Part Time Cash fag

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about being a cash fag, one that’s been fucked, tribute and bought stuff from masters. However, I see myself as a part time fag, I can easily get off on reading blogs about other Fags being used, wank myself silly over master’s info, pic and websites. When then the urge to serve becomes too much and then I go looking for a dominate who’s willing to indulge in my desired to be a cash fag. The real problem starts when all a master wants is money, whilst I’m happy to tribute money in £5, £10, £20 and possible more. I want a dialog of conversation to get me to the point I’m in a pay website sending money. Without the dialog, you just end up Cumming and not tributing, which is bad for both parties. What I’d like to see is 1: masters with detailed info pages and intro videos to get the cash fag interested. 2: a system whereby a fag can load up the total amount they are willing to tribute and the master working on the fag to get as much of it as they can. 3: understanding of Fags, we feel subhuman, usually willing to be humiliated, usually love verbal humiliation, usually because the fag is fat, usually successful in their working life, gay or has a small penis, masters should use this to their advantage. Once all 3 have happened as a cash fag I then cum and then go back to normal life before it all starts again some months later. In case anyone is ready, I’m not into writing on my body as a punishment or doing weird stuff, old fashion gay S&M bondage, chastity and wanking are the stuff that gets part time Fags tributing!

Kink Glossary - Watersports

Watersports, Piss Play or Urolagnia, we've now moved onto one of this sites listed Fetishes. So to give you the textbook definition this is the sexual arousal from urine (smell/taste/feel). Now how the piss is delivered is down to the subs limits or Dominants preference. Included in this blog are the methods and health factors to consider.

Drinking - Also called Urophagia this is the one that commonly comes to mind when this fetish is mentioned. Firstly this is far easier to give than to receive. From a Dominants perspective keeping the mouth open is the main priority. Funnel and urinal gags are the most common to use, but they can be expensive, but they do have a larger capacity. A jennings gag is a cheaper alternative but with a smaller capacity as only the subs mouth can be filled. Health wise there can be some difficulties, those who piss into someone's mouth should ideally be disease free as some diseases can be still be transmitted. For the sub the problem will predominantly be the taste. A few pointers here are: A Dom can eat Asparagus for a stronger taste or drink Pineapple Juice for a weaker taste. Frequent drinking will also weaken the taste as well and produce a clearer urine. Another tip is if the sub consumes booze beforehand it will help to weaken the taste in their mouth.

Golden Shower - This is the term often used when actually wanting to be pissed on. Again the same problem health wise can occur. Sores, scratches and open wounds should not be pissed on as a rule of thumb as a healthy person can still transmit bacteria. Now with this one decide (as a sub) what you want to happen and is it the smell or feel you like. Certain material such as rubber can enhance the heat from piss were as leather you should be careful as your wetting a material that may be damaged as a result. For the smell the head area is the best to have your Dom focus on. Now the mess is the one to watch with this one more than others. A shower is preferable or somewhere with drainage. If outdoors and your shy try it when it's raining or about to start. Otherwise if you've no cares wear your Doms piss with pride.

Now piss can be incorporated into humiliation or tasks. These can be things such as ordering a sub to piss themselves or drink their own (see above and try mid stream). But above all (subs) have fun and stay safe. But for Doms have fun and make sure they don't waste a drop. 

The Strength of a dedicated cash faggot

A faggot's opinion.

There are times in the chatroom where we see some Ma$ters refering to a faggot in Their sights as weak. "$erve, you weak cunt"

That has truth in it for fags who go back and forth, struggling with their urges and nature to hand over to a Man they instinctively know deserves it.

However, the difference between weak and strong faggots is judged by the level of their/our acceptance of the natural order and instincts.

The faggot that is fully accepting of it's nature, and has become mentally and emotionally secured in it's acceptance of the truth, is a faggot that is strong in it's functionality. The proper functionality of a faggot with a focus on earning and saving what it can for it's superiors (or superior if owned) is the faggot's strength. It provides stability and joy for the faggot, and establishes a strong sense of respect and admiration for Superiors in general, but especially those that u$e and exploit it.

Good training and reinforcement can achieve that stage in faggots, but many faggots lack the courage, and have strong social brainwashing that breeds selfishness and materialism which impedes it's proper development and functionality.

