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Apology: How To
Posted by DorianTheAlpha

by DorianTheAlpha

Newcomers and seasoned subs alike... every pet makes mistakes.

It might be a simple slip-up, or a catastrophic failure. 

The next time you misstep in your submission to an Alpha,

follow these steps to find your way back into their best graces.

How to apologize in findom:

1. Send.

2. Admit your mistake, earnestly.

3. Correct the problem to avoid recurrence.

4. If forgiven, thank your Master profusely.

If that doesn't work, repeat. Chances are you didn't do step 1 quite enough.

Best of luck My little pets.

Defining Submission and Servitude
Posted by DorianTheAlpha

It's been a while since I've posted something here. Today, we're discussing submission and servitude.

First, let's define them:

Submission: the action or fact of accepting or yielding to a Superior F*rce or to the will or authority of Another.
Servitude: the state of being a slave or completely subject to Someone more powerful.

Now, there are plenty of kink spaces. In them, you can explore deviant bottom acts, without serving submissively.

If you are here, you are here to serve. Look at the website name. Read its description. 

This is about pleasing Alpha Masters.

When you act entitled, whine, complain, lie, run, and cheat: you are not submissive. 

Nor are you servile. No, you're just vile.

Submissive servitude is very simple, but it is not easy. Simple and easy are not the same thing.

It is simple in that if you follow a single maxim, you will thrive: please your Master, always.

It is not easy, because after the first rush fades, you have a choice: regress to selfish stupidity, or flourish.

A recent failure of Mine is now in the dungeon for a second time. Hopefully, it will read this and learn. Doubtful.

To My better pets, and the useful submissives other Alphas here own proudly: continue.

It's a simple definition, yet not easy to manifest. But when it does come to be: submissive servitude is bliss.

Silent Submission: A Findom Short
Posted by DorianTheAlpha

Silent Submission, A Findom Short

I round the corner... and it's frozen. Locking eyes, overcome by the sheer presence. Their mind melts into Me. Then and there, innately: submission. Nothing more than a gaze. Overwhelmed by the moment, silent steps take us to a nearby ATM. Only the wind's whistle cuts the quiet, until buttons begin to click. The machine’s wheels sputter hundreds from a slot into kneeling hands... then into Mine. A knowing grin glows against a newly-lit cigar as I feel the grip of domination take hold. Counting out as it's handed to Me, a thick and burning ash builds. Smoke billows around us as the machine slows. Silence once more. Submissive lips kiss each leather boot as a pitiful tongue cleans them carefully in desperate gratitude. Through the toe caps, I can feel the trembling in each lick. Stolid, I tower over My new property. It’s all so easy. Effortless. And as I ash into a begging gaping mouth, I turn to go with thousands anew. In the distance, the faintest whimpering... “Thank you, Master.” 

Just as every Alpha deserves. 

Bring it to life, betas.

MASTER DIESEL Introduction

The weather is dull, my house has never been so clean or organised and another Monday in Lockdown, so I thought I would be productive and do an introduction to myself on Owned Fags. So, let’s start how would I describe myself in a few words? Well an Old Guard Leather Master, Dominant, strict but fair, Confident in knowing who I am and what I want and expect in every aspect of MY life. I have always been into wearing leather from being a teenager. Financial Domination started for me at school being in a gang of lads picking out the weak loners and cornering them and emptying their pockets and enjoying spending their money at the corner shop. I have always worked and have a long successful career, so be clear findom is not about making quick cash or easy money! I have been draining and using fags for over 20 years. I enjoy the control, obedience and getting inside fags and slaves heads and getting them onto the path of service to work hard, to earn good money, to then hand it over to ME, giving them satisfaction, fulfilment and purpose to want to do it all over again knowing you are pleasing ME. Getting that cash large or small is as horny as fuck to me watching the figure going up and spending MY money on what I want when I want.

As part of this domination is a huge part of this for me, Boot worship soles treads, heal shaft the whole boot fags, Leather worship, Oral pleasure ready for a deep throat fucking love to hear a fag gagging on my pierced thick cock, Ash use fags with open mouths ready to take my thick hot ash is not a choice is a requirement if any fags are near me while smoking MY gars, smoke abuse nothing better than seeing a fag in my gas mask in tight bondage, fuelling the fags lungs with MY thick heavy gar smoke from MY 8x80 Asylums through the gas mask tube, strict Corporal Punishment for MY pleasure not just when a fag disobeys or disrespectful, Domestic service why should I clean MY house when I can get a fag to do such mundane tasks in life. Poppering a fag slave up makes them weaker to be used and drained for MY gain and pleasure.

