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Master Bandit
Master Bandit

Thank you for being you.  These last few weeks have been incredible and hopefully just the start of a lot of fun, learning and serving.
Whether it's buying you Sushi, hurting myself or just keeping my cum inside me longer than I'd like to, i just love it all. Being useful to you and making me happy by pleasing you.
It's no secret how much you turn me on.  You can make my dick jump with just one message; but more than that, i love our talks; i love the time you spend on me.  I love it when you reward me, when you praise me and when you tell others that I'm good. I'm so proud to be your boy.
I've had an amazing weekend away but one thing was missing- you! I was so excited to message you yesterday when i got home and so happy when you replied.
I know i say it a lot, but i never thought that i would be like this. But I'm so happy that i am, I'm definitely better dedicating myself to you, and i don't miss talking to our serving other guys at all. 
All i need is my amazing Master Bandit
Thank you
What makes MasterMister truly amazing!
1. He is incredibly hot and great looking

It was his great look that really caught my attention when I first saw his profile online. And meeting him in person makes me realized even more that he is such a perfect human being. He has really smooth skin, amazing soft hair, incredible eyes that make me so weak to look at him. His chest is so sexy that I just want to bow down at while resting next to him. He has great ass that I secretly kept looking at when I walked behind him. His hands are so perfect that make me feel so safe and protected under his guidance. His feet are so powerful that I can kiss and lick for hours. And of course, his dick is huge and strong that I am truly incredibly lucky to have it in my mouth and in my ass. I am so lucky enough to have him breed inside my ass. He is the first and the only guy to do that. Since the very first day I met him online, I've only jerked off because of him literally for over one year already. Even after jerking off, for a short time, I will start thinking about him again. He is just extremely good looking and I've been jerking off at least 2 times a day now because of him. I have even jerked off for 4 times in a day looking at his pictures. And literally, I've stopped having sex with other guys because of him.

2. He has high EQ (emotional quality)

For over one year being owned by him, I really don't recall anytime that he's angry or emotional. I can confidently say that we never had any fights or disagreements, just different opinion in certain matters. When you don't let your emotion control you, you are the one in control of the people around you. Our mind is such a powerful thing that it either controls us or we control it. This is something not easy to do but he does it so well. I am the type of person whose emotion gets triggered easily by unpleasant people or situation but by spending time with him, he slowly helps me improve to become a better person. I really admire this side of him that it's very rare for you to find in people. And because of his capability in this, he easily controls me. I've had fights and arguments with my past masters but with him, I'm just not capable at all to do this because I have my utmost respect for him all the time. I am always calm and peaceful around him. Even if one day he's angry at me, I'll just be on my knees, look down and apologize to him. I've read the book "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle and he is such a perfect example of someone who is powerful enough to control his mind and emotion. 

3. Money doesn't control him

I always believe that you control your slaves when you don't let money control you. Otherwise, your slaves are the ones who control you. Even in life, you're a slave when you let money control you. If he has made a decision, you cannot change that with money. If he decides to put me in chastity, that means I will remain in chastity and no amount of tributes will change his mind to release me. I remember serving other masters in the past, it was so easy to change their mind by offering them money but it's totally not the case with him. He is also a very smart and intelligent person. He has very stable financial status. He's not doing this for money, he's doing this because he's just powerful. I've been badly impacted financially because of this global pandemic but instead of making it worst for me, he has been helping me a lot to control this urge by maintaining a minimum weekly tribute. He has all kind of power to make me send him so much money but he never does that. Despite me wanting to send more, he declines many times because he understands my situation. He also made me completely stopped serving random masters which had put me in serious financial struggle in the past. I suffer emotionally by not being able to tribute him more but he has said many times when my condition is better then I can tribute him more. He trusts me and he believes in me. And with all my heart and my soul, I promise him that time will come one day. I am doing my best to fix my situation and he is my main motivator not to lose hope and to keep fighting. And one of my biggest dreams now is to be out of this financial struggle to be able to give him all my salary every month!

4. He is very funny and very fun to be with

Talking to him is very fun and enjoyable. Many times he makes me laugh. I really love his sense of humor. Because of our different time zone, I always have to wake up early morning to text him or to have a video call with him. Imagine feeling sleepy in a very early morning and someone makes a joke that you suddenly laugh and feel fresh. I love how he sees things in life. I was weak and insecure about the uncertainties of our relationship but he always tells me to enjoy our present and to live in the moment. And because of this, I am now enjoying our relationship so much and I can never be happier. I feel that this relationship is so fulfilling and even believe that a dom/sub relationship is much more meaningful than a romantic relationship. Seriously, I just want to be with him right now because spending time with him makes me feel like there's no problem in my life that I cannot face.

