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It happens more and more often fags approach Me saying how hot and sexy I look and stuff like that and then when I talk about tributing they candidly admit: oh sorry Sir am not into fin dom, i am here just because Men are hot.... well I find that SO disrespectful and undermining the real spirit of this site.... others think of tributes as a sort of fee to pay to then be able to tell Masters what to do when and how... a totally wrong approach to fin dom for Me.... just accept the rules of the game, be here to fully enjoy the experience and submit happily or go wanking elsewhere useless timewasters!

Nov 25 '17
Good post Italskin. This is a FinDom site, so there should be at least a passing interest in FD for all who are on it.
Jul 19
I totally agree with u
Jul 20
Totally agree also
Jul 20
Spot on 💯
Jul 25
I’ve been on site for a few days, and that is my experience. I just replying now to the time wasters . It’s frustrating however
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Added Nov 25 '17
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