Relax, I'm here.

You men, boys, fags, and pups...All here with a desire to be used. It's an itch that can't be scratched. Relax, I'm here. Pay tribute to your alpha, your master. I will own you, degrade you, and treat you as I see fit. Pretenders are not welcome. Enter as a man, stay as my slave. Earn for me as my cash slave.

Need slave$

I'm a alpha str8 male that likes to abuse faggots and spend their cash on what I like in return I will briefly acknowledge your existence and make u do something humiliating might be open to meeting offline.

Slaves, Masters and Liars

Let's say you own a slave. Let's say that you put a lot of work into getting to know the slave, his quirks and kinks and fetishes. Let's say the slave has a blackmail fetish and sends you all kinds of incriminating personal information.

For a short while, he $erves decently but nothing spectacular. Then he drops a bombshell; he has been diagnosed with cancer and has had to leave his job and be hospitalised and can no longer afford to $erve. If you're a hard bastard, you expose the cunt anyway since that's the agreement that you had; he pays or he gets exposed. All the slave's idea; he begged for it.

But if you're me, you go easy on the slave. I've had a proper loyal $ub get REAL cancer before, and it was a serious and scary for him, and because I'm a caring MA$TER, what I want more than anything is for my subs to be healthy and happy in their $ervice. So I let this slave take a break from $erving after sharing the news. I even checked on him periodically with no expectations, just to see if he was getting better. Once or twice I let him worship my feet for free. Just trying to be a nice guy.

The slave goes quiet. But before long he is back on the scene. Though he is clearly listed as your property, he chases after any Master with a dick between his legs and two sweaty feet for him to sniff. Telling them he has somehow unilaterally decided he is "no longer owned," with zero discussion with you about that.

How awkward and embarrassing, right? And funny enough, the slave is telling all the others all the exact same things that he told you -- "I worship only your feet, they are my world, I want to be controlled by them, yadda yadda yadda." The typical behaviour of a certain type of disingenuous sub.

It's become pretty clear the "cancer" was just a lie to get out of $erving without being exposed. Fake cancers and other lies are common among a certain class of subs, I've learned by now. And of course there are different types of Masters too—and that is shown in their responses when the disloyal, owned slave chases them. There are those with integrity who rebuff him—and there are those that are quick as a whip in handing over their Skype addresses to the slave.

So what would you do? On the one hand, an owned slave acting like a moronic subhuman whore is embarrassing to the Master. On the other hand, I don't feel like the slave should get away with its behaviour without some sort of punishment. Why should I release it for free—it should either pay Me as I have demanded, or it should pay the site the fee required to be released. But the slave isn't here to $erve—it's here to waste Men's time. So bear that in mind if it is pursuing you!

Faggot Payday

Payday conjures up so many emotions for a faggot.


On payday, a bank account gets a sudden infusion of money.  Seeing the bank account get so high all at once creates panic for a fag and stimulates a deep need to find men or reach out to an owner to help drain it.  Even if the money is in an account and not in cash, it still can feel like it’s burning a hole in the fag’s pocket.  There is pride in having earned so much to give to more worthy men, but there is also a fear that it may be difficult to find someone to give it to. It can get to the point where a fag can think of nothing but obedience and service.


In some companies and some countries, payday more commonly comes once per month, so a faggot can spend a lot of time between feeling this way.  All through the month, the sub can just work hard, knowing that the reward will be a check that can be signed over to real men at the end of the month.


But this faggot gets paid every two weeks.  So, every fourteen days it has a deep urge to open up its wallet and empty it of cash in service to a Master, Alpha, Dom, or other real men.  It seems like financial service has just barely finished from one paycheck when in a matter of days it is time again to try to get drained of the leftovers of the next paycheck.  Masters do faggots a real favor when they command service from a fag on a regular basis.  On payday, it’s the one of the few ways a cashslave can find relief.

"Straight" Masters, "gay" slaves

I've seen a lot of truth-twisting when it comes to the "Sexuality" listing in Master profiles on this site. Of course, anyone can say anything they want in any aspect of their profile; much of online representation is fantasy anyway. But sometimes I think Masters intentionally lie about being heterosexual in order to hoodwink gullible fags. And if someone does that, I don't believe they deserve the cash they got from them, because it was, frankly, fraudulently obtained.