Once a faggot achieves that enlightenment, there is no greater joy for a faggot.

This is just a faggot's view from it's own experience. Other views and experiences welcome.

An Owned faggot's gratitude + financial control

Two subjects rolled into one, but you/You will see how they might relate.

Not all faggots are programmed to be owned, and many are $luts to various Ma$ters. But all faggots have the potential to be owned.

Once a faggot embraces the need to be owned, there are many things that the faggot should be grateful for. The gratitude of a faggot to it's Owner should be right at the top of the faggot's mindset.

Once a faggot is taken into ownership by a good Ma$ter, the structures, rules and requirements provide the faggot with a sense of belonging and stability.

Early on in the relationship, a good Ma$ter will make sure He knows and understands a faggot's finances and financial responsibilities. A Master can only cultivate a faggot's loyalty and devotion in a full way when He has this information.

The risks of not knowing this information can result on a faggot handing over more than it can afford, which is a serious threat to any long term control of the faggot.

This is particularly important with a faggot who has developed a heavy addiction to handing over it's cash to a Ma$ter, so there needs to be controlled spending, not only the spending on itself, but in how much is handed to it's Ma$ter. (We all see the faggots that 'burn out' within days or weeks. This is due to lack of serious interaction to gather information about a faggot's finances. Plus, a lack of control. Faggots burning out is a whole subject in itself).

The greater the levels of information handed to a Ma$ter, the greater the trust is involved, and the more effectively the Ma$ter can cultivate His asset for His longterm benefit.

How do these things relate to gratitude from a faggot?

The seriousness of a Ma$ter/faggot $lave relationships varies considerably with each Ma$ter or faggot. But, even on the most casual level, the Ma$ter provides many things for which a faggot should be grateful.

An owned faggot should show gratitude to the Ma$ter for:

1. receiving the faggot into His $table

2. the Ma$ter's valuable time spent on His faggot

3. providing a sense of belonging

4. providing a sense of usefulness and value

5. providing the outlet for the faggot's natural need to be u$ed and exploited

6. being the focus of devotion and worship that a faggot needs

7. providing stability and purpose in the faggot's spending regime

8. the care and concerns for the faggot's wellbeing

9. the intense pleasure and euphoria experienced when the Ma$ter's cash is handed over to Him

Once a faggot has been under the regime and ownership of a Ma$ter for some time, a faggot will develop triggers cultivated by it's Ma$ter. and should develop a deeper understanding that it's Ma$ter rightfully deserves whatever the faggot can provide.

So, an advanced faggot should be grateful for:

10. the mindfuckings and mental rehabilitation that remove the doubts and selfish desires originally brainwashed into it by society - leading to the full acceptance of it's instinctive and natural purpose to be an extension and asset for a Man.

These are just some of my thoughts on why a faggot must always be grateful to it's Ma$ter every moment of the day. Others may disagree, or have other reasons for a faggot to be grateful.


What’s in your toy chest?

This is more of a conversation starter than a full blog. I’d like to see responses from fags and Masters alike.

What are your go-to toys and devices? What makes that your favorite? Where do you like to purchase toys?
Fags, what items make it fall onto its knees in worship and awe?

I’m looking to add to my own collection, and I’m curious to see what others like and get the real tip.

How to spot a time-wasting faggot

The issue of ‘time-wasting faggots’ came up in chat. I’ve certainly fallen victim to them. A lot in the begginning. 

Here’s a few classic hall-marks of a time-waster. Not all time-wasting faggots will show these traits, but if you spot a few of them, and are engaging in endless messages that don’t seem to go anywhere, chances are you’ve found a time-leech. Remove it immediately.

When you look at profiles:

(1) They’re in the newsfeed lots. Commenting on any Master’s pictures or updates, but never / rarely actually serving.

(2) They have low slave-points (will often have some to give a veneer of service)

(3) If they specifically say not a cash-whore, if this is what you are after, move on

When you talk to them:

(1) They’re into extreme blackmail fetishes, which seem unduly complicated and make little / no sense. 

(2) They stress their need to worship and serve and be owned. But they have a reason why they can’t do it just now.

(3) They’re generally over-enthusiastic in their approach; the decent faggots are polite, respectful and restrained until they know you better.

