G Rated Master

I was told about this site by a cashslave who I trust, so I'm going to dip My toe into the pool so to speak, and see what happens.

In My exploration of FinDom, it’s interesting how timing has played a role in discovery.  I’m the type of of Guy who always picks up the tab at a restaurant when out with friends, who springs for the movie (and the concession stand... geez, talk about overspending!  LOL)   And I’m definitely the more conservative, prudent money type: max out contributions to My 401K, use zero percent financing when I buy something big,when I could have just paid cash.  

Just a few years ago My financial situation went from being very much upper middle class to decidedly middle middle class.  I come from a very blue collar background and My family never truly wanted for anything.  We were nowhere near poverty yet the value of prudent money management was instilled in Me at a very young age. (Thanks, Grandparents who lived through the Great Depression!)  So when I did achieve upper middle class, it really helped My overall long term finances.  The only debt I carry is a mortgage and some zero percent financing, because to Me, debt is BAD.  

My introduction to FinDom was a surprise among all the visual stimuli on sites like Tumblr.  Just about the same time I met a sub online through one of the gay apps and W/we started conversing about the typical stuff.  It didn’t take long before the subject turned to draining his wallet.  As a financially prudent Guy, I pretty quickly pelted him with questions about savings, retirement security and such.  It became clear he is also a financially smart individual, and he saw this as his way to serve a Dom: to help his Master in some material way; whether that be a nice dinner out, or to buy something off Amazon.  For him it’s all about knowing he is helping his Master be more comfortable in His daily life, and to experience the pleasure of it through Me. I was a bit surprised at how much the experience really resonated in Me, but then I realized this is the very crux of Dom/sub relationships:  Masters need to Own, to Dominate, to be in charge; while subs need to submit, to obey, to serve.  It’s Yin/yang.  And the financial aspect, when handled maturely, is just another version of that dynamic.

I'm sure many Masters here receive a lot of tips by being demeaning and arrogant and that’s great.  But its not Me.  I require courtesy and manners and decorum.  So, if that sort of cashslave finds that engaging with Me resonates, great.  

Chastity Cash Faggot Exercise

This exercise is designed to train a chastity cash faggot to cum within a specific timeframe when it is out of its cage, making good use of Masters time and minimising this rare pleasure for the faggot. The aim is to edge the faggot for ten minutes then ruin its cumshot. The cunts hands are not to stop pumping its pathetic cock for the duration, then at exactly ten minutes must bolt its load hands-free. 

If at any time it feels it’s about to shoot before ten minutes are up, the pig put its hands on its head and the Master takes an agreed amount. As soon as the Master hits send the faggots hands go back to pumping that nub. If the fag isn’t jacking it’s being fucked. 

If the faggot gets too worked up and accidentally cums before ten minutes have elapsed then its hands go on its head for the remainder of the time and the Master fucks it every 20 seconds until the time is up. 

If the faggot makes it through it should be spurting it’s load handsfree at the exact moment the clock hits 10:00. Perhaps then the faggot goes immediately into chastity for one day for each time it had to pause, and on release is put through this exercise again until an optimum time is reached. 

If the cunt hasn’t shot at 10:00 then it has failed and it is at the Masters discretion to continue or not. The Master may for example:

1. Extend the session, perhaps by a further five minutes but likely taking a higher amount during a shorter break every time the faggot has to stop. 

2. Wrap up the session quickly by allowing the faggot to constantly wank while the Master repeatedly fucks it until the faggot shoots. The Master may of course dictate a higher amount and/or frequency of fucks - perhaps double the original amount every ten seconds.

3. End the session by putting the faggot back into its lock without having bolted its load, for the exercise to be repeated, perhaps the following day, until it has perfected the exercise.

Butt Plug Training for piglet
I've just had a very intense butt plug training session with my potential Master. He ordered me to choose a porn video that i liked and that was around 10-15 minutes long. I then sent the link for Sir to review. When i had His approval, he ordered me to insert the butt plug and watch the entire video with it in my arse. 

