An unexpected find…. from BikerSubUk's blog

I’ve been on this site for a while now and had some great fun, I’ve met some lovely people but someone I met recently compelled me to sit and write a blog to mark the occasion. This is my storey of that encounter such as it is: 

If you’re looking for a shouty aggressive agro Dom there are far better choices, take your money and get some quick thrills with many of the other Masters out there and you’ll have a great time. 

If you’re looking for someone completely different then keep reading. I randomly started chatting to Master Trigger a number of weeks ago and was surprised at how quickly we clicked. Days went past with the chat getting better and better and he got me to relax and open up to him. We had great banter, he gave me some amazing advice and before long was helping me understand some of the struggles I am dealing with as a cash sub. 

The conversation is engaging, the advice is exemplary and the support he’s given me has been really valuable. Master Trigger deeply understands the mindset of a sub, the mechanics of sustainable findom and is a hugely clever individual, he could outsmart me in a second. The single most impressive point I’m here to make is that he’s not once asked me for a single tribute and has genuinely made himself available to help me out as a fellow findom enthusiast. 

I’ve actually brought him a couple of beers purely because I value you his help so much, purely out of gratitude and respect!

I could see myself developing things further with him in time but it’s so nice to find a Dom who’s interest is the kink over the cash. They say it’s what we do, not what we have that makes us who we are, I could not think of more fitting words. 


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