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Being online
Posted by PerksMaster

Starting a pillory game is the next thing on my list to do on this site. I just need to find a decent fag to do it with. My needs are simple:

1  a fag who wants to serve

2 a fag who has the tips to serve

3 a fag that doesnt disappear after messaging me once

is that too much to ask? I had a rocky start on this site, but super committed to being a Master, and just need to be taken seriously on here! Does anyone else .....fags or Masters have the same problem?

Could the fantasy we conjure outweigh the reality of living the l...
Posted by YourMasterM

It is difficult when the fantasy doesn’t meet reality because the question asked is to who is at fault? The participants for not rising to the challenge and meeting each other’s expectations, or the fantasy for being too developed and far reaching, not grounded in reality?


I have contemplated the nature of the Dom/sub relationship with regards to expectation versus reality - I think in the age of virtual inter-connectedness we are realising our potentials and manifesting our goals to both greater and lesser extents.


Many of the subs a Master finds are sub-par, due to a sense of entitlement or preference for one situation over another. While I do believe we all need to be happy in our set-ups, I think too many subs are eager to jump at opportunities without contemplating on whether the fit is right. Many subs want full ownership; many simply want attention. A lot of those wanting full ownership don’t fully understand – they’re running away from whatever difficulties they face in their own lives so see it as a fallback where they can escape. Rather, they should be making an active choice to give up control, give themselves over, and trust that Master is making the best decisions.


It can be difficult to totally let go, if considering that demeaning rather than liberating. That’s absolutely fine – not every relationship needs to be one that is total ownership. Sometimes we just need to accept what the other is willing to give.

My place in findom
Posted by britsub

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always felt an innate need to serve. Findom, for me, is not an addiction or something to be ashamed of, but a part of my personality. It hasn’t always felt like that but I’m starting to learn, with SimX’s help, that this is who I am.

The best thing I can do is to direct my service towards an Alpha who truly deserves it. I’ve been a bit slutty for the last few months, and while I served some great Doms in that time, there were none that I wanted to develop a findom relationship with. Until I met SimX. 

Almost immediately, I knew he was different. I appreciate his focus on tasks, service and sacrifice rather than purely being focussed on financial gain. I most definitely am a wallet for his use, but also way more than that too. He always has many different ways for me to be useful which, given my need to serve, greatly enriches us both.

He also understands the Dom and sub role to a far greater extent than anyone else I’ve ever spoke to about it. I’ve learnt so much about myself, and continue to learn every day. And SimX has very generously shared details and insights about himself to me too. 

No matter how much I serve him, send him, sacrifice for him and work for him, SimX will always be giving me considerably more in return. A few quid for my entire identity. Thank you, Boss, for the opportunity to serve in your stable. It is still very early days, but I look forward to discovering what the future holds together.

Posted by DaddyRich

Our spirit doesn't care what anyone else thinks. It doesn't even care what we think, and it will never ask us what we want to do with our lives. Our spirit has its own agenda–our destiny. It is not dissuaded by our discomfort, our resistance or our embarrassment. It cares only about integrating every compartmentalized aspect of our lives into a unified, fully-functional whole capable of fulfilling our destinies.

Good fag etiquette
Posted by PerksMaster

just wanted to go over what I think is good etiquette for fags:

1Respect. I know its obvious, but you'd be surprised how many fags (and Masters) don't understand this. I am talking from both sides here. There is nothing worse from a fags point of view than a Master jumping into his DM's demanding tributes when there has been no communication before that of any kind. We will respect you enough (if we are good Masters) to understand what you need from a real man before asking for a penny

2Contact. If we contact a sub, or a sub contacts us, have the courtesy to reply, even if the answer is no. This applies from both sides, and you'll never catch me ignoring a sub fag who contacts me....I know you are fags, but I am not a monster

3Attention to detail. If we ask you something, I expect a solid answer...I took the time to ask you something, I expect a proper answers. One word messages or replies drive me mad.

4After Care. If a fag tributes, I will always thank him......just manners. He is paying me his hard earned net income. Often, after care is needed when the fag feels guilty for spending a lot/some money, and needs looking after to make him realise he has done the right thing.....respect that and keep it real

Posted by Fatdom4subpig

I formally apologize for my earlier blog. I didn’t think that posing such a theory would constitute as crossing the guidelines. However, upon re-reading them, I now see that it was clearly out of line. I have been site-hopping between this site and another more extreme site and somehow got the details blurred on what is and is not allowed. Not an excuse, just an explanation.

So, again, I very sincerely apologize for my transgression and any who were offended. That was never my intention. Dropping the dominant persona to apologize was by no means easy since it is so natural for me now, but I am truly and sincerely sorry if I caused any distress to anyone. It will never happen again and any such theories or conversations will occur off-site where it belongs. I would like to thank the administrator(s) for deleting the post and doing a great job at keeping this site running smoothly. 

Thank you, and I am truly sorry again.

New to FinDom - Mentors?
Posted by YoungBlondAlpha

Hey everyone - I joined OF last week & have had a few experiences already with findom. While not new to domination, this is new to me with all its intricacies and etiquette I’m not used to yet. 

It has been thrilling to get my first bits of money from obliging fags but I feel there’s a lot more I’m missing out on. 