There are a handful of well-known masters on this site who are demonstrably straight. A lot of us use the "bisexual" listing option with varying rationales -- in my case, I have enjoyed using both women and male fags for My sexual gratification, and continue to do so now -- ie, I mean this year, not one woman one time 30 years ago or something. One master on here I've met in person is as straight as they come, but he told me "I've put my dick into fag's mouths to piss down their throats; I'd feel dishonest if I didn't count that on my profile as bisexual behaviour."

Meanwhile, a number of masters on the site call themselves "straight" and put on a front publicly that they have zero same-sex attractions in order to create an image that draws the sort of cash fag who "only worships straight men" -- meanwhile in private they send me pics of their spread arseholes and/or tell me about all the sex they have with men.

Part of the problem is confusion between sexual orientation and, conversely, people's position on the Dom/$ub spectrum. I think there are OF masters whose only experience with a vagina was coming out of one at birth, but still they hesitate to list themselves on here as "gay" -- because "gay" still carries stigma, and sounds too much like "submissive fag." And homophobic str8 masters who insult the gay masters and call them "undercover fags" only add to the problem.

But for what it is worth, I think there is a big difference between a sexuality that including being aroused by male bodies or some male/male sex acts -- versus the submissive urges to tribute Superiors, lick toilets, choke on big cocks, be owned, etc etc etc.

But there is no genuine shame in any of those things -- unless a sub actually needs its feelings of shame exploited and amplified in roleplay for purposes of brainwashing and control!

For some, submission is mental. For others it is sexual. For many, it is both. The same is true for Masters. You don't have to be physically turned on by a cunt to enjoy abusing and controlling it.

Perhaps it would simplify things -- and lead to greater honesty -- if we took the Straight, Gay and Bisexual labels off profiles altogether, and replaced them with Dominant, Submissive and -- if we want to be really honest -- Versatile.


Loyalty is what I love most about domination. When a slave is completely loyal and even surprises me with his loyalty, I am most pleased. I think it can partially be explained with the picture below.

Loyalty means the fag only worships his owner. If he jumps around having various owners, he may be missing the finer elements to domination that can only be kindled after due time. Well. I want extreme loyalty. Even this former slave here has failed to be loyal enough. Slaves move on from time to time as life changes, but what I want is the slave that always remembers his true place under my feet...even to his deathbed! I want complete and utter slavery; mental bondage that can never be escaped; and foot/shoe/body-fluid worship to complete it.

What video do you want to see

Faggots, let your master know what you want to see when I use my next slave! This will be published at a cost, for the privilage!

My Faggots Devotion and Worship

My faggots have set a new strict rule among themselves:  All of them use this picture of mine at the gym as wallpaper on the smartphones, which is never removed or replaced regardless where they need to turn on the screen to use the phone and whoever is able to see the picture when displayed.

My faggots replaced and deleted, not only from their phones but also from their organic memories, former dull images of boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands, relatives or even religious prints the used as wallpapers and/or images of worship. Instead they placed mine image as the new Icon or real, daily, devoted and highly disciplined worship. I am their religion, their belief, their faith, I am literally their GOD.


With that image they pray to me, everyday. They pray for my oppression and subjugation and for their liberation of fake freedom. Renewing every day their vows to renounce to their faith, to their family, and to everything they owned before, including assets and monthly incomes that they hand them over at my feet as their new God. 

In short, their lives are mine.

Therefore my godly image on their phones it is not for a faggy lustful purpose to please their eyes, since all of them all totally forbidden any form of sexual release. In fact, many of them I subjected them to chastity devices for years under my yoke, are already mentally and physiologically castrated. Namely, no longer able to get hard or even cum.  They know just the though of it displeases me and can even unleash a potent storm of my wrath over them, risking to end up with dark bruises. Less teeth or even broken bones.


My faggots simply get wet and drip their panties when they are in my presence or when they pray to my image every day.

Fags are human too

D D's wonderful time came to an end last night.

A message from Kenfag, ex of this site, he had been involved in a serious accident which made him re-evaluate things, so he left the site. Fatpat, you probably remember I owned twice, left because he no longer felt himself to be a fag, a guy on another site was almost suicidal last night, be cause he felt unused and uncared for.

All these incidents have made me think, I try to be a caring Master and will continue to do so, but we all need to remember that fags are human beings, with real desires and feelings, it cannot be easy for them knowing what they are, and in some cases unable to cope with the reality of it.

Lecture over, I will continue to care for and respect those fags in my ownership and any others I come across.

I'm here!

Just a quickie as a first timer. I'm here and already loving this place. Cannot wait to get started with some brilliant subs.
Chat always welcome.
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