When blackmail is not blackmail from MasterPete's blog

I'v been having some play with a fag who is into "blackmail" and I go to thinking today when is blackmail not blackmail.  I have to say true blackmail is not just illegal but also in my book quite wrong.  Can you blackmail someone who wants to be blackmail.  If the person freely gives you information and at the same times states that this is leverage over them then is it blackmail if you threaten to show or send that information to some one else, unless they pay you.  

What if you never threaten any thing.   Think about this.  I have some pictures and some addresses and you know that is I send those pictures to the people at the addresses this may lead to problems.  Say I prove to you I have the photos and the addresses and say nothing else. Say because of your own fear you offer to pay me to keep the photo's hidden.  Have I just blackmailed you?

What if you give me the pics and you give me the right to use them as I will but then you pay me because I might post them some where you don't want people seeing them. If you pay me out of fear is that blackmail (I may still post them if you pay me or not because you gave them to me to own them to do what ever I want with them)?

If I never say "pay me or I'll do......." then can it be blackmail?   


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