However, I do need to balance it out with:

(1) No two fags are the same, the best judge of whether it’s a time-waster is you

(2) Some faggots are shy, want to suss a master out first

(3) Most of the faggots on here are good and decent. And have joined this site for the right reasons.Just because they don't want to serve me, or you, doesn't mean they don't want to serve. But the chemistry has to be right. 

Concentrate on those faggots you can build a connection with, and it's mutually rewarding.

Slave fan fiction for JacquesHunk

This will be good. I'm finally going to fire the biggest slacker in my store. 
He is young man, 24 years old that been the walking wet dream of a few clients
here. He barely works, is rude to the customers and co-workers and is always
late. We work at the pool installation store but we also maintain the pools. 
I'm the senior store manager that has to fix the problem he makes.

My name is Carl Jones, a married man with two kids and a wife and dog. I keep
in shape but still have the gut forming. I also have my share of admirers at
work and on the field. At 36 years old I say I still the handsome stud I was in
my 20's. My best feature is my impressive eight inch cut cock. Love to hear my
wife moan as I thrust it in her.

The soon to be unemployed slacker is named Jack. We all know the type
arrogant, athletic, stud that gets all the ladies with his movie star good
lucks. He tries to cost through life on the hard work of others. I doubt he
has done a hard day of work in his whole life.

I ask him to meet in my office at 6 after the store closes for the day. Around
6:30 he leisurely walks into my office and I was visibly pissed about it. This
slacker has disobeyed for the last time. Before I was going to be nice about
firing him but now I won't. If he doesn't care, why should I?

"You're fire," I announced without looking up at him.

Jack simply sat down at the chair in front of me and lifted his feet on top of
my desk with a thud in a nonchalant manner.

"Didn't you hear me?" I snarled. Jack looked at me with his smug smile.

"Yes," his voice deep and sexually charged, "You're going to give me a raise."

"Why in hell would I do that?" I almost shouted in rage.

"You're a dirty faggot that wants her eye candy," he flexed his bicep and for
some strange reason I could feel myself become aroused.

"I'm married".

"And? I don't hear you denying you're a dirty fag girl".

Standing up I could feel my anger raising. Jack still hand that smug grin on
his face. My cock started to become engorged.

"Feel it," he commanded while he flex his arm again.

Being hypnotized I went and kneeled near the arrogant jerk and felt the bulging
bicep. It felt hard like iron causing me to moan.

"Good girl," he cooed while he removed his shirt revealing a body builder torso.

Never been this turned on before as my hand explored his body. Like a proud
warrior he let me touch his chest and arms. I wish I could give him that raise
just for the honor of touching his body.

"You're drooling fag girl," he scowled.

Humiliated I wiped off my drool. Ten years older than the stud and I'm drooling
over his muscles.

"Massage my feet," he commanded. Maybe he is right and I am gay. What about my
wife and kids? Fuck them, I went to serve Jack.

"Are you deaf girl?" he smacked my face causing me to fall over. Quickly I got
up removing his size 9 shoe with socks I started to massage his perfect feet.

Soon Jack closed his eyes and my eyes locked on the manly feet in front of me.
I could smell his sweat on the feet as I worked and started to lick my lips
while massaging the feet of this young stud.

"Do it," Jack commanded. He appeared to still have his eyes closed but could
read my mind.

Unable to resist I started to lick a foot from the heel to the toes and back. 
Cleaning the sweat from the foot I realized I am a fag for men like Jack. I
wish I could find a way to give a promotion to this stud.

"Suck my toes," he barked.

I worshiped his feet like a slave and my cock ached! After cleaning off between
his toes I started to suck on his big toe. I tried to fish out my throbbing
cock to jerk myself off.

"Stupid faggot," is all I heard before Jack hold my throat in his hand choking
me. "Get your hand off that small ass cock!" he ordered and I was scared and
stayed motionless.

Seeing that I didn't move Jack effortlessly moved me to his knee and started
to spank me. I'm a grown married man being spanked by a man that is 10 years
younger than me. Maybe the spanking was supposed to turn me off. However the
pain and humiliation made me moan like a bitch in heat.

Luckily no one was left in the building to come in to see us like this. If
anyone found out the embarrassment is more then I could bear. After being
spanked for the 20th time tears started to form and I squirmed on the knee of
the young man.

