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I was on this site the other day in the chat window, someone was saying how they hate people (Master) who drop in sometimes. Say hi and then expect tribute, then you don't see them for weeks and sometimes months.

Well that sounds like something to get upset about (not) but hay on there you go. 

Yes I get the point and I might be guilty of a little of this but look, it's a two way street.   You see I am like most people I get board.  If you keep tempting me, in this case with tributs/gifts then I am less likely to get board and more likely to make some input that may or may not keep/get you hot for more.

You see faggot, for me the "F-U" finger, is just that.  F-U I don't need this or do it for you so you need to put the work in if you want me to give a............

Keep well Master and faggot$ get serving and you know it's good for you and the right thing to do.

Jul 26
This does make sense showing your interest in a master is important and they do have to deal with a lot of time wasters
Jul 26
Agreeing with a Master as all good faggots should Leatherboot
Jul 26
Well I feel like it’s a good first impression and a sub desires a masters attention while a masters wants to be served so subs do have to show that they intend to serve if all masters were 100% active all the time subs would never serve
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