It's easy being a fag

Yes thats what I said, It's easy being a fag!.

All you have to do is do as I say.  Sometimes thoght I am feed up with having to do all the thinking.  Esp at the begining of getting to know the buttons to press to get you working to make my life easy and/ore please me!

Yes I know your just a mindless/week willed faggot, or that's how you like to think of your self.   Howether if your confronted with an order that you don't like your "will" kicks in! and you backout of anything that has started. 

So it's up to us Masters to make sure that nothing we do our say or order makes that "will" of yours kick in. Where as you site/lay around just waiting around for and order from me that works for you.

It's easy being a fag.

Sissy faggot

Why not live and exist only to serve and worship a Masters ass.

Now that would be something.
And his feet and soles.

I thought, I was into women.
But who am I kidding ?

Time waisting fag alert

So I took on a fag in my stable thinking it seemed ok, spent most of the night chatting and doing tasks, it even bought items from my amazon wishlist then out of nowhere it desides to leave the site totally and cancelled the orders on amazon, this pathetic peace of shit went by the name ( LeatherCash)

A Blast in the Park

I have a short but very enjoyable walk in the woods in "A Blast in the Park". 

Rubber Puppy Love

A generous puppy comes down from the city in "Rubber Puppy Love"



The essence of this site

It happens more and more often fags approach Me saying how hot and sexy I look and stuff like that and then when I talk about tributing they candidly admit: oh sorry Sir am not into fin dom, i am here just because Men are hot.... well I find that SO disrespectful and undermining the real spirit of this site.... others think of tributes as a sort of fee to pay to then be able to tell Masters what to do when and how... a totally wrong approach to fin dom for Me.... just accept the rules of the game, be here to fully enjoy the experience and submit happily or go wanking elsewhere useless timewasters!

Cookold fags / Bi’s & Paypigs for straight couples

It has come to my attention there are a few fags on here that are interested in serving straight couples, I myself (Cash Reaper) being a straight Alpha male and the Mrs are willing to supply you with those needs to serve, send me a direct message with what you are looking for be it looking to pay for our nights out / or just the fact of making our lives just that bit easier.

Who I am

I am Master REd.

I deserve the best in life. I deserve a stable of fags to help me achieve this.

I desire to become fitter and stronger. I have yet to upload a more up to date picture, because fags need to earn it.

I desire, and deserve, wearing the best clothes, whether that's street clothes or premium quality rubber.

You, fags, want me to look and be my best, and you WILL help me achieve that with the tips. In return, you will be reminded regularly of your true place.

At my feet.

Integrity , Drama and Lessons Learnt

So this weekend I awoke to an angry message and feedback from a Master about my interactions with one of his owned subs. I had plans so though I wanted to address it directly the Master had blocked me.

Since, whilst I want to set the record straight, I do not want additional drama I’ll leave this anonymous - it shouldn’t be hard to work out the parties involved if you want to follow the breadcrumbs.

So what happened? Well a sub approached me in open chat to try ‘nosis. We had a few sessions which were focused on submission and arousal - though I was clear in the suggestions that he was owned should serve his Master.

So time and chat move on and we get to talking about the ownership tattoo my primary slave has and the sub expresses an interest in earning one.

Seeing how this could go I was clear to the sub in our conversation…

“You can enquire respectfully, but make it clear that I have been clear that I will not steal a sub”

“You can mention my name because the message should be clear I'm interested but will respect his ownership”

And I left sub to go and talk to his Master. Obviously this did not go how I envisioned.

So what are the lessons to learn.

  1. If you are approached by someone else's sub it probably best to directly inform their Master straight away regardless of what your interaction with the sub entails.  

  2. If you are pissed with a Master then it’s best to sort it out with them directly rather than blocking them.

So what to do. The Master kicked the sub out of his stable and said I could have him. Obviously given the circumstances that wouldn’t sit well. So I’m going to leave it a month. If the sub is back with his Master, great. If he’s been stabled by another, fine. If not, we’ll see how the land lies.

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