So, Fags PM me or approach me in the chat room and let’s show you your rightful place in life.


1st Post : A Fag's Place
Posted by MasterD

MasterD has been in this scene for the past 5 years or probably more. I have used a lot of Singapore's slave and now I am branching out to use slaves that will pledge their loyalty to only me. There is too many slave who wants to "try", a "casual" slave or "part- time" slave. I do not get this at all. If you are slave, you do not have a choice. You submit fully to me mind, body, soul and intangible/tangible things. There is not point for you to beg me to take you in when you do not wish to commit fully. 

Your place is under my feet and ass. You ask permission before you speak and you should beg for leniency. Do not take my kindness for granted. Respect your master. Respect your place as a slave. Do not question why. Do it because I told you so. Expect to be a human punching bag. Expect to be a pig who get stuff in the mouth and ass. Expect to be used 24/7. Expect to be mine and only mine. 

If I whore you out, you should be thankful. You gain my respect enough to know that you get to be used by other masters/dom. Your whole existence is only to make me proud, excited and happy. Your happiness is when I am happy. 

You do not get to choose. You get to be used. Drill that in you mind FAGS!

2nd Post : "Feelings"
Posted by MasterD

"I feel I want to try it out." 

" I feel like this is not right for me!"

Fags should keep your "feelings" or experimentation up in their head, lock it up and never share it. I am not here to make you feel that you should be a slave. You should know that you are a faggot and that your place is to get fuck up mentally, physically and emotionally. 

The feeling you should get from me is pain and suffering. The feeling you should get from me is longing for my attention. Do you think I care about your feeling? To all fags, I do not care about your feelings. 

You should get r***d and you know thats the kind of feeling you should aim for. Aim physically and monetary.

Know you place. Know where you stand. 

Tasks for Master Fidelio
Posted by BCsubSlave

This was my first task for Master Fidelio i was to write 50 lines saying "I am Fidelio's property and I will follow orders unconditionally." If you are a Masterless slave faggot Master Fidelio is someone to consider. He is a God that requires worship and is a King to his Stable. Join me and 13 other slaves in his Stable. You know you want to its what you are meant to do we are just toys and things to torment and that is all. So come on and drain your accounts and buy gifts for Master Fidelio because He deserve your obedience.
Faggot, why are you here?
Posted by DaddyAnimo

I want to learn more about what brought you faggots here. Tell me, or talk amongst yourselves.

The posts I’m seeing so far indicate excitement over being owned and drained. But it feels surface level. You need to delve deeply into the psychology of why you’re here and why you’re a faggot to fully appreciate being owned and drained.
Maybe you understand your dynamic and who you are, but if you don’t, message me. Helping you name and fully access your faggotry and dispelling any other illusions you’re confused by is one of my greater Alpha strengths. You exist for Our pleasure. I enjoy fucking my faggots’ minds just as much as using their bodies as my personal hole.

So, tell me: why are you here? Why do you think your instincts brought you here?

Physical vs Mental
Posted by SoS

In a discussion in the chatroom, MasterTrigger asked me to tell the story of an experience I'd had that taught me to never judge a Man by the cover.

Do I prefer tall men over short? Or muscled men over slim men? The answer for me is that none of that matters. Not when it comes to submission.

I thought it would be an idea to repeat the story in a blog, so hear goes...


I was contacted on a site called slaveboys some years ago, by a man who was into corporal punishment, and liked to treat subs like 'naughty schoolboys'... not something I was into at all, but his message hit something. He asked for my phone number, and he called me. His voice and how he spoke to me took me instantly into a powerful submissive state...

He called a me a few times, calling me a naughty boy as he spoke gently with absolute authority. A deep and very calm voice that got deep into my head. But it wasn't just the voice. It was how he spoke to me with total authority.

I agreed to visit him, as it was 20 miles away.

I went on the agreed evening, but I had no idea what he looked like... I'd not seen a photo of him.

When he opened the door, he was about 68, short, very overweight, thick glasses, and a comb over. Quite an unappealing sight....