As I did, my tiny clit was straining like mad inside its cage. It was desperate to get hard and cum, and the longer the video went on, the more it struggled. The video was about two fags who are used in a changing room by three Alphas. One fag has his cunt fucked as his head is dunked in a box of water. The other is face fucked hard. The video lasts just over 12 minutes and each second was making me hornier and desperate. The plug was drilling into my hole and all i could think was 'I wish it was me!' Towards the end each Alpha cums in the same glass. They then get the fag who was throat fucked to drink it while they spit on its face. 

The experience was intense! I haven't felt anything like that before watching a porn video. But the combination of the video, plus the plug, and being caged just multiplied how i felt. I almost came in the cage, my clitty was straining so much. It didn't matter that it was painful. i felt as if i had a semi-orgasm even though i didn't. 

I can't thank Sir enough for using me like this in this session tonight. It was mind blowing, and all in 12 minutes! Thank You Sir for using me and training me. I am humbled to Serve Sir. 

Being locked: cashpiglets's experience
I was locked in chastity yesterday (Saturday 6 October 2018) under orders from a Master who is considering me for ownership. It is a short (50mm) stainless steel cage with inbuilt lock.

When it arrived I asked for permission to put it on, and after receiving this I got my new cage. Of course my tiny dicklet went hard at the thought of being caged, but after some perseverance I got the cage on and locked myself in it. 

It is a strange feeling. I can't get hard at all, but this doesn't stop my little clit trying. When it does it pulls on the cage, which pulls my balls and hurts. Yet the more aroused I try to get the more pain I want. 

It has really focused me on Service. I can't think of anything else but serving Sir, and I already feel more submissive. I have to sit to pee now like a good faggot should anyway, but again this adds to my humiliation. I no longer have control over my own clit. I can't get hard and I can't cum, and I have no idea when I will be released, if ever. 

I feel so humbled and emasculated, but I also love it! It really pleases me to know I am pleasing Sir and being the obedient cashpiglet He wants me to be. I am so proud to be used and hope Sir is happy with my service so far. Thank you Sir for locking me and taking away my identity. I am a cash piglet and my place is below Sir's feet and to Serve Him alone. 

Your first interactions with Me
You sit there and feel guilt and shame as your tiny cock becomes erect looking at My photos and you have an urge to tribute Me. The only way you can satisfy your need to cum. The only way that you feel useful.

You message Me, trembling, in hopes to impress Me with a tribute but with fear of becoming addicted and submitting all of your cash to Me.

I reply, but demanding the respect that I deserve, ask for a tribute of 200 tips. You send, and it feels good and so natural. You chat with Me, a real Man, an Alpha, and soon realize you are not anything more than it. Undeserving of your wallet, undeserving of pronouns, at that. 

It tributes again, this time on it's own, 200 tips with pure satisfaction. I explain what I expect of it, what I will do with it and ask it more about itself and its kinks. I remind it that I am a Master who doesnt take advantage of slaves, I will use and abuse it, but I will never leave it with nothing. Greedy but fair. I remind it that I am not a Male escort. I am straight and I am not a service provider. I am here to take what has always been mine. I'm here to train slaves to become even more useful to Me. All faggots have a desire to serve a straight Alpha Man, and I give them what they need while taking everything I want. For some limp dick faggots this becomes an issue, as they feel money can control Me. Money is not in control, I am, and unlike some Masters I pick and choose My slaves wisely. 

Faggots, betas, and slaves, if you want to serve Me, this is your introduction.

A faggot's submission: given or taken?

A fag is still a human, not a real man, for sure; but still a lowly class of human.

It's human who consents to and who craves the degradation of itself by Men it sees as its betters.


Respect is not to be taken for granted.  Respect can easily be lost.  The same goes for the relationship between the Dominant and the submissive; the Man and the fag.  A true Dominant will give a fag's life a sense of purpose.  A Man who behaves irresponsibly will not.  When a true Master is connected with a true submissive, power is exchanged. The  Submission is a big commitment.  Something precious is handed over. The Dominant has the power to crush the submissive but He chooses not to, because He understands that with this power comes great responsibility.  The Dominant is submitted to because he deserves it, because of who He is.  Fags should take time getting to know the Dominant and vice versa; exploring together whether they have found a good match; but realising the finality of the situation if the fag chooses to refuse.  This will be game over, the end of the line, door closed.  Sometimes that is a necessary decision, sometimes the fag is being pig-headed.


