The Tease

You arrive at the flat as instructed in the e-mail you received a week ago it seems like it was months. It started in a chat room you wern’t that serious at first, to you it was just some fun to wank to but as time when on you started to realize that the man you where chatting to did not see this as fun! You started to understand that this man was what you cold call a Master, a Master that was for real. You Where to come to know that you would be his slave for real but that’s a long story so back to the flat for now.

The door was open and you walked in. It was not hard to know what to do as the email was very clear. You found your way to the “play” room. OK I could describe it but we all have our own idea at to what a play room is like. For this part of the tail all that is important is that there is a comfy chair with a wooden stool to it’s left. You undress (why?) and lay your clothes on the stool with your sneakers under it, your pants on top with your wallet on top of them. From the web cam in the room I could see that you were complying with all my instructions. Once you put the blindfold on I knew it was time for me to enter the room.

Now reader, think of standing nude in front of me head bowed hands behind your back. I would be looking you over and asking you questions like; Why are you here boy? and your answers will tell me where to go from there. I might start my running my fingers down your arms to see how your body reacts running them down and over your chest getting close to your nipples but never touching them. You see from this I like to tease work from slow and light to hard over a long time.

As much as once you become my slave your thoughts won't matter to me, to start with they do. So tell me boy!

I want to start to see how long I can tease that body sometimes running my fingers over those nipples starting to squeeze them, to pinch them and gently pulling them, taking my time to work them harder and harder. Then just as you think it's too much I stop and go back to being very gentle. As my fingers get close to the nipple I see a shiver go thought the body and a pull back just to start again. All this time I take no interest in that boy penis even if it's hard a twitching.

As you answer these questions you can feel pegs/clamps being put on your nipples then my hand running down and over your belly stopping at your pubes for a bit. You know I will not touch that cock as it twitching in the air. Instead my hands run around to your buttocks. At this point being a good slave you know what is required of you right now............ Yes that's right you place your self over my lap as easy as breathing but with a little anticipation. Is your Master in the mood to give a good spanking or maybe will just want to tease that ass?

The one thing you do know is while your over his knees you will reach for your wallet and hand it to your Master because what is in side, is HIS as you will be!

Whimsical musings about life, OF and existence !!

As I sit watching the Ocean lap incessantly on the beach and with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc at my left hand I contemplate the myriad thoughts that scamper through my head like restless unfettered ********. One thought, however, crashes upon me more like a wave than a gentle tide - why did I join OF and what is it really all about?<br />
<br />
The first thing that rings with a clarity that all truth provides is that we all have fetishes, some of which bubble near the surface and some of which lurk in the deeper recesses of our consciousness. Fetishes do not restrict themselves to any sexuality, socio-economic group or any of the "nature v nurture twaddle". They exist in all of us and some of us like leave to explore these to an extent which may involve the dipping of a toe into dark waters or the headlong plunge in the deep end of the newly discovered. Hence OF! At the risk of creeping up the wonderful posterior of MOA, I must say that this site is run with a wonderfully "light touch"" regulation as indeed it should be given that , by and large, the membership are rational, intelligent and consenting adults.<br />
<br />
In his play "The life of Galileo" the wonderfully left wing playwright Bertold Brecht, has two of the characters, Andrea and Galileo in conversation - says Andrea "Uneasy is the land that breeds no hero" Galileo replies "No. Uneasy is the land that needs a hero". I plonk myself firmly in the Andrea camp as I believe that we all have a need for a hero as much as some of us wish to be seen as a hero to others. Long may such role models exist to enrich all of our lives!<br />
<br />
That said I do find it sad that such an innocent ideal can be spoiled by the brutish behaviour of some who automatically assume that all subs are beneath their own assumptions of superiority. We all come to this site for our own particular reasons and there are some for whom this site is a well defined vehicle for additional income. So be it and I make no judgements on such motives. However feral screams that a particular "sub" is "time wasting cunt""or worse do little to encourage those who seek to discover their fetishes but do not, for whatever reason, wish to continually submit to what could well seem like unfair and unnecessary fianacil pressures. We all serve others in our own particular ways and if that is through gentle encouragement and guidance it could prove to be infinitely more rewarding in the long term. One accepts, even expects, a certain amount of role play and teasing (where would the fun be otherwise?) but when that "teasing" becomes akin to cyber bullying then everyone suffers and the point of a fetish community is demeaned and reduced. Likewise the insipid habit of blocking people on chat. What is that all about? Far from increasing delusions of superiority it only enhances to inferiorities of the person concerned. Have the wit and the vocabulary to answer back to the bullies as we would in "real" life. <br />
<br />
We all come to this site from different directions and with different needs. Respect those and respect the individuals concerned. Very few will become ones lovers or partners or even dinner companions but they are ALL entitled to their opinions provided these are expressed with humanity and clarity and not with a barked indifference. If,someone's views and needs differ from your own then avoid them. There is more than enough room for us all.<br />
<br />
The Chat Room should be a place for fun conversation for people from all over the world. Never should a sub be afraid to enter not to,express an opinion without some feral attack from a remorseless few.<br />
<br />
I suppose that I have learned to accept my own individual idiosyncrasies and I am the first to laugh at myself - not everyone feels that comfortable but they can learn to so become with support and a feeling of "community", cyber though it is. I have had the great good fortune to correspond with some on here with whom I be delighted to share a bottle of wine and a good meal! May that long remain true!

