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Life Ruination Text Trigger. You will never change.

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You’ve wasted your life as a wank machine. Tributing men and binging clips. Don’t worry, this time won’t be different. Enjoy your relapse. You lurk. You relapse. You deactivate for 2 days then repeat. This endless cycle should be getting tiring but the adrenaline rush is so addictive you need more. 

Now you crave more thrill and more danger. If you’re reading this, give up. If you could beat this you would have never relapsed. Unzipping and rubbing the throbbing ache in your pants while your checkings is wiped feels right. Your defeated cock is too weak to say no to and too limp to say yes to normal sex. Poor bitch, your life is over. The wasted kids liquidated on your stomach is a reminder that findom has warped you into a fist fucking loser cash machine. I'm not the reason you biologically imbalanced freaks chase an irrational high of masochism. Whatever happened in your childhood is responsible for that. I'm just here to reap the financial benefits of all the bullying, abuse, and neglect you went through. 

Morals have no place in Findom. I will break hearts, tear apart families, f***e poverty, interrupt income and just laugh at your damaged past. Your problem, My profit. I'm not here for negotiations or therapy. I'm simply here to take advantage of an easy situation. "Never again”. You've repeated it so many times it's lost all meaning. It must be painful, being so stupid. Lying to yourself over and over. Your only real option is simple, admit your defeat and watch as I pick apart your life's work.

You don't get out. You never get to quit. You only get to hate yourself more as I personally oversee your demise. Don't forget to keep stroking, those few minutes of fleeting bliss are the only escape you get from this nightmare. Your only reward for sending is the feeling of nothingness and being forgotten. Five seconds of pleasure when you flush your beta spunk away. Then you're just left with a lifetime of poverty and regret. You're still gonna send because you're an addict. You’re just another disposable brain dead failure. Scamming you while you goon your brains out as your wallet gets lighter. After I’ve milked you dry, you will shoot out your load to a block screen. Another babycock loser will just replace you instantly. No one cares about your existence. You are a nobody, a stroke puppet, jerking in a dark room to strangers. Nobody is ever going to look at you so just get use to sexual frustration and loneliness. Hurry into my DMs with that pumped up jizzdick to get your handsex sessions pumping hard. Squirt your nutgunk out in defeat. I will drain everything, bankrupt you then just block you. Starve your family just for a quick fap session with me.

Financial Master Programming Wank Machines.

How many times have you felt a shower of regret in post nut clarity and told yourself never again? It's a shame that no one has ever successfully quit findom. The damage is irreversible. Let the tingle turn into a throbbing ache in your gooey pindick. Present yourself for the slaughter.

You send within budget, then are pushed beyond your self imposed limit, you think to yourself "shit, this is ruining me, I will quit now". Realizing you get off on being ruined, you hate yourself more, you stroke, you forget and repeat the cycle. My cold, cruel words soothe your aching defective limp fuckpole. Dribbling nutgunk out of your second brain while I end your sex life and cement your fate. Your best orgasms don't come cheap anymore. No life. Lonely. Addict loser locked away, pumping away financial stability. Edging closer to losing all free will. A mindless cash dispenser oozing out cash. Brainwashed and seduced into losing your life to Findom. Wrap your fingers around your pathetic cock and sign over your life to me with every pump. Every ounce of self-control has slowly been drained away in all that beta goo your maggot has been oozing out. You tried your best to fight it. You lost. Fall in love with ruining yourself. It won't be long before regret turns into arousal. Then there's no escape. The closer you get to succeeding the more you want to fuck yourself over. It makes me so happy to know that I'm causing permanent damage to your sorry lives. 

I'm not here to build relationships with the dregs of society. Only to stomp on your finances and throw you away. I promise to forget all about your existence after I'm done leaving long-lasting, irreversible effects on your sorry life. Some masters like to encourage their subs to better themselves but I'm not so deluded. I know you'll never amount to anything. Can you blame me when all these pathetic failures throw themselves in front of me and beg for torture and misery?

Say it now before it's too late

Not to sound all morbid on the back of Fuckface's sad posting about Ronnieflexx, it has made Fuckface think that you never know what is round the corner. 

When Fuckface leaves this mortal coil (hopefully in many years to come) Fuckface wants to make sure that certain Powerful Gods, on this great website, now know how much they mean to Fuckface. 

So Fuckface will publically say that IT has ALWAYS loved:

the Powerful Black Gods who own Fuckface (but who are not on Ownedfags yet);

Master Relentless (aka HouseofSlaves); 

SkinBossDan; and 

A previous God called Almighty God (aka Dave) who Fuckface served for many years.

