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So I have been thinking about "transactional" FinDom relationships recently.  I've seen CashMasters who demand payment for views of their mega-muscled body (with raised middle finger, of course.) I've seen cashfags who are clearly only interested in those types of Masters.

And plenty of U/us out there are seeking in-person service, usually highly sexual, with some cash or gifts thrown in. 

Each one of U/us has something valued that creates a type of transaction in what W/we seek.  I'm not much interested in sexual fantasy or pics with cash thrown in.  In My perfect world, I have cash slaves who want/need the mentor/advice-giver type.  My transactional interest is in being a sounding board.   I love receiving tips/tributes, after those convos, especially when it just "happens."  Nothing better than awaking to new tips. 

Transactions.  We all have something.

Dec 21 '18
You're right about that
Dec 25 '18
Well said. To each his or her own. And You know Yourself well.
Dec 29 '18
Yes well said.
Dec 29 '18
Every relationship that’s is m,ore than just a financial transaction is different and it is for masters and fags to figure out what works for them
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