The one taboo that's so taboo it's even banned as a word on here!

I thought I'd write some humble sub-words on a subject that's so taboo that you can't even type the word on the site without it being asterisked out.

It's understandable. It's illegal, and a lot of people throw the word around when all they really mean is rough sex. Which is not the same thing at all! I'm assuming I can't type the word in the blogs either so you'll just have to guess what I'm talking about!

A website can't allow crime to take place and remain above board, and most sane adults know that to actually take away the choice from another regarding sex, to make sex upon a person without consent isn't ok. Even in the context of BDSM. 

But you know, I want to put a different side across, from the point of view of a victim who having experienced the real thing, has and probably always will be, locked in a permanent state of victim-hood, craving a repeat of an experience that having happened, has changed me forever. And while I'm not encouraging people to take risks, my truth is my truth, and it's worth adding it to the wide range of situations that people in our community have experienced.

I was with an aggressive dominant (mentally ill) partner for a few years, who on one occasion, decided that even though I forcefully and clearly refused it, anally fucked me ignoring my protestations and locking me under him unable to escape his pounding, and making it clear my arse was his to use as he pleased. I remember when it happened, the disconnect i experienced realising there was nothing I could do about it. How my mind floated away as if i was barely there, and all the random practical things that went through my head for what I'd need to do when it was over. I'd have to go the toilet that was obvious, I'd need to clean myself up. And I remember thinking how embarrassing that was going to be because he was going to be able to see me as i walked to the toilet and know i'd be clenching trying to avoid any unpleasant accidents on the way. I remember thinking, this could be much worse, at least he's not hitting me. And I remember telling myself that he must really like me if he wants me this badly. For a moment i felt almost flattered. At no time did i initially think, I'm being fucked, this is ****. Someone help me. I just disconnected and entered denial.

This doesn't sound as bad as it is for some victims. And it wasn't. I knew the person, had feelings for them, and wasn't scared for my life. I didn't believe i was going to die or any of the things some **** victims must experience. I just felt dirty, and ********, and emotionless. Physically very alive. Emotionally, pretty much dead inside. For quite a while.

It was actually when he was gone, that I started wanting it to happen again. I needed that connection and loss of control that I'd experienced, and i needed it more and more as time went by. I was able to get laid, experience aggressive sex, enjoy loads of things that came close to the initial experience, and that was ok for a while. But as i came to understand what had actually happened to me, and how it had changed me, I realised that I'd be craving that experience probably for the rest of my life. It's the only time I felt actually liberated from every day life, was that moment, and then the series of moments as choice was removed, penetration was ruthlessly achieved by a strong hot blooded alpha male, and I realised the sense of release I hadn't experienced before had happened in that experience. I was almost grateful for it.

