What to do with Masters who turned out to have an intense submissive side from jschartrand's blog

There isn't anything new in what i'll write on here, but I feel like it's a subject we don't talk much often and we should.

We all know it exist and we all know many Masters have a submissive side, it's a fun game and sometimes it's fun to explore, or yeah, it is possible to admit that some other Masters feel greater and it could be fun to see how things were with Him at the upper hand.

So yeah, basically, i've encounter one of those Master who, after less than hour after our first real chat, was litteraly begging to be mine and owned and all.

Things were going quite well and he was quite all in, saying everything will be for me and he was entirely devoted and such.

Time has pass since then (not that much, a week or so) and we haven't spoke that much either. And i've learn on the way that he had a tendacy to be high during conversations (that would probably explain his HIGH level of obedience).

But yeah, during our last conversation he just stopped being obedient and decided that he was no longer submissive. That's alright, he probably jerked off (chastity is more important than we think). Or he realised it wasn't what he like the most. It's easy to imagine the feeling, so i was ok with it, but a bit sad to see his submissive side disappear. 

The main problem though is that he start acting like a jerk so-called Master trying to take back the upper hand. Trying to make me submit and make me think that i was belonging to him and all. And as much as i was getting angrier at his attempts to prove he was a bigger man (which was quite funny too i must admit), as much i was getting confused on what to do about that.

Do i let him go? Nah he'll probably crawl back for more.

But do i expose him or punish him? Because yeah i've got so many compromising pictures of him showing his submissive side and his loyalty and obedience to me that blackmail would be easy, almost too easy.

So what? Do I wait to see how he'll act next or do i continue the war he has started?

Fellow Master, fellow slaves, what are your thoughts? Your help might determine the next step in this adventure.

(Silly fag couldn't even write JS properly, ah drugs..)


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