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So, in the effort to increase the fun & suspense of a pillory, I've written a small script that can connect Lovense toys to an ongoing pillory, allowing them to react to likes and comments as they come in.

The script is available here on Github: https://github.com/crcl2048/OFLovenseConnector.

The execution is pretty simple, you need to enable 'Game Mode' via the Lovense Remote app -- (this entire process has to be done by the sub on their local network -- so the PC running the script/executable and the phone with the app connected to the toys need to be connected to the same router).

Once that has been done, you can run the script via Python (or you can download the standalone executable here: https://github.com/crcl2048/OFLovenseConnector/releases/tag/release) and provide the IP address & Port for the Lovense Remote app and a web link to the pillory page (obtain via the 'share' button). 

The script is pretty simple: It sets a low, default level of continuous vibration on the toy to remind the sub of their position and the situation they have come to find themselves in, enough to cause frustration and dripping, but not more than that. The script then monitors the ongoing pillory for new likes and comments and will perform more intense actions as they come in.

The actions it performs are adjustable; you can see in the script how they're configured -- and if I'm permitted here, a small rant on how *unhelpful* Lovense's documentation of their API is. You can find it here: https://www.lovense.com/sextoys/developer/doc. There are many enigmatic and disconnected examples, no description of the endpoints or the acceptable parameters (outside of what is documented in those examples), and a bunch of 'magic' strings only defined in the examples! Maybe it gets better if you register as a developer. Still, auto-generating a swagger page from your code is very easy, and it's frustrating they didn't do this.

Anyway, the actions are adjustable; it's all contained within the PilloryWatcher class (the private methods __VibrateLike, __VibrateComment, and the private field __DefaultVibration). But the script should be usable as-is. 

If you're planning on using this, maybe consider a small site donation as well. The script will be poking the servers as it's running to collect updated like and comment counts (180 requests over an hour, assuming a pillory with no activity, it blocks while sending commands as well, so nothing too extreme, but it can help out).

If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact me, and given this will be active the next time I'm in the pillory, I just ask that you be kind :)


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