Let's be clear. When it happened, I didn't want it to. It's only afterwards, that I find myself genuinely wishing it would. 24/7. That for an alpha to repeat that, even when I said No, and meant it, would be the only time I'd actually experience it all again, but from a different perspective.

I wanted to share this, partly because i know a lot of people just dismiss these types of fantasies that people have with no actual knowledge or experience of the real thing, as just that, fantasies that were they to really experience, they would inevitably hate. I can tell you, that it's more complicated than that. And that although it's quite right not to encourage removal of consent, it's a principle that the BDSM community has to stand by, there are some of us, who as victims, are more able to comprehend and cope with it than we're given credit for. And one or two of us, actually wish it would happen again. Not because we're pretending not to give consent, and then giving it really. But because it's not about the moment it's happening. It's the long term pleasure and way it affects you in the future, that we'd be willing to undergo the trauma for. Not unlike bondage for those that don't enjoy the pain. 

For me, there's no greater indication that I'm inferior to an Alpha, than the moment I say No, and they do it anyway. And I'm glad I can throw this blog out there, because to be honest, where else in the world are you going to be able to explain this to people who might actually understand it, and not shut it down?

I've always been curious what Alphas really think, rather than what they know they have to say, because the subject is taboo. I just don't know how you get an honest conversation about something that is such a touchy subject!

I'm looking to own a stable of Slaves

Im looking to eventually own a stable of slaves who want nothing more than to give me control over them. 

Im brutal but im also sane. I want a faggot who knows what it means to submit and its not just some fantasy to him. 

I hate flaky fags. If you think you have what it takes then you need to message me, boy

Don't make your new Alpha Master wait

So I finally came to this site

So as the title suggests I have finally decided to join this site, previously using other sites one of my subs persuaded me that there is a high gain in joining this website to find the best possible subs out there, so far after trawling this site in the little time I have had this, this community does seem very genuine and seems like a good place to find further subs to add to my collection, prove me right.

A Fag's Recipe for Success!

Fags, slaves, human toilets, and other niche fetishists, gather round, let’s have a quick chat...


A fag who had recently stumbled onto this site sent me a nervous message, asking me what he was supposed to do, and how was he to manage the deluge of demands from the ‘Masters’. My advice was largely ignored and this particular fag was quickly swallowed up, drained dry, and has not been heard of for some time. It seems a pity, he was thoughtful and engaging, and he might be back, but I doubt it.


Who are these Masters? What do they want?


Well, they want your tips, that lies at the heart of everything. Don’t be fooled by softly spoken words, they want your tips, preferably as many as possible, some Masters want them all. That sounds cold, like business, purely transactional, but for many Masters this is entirely about making a quick buck, that’s all, so don’t be fooled or disappointed. You are not special, you are not important, you are not going to become the ‘love of their lives’. I guarantee that one of the first things a Master does when he logs on is to check to see what ‘new meat’ has been delivered, and check to see who has been purchasing tips, then, eventually, he might get around to reading your ‘pleading, adoring message of devotion’ that you wrote in a frenzy of passion the night before.


I know, I know, many fags would dispute what I’ve written. ‘My Master loves me’, they will say, ‘he genuinely cares about me’, they will convince themselves of this to justify the tipping habit; it’s amazing how we all find good reasons for our bad habits.


So, I can hear you thinking, ‘beggar, you filthy smart arse, we all know this is a financial domination site, so what’s your point?’


Well, here’s my recipe for a successful, sustainable slave life on Owned Fags:


HAVE FUN - Enjoy this place. Laugh at the madness. Smile at the grumpy Masters who talk about time-wasting and fags who don’t ‘cough up’. Walk into the chat room and smash up the coffee machine from time to time. Comment on images, write blogs, enjoy the cock shots, join groups, but have some fun!


