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This post is part 1 of a 5 part series


I arrive at the apartment building and buzz the number I’ve been given. I landed in Berlin for Folsom Europe about two hours ago - passport control, collect bag, bus, hotel, quick shower, report to this address, a few streets away from the hotel. Sadly SIR DCCashMaster can’t make it to Berlin, so I’m meeting another of SIR’s fags who is going to help me shop for some outfits I’ll need for the weekend. I don’t have a lot of gear of my own, and SIR wants someone to keep an eye on me and make sure I only buy things that fit and look good.

The door lock buzzes and I push it open, making my way up the stairs. Should I have let someone know where I was going? I’ve never met this guy, but surely SIR wouldn’t send me somewhere where I’d be in any danger.

Knock at the door and wait. Eventually it opens. Phew, he looks normal, invites me in. I start to relax. Just as he closes the door someone grabs me from behind. Suddenly there’s an arm around my waist and a hand over my mouth. The fear rises quickly, but that’s not bare skin on my face, it’s a glove. A leather glove.

Still confused, but slightly less panicked. Whoever is manhandling me spins me around. It takes half a second to understand what’s in front of me. SIR can’t be here, He’s in DC. But He isn’t, He’s right in front of me, in Berlin. What?!

He explains. Turns out everyone is in on the plan. The other fag I was supposed to shop with. My friend who was arriving later this evening. Even my boyfriend knew. Alliances shift subtly in my head as I process what’s happening. So do my plans for the weekend. I have a new goal now - make SIR glad He came.

It takes me a while to get over the surprise, and while I’m still dazed SIR leads me into the living room. He starts opening a suitcase and pulling out rubber and leather gear. It’s all His old gear and He’s brought it to see if any of it fits me. He had been talking about shipping some of it to me a week or two before, but the shipping would have been $300 just for a few of the lighter pieces.

He tells me to strip and I stand naked wearing only my chastity cage as He sorts the gear.  First SIR hands me a Male Hide Leather bar vest to try on, along with Corcoran boots and a pair of North Bound Leather shorts. He sends the other fag to find some socks for me to wear with the boots and the fag comes back with a pair of football socks.

“They’re not clean, sorry”, he apologises. He’d worn them the night before and says they might have got covered in piss. SIR likes that idea, so He motions for me to put them on and get dressed.

The leather feels great against my skin. Well worn in but immaculately cared for, it’s soft and slides on very comfortably. I go to the mirror in the hall. I’ve never seen myself in a full leather outfit before and the sight takes me by surprise. SIR smiles. He can tell exactly how much this means to me and how excited I am in this moment, still reeling from Him being there at all, and then the outfit on top of that…

A few moments later, back to reality. Take those boots off, put these Dehner ones on, swap the North Bound shorts for these Rubio ones and try on a Priape Leather tank top. After that, some North Bound Leather trousers, a leather shirt from Expectations, and some leather jeans from there too, a Sam Browne, a cap… The gear comes thick and fast and this is before we’ve got to the rubber! There are a couple of things that need some repairs, but my outfits for this weekend are definitely sorted!

Oct 27 '18
Loved using you fag and I love the details you share in this post. So hot to have you as my fag.
Oct 27 '18
Thank you SIR. It's an honour to serve you.
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