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wishlist Wednesday one more chance to please & serve Sirs
Posted by enslaved

Monday is tribute day. Wednesday is wishlist Wednesday & Fiday is fagtax. Unfamiliar with wishlist Wednesday? A bit of explanations for Sirs & lucky slaves (I am one of those!).

Today is again wishlist Wednesday. As every Wednesday,  again a hot day to serve Sirs & buy something from their wishlist. Another nice, hot way to serve & tribute Sirs.  Wishlist on Sir'  A few advices for your list Sir to get more deserverd gifts. When choosing items tick the box free shipping by Amazon (no shipping costs= more gifts for Sirs)..

Items sent by Amazon allows slaves to add a thank you Sir word & giftwrapping. It also give  on time info is there is a problem with the item or delivery.

I will also also suggest Sirs to add many items up to £10 £20 & more yet for any prices from low to more. Many slaves that do not serve you may want to buy  a little extra for you & it gives every slave the chance & oportunity  to buy a gift for Sirs. Many of us are living on small budget .

Last but not least, please keep your list updated removing the items you don't want no more & those no more available.
Sir can also post his list & a word  on the site' wishlist group:

Post & idea directed by my passion of serving Alpha men. My findom Twitter:

I hope Sirs   will soon get the gifts you want & deserve Sir.

Another way I love to serve & please Alphas is completing targets. More info on my profile & previous blogs.

I wish everyone a great wishlist Wednesday

Whole of life rapport
Posted by AllOfU4Me

I'm interested to know what the balance is here - on the side both of alphas and subordinates - between those who are looking for either quick or repeated but principally sexual thrills, and those who are seeking a more lasting connection with substantial transfer of responsibility.

I'm squarely in the second camp...I'm interested in subordinates who are open to being built up, to be ambitious and successful in life - for their benefit but, ultimately, for the greater glory of me - as well as being mine to command, restrict, develop and feed off as I see fit.

Caring, demanding, challenging exploitation is what's on my play card. Subordinates can expect to feel the thrill of dispensing, dependence and - with trust and agreement - an element of darkness.

Long may these unequal friendships continue...and I'd love to hear how others describe how it works for them.

Extending limits and budget for findom; hot or not?
Posted by enslaved

I have read this rom several subs: extending our limits on what we do as as a slave, how we do it and the frequency we do it is hot. Extending our findom budget is hot.  Is it?

Another something I am wandering, is that something you do by your own or when having a dominant to help you doing this. Is it like spending less to save and serve more?

your opinion, experiencees and suggestions are  very welcome.

My new findom Twitter:

Payfag Mario Party
Posted by KhanDraco

We are all familiar with the popular video game Mario Party, where four players go against one another to accumulate wealth and stars and become the “superstar”. My proposal is to take this fun game and turn it into another means for debtfags and cashpigs to simp for their masters.

Four masters will be assigned a payslut each before playing, with the game itself being played as a normal game of Mario Party. However, when the game is concluded, the paypigs will reward their masters based on their performance. Each coin they have at the end will translate to 10 tips, each star will award 200 (20 coins), and to the winner of the game, a bonus 500 tips will go to first place.

Let me know what you think of this game idea; I will be listening to your feedback, and I plan on streaming a game or two if people show interest here.

Rules, Slaves need them, here are my rules for slaves
Posted by MasterRogerG


1. When home alone or if living with housemates in its room alone slave will be naked.
2. slave will watch video for at least one hour every day.
3. slave will think up fives ways to give me pleasure, that it already isn't ordered to do.
4. slave will send five new naked pictures every day.
5. slave will treat its body as property that slave is borrowing!
6. slave when communicating with Master, never use I or me or mine because slave is an object so it uses it or this slave to refer to itself.
7. Other than rent, major purchases are to be approved by Master.
8. slave, if not in a relationship, can't have sex without permission.
9. Every Sunday it will email me it schedule for the week of all known activities,Monday to next Sunday.
10. slave will make a video,being naked confessing what it is and surrendering itself to me.
11. slave can ask clarifying questions, but otherwise expected to obey orders as soon as possible.
12. slave will always be truthful with Master.
13. Only Master can change or add rules. Changes and additions apply as soon as slave receives them.

if interested can join my stable:

Clean before a long, hard days work
Posted by Mastersam

Looks like I am gonna be on my feet all day again today and after the week I’ve had, someone should be waiting to worship them when I get back from work and they’re filthy, sweaty and stink. Who’s been a good boy and is worthy of taking these socks off my feet? 

