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I am sure many members here have found it difficult during recent weeks and months to keep things together. Some financially ('by writing cheques that can't be cashed'), some mentally, some both. My own journey has been somewhat of a rollercoaster, but with a general trajectory in the downwards direction.

I can confidently say that the only reason I am still here is due to two very special people. One in my home world and one in my findom world (he knows who he is)

We all have our own ways of dealing with things and searching for solutions.  Nonetheless the underlying message is very important however. You should never feel you have to be alone with your feelings.  You might not be able to talk to close family and friends, but there are many resources to call upon for support, or for jjust a shoulder to cry on. Mine was closer than I thought.

This whole Covid situation will start to calm down at some point. Things will become clearer and there will be a way forward for us all.

Though it has been said before on this site, we all need a degree of consideration for each other.  Some of us have had minor inconvenience others have had their world's turned upside down.

Take a moment. Think. Communicate.

Jul 29
We're here for each other. Sorry to hear things are on a downward trajectory for you.
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By FinSubMre
Added Jul 26
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