Do You Want Me To Beg?

Well - I'll tell you what I don't want you to do.

I don't want you to cum. Not yet. Not until I say you can.

I don't want you to touch me. I like watching you struggle with your urges against everything else.

I don't want you to remain silent. Shout, scream, whimper, moan. Insult me if you have to, just don't suffer in silence. I like hearing you suffer.

I don't want you to get down on your hands and knees. On your back, where I left you, is fine.

I don't want you to behave and I don't want you to disobey. You're not a sex toy, you're still a person; but you're MY person.

Yes, I want you to beg.

Remote controlled fags

The internet allows so much scope for controlling fags.  Some people imagine there's not much you can do as a Cyber Master beyond a bit of verbal. But how wrong they are.

* Financial Domination is an obvious one.  Whether it's handing over cash or handing over control of a bank account, there's real actual financial pain possible without being in the same room as the fag.

* Remote control chastity.  The key to the device can be locked in a box controlled by a bluetooth padlock.  The fag may have the box, but there's no way it's getting the key without the Master's say so.  

* Remote control butt plugs.  Sub has to put it in, but then its arse is under remote control.

* Online cameras.  Fag's house becomes the big brother house.  Master can set all kinds of rules....

* Amazon Alexa.  "Drop in" allows instant access to someone else's Echo -- voice call and microphones.  Speak and hear what's going on.  Great in combination with the cameras.

* Tracking apps.  Use the fag's phone as a tracking device.  Endless possibilities.

I fucking love technology.  I fucking love control.


One of my bitches was whining about a third round in bed one of those nights I can’t  get satisfied easily, She said to me: “ It seems you really think I have no say in your bed, just because you are big and jacked?”  -stupid naif bitch- 

I just replied: “ YUP!”  and flexed my bicep.

That was enough to have the bitch  sheepishly back in bed to mount her for a third round, ….out of five…that night …LOL

What I’ve learnt in 4 weeks on OF

A new master asked me for tips earlier (not Tip$), but tips. As I’m so new here, I didn’t feel I could legitimately offer any. However, I did start thinking about what I’d learnt.

I’ve spent some time trying to wrap my head around financial domination. The way I see it - it’s a bit like how some slaves enjoy being flogged - it helps them become free, and reach subspace. For some slaves flogging is a reward, and they enjoy working towards it. Similarly, putting a Slave cocklet in chastity seems like a punishment. For for many subs, it’s actual a pleasure - an achievement. 

Which brings me onto Findom. When a slave bestows their tips to a BOSS and then can see it being used, they can reach a similar euphoria as they get from other forms of domination.

What’s your thoughts?

Fags come and go, but true dominants are forever.

Domination isn't something taught in a book. It's more than learning how to use ropes, it's more than expanding your vocabulary, it's a full blown personality trait. It's a characteristic do deeply engrained within the personality of alpha males, that it defines who they are.

THIS is why fags become weak to real men. They are simultaneously in awe of such power, and blinded by their own submission. It's not a choice, their willpower crumbles by default. You cannot deceive the world and fake your way through in pretending you deserve your financial means. There is only one way to validate your existence, to serve those that are truly worthy of ultimate spending power.

Don't believe me? It's part of human nature. We are still hunter gatherers at heart. Fags gather the cash. Alphas hunt them down.

My '2 tips tribute' - and a trip way back

A fairly prolific fag on here took a disliking to me. Maybe because I come across as a real person. And admit mistakes, likes etc. Or maybe, I'm just a dick. I don't care which. So to make sure I knew he sent me 'two tips'.

This immediately made me remember back in my days as a 18 year old working part-time as a waiter in a fairly low-class chain restaurant. Just for context - in the UK tipping your waiter is standard, but not always done. 

I remember one time there was a couple of fags in the restaurant. And they were seated in my area. It was a Wednesday when there was a fixed price £25 menu for three courses. So it was a cheap date night I guess. They were both in their 30s I guess. One of them was a 'pretty' fag, all perfectly presented. Skinny as fuck. Looked like a skeleton. The other looked a bit older, and had huge glasses. I kid you not - they were Deidre Barlow territory. They were both perfectly polite to my face, but I could hear tutting, and grumbling....their water wasn't cold enough, their starter took too long to come out (that'll be because I left it there for ages) etc. With each course that was served, I'd find a different way to annoy them. Like calling them out as cheap for sticking to the set menu, and for not ordering a proper drink to enjoy with their meal. Telling them most of my customers had ordered a coffee too...Hoping to provoke a response. But nothing, they'd remain perfectly polite and smile weakly. 

When they asked for the bill, I deliberately kept them waiting ages. I wanted to see if they'd come up and complain. Of course they didn't. They just grumbled to themselves...but still presented me with a weak smile when I eventually took the bill over. They left their cash on the table and exited. When I went over, I saw they'd dutifully left £25 to cover their meal - and wait for it - a 5p tip. 5p...most of customers that night had tipped 10%. A few older people (who are less likely to tip in UK) had left nothing. But this fag couple let me 5p.

And this 5p made me very happy. They didn't have the balls to call me out for being a shit waiter to them. Or tell me I was rude. Instead, they choose a small amount of money to tell me. They could've left me no tip. But, their way to tell me I was a bad waiter to them, was to give me money.

This is why my 2 tips - will be the best 2 tips I've ever received on this site. And probably won't ever be surpassed. Because you've reminded me I took fag money 18 years ago - and I'd forgotten about that. 

My Calling In Life

As I get older I am realising just how much my life is void of fulfilment. The void grows bigger with each year that passes and the urges get ever more stronger.

What is the void in my life? Simple. For many many years I have felt that my sole purpose in life is one of permanent captivity and enslavement. To be taken without warning, bound and gagged and taken away from my current life by a cruel dom never to be released back into public life ever again. 

To be locked away hidden from prying eyes to serve out the rest of my life as a dehumanised slave with no outs and no chance of release. Virtually impossible to find in reality but I always have hope that one day....

My ideal slave

My ideal slave. I have been taking some time out to think about what I require for my slave.

These are my conclusions.
As a slave you will take piss/spit, be sniffing licking my armpits, have slaps, humiliation, degradation, abuse, verbal, light pain/torture, being taught your place, CP, CBT, chastity, collars dog leash, be treated like a dog, face sitting, stomping, caning/whipping, spanking, bondage with candle wax dripping on your balls. Finally you will be solvent and very generous to your master.

New Feature - RealID

In an effort to help cut down on fake profiles and reassure slaves that they a serving a genuine Master we have introduced a new feature - RealID.

RealID will allow Masters to upload an image and have their identity confirmed by an Admin.

Once this is done their profile will then display a notice saying that their identity has been checked and give peace of mind to any slaves who may wish to serve. If you want to you can also set the picture to be public giving further reassurance to slaves.

If you are a Master and wish to upload your RealID photo you can do so here:

GARBO$$ goal - two subs to serve (UK)

A more detailed reply....

My goal before 2017 is out to have two sub fags serve me. As I get more and more into taking on subs I realise that one sub isn't enough to satisfy me. And I really do need the pleasure that two subs can bring by having them both attend to me at the same time. I'd love to put two subs in competition. Which one can worship my boots best. Which sub can take the a skull-fucking the best. Because that's the sub that would get my seed.

I SERIOUSLY need two subs sucking my dick at the same time. However, I'd foresee the better performing sub (determined by boot worship and dick worship) to be the sub deserving of getting their ass dumped in. Maybe I'd let the best boot licking sub get the first taste of my dick as their mini-reward.

Prepared to travel. One sub would need to host. Serious replies only.
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