"Stop squirming," he snarled as the hits became harder. Giving into my fate I
tried not to cry out too loud. He takes my silence as a sign to hit me harder. 
Jack hit me 50 or 60 more times. Sobbing and unresponsive to the outside
world all I registered is the man's voice.

"Fucking faggot," he swore before spitting on me, "That is why you're fucking
fag girl instead of a man."

His words stung me as the tears started to dry. The pain started to ebb and I
felt Jack fighting for my wallet in my pants. Unable to, scared as well,
resist him as he cleaned out my wallet of the 50 dollars inside.

"I saw the looks you gave me," he leered at me, "You always noticed those tight
t-shirts I wore."

It is true, the shirts barely held his muscles and even though I told myself,
and others, it was disgusting I loved seeing it. I can admit to myself now that
I lusted after his body. It was the reason I hired him in the first place, I
wanted to look at his body every day. Maybe in the back of my mind I wanted him
to do something like this. After I interviewed him that night my wife and I had
the best sex to date. Maybe that was inspired by him too. Now I understand
now, because men like Jack makes fag girls like me horny.

"See you later girl," he pushed me off his knee. I dropped onto the ground as I
pocked the cash while putting his shoes and shirt on.

"No," I whined trying to get up," I'll double your pay and give you a big

He can't do this. He can't awaken the fag girl inside of me without doing it
completely. I need to see his cock and taste his seed. This stud can't walk
out without feeding me his **** batter.

For a moment it looked like he was considering it. I also notice I orgasm in my
pants without touching myself. I came on Jack's knee being spanked. I
feel both embarrassed and proud that I came like a proper fag girl.

"Stupid fag," Jack told me while he stood at my office door, "I got a better
job lined up then this one. Today is my last day."

Slamming the door the dominant stud left my life. He just worked here for less
than month but I'll never forget him. After all he is the stud that awoken the
submissive fag girl inside of me.

It terrifies me that he might tell his friends at work what just happened. 
However five men for one hungry fag girl…

Kink Glossary - Breath Control

As a general warning and disclaimer this guide is to inform not to condone or instruct how to carry out this practice. It falls into the category of Edgeplay and RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink). I will say however that this practice if carried out should at the bare minimum be done with trust, supervision, experience and NEVER by yourself. Any person undertaking this act does so at their own risk.

So first things first. Breath Control, BC, Erotic ************ or Breath Play is defined into four categories each with different requirements and risks. All however have the intention of limiting, reducing or cutting off a person's air supply through various methods.

Smothering - This method carries a minimal amount of risk. This one is simply the act of closing the subjects airways. Commonly using hands over mouth (HOM) or (GOM) if the hands are gloved. Others are using Duct Tape or for a 90’s cliché a pillow. This one is easier to release a sub from by simply removing the smothering element or the sub may remove it themselves if not restrained. Tape is the most likely to increase risk as its removal requires finding the end of the tape and tearing it off the airway in time. This is for those who enjoy the sensation of having their mouth and nose secured tightly and restricted. It relies on trust and elements of supervision in the case of tape.

Strangulation - This method I'd say is just slightly less risky than Bagging. The method predominantly relies on hands or ligature cutting off the air supply at the throat. The main point with this one is trust. Supervision is required and I would advise to never secure a ligature in place on the sub as difficulties can arise if the ligature cannot be removed quickly enough. One ligature I've heard of but would say to NEVER use is a cable tie as they are dangerous to undo in time. Simpler ones are belts, rope, or even a dressing gown cord. More adjustable, and of varying strengths are better choices.

Bagging - This one I class as more dangerous because it can give a false sense of security. It involves enveloping a person's head or face with items such as bags (preferably clear), swim caps, cling film or even gas masks. These provide limited amounts of oxygen and may be allowed to alter the flow of oxygen. Again with all Breath Control I'll say again TRUST is key. Supervision is more important here as people may believe the person has enough air for such and such a time. Again if a person is restrained they cannot release themselves, but release from this method is easier than some Ligature Strangulations. Items or material are easier to tear off or remove as they are rarely sealed. If sealed it may be easier to damage the item Bagging them than the seal itself especially if urgency is required.

