Do not lose heart. Everything will be fine. happy New Year from Minotauro's blog

I have never written in this place, however, I take the opportunity to do so. Undoubtedly, it is a date that takes us to another place, a place of closeness to ours and where we make a general balance on the path traveled, we seek to recognize ourselves in other ways and in this way to be better every day. They have been difficult times for humanity, but the fact of finding a community with ideologies related to mine has been the best thing that has happened to me during this 2021. As I have spoken with some fags, we are complement and we are here to create a balance , to share fantasies, fetishes and experience sensations that may become new to many. Beyond money, health matters and I know of several who, even though they are sick from the variants of this virus, continue to fight with the sole reason of providing the best of services, thanks to you, do not lose heart and be strong. Surrender to your alphas and give in without fear because you are giving your best every day, without your existence we would not exist either, so you are essential for this place. In this plane of reality there is much to learn and OF has been the possibility of going beyond, opening the mind and the senses to be receptive and expose ourselves without the fear of being judged. I am grateful for the constant growth and because I know that a year is ending, but the fags will continue to give their best. We all take care of each other. May 2022 come full of abundance, may there be increasingly juicy services and may they find every day a movement to make this reality the best of experiences. Surrender without remorse to those of us who have been to listen to you and to guide you on this path that sometimes becomes difficult. In order not to extend myself, I wish you a prosperous New Year and I wish that this community continues to expand to the most unknown places, I am sure that we will always be more.


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