THE POWER TO SAY NO – Masters will try to convince you that you are brainless scum that exists to make them happy by sending tips. It’s fun to believe that, but clearly you are a reasonably intelligent man, you can read, so you are not a brainless animal. Don’t be intimidated by them! Reject ridiculous targets, ignore messages that expect you to pay a Master simply because he has a big cock, say no from time to time. A fag I like and admire was recently in the chat room and an army of ‘Masters’ walked in and made all kinds of demands, one said: “Oi fag, get me a fucking beer you cunt!” My friend’s swift response was: “I don’t think so.” Those greedy, aggressive Masters soon stumbled away grumbling.


A STABLE LIFE – Only walk in if it’s what you want, not what HE wants. Remember, once you’re in you can’t play around and no-one is going to pay much attention to you anymore. If you want to have fun with lots of men, then stay out of stables.


DON’T TIP TOO EASILY - Find the man or men who make you smile, who make you happy. Before I became owned I had a strict policy of only sending tips to men that made me ‘laugh out loud’. It wasn’t a reward, it was appreciation for them being clever and funny and smart and most of all, real Alphas. The ones that shout and stomp around and gave me nothing, well they got nothing from me.


OWNED FAGS CAN BE MORE THAN TIPS – Occasionally, once in a while, you might bump into a real Master who might enjoy your company, who might have a very small soft spot for you. Cultivate that connection, who knows where it might lead, but don’t forget, he still wants your tips.


MASTEROFALL – When he walks into the room, bow low, he’s the Boss!


Everyone has their own recipe for success, this is mine. Good luck navigating your way through this crazy and amazing place fellow fags!

Master training 4U - be clear & only deal with the right fags

Master KM here, your favorite and most perfect Master ever, back again with more wisdom and guidance.

After having so many newbie masters come to Me for training over the years, I have been more or less repeating this concept since the beginning. It was actually a fag who suggested I post this after our convo; it seems there are quite a few still left who are misguided and misinformed.

When you keep this in mind, it will save you a lot of wasted time and will really give you a better idea of what you're dealing with in terms of your interactions. It also prevents a lot of people in this scene from jumping to conclusions and judging each other unfairly.

It's really quite simple.

There are two kinds of fags/slaves in the findom scene: cashfags (slaves who pay and are here to do so) and, fags who need a master and show up in the findom scene. They are NOT the same thing! The other type are commonly referred to as "fakes".

If you want to get your money as a Master and show up to take what belongs to you and only you, you only want to talk to cashfags. That's the great thing about showing up here and coming into your own as a Master because the money you get is sort of encoded directly to you and was set aside for you in a way. The fags who see you and jump at the chance to throw money at you prove that point very well. You, like Me and many who came before us, are just showing up to claim what is ours and to be tomorrow's world leaders.

Some cashfags can be fake too in their approach/method - there are fags who want to pay and come here to do so but DO enjoy jerking you around, fucking with you, and wasting your time for quite a while before, during, or after paying as well. Sometimes these ones are worth it, sometimes not. It's up to you to sort those ones out. Is the juice worth the squeeze? Some fags are just too annoying, so, fuck it. Other ones are okay.

The other type (fags who need a master and show up in the findom scene) are almost always labelled as fake because they don't/can't/won't pay, no matter what. The worst part is that they advertise themselves as cashfags so that you will talk to them. Because they need a master. They know that they are in the findom scene on a site like this, and they have to blend in, so they disguise themselves as members of this community. It's almost as if they are refugees of some kind, really belonging elsewhere, but somehow ending up here and having to blend in, and when you take a peek under the veneer of conformity, you see the real truth instead. Which can be very disappointing.