Any masters on here (or subs!) that usually help newbies get used to it all and share the spoils? 🤷🏼‍♂️😈

Not easy being a bottom master
Posted by Fatdom4subpig

I couldn't sleep due to horrible insomnia, and decided I'd write up my next blog post. Simply put, it's not easy being a dom master when you prefer the bottom role. I've come to love being verse, especially if I've got a tight twink whore riding my dick like a good bitch, but nothing beats a huge cock plunging into my sloppy dirty hole. That being said, being a bottom by nature automatically assumes a submissive persona to most men. This used to also be my way of thinking, sadly. I can admit that. I used to think it was my place to serve men and let them use me how they wish. However, something never felt right about it. I knew it was wrong, but could not place my finger on exactly what was wrong with it.

As I've gotten older and more experienced, I have learned a valuable lesson: being a master is in your self identity, not your sexual position. The idea of submitting to a bodybuilder and worshiping his massive cock sounds appealing, in theory, but my mind rejects it vehemently. "Why should I be talked down to? Who the hell does this guy think he is commanding ME?" I instinctively knew it wasn't my place. I serviced his massive mammoth cock because I wanted it. He owed his monster cock to me simply because I exist in the world. It's mine by birthright. He may be obscenely attractive, but he's beneath me. He's just a simple, normal, average person. He needs ME to service his cock and all of his pleasure is literally at my command. That is the exact moment all of the puzzle pieces seemed to fall into place and the vague image came into focus for me. I had all the clues I needed at my disposal. I just had to become curious and connect the interlocking jigsaw pieces to realize the simple truth: I am an alpha. Albeit a different kind of alpha than most, but still an alpha.

A whole new world opened up to me in that fraction of a second of realization. Enlightenment on a divine level. Fundamental, simple and nirvana-esque truth. However, this truth still alludes many in our community to this day. I have had to fight to assert my role as master on a number of occasions, simply because the sight of a big dick puts me into a stupor not unlike an animal going into heat. The fact is simply this: I want the dick, I take it. All dicks that belong to lesser beings, slaves, subs, whatever you deem to call them, belong to we alphas by default. It's our job to own them and show them that the only way they can ever truly experience pleasure, bliss, or cruelty is by our nigh-divine judgement. We are no less alphas and masters simply because we have an opposing sexual appetite. That would simply be like saying women cannot be masters over men because they have a vagina.

I like to view all alphas and masters in general as equals to one another. That's just a common courtesy I extend out of respect for each other. However, at the end of the day, there are indeed alpha masters out there who are simply better than most of us. It's just a fact of life. However, I still treat all masters equally until the inevitable locking of horns takes place and one of us comes out on top. Still, I do not submit. I may have to concede superiority over my tactics as an alpha, but I will never lower myself again to anyone unless it is my choice and a part of my master plan. To avoid this I will just evade any attempt to challenge my authority on anything and simply play a game of politics. I owe no explanation to anyone. I am my own kind of master. It may be different than your approach, and that is perfectly okay. I am a truly sadistic and evil mother fucker when I wish to be. You'd never, ever guess it by my day-to-day demeanor. I can hide my intentions fairly well. However, if a slave ever catches me in the right mood, it will wish it was never born.

So, with my mind now finally fogging with sleepy thoughts, I believe I can end this before it becomes too preachy, if it hasn't already. So I leave this post with this final question to the subs out there: are you feeling brave enough to handle me? Do you think you have what it takes to be my property, to own completely and utterly, to fully trust me with all of your income in the palm of my hands knowing full well that I could completely ruin your life, and possibly might, just because it would amuse me? I think you might. So, give me your tributes. Submit to me. It's the only natural thing in the world for you to do. You owe me simply because I am what I am, and you are.... well, you know what you are. No need for me to humiliate you further by stating it so bluntly.

Fantasy vs small steps
Posted by JakeMiller3

  Now and then a sub will reach out, obviously in the throes of being horny(we can spot it quickly) (yes, masters do that too), saying he wants his life destroyed, wants to give up all his bank accounts, wants to live in a cellar 24/7…you get the drift.  It doesn’t happen on this site much, really, but I think there are still good lessons. 

   These desires may be real; I’m in no way dismissing them. But any master with experience will tell you that these subs with intense, extreme desires rarely actually submit or do anything. So they live in this constant state of frustration. 

   So the point I’d like to make, that can be extrapolated to other bdsm or findom situations, is to let go of the big enchilada dream for awhile and learn to take some smaller steps. All of us no matter our position, have things to learn. Teach yourself to submit to something less scary and extreme. Find a master you click with and trust him. You can then progress to those bigger things. You never know, you may actually then end up fulfilling your desires. 

    Be honest with yourself, you will never jump off that cliff(and you probably shouldn’t). Don’t spend your life standing there at the edge. Find some rope, or a master, and start lowering yourself down. Find your destination that way. 

Random thoughts...
Posted by SoS

Once you find your place in findom and work out the pitfalls and the aspects that suit your temperament and urges... Once you learn self-discipline and fit it into your life in a way it enhances you rather than detracts... It can be the lifestyle that makes and fulfils you.

For a genuine sub, the act of submitting money to an Alpha, with the expectations of nothing in return, just an offering... can be the most invigorating and rewarding experience. The task is to learn to decipher the genuine deserving Alphas from the opportunists & chancers.


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