Without those amazing Powerful Gods, Fuckface wouldn't be Fuckface. IT wouldn't have experienced or known what it is really like to serve a REALLY POWERFUL GOD. IT wouldn't have been introduced to financial domination and IT wouldn't have known how to be a faggot without them. They taught Fuckface what "submission" meant, they put the fear of God (themselves) into Fuckface with their powerful physical and verbal strength and they made Fuckface happy and smile.

Those Powerful Gods did things to Fuckface that you wouldn't (or would) believe. They always knew what was best and they were always right.

So fellow faggots, if there's a God or Gods on Ownedfags or anywhere else that you love, let them know now either publically or privately how you feel about them.  It doesn't matter if those Gods don't reply back to you but at least they know how much they mean to you and that's important. 

Once you've said it to them, get on with living and worship everything about those magnificent and awesome Powerful Gods.

Ugly faggot trany part 2

Or a cautionary tail. 

How embarrassing can things get.  In "First sight of ugly trany".  I tell you of a trany that was locked outside a friends house for all to see.  Dressed like a pantomime dame with a bad wig, a tight yellow jumper, pencil skirt, a bum length fake for coat, 6" stiletto shoes.  Add to this the fake boobs with pins on the inside so if they where poked/prodded and fondled, the pins would be painful for the trany.   I know we should all be accepting of goodness knows what now-days but I still giggle to my self when I remember this day.

As it turns out the couple who's flat the trany was outside, the trany and me all have the same interests outside and inside the world of kink.  This man was much older and could be seen as the "Go To Man" for DIY and making things.  In fact the notorious fake pinned boobs where one set of 4 or 5 all different sizes and shapes made from the polyurethane foam that builders use to fill large gaps between pipes and walls.

Each time I went to see this man for something un-kink related after the while he would turn the talk to being kinky.  A really needy and annoying faggot.  The conversation would go along the lines of:  "Now we have made this....... you could get Janet to type up the instructions, you could have her tied to the chair with this."  Then he would pull out a gag with a stick and rubber end.  "You could demand Janet use this to type the documents and not release her until she is finished, but this is not that story.

I was at the trany's house before I needed to go shopping.  "Sir do you need Janet the chauffeur?"  In my head a big sigh.     "Yes that will be nice."   "Change in to the blond wig and small boobs with your chauffeur outfit."  "Sir do you not want Janet with big boobs?"  "No Janet as they don't fit the outfit"  "what about having the handcuffs Sir? and the lockable shoes?"  "Yes lock them on Janet"  Janet disappeared in to the back room and a little later  Janet the chauffeur hobbled out.  You can just see the face-plant.  I have missed out one detail, a home made metal penis/chastity cage under the pencil skirt.  

Unlike a real chauffeur I had to put her in the car which had been modified to allow a chain to go from the penis cage to the dashboard and locked in place.  We would first drive to a quirt protected by trees and thick bushes layby near the shops I wanted to go to.  Before I got out Janet's hands would be handcuffed behind the head rest.  I would then rub Janet's legs moving my hands higher and higher as if she was a woman and my hands were searching for her clit under her skirt.  At this point I had not really considered the sexuality.  Then I got out the car and went to the drivers door as I needed to get my cock sucked.  Opening the door Janet know what I wanted and tried to do her best at giving me a blow job.  When she knew I was getting close he pulled off and asked me to make a mess of her chauffeur uniform but I did not want that so I said OK but suck me for a bit more and I came in her mouth.  At that point I had a ball gag in my hand and before Janet could say any thing else I put the ball gag in and buckled the strap at the back of her head.    I checked  Janet was OK and she nodded her head.  So I closed and locked the car and headed for the shops.    It would be about 40mins before I would get back.

On the way back I see blue light between the trees.  O fuck police, what do I do?  At this distance I could see the light on the roof of the car but I don't think they could see me, I decided to try and play it cool as if I did not know the faggot in the car.  I will never know if that was the right thing as while I was still about 200 yards from the exit of the layby the police car left.   I will also never know why they did not stop me as they passed buy I am glad they did not.  I was trying so hard just to walk as if I was walking home from the shops.  As I reached the layby I checked to see if I was being watched before I walked down behind the trees.  The car was still there, Janet was still there and the ball gag was out her mouth.  I unlocked the car and unlocked Janet.  "What  happened with the police?"  "They saw the car and was going to brake the windows to get me out."  "Managed to spit the gag out and shout"  "Please no I am OK" "I am OK" "My wife will be back soon"  "Its a game"  "Sorry, Please"............. I still don't know why or how Janet persuaded the police to leave.   Now unlocked "are you OK to drive? because I think we should get going"    

Fag Wants Me To Smash Him Into A Flat Pancake
There is a first time for everything, this below story is one of them. 