5. He is a decent human being

He is such a polite person with great and decent manners. He shows that he values and appreciates my sacrifices and efforts to serve and to please him. This is not a romantic relationship but he's always happy to reward my servitude with romantic things because he knows they're important and meaningful to me. Despite being the Master, he never insults me or belittles me. He does it just when we're having fun but outside that, he respects me as a fellow human being. To me, what makes someone a truly respectable Master is not by being arrogant or so full of himself but by being naturally confident and and always secure about himself. I know there are many different kind of masters out there but he's just the one that I had been looking for, for so many years. We just match so well with each other. People say kindness is not power but I totally disagree because it was his kindness that has made me become so loyal and devoted to him. After all, we are all human beings with feelings and emotions. When we feel valued, cared and appreciated, that makes us so happy and when we're so happy, we just want to do everything for that person!

New Slaves - WANTED

Looking out for new Cashslaves to worship me and my body....

I had this experience a long time ago, but got distracted by personal things!

NOW - your Master is back to show u what ur worth for! Right, nothing!

Let me r**e your wallet and pay me for the Lifestyle you will never deserve to have!

I have only limited spots available so you have to proof that u earn one!

DM me here, via Skype or Twitter

See Ya!

What is Findom?

The internet describes it as the fetish of a power exchange involving the transfer of money from sub to Dom. 

What separates findom from sex work? 

That is a blurry line and one that can be hard to draw. The question that can probably highlight an answer is what enjoyment is be derived from the exchange? Is the submissive structuring a fantasy around a specific desire they have that just happens to include a transfer of money? Then it’s probably best defined as sex work. 

In no way is that meant to denigrate sex workers or what they do and frankly there’s a bit too much of that attitude around.

But is the specific desire that ultimate submission of something valued in our society above almost all else (money)? Well then’s it’s probably closer to findom. Still, it’s only moving down the spectrum. 

In my opinion; findom is when a Master doesn’t just take a slave’s cash. It’s when a Master has such control over the slaves life that it results in a permanent change of the slave’s financial path. making a slave to follow a strict budget, repairing their credit score from past mistakes, meeting financial and professional goals? That to me sounds like financial domination; the power to both destroy and create. The possibility that even if a slave and Master parts ways that a slaves life will be permanently altered by the guidance and control of that Master. 

To me, that is findom. 

Hello again
Hello all,

Master Doug here!

I'm back again after taking some time away from this site. Have I missed much? I've been taking some time away from everything, and I'm feeling more focused and fresh.

Looking forward to reconnecting, connecting, and ready to have some serious fun!

Take care,

Master Doug

Having been in the dungeon for 48 hours (thank you to MoA for the hospitality...), it's right that I write about the reason, and to express a public apology to my Master Garboss.

There are probably very few fags/slaves on OF who've been put in the dungeon as punishment for sending to their Master, and few Masters who've sent them there for doing so. But, my Master is not like most others.

My error was to buy a 1000 tips crown on Easter Sunday for my Owner, to show my love and pride in Him as my king of kings. I wanted it to be a surprise, so I failed to ask permission.

The rule under which I live is something that I know very well:


Send His money when HE decides.

Send His money how HE decides. 

I do not decide when, how, or how much.

An ATM does NOT make those decisions. 

Only an ATM's user and Owner decides how His ATM is used.

This rule is fundamental to His control.

I am not a fag that begs to send His money in order to satisfy my own selfish urges. This would be me using Him for my own selfish ends.

Whether I'm horny or not is unimportant. He decides when His money is withdrawn.

The essence of Findom in our relationship is Power, Control, Subordination, Obedience. This is how Findom fits into a Power Exchange relationship. It is a wonderful relationship, and my Master is also probably my best friend, who always wants what is best for me.

Even though W/we discuss all sorts of things in our lives, confide in each other on private and personal matters, share many interests and provide mutual support in many ways, non of these aspects of our relationship alter or impact on the fact that I am His ATM faggot who works and sacrifices to earn His money which all goes into His savings and investments.

With such a special relationship, it is important that His rules over my life are adhered to in full, and gratefully respected.

I am so proud and constantly grateful, and know how very fortunate I am to be in His exclusive $table.

I apologise wholeheartedly to my wonderful Owner and the most important Man in my life. 


These poems look at some of the questions the faggot asks itself  on its journey (or downward spiral) into submission. The need for validation and approval from Men and the way it feels when that is given (or denied) The faggot questions and undermines itself, reaffirming its place low down in the hierarchy. 

These poems were written for Master SimX offering him a glimpse of a damaged faggot psyche. 

Thank you Sir. 


I allow myself to be defined

By the Men who choose to grind

Their cocks into my mouth and ass

Who say I’m part of an underclass

Of queers that please their Men like whores

They say that it is all I’m good for

Do as I am told, be compliant

Become completely cock reliant

Be a hole, accept the abuse

And through service you’ll find use


There is no time to be ashamed

Of lusts I let run wild, untamed.

