Fag MJWT10 humiliated in the woods from MJWT10's blog

My great owner, Master GarBoss, ordered it to create  a blog of its service to Alpha men in the nearby woods.

It wore its cage last week and offered its service to an Alpha who grabbed its useless junk and demanded to see it, once stripped he punched the cage and laughed at it and walked away saying he wanted a proper man to serve him

Last Thursday it was in the wood again and saw two Alpha's chatting, it went to secluded part in the bushes and knelt down. The Alphas followed, they didn't speak to it, just puled their hard cocks out and grabbed the back of its head, once they had bother cocks f****d into its mouth, they again ignored it, played with each others tits and kissed each other. The only time they took any interest in it was when they were near to shoot their loads and held its head in place making it to swallow. Once finished they zipped up and walked away. It thanked them and stayed on its knees only they had left. They completely ignored it throughout. The humiliation on both times it made it feel good and just how a faggot should be treated by Alpha's it felt it had served as best at it could but to an Alpha not good enough!

There is a lot to learn but kneeling, showing respect and thanking Alpha's for any tiny bit of humiliation a faggot receives is a good start!     


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