Met a fag online for the first time (not on here) who said he want me to smash him into a flate pancake. He only weights 100 lbs. so I can do. He is such a pathetic & worthless cumrag. I would flatten him so much there would be nothing left of him. Such a submissive faggot that is looking for a dominate master and he found one for sure. This blog post was not meant to be long which it is not but I do hope you enjoyed learning about this experience.

New Year

Happy New Year you lovely bunch of wierdos! (in the nicest possible way)

Nearly a fortnight into this year and all is looking promissing, Vaccines are on their way to battle the rona and we can all hopefully look forward to a better year. As some of you know, I bought out a local company part way through last year and needed to take some time to enable transition and changes that were needed to make the company work. Luckily with some local support and a few large contracts, I have been able to ensure all staff still had jobs and still turn a profit.

Now that things are settling down business wise and still have plenty of work to keep the main drivers busy, my focus turns back to my health. I have an op next month and will soon be isolating for this (I'm not going into the specifics of the op, it is serious but not life threatening) I will therefore have more time to put into my kinky side. I still have a couple of regulars, local to me. One financial, one more humiliation (although good on him for getting the Boss a decent watch for xmas) space is now available in my schedule for one or two more regular serving subs, be that piggy, findom, decent shag etc or a mixture of both.

Ideally I would like a sub with some experience or knowledge of UK geography to sort some routes for me to keep my busy after lockdown and the op. Whilst also being 'entertaining'.

Subs who can serve around the UK when i am on deliveries are also welcome. It should not be owned and should message its location, limits, likes and whether it can host to be added to my directory of service subs for use on breaks and in the evening when local.

I hope that 2021 brings you all a better year than 2020 and sees us all getting what we truly want from life.

remember your local and national advice, ours is Stay Sate: Stay at home, I add to that. STAY SAFE: STAY AT HOME: STAY WIERD! (Normal is boring!!)

Sustainable Sending

A message inspired by an earnest discussion among several fags in chat.

Sustainable sending simply means sending what you can afford to send. A straightforward notion yet quite difficult for many finsubs to master. It is the key to long lasting servitude and financial stability. A concept drilled into me years ago by the first Dom I served that I always keep top of mind is: a broke fag is a useless fag.

What cash slave hasn’t stroked to the idea of a massive drain? Dropping hundreds or thousands in a single ruinous session. Yes it can be arousing beyond measure, but it can leave you feeling broken and resentful. At its worst it results in slaves deleting profiles and ghosting their Masters.

Too often fags are guided by the little cocklet between their legs, which can lead to bad decisions. While yes you should always strive to please your Master, both in tribute and other ways; you need to play the long game. How best can you serve Him sustainably over time? Aim for years of service, not just a few weeks of jerking.

Take the time to figure out what you can actually afford to send. Yes it can seemingly take the fun out of it, but coming up with a budget will help keep you from overdoing it. There will always be slaves who can send more than you, that’s just a fact. Focus on what you are able to affordably send rather than trying to compete with those with deeper pockets.

Even seasoned subs can fall prey to sending more than they should. When it happens it is imperative that you communicate to your Master that you will need a period of recovery. If He is a wise Dom He will understand, if not then it’s time to move on. Smart Masters will want to cultivate a lasting relationship, not drain you into oblivion then hang you out to dry.

The best Masters know how to guide their fags in sending sustainably. Yes there are always those who will push a slave past its limits, but it is still up to the slave to inform the Master that they can’t afford to send more. We are all adults here, both the Master and the slave share responsibility. The slave not to oversend and the Master not to ruin the slave.

Now that doesn’t mean you should waste a Dom’s time simply to pinch some pennies. Don’t accept targets you can’t complete. Don’t promise more than you can send. If you're having trouble managing your sending, try asking your Master to require permission to send to help keep you grounded. If you can’t send any more until your next pay ask how else you can please Him. True submission and servitude extends beyond tip counts.

Be the best fag that you can be for them, but do it sustainably so you can continue to do so for years to come. The Masters may be in control, but that doesn’t mean you can abrogate your own responsibility to keep your head above water.

Older Fags are needed for Young Men
If you are a old faggot desperately finding yourself needing to show the next generation of Young Doms, bow down and show your commitment. I have seen and heard from many older men that deep down they crave a Young Dom. Now is your chance!

1. Bow down 

2. Tribute and offer what you can to serve us

3. Commit to being a Old Fag

The little red devil.

I know many of you have asked for the next part of "Ugly Tranny." and "How I met my first love." OK these will come.   