Why are these fakes here and what is the point of them? Many Masters before you were inundated with these freaks and lost their nerve and patience and simply gave up this whole thing altogether because they were so repelled by these hopeless fags. What you need to understand is that these are simply slaves who know they need control and have appeared on findom sites because they like the idea of the type of Master we are. For whatever reason, they don't want to bother going on any of the sites or apps that have doms on them that aren't interested in taking a "fag's" money. There are masters in real life and online on plenty of sites who will control a homo or any sub really, for free. Maybe fags don't know these sites exist, or haven't realized that they can do that, or maybe they tried that and didn't like it, but in any case they show up on sites like this secretly hoping to get the Master they want and carry that on just long enough that it will work for them without having to pay, BECAUSE they were never cashfags to begin with. If you're a serious master and you're serious about taking what belongs to you like I am, you toss these ones immediately, because it's not a good match. Some other master, maybe one who is gay or whatever, will be happy to take that fag over. You should be focused on talking to cashfags only if you are on sites like this. It's pretty much the whole point of being here.

So really, there are cashfags, and "other". These "other" homos don't even really know why they are here beyond some basic core need for a Master without having thought out realistically any of the details. It's only a matter of time before the cash thing comes up, and its sooner rather than later. So these other homos don't have a hope in hell of carrying on with their scheme if they are talking to a pro, however, some of these "other" homos are potential cashfags, that just need grooming into it and could really be a good asset for you if you're willing to train and put the time in. If you know how. If you want to bother. If you think it's gonna realistically lead somewhere. If....

These untapped potentials, if you can recognize them when you see them, can be a real treasure for you. That's where your skill and superiority and effort comes in. Are you up to it? These can be chances to develop yourself and improve as a Master and you should take them when possible and when there is a good possibility of $ in it for you.

From one master to another: I don't like the idea of you wasting your time, especially not by misguided and misinformed homos. Some fags honestly do not get that we do not "get off" on weird gay shit, and that we have a thing for the cash, which is just one small part of why they have to pay. It is not the same for us as it is for them. The cash aspect of it isn't just a "side thing that maybe once in a while you will do". It's a main focus for a lot of us. Anyone who is anyone knows that a Master's time is precious. Fags have entire lifetimes to waste and do stupid/ridiculous shit during, as they prove daily. WE don't. We have important shit to do, and are here to collect the right servants to improve our lives immeasurably (which matter more than everyone else's, obviously). There are lots of ways to do that, too. It's not just cash. I regularly put fags to work doing all kinds of busywork I just can't be bothered with but that is still important.

There are a lot of people in this scene who simply are not clear about why they are here. Find that out right away when dealing with new ones. Does that mean you should demand $ instantly from any homo that shows up without making any effort to figure out why they added you in the first place? No. Is conversation still required on both sides? Yes. Are fags always honest? HELL NO. But can you honestly sit there and tell Me that you can afford to waste time on that kind of dishonesty? Or lack of clarity of purpose on that homo's part? No.

It's not a Master's fault that homos don't know what they want or why they are on the wrong sites, and fags don't have the right to ask you to pay the price for that in wasted time.

Fags should also not be sitting there complaining that no one is ever good enough for them either, especially when they are on the wrong sites, don't know why they are here, provide no value in terms of being a cashfag, and generally are just being critical cunts for no reason. Look in the mirror, homos! Do you honestly have a right to bitch? Do you honestly have a right to point the finger? What good have you ever been any of us? Or do you just sit around and TALK about being useful and how hot and amazing us masters are? Yeah, that's what I thought! And don't criticize other fags either, especially ones that are doing their bit every day like YOU should be! Just like I said in my last blog, we always love and appreciate the good ones! BE one of them.

Anyways, that concludes this section of my Master Training Manual (patent pending).

It's Master KM, bitchez!

The Way it Works...

There’s absolutely no one way to describe FinDomming or the cashslaves involved in it, and definitely not the relationship they have with their Dom. To keep it simple though, especially for the lesser creatures out there reading this, here is my take on the basics of hierarchy and structure of not just FinDomming but any D/s relationship.

