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It has been 5 months since I first met MasterMister online and I never thought I would reach a new form of devotion and a new level of servitude all because of him!

Many unexpected things have happened to me these 5 months literally:

1. I've been buying gifts only for him and I've been tributing only him. I've completely stopped tributing others. I bought him a lot of gifts last month for his birthday. I've also never missed my weekly tributes.

2. I've been serving only him and I've stopped serving others. Few times I had the urge of serving others. He said he would only allow that with his presence but eventually he said he didn't feel like sharing me with others which I'm completely happy to know! I feel valued and appreciated!

3. I've uninstalled apps like Grindr, Re-con and Tinder. I've lost interest to meet or to date other guys or even to have sex with them. My relationship is only with him.

4. As he said, my orgasm solely belongs only to him. Literally for the past 5 months I've been jerking off only because of him by thinking about him or by looking at his pictures or by having cam session with him. I honestly feel wrong and guilty to jerk off because of other guys. I also do not want to fail to maintain this record.

5. The trust that we've built with each other is so huge to the point that I've given him access to my online banking and financial accounts and he holds all my personal credit card details. I've never done this with any other masters in the past!

6. If I remember correctly, only one time he asked me to send tribute and that's as a punishment for a mistake that I did. He has become so powerful to me that I myself have to constantly request for his permission for me to tribute him or to buy him gifts. Several times he declined that I had to keep begging him to give me permission. That's really true power of a legit Master!

7. I've been messaging and texting him every single day and he will always reply to me. I feel my day is incomplete without talking to him. I do respect his time and I will always wait patiently for him to reply. Few times I was quite occupied with works and didn't get to text him but he texted me to check how I was doing and that's really nice.

I realized all these happen because he taught me to serve with love and not with fear. He makes me fall in love with him. He makes me think about him every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to sleep. He makes me want to do anything in my capability for him!

I know it's a long way to go but it is my dream that one day I'll be able to move to be with him. I'll find a job and give all my salary to him every month! I hope when that day comes, he will accept me with an open heart to live with him and to let me continue serving him until my last day.

Ironically, 2020 may possibly be one of the best years in my life because of him! I am completely loyal to him, completely devoted and committed to him and only him. Thank you so much MasterMister!

Jul 28
Thank you LordAdonis :)
Jul 29
Thank you SirCasanova, good luck to you as well :)
Jul 29
wow - very happy for you nakeleyo - sounds like a very special Master/slave relationship
Jul 29
Very happy for the both of Y/you!
Jul 29
Jul 29
Thank you all for reading and for the positive comments :)
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By nakeleyo
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