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Posted by jschartrand

Many words can come up to slaves. Obedience. Servitude. Loyalty. Ownership. Etc.

But i guess, Devotion has to be one of the greatest of all and part of what would most excited any Master who is here for the good reasons.

The other day i encounter a nice example of devotion from one of my slaves and thought it would be cool to share with you, so that other slaves could take notes and of course, do the same with me or their fellow Master(s). Because let's be clear, ownership is not a necessity, but if you're willing to serve more than one, be fair to all of them beause each relationship is unique and should not suffer because you're kneeling at too many places.

So yeah, back to Devotion. Slave had to give his due but was maxed out for now. Dried out because he likes his Master too much and already tribute it much from past sessions. So since i'm a comprehensive Master i told him it was fine for now and that we could wait for another time, but that it could be appreciated if he could find some other slaves to help him with that task since he wasn't able to complete it.

Well next thing i know, the slave completely freaked out and sacrifice himself, giving me more than he could, or that he claimed he could, just to please.

Because you see, in the faggot head, pleasing his Master is a necessity and being of use helps him sleep better at night. Sacrificing himself was making him feel better than to know that other slaves might take his place or be having some of Master's precious time.

That proof of ultimate Devotion, the amount aside (it could have been 2 cents or 5 dollars, at that point it's not important), was incredibly hot an made me feel incredibly powerful and, of course, let's be honest, horny.

So all Masters knowthis: the intention behind, knowing that the slave is doing it of his own will and not for something in return, is always the greatest reward and the best proof of true servitude, and, in that case, of great Devotion.


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