My desire to suck dick

Turned me into an addict

Always wanting more and more

I turned myself into a whore

My need for Cock grew until

I just became a hole to fill.

Now is the time to confess

My life is a complete mess

Just a hole, no going back

Master has put me on the right track

Submit to him, and earn my worth

Accept my role upon this Earth

Now is the time to admit

That I was asking for it.


Sometimes I find it hard to say

If I was born this way

Born a sub, to live on my knees

Predisposed to yield and please

Perhaps I’m simply a creation

Groomed for sexual subjugation

Either way it makes no difference

I serve my Master with great Reverence

Born or Made He rules over me

I am in awe of his Mastery

The effortless way that he inspires

Me to embrace submissive desires

I am made of lust and sleaze

It is a true honour to please

The Man who makes me feel this way

The Man that I serve night and day


Why does He cum on my face?

Is it so I'll feel debased?

Or should my face light up with glee?

When it is splattered with seed?!

I would wear his load with pride,

Leave it on my skin till dried.

Just another faggot slag

Transformed into Masters cum rag

But is that what He wants to see?

Perhaps it’s meant to humiliate me?

Is it just a salty stain?

A sign of Master’s disdain

Would he rather I felt shame?

A dumb-ass loser, weak and lame?

Or is it best not to know

Left in a pride/shame limbo?


A lazy Easter Weekend allowed time for some New original poems. These poems focus on the sense of smell, and the effects a the Scent of a real Man can have on a faggot. Written for and inspired by the very handsome Master ClayBoss4. Thank you Sir.

Let his scent on you imprint

So lucky to even catch a hint

Of his superior aroma

His scent gives you an instant boner

Breathe in deep of Masters Alpha Stink

And let it take you to the brink

For more of his scent you supplicate

In his damp sweaty pits you’d suffocate

Nothing else intoxicates

Like the Scent of a real Man


To some his stink might repel

But nothing beats Masters Smell

His musky pits are so intense

They overwhelm your faggot senses

Soon you just crave more and more

His Manly odour your adore

It’s no use, you can’t resist

You NEED to give those pits a kiss


His hot and sweaty groin you watch

You long to sniff at Master’s crotch

You’d huff and sniff just like a dog

Getting a lungful of his hog

The smell of sex and piss and sweat

His scent could get you into debt

You are a filthy little sniff freak

His Alpha stink will make you so weak

But for each sniff there is a charge

His bank account you must enlarge

Nothing this good comes for free

Down on your knees cunt pay your fees

Faggot, why are you here?
I want to learn more about what brought you faggots here. Tell me, or talk amongst yourselves.

The posts I’m seeing so far indicate excitement over being owned and drained. But it feels surface level. You need to delve deeply into the psychology of why you’re here and why you’re a faggot to fully appreciate being owned and drained.
Maybe you understand your dynamic and who you are, but if you don’t, message me. Helping you name and fully access your faggotry and dispelling any other illusions you’re confused by is one of my greater Alpha strengths. You exist for Our pleasure. I enjoy fucking my faggots’ minds just as much as using their bodies as my personal hole.

So, tell me: why are you here? Why do you think your instincts brought you here?


With these poems I have tried to capture themes of surrender, acceptance and weakness. They are all stages/feelings that I been able to explore as a sub and especially as a fin-sub, under the guidance of Master SimX, who these poems were inspired by and written for. 


I want to open up my mind

And let Masters Cock inside

Fucking thoughts into my head

Dreams of having my throat bred

Imagining the words he’d say

As I serve in every way

Would he tell me I’m a slut?

A filth fag, a worthless mutt

Would he say “good job dog”

While my popper’d minds a fog

Maybe he’d just moan and grunt

Using my face like a cunt

Either way I’d beg for more

Like a degenerate whore.


The good thing with objectification

Is that there is no expectation

All it need do is complete its task

There is nothing else of it to ask

Just a thing, there to be used

Grown indifferent to abuse

Just a slick wet choking tunnel

There to be filled, drilled and pummelled

You want to shove your cock down deep

Watch its eyes and make it weep

Grab and stretch, unhinge its jaw

Mouths like that belong on whores

Restrict its breaths to just a few

Teach it it belongs to you

Spit in its face for extra lube

Feeding it your fleshy tube

See what kinds of noise it makes

As your God-Cock pounds and r***s

Pump it full of salty goodness

Making its existence less worthless


There is nothing wrong with being weak

When you're spent and passed your peak

You can relax, have no fear

Master is always here to steer

He'll take you where you need to be

So you can serve Him properly

Serve with cash or gifts or hole

Controlling you is his goal.