Introducing: crois-sins 🥐😈 from masterzal's blog

I thought of a lighthearted proposal for the community which will serve the twofold purpose of getting to know people a bit better, whilst making it amusing and entertaining for me.

The idea is simple:

I want you to confess a secret, a dark fetish, a guilty pleasure, or a filthy fantasy to me.

These be can be either things that have happened to you already (e.g. I regularly use vegetables for sexual gratification), or kinks and fantasies that you hope you will experience one day (e.g. I want to have sex with my boyfriend’s dad).

The mechanism to do this is simple and inspired by the traditional fortune cookies, which normally contain a piece of paper with a hidden message inside 🥠.

You shall go into my profile > tribute > send gift > food & d***k

and select the item which resembles a fortune cookie the most: the croissant 🥐.

The process to transform a simple and boring croissant into a much more exciting “crois-sin” takes place by using the “message” field at the bottom of the screen where you can type your confession.

All messages need to start with the word “crois-sin 🥐😈”, followed by your darkest deeds and fantasies.

You may opt to click the “send private gift” toggle, so that only I will be able to see it, or send it publicly, so that your crois-sin will be seen by everyone on the platform.

With the latest changes to the tips transfer system recently introduced in the site, everyone can play the game and take part on the proposal… so let’s get baking, guys, and let’s hear about your deepest and darkest sins 🥐😈. 

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