He beckoned me in, having told me beforehand to wear a white shirt and tie. He told me to put some shorts on that he had for me to wear... the whole schoolboy thing was as he wanted it.

I stood in his kitchen with him in front of me, and he began talking softly to me.

I immediately went into a very deep submissive state from his voice and words, how he spoke to me and what he said.

I responded as if a was a small boy, as that's how he made me feel.

He took me upstairs and had me lay over his lap for a spanking, to punish me for being a naughty boy

I actually felt like that, and felt i deserved it. He'd got so deep into my mind, and was in total control.

He lay on the bed and had me stroke him, then told me to just lay quietly beside him. He put his arm around me and held me, continuing to talk softly to me, with complete authority...

I went into such a state of deep submission that I began crying and started sobbing like a babe.

I'd never before experienced such deep submissive feelings.

When it was over, we went to the kitchen and chatted normally. He told me about himself, and he was such a nice man.

I was desperate to see him again.

This taught me to NEVER judge a Man by the cover. Never.

A sexy voice is just a sexy voice. Muscles are just muscles. A handsome face is just a handsome face.

He had no physical appeal, whatsoever. Quite the opposite!

It is the character and authority of the man inside that makes it work.

There are many men with good looks, muscles, a sexy voice, who simply don't have it.

He had all that he needed.

My first meeting with MasterTrigger - real submission
Posted by TriggeredBottom

After an intense time serving MasterTrigger online and becoming His property (and thus part of a great family), i had the great honor of meeting Him in person last weekend.
In advance, He chose the hotel for me. Close to his home, as cheap as possible and poorly rated. The weekend was ultimately meant to make me aware of my status and bring me more deeply under His control.
After my arrival, we arranged to have dinner at a restaurant on the first night. In the minutes i waited for Him outside the restaurant i was indescribably nervous. Of course, i recognized Him as soon as He walked up to me. To be honest, i had no idea how to greet Him in an appropriate manner. As a true alpha, He immediately took the lead and gave me an indescribably tight hug without saying a word. A pleasant shiver ran through me and the excitement gave way to a great feeling of happiness. In the restaurant He chose the food and drinks. Likewise, He decided what i had to eat and how much. His natural authority was apparently immediately visible to everyone, because even the waitresses only spoke to Him, unless He gave me a sign that i had to respond to a question. One might think that the situation was bizarre, however, the opposite was true. i felt safe and secure in His presence.
After dinner He said goodbye to me, telling me that He expected me at his place the next day at the agreed time. Full of anticipation of what might await me, i went to the hotel and could hardly sleep. His picture next to my bed drew all my attention.
The next day i was at His door as agreed and had brought the agreed equipment. He explained to me that i had groceries to buy for dinner and after that i would have to clean the apartment and do His laundry. So we went to town first and i always had to be careful never to walk in front of Him. i had to get down on my knees in public and tie His shoes. And it felt great to do that. i felt pride in showing my submission in public.
After chores and dinner, He showed me what is possible through trust and what true loss of control feels like. Using e-stim at various points and increasing intensity, He took me to the limits i thought i could endure. Whenever those limits were reached and my resistance kicked in, he just held me tighter and whispered in my ear to stop fighting the pain. i started to breathe calmly and took the pain He was inflicting on me. In doing so, He managed to push my limits and fill me with great pride. The feeling of being held by His strong arms as the pain intensified was indescribable and addictive.  
The third day was very similar - the intensity was increased and i was bound and gagged at times. my limits were further increased and i was in a frenzy. As i endured more and more suffering, He drained all my money and even though it was more than i expected (and had budgeted for myself), i felt incredibly grateful and proud. Accordingly, the goodbye happened much later than expected and i didn't arrive home until the middle of the night. i am incredibly grateful to my Master for this intense experience and wish to relinquish more and more control, expand limits and be moulded into His perfect property according to His ideas - physically and mentally. Ideas for this have already been developed.
i now know even more how important it is to trust and respect each other. Knowing i have a Master who protects me allows me to truly relinquish complete control. And it's great to have found this great Master here and to be part of a fantastic family in his stable that supports each other. Thank you so much, fagbrothers!
i wish every slave here manages to have similar experiences. Do not be dissuaded from following your destiny! A real Master knows how to build trust, to penetrate deep into the psyche of a slave and bring him further. That is the key to success. Thank you MasterTrigger, i am so incredibly grateful for our encounter. i am Yours, Master!


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