A fag’s Berlin: Collar from SubLondon85's blog

This post is part 2 of a 5 part series. 


Nearly everything SIR DCCashMaster has brought fits me. A couple of pairs of uniform pants go back in His suitcase but pretty much everything else is the right size. I can’t believe how I look in a full leather uniform. It’s an intensely sexual feeling, seeing myself in the mirror. And I can’t stop checking out my arse in the Northbound Leather trousers.

The basketweave leather belt needs a new buckle, so after we’ve packed most things up, SIR tells me to put on the Corcoran combat boots, the Rubio Leather shorts with lace-up sides and the Priape leather tank top. We’re headed to a place around the corner that does repairs. It will be the first time I’ve been outside in public, during the day, in fetish gear. I’ve seen a few other leather guys outside already, but I’m still nervous.

We leave the apartment and call the elevator. A guy gets out of it when it arrives and clearly notices my outfit. I hold my nerve. Standing just behind SIR’s shoulder, where He’s trained me to be, gives me some comfort. This Man is in charge and I don’t need to think right now.

We arrive at the ground floor and step outside. I concentrate on my training and shut out the other feelings. A few steps onto the street SIR stops me. He turns me to face Him and motions for me to kneel. I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but I trust Him, so I comply.

He reaches into His pocket. Pulls out a blue and black chainmail collar. And a padlock. Some part of me realises what’s happening and I bow my head but I haven’t fully processed it yet. He lays the chain around my neck and my dick twitches and my heart thumps as He clicks the padlock shut. Here was the physical symbol of His ownership. Suddenly I am a locked boy. His boy.

I look up and He smiles down at me. On my knees at His feet, on the street outside this apartment block. He says something to me but my mind is racing too fast to take it in. This is beyond my fantasies. Suddenly this is very, very real.


Oct 30 '18
Nicely written
Oct 30 '18
Well said fag. I enjoyed my time with you in service. Here's to many more good adventures.
Oct 31 '18
Very hot and well written
Nov 6 '18
Thank you
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