Who is Dr Donkey Dick from DrDonkeyDick's blog

Why hello there and welcome!

I am Dr. Donkey Dick, a nickname affectionally gave to me by a super cute teen girl whom I stretched out nice and good with my monster cock. This is homage to the fact I have a humongous cock, and have a PhD. While I may have a gigantic cock, I am so much more! 

Back many years ago I was introduced to the kink world by a mature couple. They wanted a man with a large penis to have sex with wife. Naturally, I obliged and that started a beautiful journey of sexual release. Fast forward 15 years later, and I have turned into the monster I am.  

Kink Interests:
Flogging, spanking, caning, cash r**e, hucow, CBT,  creampies, bulling for cuck couples, figging, f****d orgasm, orgasm denial, CNC, r**e play, nudism amongst others. I'm super open, and love just about everything! Master can be a mean mother fucker and make people cry if I want.... 

Note* I am straight, but possibly bi-receptive for the most loyal servants. I certainly have been known to throat fuck a cuckold in front of his wife. 

Non Kink Interests- Travel, outdoors (hiking, fishing), comedy and concerts! Good food and company is all I need! 

Also note- I may be super friendly but I do not tolerate disrespectful assholes. I have a PhD, and an extremely lucrative job. I certainly don't need your money, and won't beg for it in any sort of way. I have an ongoing 4 year cashpig/hucow arrangement and just enjoy this lifestyle. 


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