Do any of my slaves deserve me to send these to them? I’m interested to know who has earned the privilege and what you have done this week to be so deserving.


New but also good
Posted by DomAntonio

DomAntonio here if you are looking for someone to have fun with I am here  . You can be mine if we get along if you are to shy send me a dot I will show how a real man does it . For more about me you can search me up . I can control your life your feeling and your wallet doesm't matter for me what make me happy makes you slaves happy ! This is how it works I am the Master you are the dog . I know you are intrested so don't wait too much like you got someting better to do HAHA. When i am finished you will barely be able to not think about me . I can offer what you are afraid to ask so after i take whatever i want to.                      
Message me😉
Posted by MasterTom

Hey, I’m still kinda new to this but I am loving it. The thought of taking your money makes me hard as hell and hungry for more. Message me and tell me how you want me to treat you. Some people want the personal connection and conversation to flow and relate to one another. Some people want to be ridiculed and owned. I wanna be the master you want me to be. I love setting targets and won’t own you unless we both want too. I think I’d like to get to know you better so I would know what you like. I want us to both be satisfied and I want your wallet to be mine.😊

Games? Drainings? Thanking an Alpha after tributing him is the le...
Posted by enslaved

2 months on the site & into findom. What an exciting world & discovery. Such a fantastic site & community. Thank you Masters & slaves to make it so great. And a huge thank you to MOA for creating the site & his work on it.

What I learned & did. What I like & don't! Tributes, serving Masters? I love it.

See my many tributes on my profile page & scroll down & down & down!  Everyone is having his own preferences, do's & don't.

 I respect everyone's choices as for mine so far & mainly due to some bad web experiences. I go for verified Masters with a few albums that include face photos. Most Alphas are verified with such albums. Time to play & serve. I am part of the group: Amazon lists on this site but mostly serve with tips. Please do not ask for any other ways. Especially if not knowing each other! yes I do have Skype & enjoy so called cam sessions to see & hear Master & his orders but let us begin here please.  I will always try to entertain & please superiors.

Alphas are priority. I enjoy public use, humiliation & multiple draining. Not ruining!  For now I am not into pillory games.

Over 1700 Masters on the site & even more submissives. it's obvious I can not serve all Alphas matching my criteria. I will though do my best to stay on my slave's place. Keep it fun & horny for Masters & those who like me.

Targets on the other hand is a great way to serve, entertain & make Sirs horny when used on public multiple draining sessions. I am unowed & free to stay so but I love the hand of a dominant expert. Master Pete is in charge for my targets.His guidance & experience is precious on keping my targets & serving hot & possible. Idea, suggestions, wishes? you can ask him. He may not be my owner. I trust him, will follow his directions & obey his commands.

Please check his blog post:                              you can ask him directly.

Any further personal use can also be asked to GrandMasterB:

thank you Masters & everyone for making this site & community so hot & great

My divine German Alpha Master Alex
Posted by rubber_sau

I have become the proudest slave ever, in my whole life because I now have the priviledge to serve the most wonderful master around: German Alpha Master Alex. Just look at his wonderful profile picture, this slightly condescending and extremely self-assured smile in his divine face.....You should all flog to his stable and worship his masculine perfection! Every time I complete a weekly fag tax target....this makes me so happy, this contributes to my inner satisfaction so strong..... I can hardly find words to describe what I feel when I think of him!
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