Cashfag pay raise from coloslutty's blog

Even though i'm an unworthy faggot, i recently was given a promotion at work accompanied by an undeserved pay raise(rise). 

i've blogged before about how payday can be difficult for a cashfag -- seeing that bank account go up, and feeling the urge to dispose of it by sending as much as reasonably possible to better men.  What goes up must come down, and all that.  Well, an increase in salary would only make things worse!  The selfless fag wants none of that for himself. 

The solution was clear and easy: send 100% of the increased income to masters.  If a fag was able to survive sustainably and serve superiors comfortably before the pay raise, then the fag doesn't need to keep any of the raise and can send all of it away. 

Knowing that the increased pay would be tributed to superiors, i was motivated to negotiate for an even higher salary.  Since it was all destined for Alphas, it would be wrong of me not to ask for more, if more could be given.  To my surprise, though the negotiation was tough, they accepted my counteroffer.  i was proud to accept the higher salary and to try hard to find more opportunities to submit it all to deserving masters. 

Jun 30 '19
This is exactly how it should be. Excellent example and standard to set fag.
Jul 1 '19
You are a role model to other fags
Jul 1 '19
slutty has the right attitude.
Jul 1 '19
great blog brother!
Jul 11 '19
Love that way of thinking slave
Sep 12 '19
really insightful and $mart!
Sep 12 '19
Thank you, sirs.
Sep 20 '19
Way to go, slut. Great commitment to your life as an inferior cash pig.
Sep 20 '19
If only more subordinates thought the same way as you, brother. But, it's the only correct way to think and behave.
Sep 23 '19
Hmmm..... just realized that you have blog as well here... Really like your mindset and your commitment so serve 😉
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