Homecoming from Fatdom4subpig's blog

I am back, though still not full time. I had hoped to return with photographic evidence of my adventures offline, though sadly that wasn’t possible. Living where I do with the lack of privacy I suffer from, physical domination of fags is difficult to come by. That being said, I have had a few insights into furthering my experience in findom and online domination in general. I have decided that I am simply not assertive enough with faggots, particularly ca$hfags. So I will be overhauling my profile sometime soon (despite that I just edited it to clean up details) with new rules I expect you dumb bitches to follow. In keeping with this new attitude, I will endeavor to do my best at being more social on the site which includes occasionally talking in the chat room. As I am not overly social in crowds or group situations, this is for my own personal growth. 

All said and done, I am very happy to be back in a far more frequent capacity than I have been for the past several months. As a celebration of my return, I cordially invite any unowned fags to tip me as a homecoming gift. Owned fags may do so as well, provided your generous masters allow you to do so. It’s time to welcome me home you worthless bitches; I am coming for your wallets. Be grateful for the opportunity to pay my rent and feed my belly.


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