First sight of ugly faggot trany from MasterPete's blog

Some of you would like that I am open about my self and what made me, me.  Most of that was in the 1980's.  Some of you like a little things to be a little newer like the cutting edge SmartPhone that will cost you the same price as my Dad's first house.

So I think this time round it's going to be another newer 1998 blog.

I was living in Northampton and my second lover had walked out on me, while I was working in Newcastle.   I rang him to say when I would be back and he sounded strange but said "I'll have dinner ready my love" but this blog is not about that tail it takes place two years on.  I had moved out of the hose that me an he rented moved in to a flat.  I had found some new friends, a couple I got to know very well, they lived in the same block of flats, we'll fans of Sci-Fi and used to meet in the local pup.  On the way home one week they invited me to the BF's flat for a coffee.  Well what I did not know was she was a pre-op transexual, as we when in to the BF flat she said "I'm going to get changed dear"  When she came back ??? no wig, no boobs, I looked twice "Your.....  sorry I did not know".  I had always known her as ......  any way thats not the story ether.   The point of all this is that they found out that nothing would shock or phase me.  So we talked lots and before you could say "Transexual" it was 4.30 in the morning and we all had to work the next day, bed time.  Any way about two days later I get a phone call, "can you come down, and don't freek out but there's an old tranny locked outside our door. When you come in just give the boobs a squeese and jiggle"........"your OK with that an't you?"  well what was I going to say I think all I could think of was "OK".

The BF's flat was on the ground floor and one with an out side door.  Steps with a rale up to the door.  Well I got outside and was shocked, as I said not much shocks me but thiis site was quite shocking.  At the top of the steps was, amm how can I describe this?  Starting at the feet, 6" stiletto yellow shoes(witch a later found out had a chain around them with a lock, White Tights,  A thigh length black pencil skirt, skin tight yellow jumper, big pearls and a bum length fake fur coat.  Now for the head, do I have to describe that?  Yes!  OK it was an old man with a big gray beard and what's that in it's mouth, a gag with leather strap going under a real bad blond wig.     I recovered my self, have you?  I when up the stares and as the BF told me to I grabbed the fake books.  IT wriggled about a bit (It was not until days later I found out about the pins on the inside of the fake boobs).  I when in and both Fi and her BF was there, we had coffee and chatted as if nothing had happened. Then after coffee the BF said that he should take Janet home.  He when out, unlocked Janet and tock her home as I had a stronger drink with Fifi talking about what had just happened.  Janet was "straight" but was heavy in to humiliation, his ex-wife used to be his mistress but left him as his needs got more and more extreme, she still played sometimes with him but preferred more vanilla time with younger men.  He was in his 70's. 

Thats also when I go to know more about Fi's transformation, it was getting late inn the afternoon and we was going to the Sci-Fi meet at the pub so we left the BF's fat and when to Fi's flat so we could continue chatting as she got ready...........but thats a different story.

As normal this is true.  If appreciate me sharing then you know what to do fag$ 


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