Discovering my Dominance from twinkmasterni's blog

With only being into the kink and fetish scene for the last few years I have played around a lot, heading to london and once to berlin for full fetish/kink events and just general play. 

It was late 2017 when I found my dominance completely, it was at a club in London where I saw this older guy sitting on his knees. We kept making eyes at each other, I could tell in his eyes he was begging me to come over. So over I walk, i knew he wanted it, needed it, gagged for it. "It" being, my pleasure. You could see him wanting to worship me and see my every need met. It was this night that I loved dominating this older guy, twinkmasterni was born that night. 

Since it has been a fun filled journey for both me and many a fag. 


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