New Year’s Eve community traditions from masterzal's blog

There is a tradition dating back to the 1900s that EVERY single Spanish person observes on New Year’s Eve (NYE) at midnight.

People all over the country congregate around town halls, squares, and churches, or they turn on their TVs at home with a small pack of grapes with them (twelve, to be precise 🍇).

Each and every time that the town hall’s or the church’s bell tolls at 00:00 on the 1st January, we proceed to eat one of the grapes 🔔.

The twelve grapes represent the months of the calendar year. People make a wish as they eat each grape, which is meant to bring good luck for the coming year 📆.

Another tradition observed in NYE consists of wearing a piece of red underwear to bring good luck in love and sex life ❤️.

It is also common to toast with a glass of champagne at midnight and drop a piece of golden jewellery inside the glass for good luck in finances 💍🥂.

Of course, it has also become very common to set off fireworks at midnight, albeit this is a much wider spread custom globally (and pups are not very appreciative of it!)🎆.

Traditions like these are important because they provide a sense of belonging and community.

No matter what people’s personal circumstances are, the whole country comes together to perform these rituals in unison, and they somehow help bringing us together, which I think is beautiful.

Owned Fags is a place that also has the power of bringing people together as a community.

Take the time over the coming days to appreciate that and, if you are running out of ideas about how to strengthen that bond, feel free to use the exact same practices I described:

Send a basket of fruit, a glass of wine, or 120 tips to your Master to represent the grapes.

Open a bottle of champagne and drop some gold inside from the “premium” or the “jewellery” section for your Alpha.

Cover the newsfeed with jockstraps (they are not red, but needs must), and throw some confetti from the “miscellaneous” section instead of fireworks.

But overall, appreciate the company and time of your kinky peers, regardless of whether if you are a sub or a Dom, and have a wonderful 2022, my dearest deviants.

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