It is vital that any Dominant who is given something as precious as a fag's submission takes this submission seriously.  He has the power to say and do things that could have a catastrophic impact on the fag.  Fags should also be sensible and think about what they are being told however in that moment of submission, the only thing a fag truly desires is to please the all-powerful Man.  The fag has entrusted himself completely to its Dominant and its Dominant needs to understand that with the fag's eyes fixed so firmly on Him, it is hard to see anything else.


When limits are set and agreed, the submissive should give himself wholly to the Dominant.  For the Dominant to do as He pleases, to take what He wants, to use as He wishes.  The limits have been set, submission has been given.  Service and submission are not only when it's fun. A true submissive puts the needs of the Man before his own.


Submission is precious. Treasure it. Nurture it. Stretch it. And you will have the loyalist of fags who serves you with every waking breath because you deserve it and have demonstrated how seriously you take the responsibility that comes with it.

Fags, now it’s time to submit yourself to BOOTSMASTER, to tribute me and to join  my stable!

An introduction - The Natural Order of Things

Well, what to say? New to the site (this time around, at least) but old to the game. Contrary to what this site's definition of "straight" seems to be -honestly, some of you make me laugh- as the name suggests, I am 100% straight. So if you're looking for a role-playing closet faggot to cater to your straight domination fantasy, don't waste my time. I was born a natural alpha male and have a typical alpha male personality. I do things my way or not at all, I won't be talked down to by anyone, and if I seem as though I think I'm better than you, it's because I am. My dominance naturally extends to the bedroom, but unfortunately for you faggots your luck doesn't extend that far.

Though I'm in this game primarily for the financial benefits, it does feel very right to me on a base level. There's a very real satisfaction to be had from assuming my place in the natural hierarchy and exploiting those beneath me. Likewise there's pleasure to be had in seeing a lower being put effort into pleasing its superior. Nothing gives me more pleasure than an obedient pig knowing its place and draining its account for me merely for the privilege of grabbing a real man's attention. The thrill is not sexual, it's primal. I say pig and not man because, for you submissive nancy boys reading this: make no mistake, you are not men. A man takes what he wants, a pig exists to feed real men with the fat from its back until it outlives its usefulness. 

Looking for faggots who respect this natural hierarchy. Faggots who understand that their place is on their knees at the feet of a real man, putting their b***d, sweat and tears into his pleasures, and their lives in his capable hands. Ideally, I like to devote my time to a select few and build real master/slave relationships that can be nurtured and capitalised on. I want your wallet, but your obedience and devotion are equally important. Short term works too, it's always worth a laugh, but the more devoted a slave proves itself to be the more time and energy I will spend on it. Golden rule: don't waste my time and I won't waste yours.

Just a nod to the Masters on here. Don't think I lump everyone into the category of, "role-playing closet faggot." Many are, but there are some sound cats about that I have genuine respect for. Keep doing what you're doing, lads. I'll keep an ale cold for you in Valhalla.

Why I serve DCCashMaster

I’m straining in my cage as I write this, a nice reminder of the control I’ve surrendered to SIR over the last weeks and months. This time I’ve been locked for almost two weeks and I’m constantly horny and drifting in and out of sub space.

We originally connected on Twitter. When SIR was planning His trip to London for Fetish Week I gave Him some local information about a couple of hotels. Closer to His arrival date He asked me if I was into realtime cash meets, and I told Him that I wasn’t as I was trying to leave findom, which was true at the time.

I first met SIR in person during Fetish Week when He needed a prop (me) for a photo shoot. After that I saw Him again at the rubber party the following night. We acknowledged each other, but I wasn’t sure if He would want to use me that night.

Later that night night He approached me and I felt my pulse quicken. I was immediately on my best behaviour. I wanted to impress Him. We spoke, He gave me some ground rules, and then took me to the darkroom.

There He took control of me utterly. He treated me like a whore and I loved every moment. He spat on my face, I choked on His dick, He offered my holes to Men I hadn’t laid eyes on. It was further and deeper than I’d ever let a Dom take me before, and I didn’t want it to end. I was grateful to this Man for giving me such an intensely sexual and submissive experience, for giving me permission and freedom to live my truly slutty, faggy self.