Hanging - By far the most dangerous. Personally I would never carry this out but some do. There are two methods which I call Raising and Dropping. Everyone knows that hanging involves a loop or noose placed around a person's neck and then gravity pulls the person against the loop/noose cutting off their air supply. Raising I'd say is safer than Dropping as the technique involves slowly raising the person off the ground until the air supply slowly cuts off. It is also the easier of the two to release as the tension is usually supported by someone pulling on the ligature. Whilst a person should be eased down gently it is easier to let go in an emergency. Dropping is easily the most at risk and I will say should NEVER be done. This is something that was and still is in some places used as capital punishment and was/can be performed wrong even by people whose job it was/is. It involves standing on a platform that can be removed and as the ligature becomes taught the air supply is cut off. This can break necks and even in documented cases decapitation. I say again NEVER attempt this. 

Reforming subs

I am inspired to write this due to a post by DirtyDom...

So last night I take a call from one of my regulars about doing another session, unfortunately its a no can due as he wants it on my birthday... For me as a Master I am only dominant with those who consent first and in session... I will not call someone a fag, slut, whore or any humiliation word without the latter... for me i build rapport and friendships first, this gives for a far better dynamic and gives me a chance to learn about there lifestyles.... 

Back to subject... so he calls me last night and i ask him about his booze intake as the previous session he had admitted to falling down the stairs and not remembering much because he drank far to much, and it wasnt the first time ive heard of his uninhibited antics... He only admitted as i noticed the bruise on the hips and i questioned this (I dont like seconds) this kinda annoyed me that someone would do something stupid and keep doing so... I sentenced him there and then to a cold caning of 50 strokes of the dragon, this was in intervals, each 10 (a stroke per 10 seconds) would follow with a 2 minute break in absolute silence for him to think why drinking to much is bad... he did cry but never called red as was trying so hard to please me, my perfect sub honestly... he went away with not much to say that day except rubbing his arse and a message to say he couldnt even sit down.... 

last night after half hour I asked him about his drinking, to which he said along the lines of, i dunno whats happened but im not to interested in getting pissed, ive been out with friends and have gotten tipsy a few times but not to points i have forgotten stuff...

I dunno if theres any coincidence but i would say thats reforming and would like to feel I had a impact on his life...

remember, the subs and slaves we own are also humans, listen to them, learn from them, a Master isnt just someone who beats and humiliates, he can also be a coach/mentor... the psychological impacts can be very significant... 

I Used To Fuck Your Dad's Mouth

OK, so chances are, he wasn't your dad, but I know damn well he was someone's. I answered his personal ad in a local paper. Seems this closeted cocksucker was so desperate for dick in his mouth, he'd come up with all sorts of scenarios he wanted to play out in order to have an excuse to suck another one.

The advertisement said he was in his late 40's, and worked at some boring-as-shit company downtown, where he had a private office. His fantasy was for some young punk to come by and sit in his fancy executive chair while he got down on his knees and swallowed some cock. He got off on the fact his coworkers would be walking by just outside his office door, completely unaware he was unleashing his inner dick pig.

That's what happened. Once a week, I stopped by his office, locked the door, and got my dick sucked. Seemed like a great deal to me, until I saw him get into his $50K Mercedes one evening to head home to the wife and kids, or the purebred dogs. Whatever his thing was. That's when I realized he wasn't doing me any favors sucking me off. I was doing him the favor. Giving him the anonymous dick he craved, and then allowing him to go home to his expensive life, no one but the two of us the wiser.

The cocksucker was just using me, and I wasn't getting anything in return. I could get better head without going all the way downtown. I started to resent him. So, next time I stopped by, when he started really working his tongue all over my shaft, I put my hand on the back of his head, made him all the way down, and fucked his throat while he sputtered and gagged, and clutched at my thighs. He couldn't make too much noise or he'd attract unwanted attention, and he eventually just took it.

When I shot my load and let him off my dick, I expected to see outrage, but that fucker looked at me like I was Jesus, and it made me hard all over again.

Ever since then, I've had a thing for businessmen, and guys in suits. I love seeing their dick-hungry mouths wrapped around my cock, and to fuck those uptight, middle-management assholes. I like to treat them like the little sluts they really are. And I'm still doing them a favor, so now I expect them to step up and do their part.
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