The last days of lockdown are hopefully getting near from Garboss82's blog

Let’s not pretend it’s been tough. Fucking tough. The first day wasn’t a surprise, because I predicted it. Being locked up sounded easier a few weeks ago then what reality proved. Even the most basic pleasures involving leaving the house are denied. I’ve not been in a pub since 13 March. I’m craving a juicy steak that I didn’t have to fuking cook myself. I miss takeaways. And I fucking hate queuing up to go to the Supermarket.

And I’m sure it’s been tough for you fags and slaves. Not being able to get close to Masters. 

So here’s some tips to help you break the boredom of what willl hopefully be the last few days of lockdown.

1…Prepare your fag holes for use

When lockdown ends, there’ll be Masters needing to make use of your holes for their pleasure. So get acting now to get them in tip-top condition. Grab a dildo (or cucumber, courgette if you don’t have one) and start ploughing them holes deep. Don’t neglect throat training, and just think of exciting a Master the next time you are able to demonstrate your perfect deep throat.

2…Humiliate yourself - or get a Master on here to help you remind your place

This time in isolation may have started tricking your mind into forgetting your purpose. As fags you serve as objects for the pleasure and entertainment of Masters. Use this time even more than normal to entertain and Masters by humiliating and degrading yourself online

3…Revise your profiles

On this site and others, revise and enhance your profiles. Set out more clearly the type of Masters you crave in your whoring lives. Update profile pics and revise wording to make it as compelling as possible.


Be mindful of your financial circumstances and don’t go overboard. But take time to enjoy the simple plea$ures of tributing a Master to please Him. 

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