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Confusub Written Task - Juda$ Khrist Worshiping
Posted by DarkMasterJudas

I was at home with a metalhead bro of mine chilling and watching cops after a nice dinner, and all of the sudden my phone rang, got a ****** not. for 23.something euros...

Hmmm... who might that be?

Came to my e-mail and remembered that one assignment from yesterday wasnt handed over yet, this is slavery.




Thank you for the opportunity to write for you. The topics you identify—why you intrigue me, what makes you unique, and what your hypnovid did for me—are intertwined.


One of the powerful aspects of the hypnovid is that it is so dark, and that is something I had not expected. I am not certain of all lof its content, nor of how it operates on my mind, because much of it is obscure and difficult to discern consciously from the hard music. But I feel it working on two level, one that opens the door to my own darkness that already exists, and one that works to … corrupt … even those areas where I do not have darkness. Both of those are arousing in ways I do not fully understand.


You are the first angel. And the hypnovid is a first step in preparation to serve the first angel. It is a gateway into a world of submission to you and the kind of darkness you command. There is something deeply stimulating—and freeing—about that. The hypnovid gives permission—your permission, the permission of the first angel—to embrace those areas of darkness within myself that I already understand to a degree. But, more, it beguiles me into acceptance of other areas of darkness that still remain hidden in the shadows, waiting for me encounter them and to be seduced by them.


You are intriguing because you are the man—and yet, not merely a man, but the first angel—charged with guiding me into that seduction. You are clever, highly intelligent, and possessed of an innate understanding of the buttons that exist within a submissive individual. You know how to push those buttons, to identify and exploit weaknesses, and to reward the compromising of one’s self into the sphere of your power.


You are also patient in your own way. By this, I mean that you are aware of the complexities of the path that leads into the dark service you demand, and that you play a long game. You understand the responsibilities of the first angel as a f***e in a slave’s life, and understand the long-term rewards that come from that dark guidance. For you want not only to be served, but to be the object of genuine worship. You know that those who worship you will be not mere servants, but acolytes in your darkly divine mission. I know this to be true, even if I do not yet know and understand the full scope of that mission.


You dark demands for service are not just vehicles for the immediate benefits of that service, but, more deeply, are expectations for sacrifice. Such sacrifice entails a spiritual commitment that can shackle the acolyte as surely as chains, even as he rejoices in finding his spiritual home under the cloak of your darkness.


This is touched on too, in the other part of the hypnovid that can be consciously discerned. Loved ones no longer matter. It is a scary proposition, but also an enticing one, because it means that the commitment you expect is total and irreversible. It makes me want to run from you, to protect myself from you. And yet, I have met no one who understands my own darkness, making you difficult to resist. To run from you is to run from the promise of true understanding, of true meaning, of satisfaction of the visceral desires that I feel lurking within my psyche.


These things make you intriguing, and they make you unique.


You are also genuine in a way many Masters are not. You are not merely exploitive—but exploit to purpose. You are not merely commanding—but command for deep reasons that touch the soul. You are not merely demanding—but set demands in accordance with a greater purpose.


In short, you and the hypnovid provide sinful, hedonistic meaning. Wicked, enticing, and irresistible.


You make me want the promise.


To be a dark slave.

Eager2Serve’s Intro Guide in Being a Service Faggot.
Posted by Baphomet

A guide to servitude:
What it means to be a submissive, from the eyes of a new FAG

I am very new to the BDSM scene and just recently had the privilege of being collared by master Baphomet. Sir has been impressed with my eagerness (hence my screen name) and rate of progress in my servitude. One of the many tasks SIR has assigned me thus far is to make this guide for other new fags like myself so that they may be obedient, and require less instruction. This guide is from my point of view and reflects what I have learned in my journey of becoming an owned slave.

