When a fag leaves. from MasterPete's blog

This month I had a friends request from a faggot that was all ready owned.  This in it's self is not too bad as over the time I have been on this site I have noted that many owned fags are on many friends lists.  So I first send a message to there owner and then to them asking "Do you have permission from your owner to approach me?".  If the answer is "it's OK" then I accept the request.   If not then I don't accept the request and I hope that they get punished for asking without permission. 

This month I returned to the site after having a brake(thous of you who have been here for a while know I take these long brakes, but hay thats life. :-)  I get a friends request,  send the messages as above.  I don't get a replay from the owner, which is unusual as most of the time the owner comes back with a "yer sure" or even "I like my fag to chat".  I get a message from the fag saying "My owner is not round much ..............".  So I decide to accept the request and he starts to message me.

The next day I not that he is no longer owned and continu to chat with him.  He was very positive and things when well.  I was getting tired as it was 1am here but he was not as it was only 11pm where he was.  So when I loged off I was not expecting anything. 

Day 2 I log in and see he has sent a small tribute.  I sent a message saying he had been a good boy and I will get back to him later.

Today.  I login and there is no messages from him and even more he has left the site.  Leaving the site, a shame but OK not a problem.  Life changes and all that.  The problem is; No messages saying why and/or bye.   What is it about these lossers that they can't even say bye.  

So fag's if you have the balls to send a friends request and even a tribute then have the balls to say bye if it all gets too much and you leave.


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