Blackjack and Findom from britsub's blog

One way to think about a findom relationship is like a game of blackjack. Each hit in blackjack deals an extra card and increases the player’s score. Each tribute in findom benefits the Master financially and enhances the power dynamic between both Master and sub. In both cases higher is better, but only up to a point. Subs can “bust” too and one aim is to get as close to “21” as possible, without going too far.

Though unlike in blackjack where the target is fixed and obvious, every sub’s “21” is different and dependent on circumstances. If today is payday, then my “21” will be higher. If my car exploded yesterday, then it will be a lot lower. If a Master successfully gets into my head, then he can push it higher. Figuring out the right level requires communication, honesty, trust and intuition on both sides.

Getting it wrong can lead to the quitting and relapsing cycle, and this is definitely a problem that I’ve faced a few times in the past before joining this site. Getting caught up in a hot cashdrain and not realising until I’ve sobered up afterwards that I’ve gone too far. It was absolutely my fault, I don’t blame the Masters, but I do think that the best Masters should try to get to know their sub’s situation as best as they can and try to avoid this.

Boss SimX is absolutely fantastic at figuring out where my “21” is, and guiding me to push it higher while not letting me “bust”. I feel completely safe under his control, and he is inspiring me to serve consistently and sustainably and to be a reliable asset for him long-term. Thank you for always having an Ace and Jack in your hand, Boss.

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