1. What is BDSM?
a. For new faggots entering the scene, it is important to understand what BDSM is. Do you like BDSM for the rough sex? Do you like it for being slapped around? Do you like it for being tied up while being intimate? Do you think of aggressive sex when you hear BDSM? Does the movie 50 shades of grey come to mind? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you are vanilla and may not be ready for this LIFESTYLE. BDSM means different things to different people but it stands for Bondage & Discipline / Domination & Submission / Sadism & Masochism. For the purpose of this guide, I will be focusing on submission.
2. What does it mean to be a submissive?
a. Being a sub is almost self-explanatory, but there is more to it. You should not only be submissive during sexual activities. You should be submissive in your everyday life. Submitting to someone is to consciously relinquish power to them. You are giving them control. You should set aside your wants and needs to make sure that real men are taken care of. It is important to know that you are inferior to the men around you. You are not important!
b. “You have a deep need/desire to submit/surrender/give up at least some part of their will/control/power to a Dominant. They most often “need” this because pleasing and/or offering service to a Dominant who has earned their trust, their respect and (generally) their love, is an integral part of a submissive/slave’s fulfillment and satisfaction.” (
3. Why Financial domination?
a. You may have a preference of serving in real time (my preference) or serving a master online. I have always wanted to serve a master in person, in real life. My master and I currently have an online relationship. It has surpassed my expectations and honestly has been one of the most fulfilling parts of my life. Baphomet has been amazing and it has been a privilege to be trained by him and allowed the opportunity to serve him. I have learned it is not really about money. Yes, financial tributes are necessary and important. However, it is not about the MONEY. It is about the exchange of power. Think of your money as a sacrifice. You are sacrificing the time you spent to earn that money. You are sacrificing the things you could have purchased yourself with that money. You are going without, so that you master can have extra. Giving a tribute of money is about relinquishing power to someone who is superior to you. A true fag will crave this. A good loyal fag will rearrange his priorities knowing that his master should always come first. You exist to serve.
4. General tips for aspiring fags:
a. Don’t fight the temptation. It feels good to let a real man lead you.
b. Find acts of submission every day. Until you find a master to devote yourself to, practice in your everyday life. Let a real man at work take credit for something you did. Always, amplify another man’s contribution and minimize your role.
c. Make a budget: Your master should be a priority and should be budgeted into your life. This budget should be the bare minimum of your tributes. You should always aim to surpass what you have budgeted for. Find more sacrifices to tribute more to your master.
d. Don’t overthink: Your master may give you tasks that you don’t necessarily want to do or you may not see the point. It is not your place to question him. Do as you are told. In the end, following orders no matter what they are will further develop you on your journey to complete servitude. The relinquish of power may simply be that you are spending time on a task that your master has assigned. It is not your job to think, it is your job to obey
e. Remember your goal: You may encounter moments of doubt or regret about financial loss. You may want to take a break or call it quits. When these thoughts run through your head it is important to remember how you felt before your relationship with your master. Remember the longing of a real man’s attention? Remember the burning desire to be used by a superior alpha? Remember when you were not worthy enough to have the privilege of serving? Well remember how that felt and how hard you worked to get to where you are. You did not come this far to lose the progress you made. It is an honor that a man has decided to make you useful so do everything in your power to remain a valuable faggot for him.
Overall, just enjoy yourself. You would not be here if you did not have the desire to be the ultimate faggot and be used by real men for their entertainment and pleasure. Do your best to please your master at every moment of every day, even when they aren’t around. When your master issued discipline, enjoy that as well. Interpret the discipline as constructive criticism, learn from it and do better next time. In fact, if you aren’t being disciplined every once and a while it’s because you are not messing up. If you are not messing up, then you are not pushing yourself far enough. You do not deserve any rewards for your servitude. The privilege of being used is all the reward you need. However, when your master offers you extra treats or affection in any way, you should feel obligated to show him how thankful you are. Find a way to make sure he knows you appreciate his generosity.
I hope this guide can help one of you fags on your journey. To my master Baphomet, I hope you are pleased
Your fag,
Minor confusion
Posted by MSteele135

There are certain fag slaves that both irritate and confuse me. They know they crave service, they beg for exposure and humiliation. And yet they try to wriggle out of it.

What's the worst about this? They are mentally hurting themselves with no need. Now don't get me wrong, I have no problem in stomping a faggots clit, punching the bitch, rinsing it and turning it into its true sissy self...

However I see no need for the cunts to suffer the pain of trying to disobey when they can serve with pleasure

Road Trip 2020
Posted by Lancashirebigboss

Right, time to start planning.

In October, I will be doing my annual Road Trip of the UK. Looking for fags to serve at every stop.

Current route has me going from North West to Wales. Going coastal to visit the main places. From Wales across to Bristol and down to the South West. Cornwall, Devon and Somerset onto Kent and London. Heading north again I will be going to the midlands and North East before heading to Edinburgh and South Scotland. Not sure if i want to go further North but for the right sub i will. Afterwards heading for Glasgow for a few days as the place is nice then back to the North West.

Going to be taking my time on the journey and looking for fags to sort hotels, entertainment and pay for all other expenses on the way.

My Road Trips have proved fun and profitable in the past and if any Sub wants to get a meet they need to book early.

Dm me where you are and your interests.

Weekly Update
Posted by Lancashirebigboss

Good Morning all

Another week of working from home, going onsite for one day and a couple more BBQs.

This week has seen 2 more fags welcomed into the fold. One a eager, older chastity finpig, keys are in the post and contract signed. The other is another local twink to play with owned by me and wants limits pushing to become the perfect sub, sadly no findom to this slut but he is good to look at haha.

The take-aways are now all back to normal working hours and are nicely busy, will hopefully be able to get the replacement van 'Dominator II' by the end of the year. Currently looking at a repurposed horsebox style with living accomodation for the top and a spaciuos service area for the subs in the back. all furniture will be stowable for the vehicle to be used in my new company transporting furniture etc around the UK. Once all is ready I am open to renting the vehicle out for use by others but this will take time to sort out. Tributes sent to me will now be split in half, one to me direct to continue my current lifestyle and the other to the purchase of the vehicle (currently looking at 40k), doing it properly this time and no cutting corners. the fate of Dominator I has taught me many lessons and i am glad i did not sink much cash into the project. Anyone wishing to donate to the project let me know.