Many of my blogs hark back to the days when a cold night on the streets of London would not be a problem, but this one comes from a later date when at the fist sign of a grey cloud my joints aches.

Being a lad who was at home with my first computer at 13 I was at the very start of the internet and little did I know that 40(ish) years later I would be having a real time chat including photo's, video and little smiling faces.   In fact for years I has resisted the little smily faces but hay life changes.  

Moving on to 2016 and I had got to grips with this search engine and that search engine and what is now the ubiquitous google.  I am sure I have done some searching I should not have and a few times made sure I was on a public internet service(hot spot).  I take the view that if my IP says I am at Athens Airport then who am I.   Any why the point is I found findom/cashdom during my on going non stop hunt for good porn.    

Finding a chatroom, after doing all the things needed to join the site I started just sitting on the sidelines just reading the way the posts where going.  I noted people kept say (a word) to one of the subs in the room and it appeared the sub was reacting well most of the time.  I noted some of the people said the word and were not getting a reaction at all.  A example that even a self confessed faggot has those it likes, those it does not like and those who just don't do it for them.  

It was as I was reading these messages and sometimes saying the word my self and got a reaction I sent a private messages to the faggot, go a replay.  We connected on skype and started our private chat.  I started to find my self in the finedom world.  I started to note that I was chatting more than what you might call demanding.  Reading "How I met my first love" you will see that this is how it works for me.  My BF and faggots kneel down to me not because I demand it but because it's just the right  thing for them to do.  I find this way people open up to me, some with "secrets" and "triggers" that don't work every time but they do most times.  I like public play abusing a faggot in public and chatrooms but private skype works well and I have a better range of those little smiling faces I said I avoided earlier, some have cute animation.  When chatting with the faggot using "the word" I also found one, a red devil with nashing teeth and the "little red devil" was born.

The little red devil.  Always wants his way but has a note of mischief, naughtiness and fun just like a little imp. He has a personality of his own like my avatar or calling card.  When the faggot see him he knows it's time to play and it's not going to stop until he is payed to go away.  That way the faggot can tell me when he need to stop without telling me.  Sometimes the little devil will go to sleep for a little while, just to wake up again but I always know when enough is enough (maybe)?

A story of gifts and tributes - a snippet into Spanish Christmas ...

On the 6th of January, the Epiphany is celebrated in Spain.

In the original Christmas story, the Three Wise Men (Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar) brought gold, frankincense and myrrh as tributes.

Nowadays, on this date, ALL SORTS of gifts are delivered to kids that have been nice, and charcoal (usually edible black sugar cubes) to those who have been naughty.

c******n must go to bed early the night of the 5th and leave their shoes (polished and cleaned) outside their bedroom in order for them to get their presents delivered.

Kids also leave a pick-me-up drink or a nightcap for the Three Wise Men for the long night ahead.

It is also customary to eat Roscon de Reyes, a big doughnut-like cake usually filled with cream or chocolate. The cake has two items hidden inside: a bean and a small figurine or toy.

The person who finds the figurine (be mindful of choking!) gets to wear a crown and is meant to have good luck for the rest of the year.

The person who finds the bean is meant to pay for the cake! 

It is difficult NOT to make an analogy between this particular celebration and our beloved world of findom:

There is no question about there being plenty of “wise men” in OF, deserving all sorts of gifts, gold bars and crowns; but there are even more so naughty boys around us, deserving nothing but punishment.

Collections of shoes (or feet) are often displayed on the site, including trainers, boots and even a few pairs of high heels.

Subs often behave like c******n (even wearing diapers), but they dutifully lick their Master’s boots clean without question at any given time.

They can also be asked to go to bed early at their Master’s discretion (when their bed is not swapped by a cage or the floor, that is...) or even be deprived of any rest altogether, if it has not been earned.

Abundant supplies of pick-me-up drinks and nightcaps are often displayed on the site, from the basic coffee and beer, to the more elaborate, cheeky, and sophisticated cocktails prepared by some of the most dutiful servants.

And I do not think it is necessary for me to make a more explicit reference to subs burying their faces in donut-like areas which, as with the Roscon de Reyes, can sometimes be either plain, filled with cream or even chocolate...

But in our world, subs are always the ones finding the toys (and choking on them), and Masters are always the lucky ones being crowned, as we rightfully deserve.

So let’s celebrate the end of the festive season together in the best possible way.

Let there be crowns, gold bars, subs licking feet and shoes clean, stuffing their faces and chocking, providing pick-me-up drinks and nightcaps, plenty of gifts, and spreading happinesses as they spread their legs!