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Leash Time at the L.A. Eagle
Posted by Zageden

I take the dog for a walk in "Leash Time at the L.A. Eagle"
The Leatherman From Abroad
Posted by Zageden

A beautiful man from beyond the horizon visits in "The Leatherman From Abroad"
A Quick Little Visit
Posted by Zageden

The chore boy is back for A Quick Little Visit.

IML 2014
Posted by Zageden

So it's been quite a while since my last update here. The blog's still on, no worries, just been dealing with life and some challenging bullshit.  Nothing I can't conquer.

Enjoy: "IML 2014", and be sure to check out the previous posts as well, boys.

Play safe.

"The Dark Fox and the Teddy Bear"
Posted by Zageden

I get good and rough with my boy in this installment of Adventures in Fetish"
"One Busy Kinky Evening"
Posted by Zageden

Hello dear readers,

Life's been throwing a lot in my way, nothing I can't handle, it's just that obstacles take time to jump over.

Enough of that. I'm updating the blog again, here's one of the latest!

One Busy Kinky Evening


"Just a Walk in the Park"
Posted by Zageden

Yeah, yeah, long time since the last blog, life gets in my way more often these days.

Some fun from a trip I took up North last year with...

"Just a Walk in the Park"
Slave Potential
Posted by Zageden

Met a guy and he had some serious 


"Slave Potential"!

Who's Traveling to Mid-Atlantic Leather in January
Posted by DCCashMaster

Anyone on the site traveling to Washington, DC for the huge event, Mid-Atlantic Leather?

There are parties, play parties, BLUF events, etc. 

Two of my fags are traveling to attend.  Anyone else?

Message me for the website address. 


About Me
Posted by gaysianfindom

The information below can also be found on my CB account: _gayasianguyxxx_

I can also be found on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram at Gaysianfindom.



I'm 30 and I identify as gay, Asian (Taiwanese), cis man, and often horny; hence "_gayasianguyxxx_"

My mind is often in deep introspection pondering the wonders of language/communication, sexuality, purpose, and wisdom.

In my free time I also love to play video games which sparks my interest in game theory; how and why do we determine winners and losers? what are the motivations of those who choose to play? What does it mean for a simulation (ex. The Sims) to be classified as a game and is it the correct hierarchy/arrangement of terms?

Financial Domination

Camming has for sure fueled the fire to my interest in the financial domination kink especially because it seems to marry all my personal interests in one clearly defined activity/mindset. When I dominate, I feel like a passionate explorer in a rabbit hole (your mind) mapping my observations, leaving no stone unturned, plotting new courses of exploration. I thrive off of learning about what is known and aim to venture to the borders of known understanding. (Example: I have only recently learned about and have come to identify with RACK - risk-aware consensual kink.) Come partner with me in this exploration to understand your own sexual pleasure?

Other thoughts on the current landscape of findom

From personal observation, it seems like the current findom population is over-saturated with self-righteous, demanding, dehumanizing doms who may continue to promote toxic masculinity, presumably masking a lack of their own personal security. I often imagine this findom style like an abusive caretaker (the dom) dragging a disobedient dog (the sub) forward, making the interaction an extremely one-dimensional experience. (I suspect this possibly may be due to the fact that some of these doms are straight and thus unable or u*******g to tie in emotional or more cerebral elements like relationship development? But perhaps that’s a negative bias to my own experiences as a gay findom interacting with other submissive gay men).

I personally always strive for long-lasting relationships in which I am positioned to serve the role of an empowering, supportive caretaker that motivates, encourages and inspires the dog/sub to run forward (progressing toward curiosity, passion, and lust - while always being anchored to the safety of the dom). This does NOT mean that all language will be positive and affirming; aggressive and fast financial draining can occur. However, I will always welcome your radical honesty at all times so we can converse without guards, intimately, and stay grounded in a mindset of truth-seeking. I vow to ensure you always feel that you can pause to explicitly discuss limits or emotional dissonance of any kind so that we can reconcile, reset and recalibrate as partners.

Engagement style

I love getting to know what turns people on and especially love it when I can help in that process.

That said, you'll may find me chatting (typing) with different viewers in PMs; it's a bit hard to be respectful of multiple viewers if I focus just on verbal communication.

If you're horny and want to turn me on or get my attention, please slow tip... multiple single token tips in succession drive me crazy and gets my head in the clouds. I think of slow tips kind of like candy on Halloween; I want to get more and eat it up. Wish list gifts/gift cards make me feel like it's Christmas and while I don't expect it to always happen, I interpret them to be a true commitment and care from the viewer. <3

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