute when i was almost bankrupted and, in a desperate move, i stupidly used the words “you can´t” (bankrupt me). One minute later HE sent this picture to my Whats app account with just one line: “I can’t huh?  LOL“  and i broke, in total awe. One minute later the deposit to my Master´s account was done without even thinking  the consequences, and when i came out of the trance I was broke."

Note to inferiors don't test the ALPHA!

Master obsessed with wrecking fags

Something about a fag giving me all their money that turns me on. I have several slaves that I humiliate/ignore on a daily basis and i fucking love it. Nothing gives me more pleasure than totally owning someone financially and having the power to destroy/ruin their life. Always up for taking new losers and destroying them. message me

When blackmail is not blackmail

I'v been having some play with a fag who is into "blackmail" and I go to thinking today when is blackmail not blackmail.  I have to say true blackmail is not just illegal but also in my book quite wrong.  Can you blackmail someone who wants to be blackmail.  If the person freely gives you information and at the same times states that this is leverage over them then is it blackmail if you threaten to show or send that information to some one else, unless they pay you.  

What if you never threaten any thing.   Think about this.  I have some pictures and some addresses and you know that is I send those pictures to the people at the addresses this may lead to problems.  Say I prove to you I have the photos and the addresses and say nothing else. Say because of your own fear you offer to pay me to keep the photo's hidden.  Have I just blackmailed you?

What if you give me the pics and you give me the right to use them as I will but then you pay me because I might post them some where you don't want people seeing them. If you pay me out of fear is that blackmail (I may still post them if you pay me or not because you gave them to me to own them to do what ever I want with them)?

If I never say "pay me or I'll do......." then can it be blackmail?   

Looking for rubber fun.

I'm attending Collared in London on the 28th of January, would any body be up for a drink then?

slaves for dom masters for $

horny slave here for master to please...wanna have you use me however you want...;)...looking for some tips from a horny master ;) thanks sexy looking forward to pleasing you;)

Breaking onto the scene

I've always been curious how Doms break onto the scene in these types of scenarios. It seems to be the luck of the draw if you get a slave or if you get noticed, even with providing a niche devoid of content. I;m curious how others do it and how others get so much promotion and success.

"Witchcraft is just a way of concentrating energy. You can only w...

Looking for an intelligent sub experienced with service to experiment with, and explore the magical possibilities of financial domination and exchange.

Those interested should message me.

My First Skype Session with a New Master

I've been owned now for about a week by Jothecalineur and tonight was something great. For this past week he's had me on edge and leaking through very frequent control. Tonight we had a skype session and it was honestly my first of this type. The fact that he's put me at ease to enjoy doing something like this, definitely set the tone. I'm sure if you're into being exposed he can help. But for me to do any cam or video where I show my face and dirty acts, I don't take lightly. Somehow he has earned my trust enough to let loose and have some fun and I did. My faggot clit has been locked up for the entire week and I've been very horny. So tonight was my chance to get some reliefe. He worked my pussy so good with the dildo that I did end up having an faggasom... just meaning I did cum but without my worthless clit having any stimulation... or even coming out of the cage. I definitely enjoyed this session and am properly thankfully for it!

Pushing your Boundaries

Let's put forward a concept.

We're all on here for a reason. We all know what we like. You know your place and your worth, if there is any at all. You're content knowing what you want to do and that you can find someone to help.

But have you ever tried to push yourself further?

What you really need is someone who can push you. Someone who can make you step outside of your comfort zone. You think you've found the ultimate orgasm, but there's always something more to want. Why not let someone help you into the deep end?
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