What video do you want to see

Faggots, let your master know what you want to see when I use my next slave! This will be published at a cost, for the privilage!

My Faggots Devotion and Worship

My faggots have set a new strict rule among themselves:  All of them use this picture of mine at the gym as wallpaper on the smartphones, which is never removed or replaced regardless where they need to turn on the screen to use the phone and whoever is able to see the picture when displayed.

My faggots replaced and deleted, not only from their phones but also from their organic memories, former dull images of boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands, relatives or even religious prints the used as wallpapers and/or images of worship. Instead they placed mine image as the new Icon or real, daily, devoted and highly disciplined worship. I am their religion, their belief, their faith, I am literally their GOD.


With that image they pray to me, everyday. They pray for my oppression and subjugation and for their liberation of fake freedom. Renewing every day their vows to renounce to their faith, to their family, and to everything they owned before, including assets and monthly incomes that they hand them over at my feet as their new God. 

In short, their lives are mine.

Therefore my godly image on their phones it is not for a faggy lustful purpose to please their eyes, since all of them all totally forbidden any form of sexual release. In fact, many of them I subjected them to chastity devices for years under my yoke, are already mentally and physiologically castrated. Namely, no longer able to get hard or even cum.  They know just the though of it displeases me and can even unleash a potent storm of my wrath over them, risking to end up with dark bruises. Less teeth or even broken bones.


My faggots simply get wet and drip their panties when they are in my presence or when they pray to my image every day.

Fags are human too

D D's wonderful time came to an end last night.

A message from Kenfag, ex of this site, he had been involved in a serious accident which made him re-evaluate things, so he left the site. Fatpat, you probably remember I owned twice, left because he no longer felt himself to be a fag, a guy on another site was almost suicidal last night, be cause he felt unused and uncared for.

All these incidents have made me think, I try to be a caring Master and will continue to do so, but we all need to remember that fags are human beings, with real desires and feelings, it cannot be easy for them knowing what they are, and in some cases unable to cope with the reality of it.

Lecture over, I will continue to care for and respect those fags in my ownership and any others I come across.

I'm here!

Just a quickie as a first timer. I'm here and already loving this place. Cannot wait to get started with some brilliant subs.
Chat always welcome.

BlackMa$ter for a Cashfag

Hey boys, I'm looking for a cash slave, someone who can help me get what i want in life, someone who will pamper me and show me that the true meaning of being a cash Slavs is to serve your master and make him happy

I'm so Stupid !

I wish I thought about the consequences of disobeying this fags future Owner by lying to him and going behind his back to serve another and in doing so almost lost a real genuine alpha male I've grown to trust and feel close to in a way a silly fag like me never thought it deserved to feel .

Young Master from Italy

I am a young straight Master from Italy that looking for cashslaves to humiliate and dominate them online. I think that a real cashslave must do all what I want, when and how I want without oppose to it because he knows to be lower. What I like to do is humiliate them on can and drain them at the same time. If I will find one of them I will be very happy!

New York Master "I WanT IT All$$

I'm a Young Master From New York . Dominant Haveing A Lil Problem with slaves that won't commit well are you a slave that needs To be spit on Mind fucked make you seem like a delusional fuck that thrives of satisfying your master and knowing u will one day service a big black dick King Nyc here will satisfy you world wide fuck them other Masters That Claim They can keep you I will take u and walk you around Have you buy toys and fuck your self with them on cam for me .Black Superior Looking To Fill mouths Stables and Get in them pockets I needs gifts My wishlist up

New Feature: Stables

Stables are run by Masters and is a group area for his owned slaves.

When a slave joins a Masters stable the slave will have access to a private area between the Master and all slaves in his stable.

Slaves can post to a private wall and read a personal message left by the Master.

Masters can can do the following with his owned slaves:

- Read their private messages

- See how many Tips they have

- View their Tips log

Masters can also change the name of their stable and write an enticing message to persuade slaves to join.

More will be added soon.

Messaging my slave

Do not, I repeat DO NOT message ANY of my slaves. My slaves are loyal to me and tell me every time you "Masters" message them. That is also a site rule, isn't it ? It is not my fault you can not own your own.
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