Slaves, Masters and Liars from RawPower's blog

Let's say you own a slave. Let's say that you put a lot of work into getting to know the slave, his quirks and kinks and fetishes. Let's say the slave has a blackmail fetish and sends you all kinds of incriminating personal information.

For a short while, he $erves decently but nothing spectacular. Then he drops a bombshell; he has been diagnosed with cancer and has had to leave his job and be hospitalised and can no longer afford to $erve. If you're a hard bastard, you expose the cunt anyway since that's the agreement that you had; he pays or he gets exposed. All the slave's idea; he begged for it.

But if you're me, you go easy on the slave. I've had a proper loyal $ub get REAL cancer before, and it was a serious and scary for him, and because I'm a caring MA$TER, what I want more than anything is for my subs to be healthy and happy in their $ervice. So I let this slave take a break from $erving after sharing the news. I even checked on him periodically with no expectations, just to see if he was getting better. Once or twice I let him worship my feet for free. Just trying to be a nice guy.

The slave goes quiet. But before long he is back on the scene. Though he is clearly listed as your property, he chases after any Master with a dick between his legs and two sweaty feet for him to sniff. Telling them he has somehow unilaterally decided he is "no longer owned," with zero discussion with you about that.

How awkward and embarrassing, right? And funny enough, the slave is telling all the others all the exact same things that he told you -- "I worship only your feet, they are my world, I want to be controlled by them, yadda yadda yadda." The typical behaviour of a certain type of disingenuous sub.

It's become pretty clear the "cancer" was just a lie to get out of $erving without being exposed. Fake cancers and other lies are common among a certain class of subs, I've learned by now. And of course there are different types of Masters too—and that is shown in their responses when the disloyal, owned slave chases them. There are those with integrity who rebuff him—and there are those that are quick as a whip in handing over their Skype addresses to the slave.

So what would you do? On the one hand, an owned slave acting like a moronic subhuman whore is embarrassing to the Master. On the other hand, I don't feel like the slave should get away with its behaviour without some sort of punishment. Why should I release it for free—it should either pay Me as I have demanded, or it should pay the site the fee required to be released. But the slave isn't here to $erve—it's here to waste Men's time. So bear that in mind if it is pursuing you!


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