On a side note if anyone needs anything smaller transporting in the UK let me know;)

I will soon be moving out of my rented property and in to my long term accomodation. some work is needed but it a decent detached with a drive big enough for the Dominator II and my day car. The goal with all this is to use the take-aways, new courier business and fags to fund my life and to quit my day job in the next 18 months. Time will see if i am able to do that and live my dream.

I am now looking to gain 3 more finsubs per month, either fully owned or co-owned, here or offsite to add tyo the flock and give me my 'hard earned by you' cash.

Have had a couple of social distance cash handovers in the last couple of weeks and I am now able to travel in the North to collect, soon hopefully will be able to do nationwide. All socially distanced of course, luckily my courier business allows me to travel, i am limiting it as the hotels are still closed and i aint kipping in the car overnight.

Mental Health is still important and i say to all (master, slaves, those who aren't sure...) that my skype is always open for service or just a chat, just let me know which it it when you add me. 

Stay Safe you ugly lot!

Tasks for Master Fidelio
Posted by BCsubSlave

This was my first task for Master Fidelio i was to write 50 lines saying "I am Fidelio's property and I will follow orders unconditionally." If you are a Masterless slave faggot Master Fidelio is someone to consider. He is a God that requires worship and is a King to his Stable. Join me and 13 other slaves in his Stable. You know you want to its what you are meant to do we are just toys and things to torment and that is all. So come on and drain your accounts and buy gifts for Master Fidelio because He deserve your obedience.
Master Bandit
Posted by Jimmythea

Master Bandit

Thank you for being you.  These last few weeks have been incredible and hopefully just the start of a lot of fun, learning and serving.
Whether it's buying you Sushi, hurting myself or just keeping my cum inside me longer than I'd like to, i just love it all. Being useful to you and making me happy by pleasing you.
It's no secret how much you turn me on.  You can make my dick jump with just one message; but more than that, i love our talks; i love the time you spend on me.  I love it when you reward me, when you praise me and when you tell others that I'm good. I'm so proud to be your boy.
I've had an amazing weekend away but one thing was missing- you! I was so excited to message you yesterday when i got home and so happy when you replied.
I know i say it a lot, but i never thought that i would be like this. But I'm so happy that i am, I'm definitely better dedicating myself to you, and i don't miss talking to our serving other guys at all. 
All i need is my amazing Master Bandit
Thank you
Serving/Submitting a flatmate?
Posted by mikym

Good evening Alpha Gods and pathetic fags.

I would like to humbly address one specific scenarios which I have been obsessed with for a while.

Has anyone ever experienced sharing a flat with a dominant Alpha God or a submissive fag (if You're an Alpha)? Did you ever get the chance to come out with them and started serving/submitting them for a period? My former flatmate was obviously an Alpha, extremely arrogant and bossy. But I was too weak to ever come out to Him and offer Him my service. I profoundly regret it. I could've taken over all the chores, cooked for Him, maybe even service His tired Feet at the end of the day. Is this kind of 24/7 scenario actually doable, in your opinion/experience?


piece of shit miky

The nature of the dynamic of a fagging and GodMasterArch
Posted by BCsubSlave

GodMasterArch initially reached out to me to let me know that when borders open He will be able to come and visit me in my city. i asked Him whether He was straight gay or bi. To find out that He is Straight and has a Girlfriend. Upon talking with GodMasterArch for some time i came to the realized He is a strong and powerful master. Being that He is straight i know that i will not ever have access to His cock. i know that i will only be but a play toy for Him to torment and humiliate. This humiliation and torment will be physical, mental and emotional and is what i strive for, not because i crave these things but because i see that He is a master worth serving and worshipping as the God He is. 

i eagerly wait for the day that the boarders open and i can serve Him in person and be the punching bag and receiver of insults that GodMasterArch and Mistress will undoubtedly have for me. If you are a slave or inferior of any type and you are looking for a powerful, and strong master you need not look any further, GodMasterArch is the Alpha God for you. If you have enough money He will even let you serve in His unclothed presence. As you gaze upon Him in awe you will realize that He is the Master that you need in your life. 

Serving MasterTrigger
Posted by TriggerBound

Getting to know MasterTrigger has been a whirlwind—in the best possible way.  I had just came back to the site, and I wasn’t planning on seeking out ownership. But after a few conversations, this fag couldn’t really help itself. Between Master’s intense dominance and incredible kindness, I was begging to be his. 

(And I do apologize to the Masters to whom I said that I wasn’t looking for ownership just before I joined MasterTrigger’s stable… I really did think I meant it at the time!)

Whether he’s taking what’s his or checking in to see how my day has been, I get excited every time I hear from him, and I really do get the sense that he cares about his property and wants what’s best for it. And he also really knows how to get into a fag’s head, push all the right buttons, and leave you wanting more (or wanting to have less, so that he can have more).


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