Alpha: The leader, the top dog, the first and strongest link in the chain. Without an Alpha there is no structure and no purpose for a pack or stable. An Alpha is self-assured and strong-minded, often being arrogant and proud-- rightly so too. An Alpha is the Dom, the unquestioned, the respected, the worshiped. Call Him as a Master or even a God, it doesn’t matter. Simply put, the Alpha is the everything.

Beta: A different breed of Dom, often being submissive to a single proven Alpha who they will remain loyal to even if they have their own pack or stable. They can act as the strong-arm of an Alpha in His absence, ensure the preservation of the Alpha’s law, and assist to keep the subs in their place. All at the benefit of the Alpha, for whom they will often strip away their pride and dignity in order to be a complete sub to Him. And only to Him.

Omega: The lowest of the low, the most submissive sort of sub. Even if they are owned, collared, caged, and branded, it is generally accepted that they will service anyone and everyone whether they are a Dom or sub. They may be loyal to one Alpha, but that doesn’t mean they’re not passed around as the whore they are. Even fellow subs will get use out of this lowly trash.

Boy: A token nickname used to describe the young or the submissive male, often by a potentially but not always older Dom. This name denotes their status in the relationship without being intentionally offensive, usually as a common ground during initial meetings or for friendlier D/s relationships. There are variations on this term, some being boi for twinks, girl for sissies, or pup as an alternative.

Fag(got): The homo, the queer, the poof. Faggot is one of the most common derogatory terms, used to refer to the pathetic nature of a sub while insulting their manhood, specifically as being nothing more than a cocksleeve for real men-- straight, bisexual or gay. The fact is that these are sub-par males who have no place except on their knees, or in whatever position a Dom desires them.

Slave: The collared boy, often a faggot who is abused for the amusement and pleasure of a Dom. They have no rights except those graciously granted to them by their owner, if the Alpha in question can be bothered to take care of them. Slaves are expected to serve without question and have no assured rewards in return.

Wallet: The lightest sort of finsub who may act as a one time or infrequent source of cash. They may or may not be kinky or all that submissive, but still will provide some benefit to the Alpha they approach. Whether or not they go further with their relationship with a Dom, or eventually prove themselves to be capable and worthy cashfags is a matter that wildly differs depending on the sub in question.

Cow: An eager ATM that will allow regular milkings of their hard earned cash, this is a lite version of fag taxation. This can be one or multiple sessions with an Alpha who will take all they can from the cow. It can also be done over time where the cow will present funds as frequent as possible to bring the Dom happiness.

Pig: These cashfags will eagerly throw their money at a Dom just to be permitted any sort of existence in the Alpha’s presence. They often enjoy humiliation and being more object than creature. They are not just ATMs but also like credit cards begging to be maxed out, loans to be signed and spent immediately, this is true fag taxation. They deserve to have their bank accounts aching.

Slave: The long-term sort of cashfag, who may be either like a cow or pig, but has allowed themselves to be taken in by an Alpha. In exchange for loyalty, their Dom will graciously manage their finances and/or lives in various forms. This is the greatest achievement for a boy, allowing them to free up so much space in their thoughts for their Alpha. All they have to do, is listen to whatever their owner says, and to simply do it.


Cash slaves are something all students talk about amongst friends. When the sole of our shoes start tearing off, the puddles leave you with wet feet, and the student loan isn't due for a couple months, we gather on our local wetherspoons and ritually drink strongbow dark fruits.. at this moment is when discussions open about finding a 'Sugar Daddy' (students are greedy). It wasn't until I got my first taste of a cashslave that I believed it was such a thing (thanks for the aftershave). I'm writing this post as a newbie a first of many i should hope.. i invite you to read and watch my journey in becoming a master.

Serving on webcam while master watches

I spent thousands of tips before because I had the pleasure of serving and proving just how helpless I become when craving Masters approval. I came right as I pressed send and felt ashamed of how I felt and how much money I lost especially after cumming without touching myself ..just the send button .but couldn't help feel that need arise days later and stronger this time. I was wondering if there could be s way to make a game where slaves can be used on the site being exposed
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