With experiences like these, even when lost in the depths of sub space, I need to keep a handle on what is happening and to keep checking in with myself to make sure I’m ok with what’s going on. SIR proved himself a very experienced Dom, and seemed to know this instinctively. He checked in with me regularly, making sure I was handling everything ok and not retreating inwards. When I did start to freak out, I felt like I could tell Him, and He immediately paused the action, took me to stand in a cooler area of the club, got me some water and stayed with me until I was ready to continue.

That could have been it. SIR flew back to DC at the end of the week. But after He left the idea of Him kept rattling around in my head. I’d find my thoughts drifting back to Him and the release I experienced serving Him whenever I had a quiet moment. We were still occasionally in contact, but He was concentrating on boys who were actively serving.

I found myself edging but denying myself orgasm, drifting back into delicious subspace more and more often, reliving that night. I could still hear Him saying “all the way down, every time”, still feel the bruises on my lips from pressing them against His heavy, metal cockring, His dick stretching my throat, trying not to gag. Remembering how the Men He offered me to thanked Him or commented on my performance while ignoring me entirely.

Eventually I had no choice. I had to serve this Man, if He would let me. The only release I was going to get was through making Him happy. The feelings of submission and gratitude were too strong to resist and I messaged Him. A short while later I had the choice of three different receipts to reimburse, all for gear He had bought in London.

Feelings were running high. I had backed away from findom after finding myself tributing some unworthy “Doms” during a period where I hadn’t been feeling great about myself. Part of me was battling to stay away, to not be vulnerable, but as SIR put it, “a submissive heart and mind never quits”.

I chose the receipt that had a pair of shorts that I had seen and really liked. The total was about the same as I had been planning to spend on a new chastity cage. It felt right to forego something for me in order to serve SIR.

The feeling of hitting send was a rush. A high I hadn’t felt for a long time. It felt good to be back where I belong, in the service of a worthy MASTER.

Since then, SIR has guided me gradually deeper into His service. There have been a few ups and downs, I have disappointed Him a couple of times, but learning to please someone is never easy. It takes time and SIR has been very patient with me as I’ve learnt more about what is or isn’t allowed, and how best to please Him.

I’m sure I have plenty more to learn on that front, but I have a great teacher and I’m looking forward to the lessons.

Its acting like MAGGOTS...Master Broady just sits back and LOL
These stupid...motherfucking its....Acting like MAGGOTS when wannabes enter their existences...They gravitate towards shiny objects like a moth to a light bulb....The heat finally kills them off....Pull up a sit CASH FAGS....Let Master Broady clue you in.....True Masters train...They inflict pain to bring you back to the reality that your no more than dog shit...You're an intellectual i****t that needs my guidance fore I'm a Master..smarter and wiser than you....I inflict my whip like a father beating their son....I do so for you to learn lessons that will benefit your present and future lives...Better I beat you than a stranger.....There are well seasoned Masters...present...to aid in your transition....But you WHORES run to beauty.....but..but…..BEAUTY FADES YOU LOWLY CUNT MOTHERFUCKERS...Loyalty and stability endure...ITS...you really think they wannabes would give you the time of day in the day of day????????? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Faggots...you need me... the skilled master fucking more than you even realize...WAKE UP WHORES...Wake up before the stupid reality hits that the wannabe you chose... that one you trusted to enrich your lifeless existence..only PLAYED YO ASS......Fuck you....BROADY
Master Broady's first jerk off video on Owned
I felt that I needed to show the faggots how virile Broady truly was...While working myself up to cum, I think about two things..First, how I like to be angry before a fuck...I think about coming home to my naked slave scrubbing my toilet..I pick it up off of the floor and throw him over my shoulder..I throw him on my bed..I f***e his face in my gamey pits..He licks them dry..Next, I sit on his chest and f***e my hairy cock..down his throat..As he chokes. I stick it in deeper..I did this same thing to a sissy boy for years who lived down the road from me..Then in one move..I turn the slave is on his stomach..I go in dry and fuck him... ripping his hole..I usually fuck until I fall resting..pinning the faggot with my weight to the mattress...If he moves..I slap his face..He stays in place until I'M DONE WITH HIM ..GOD DAMN IT...The second image I think about is a generous slave being sooo unselfish..He drains his account to honor me..Makes me cum EVERY TIME....Broady
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