Sunday Worship from DorianTheAlpha's blog

So many slaves will ask for free tasks… or free attention. To those sweet pets here who genuinely do put their Master’s pleasure first: continue to read. To lurkers stroking to My words without the slightest intention of enacting them… cease to exist you vile waste.

To My sweet pets who serve beautifully, through authentic submission… Sundays are worship. 

This means, that today of all days, is a blissful opportunity to set your standards for the week. Send to Me. Pray to Me. Commit to new heights for Me. Take care to employ all of the sweet subtleties I enjoy. Go out of your way to embrace struggle for My enjoyment, to embrace submission for My entertainment, to embrace sacrifice for My pleasure. Those tasks you so desire: send for them. Humiliation? Send for it. JOI/CEI/CBT etc.... send for whatever scratch you are so desperate to itch, My pet.

Sundays set a benchmark for the next six days. Even more so if it is a payday week. Remember, no Alpha here dominates for need of income. Money is simply the scoreboard. The truest of tokens that represents a surrender of financial power from one to Another. So, surrender to Me, My dear toys, in worship. Fall to your knees this immaculate Sunday, to tribute at the altar of My greatness. Show Me you crave to give your feeble power over to Me, in financial tribute. It is the beautiful of ways to do so.

To all the powerful Masters here, have a blessed day rinsing, ruining, training, and draining anew your pets. I admire you & applaud the gift you give these pathetic wayward souls in finding a purpose.

To those pets yet unowned… I am here and waiting. Approach.

Then thank Me again for the privilege.

Sep 3 '19
a nice and horny blog post.
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