Submitting to an Alpha's Feet and Footwear from scousefeetslave's blog

Feet are the lowest part of the body and throughout history it has been common place for weak, conquered and inferior people to kneel and bow their heads at a Superior's feet and either beg for mercy or grovel. Some even make these people kiss their feet. Doing these things is some of the most degrading and humiliating things a person can do and probably why feet get a bad rep in society. This is why submissive fags like me enjoy kneeling and kissing feet because it shows how inferior and weak I know I am to an Alpha male. 

Licking feet is even more humiliating because you are licking off the sweat and dirt which shows that you are lower than the lowest part of an Alpha and have no self-respect so you will do as you are told. If you like feet then you are submissive in some way. I would never believe somebody is Alpha if they like feet. 

Many fags like me like feet to smell but in varying degrees. I enjoy feet smelling like the Alpha has been in the same footwear all day in work for example. Some like feet that have not been washed for days and in the same socks for weeks too. This is because the pheromones of an Alpha radiate through body parts that denote power like feet and I personally like to feel like I am licking His feet clean and enjoy having the Alpha's foot smell on my face that I keep smelling over hours. I would question if you are an fag if you do not like feet to smell at all and especially if you do not like feet at all. 

Footwear is very similar as you are licking the dirt off which is also very humiliating and degrading. It is a job for a lesser being. 

Conclusion, if you enjoy licking, kissing and smelling feet then you should feel embarrassed and ashamed because it shows you are weak and inferior and that is why we are fags :)

Jul 24
i know this is a very common fetish, but i don't have it (except for boots). Personally, i find foot pics boring. To each their kink :)
Jul 24
As long as you like something down there ;)
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