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Posted by fagfuckjustin

MY HOUSE, MY FUCKING RULES!!! All rules and regulations are to be followed at all times. If, you break ONE of my rules; its going to be sorry on levels it can't imagine or even understand. DON'T TEST ME, FAGGOT OR YOU'LL BE LEARNING THE FUCKING HARD WAY!

  1. fag will be awake and ready to seve by 630am, Monday thru Friday and in bed by 1030pm. Unless, given a task. I sleep while, you fucking work and will not be resting until, my orders have been met. Additionally, get use to resting at my godly feet or on the fucking floor! It's a privilege if, I allow a inferior piece of shit like you in my bed. Understood, faggot? Admenment: it will be up by 6am. 30mins before, my alarm goes off. I expect my breakfast to be severed by the time I wake up, ya fuckin loser!
  2. DO NOT stand to pee or it will be extreamly sorry. Squat like a good girl. it must and will send me proof every damn time until, I get home to physically supervise its bathroom usuage. Thats If or when I even allow it to use a toilet!
  3. it will ask my permission to pee. Don't let me find out otherwise or I'll beat its fucking ass. If, I deny you the priviledge and can’t hold it anymore, piss yourself, faggot. I don’t give a fuck if, your walking down a busy street behind me or standing in line a damn store!
  4. it will clean my Superior piss off my floors, urinals, toilets, straight off the fucking ground I walk on, or any other surfice I see fit! Thats after, I make you sit there watching a Real Man urinate and make it beg me to miss so, I and/or my bros can laugh at your worthless ass while, we make you clean up our fucking mess. it will will be drinking allot of my waste, by the time I’m done and taught to thank me for the priviledge! This also goes for my spit. IMBRACE IT, BE THANKFUL, GET DOWN, AND OPEN WIDE, YOU FUCKING FAGGOT! Its the only reason you were even born to begin with.
  5. YOU WILL NOT SPEAK WITHOUT MY DIRECT PERMISSION UNLESS, SPOKEN TO, TOLD OTHERWISE, OR REPORTING TO ME. This is going to be a hard lesson for you to fucking learn, faggot but, don’t worry. I'm going to enjoy breaking every disgusting bad habit you've ever developed!
  6. My room and my house are to remain spotless. Bed is to be made, my trash is to be picked up, my clothes are to be cleaned, folded, and hung. DO NOT ALLOW ME TO FIND ANYTHING OUT OF ORDER OR DIRTY. Random inspections will be taking place on demand. Be prepared.
  7. fags don’t have money or cash. ONLY MEN do and every dime of it belongs to ME! Every dollar it earns must be accounted for and authorized prior to being spent. i dont care if, its a stick of fucking gum! Get use to it, fagfuck.
  8. It will be at the gym 5x per week. Dressing down in the lockerroom and post work out showers are mandatory. No excuses. I better start seeing results or I'll be uping your gym time. If, its raining, too fucking bad, start walking bitch! It's costing me for its ass to be there. Amendment: fag will be at the gym no earlier than 3pm for now on. I want all the younger Alpha Males to notice you're a fucking faggot; laughing behind your back with thier bros if, not directly in your pathetic ass face! Clear?
  9. If I text you, its to respond immediately or in a timely matter, or fag will be suffering the minute I get my hands on it. You're my property and I notice everything!
  10. fag is to be tracked everywhere it goes. it can't and wont move a single step or even leave my house without me knowing about it. When I get home, its going to love its new ankle bracelet! I don't need it wondering off or getting lost. 🤣
  11. What TWO MEN discuss is NONE of its fucking business or ANY of its concern! You're there to shut the fuck up, keep its head down, and serve. Understood?
  12. While, we're at it... IT WILL NEVER DISREPECT ME OR SAY ONE NEGATIVE WORD ABOUT ME TO ANYONE, EVER! IT WON'T BE MY BELT, IT'LL BE MY FUCKING FIST BEATING YOUR ASS INTO THE FUCKING GROUND! This rule also applies for all of my bros. 110% respect at all times, ya litte piece of shit!
  13. its phone is never to be off. Make sure to charge its phone and fucking keep it that way! Especially, since I pay the fucking bill every month. Don't forget, I can access its power level anytime I want!
  14. fag will not leave the perimeter of an authorized zone without my permission or make any unautherized stops when running my errands. DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! I'll hunt my property down quick as fuck to drag its ass back home or to the woods by its fucking hair and don't care whos around, sees me, or hear you crying for help, faggot! Additionally, it has a curfew for now on. This curefew is perminant and will not expire, so dont ask for it to be removed. DON'T BE LATE! fag will be in my gate no later than dusk and can only be extended by written notice (most likely denied) or on work release making me fucking money.
  15. it WILL NOT look or speak to another Man unless, I'm present and/or told otherwise. YOU’RE MINE and do as its fucking told. Additionally, NEVER call another Man Master. That's MY fucking title. Period!
  16. ALL MEDIA, PICS, VIDS, SOCIAL MEDIA, ONLINE /OFFLINE ACCOUNTS (including bank accounts), AND PASSWORDS BELONG TO ME, YA FUCKING HOMO! it no longer has rights to any media of any kind! I will use, post, delete, expose, and alter whatever the fuck I want, when I want, however I want, for whatever reason I see fit! Whatever I say, do, or release WILL NOT be changed unless, told otherwise or I WILL literally beat the living fuck out of you and make hella sure it NEVER touchs anything of mine without my authorization again! GOT IT?
  17. fag will remark its brand on its chest and any new markings I set forth with new Ink daily until, I handle the problem and make them permanent the minute I get home. I don't care what the fuck it wants or thinks. Its going to happen!
  18. its a fucking fag, NOT A MAN! it will remain smooth, hairless, and maintained at all times.
  19. its little dick belongs to me and will remain caged unless, told other wise. fags don't deserve to jerk off or even touch useless things that don't belong to them. Only Men jerk off whenever the fuck we want, fag boy! fags have fuck holes, Men have Dicks. Get use to drooling and cumming from your fucking cunt being drilled, you stupid homo. That's what you were built and made for.
  20. fag will eat my scraps and leftovers out of its bowl, at my feet on the floor during, feeding time. Exactly where it belongs insuring fag eats and finishes everything its fed. No, it won't have a choice. Be thankful I even feed its sorry little ass! Got that?
  21. Clothes are meant for MEN, not fags. Regardless if, its in my bed, handling its chores, chained to my desk, on a hike, or my Superior foot is planted on your stupid ass face being used as my fucking footrest; it WILL be naked. Unless, its in public, around family, or other individules that don't need to see what I own. fags clothes belong to me, are extreamly limited, and will choose what it wears in such events they are required. If, it gets ANY ink on my sheets until, my markings become permanent or even dirty them; you'll be washing them by fucking hand. NO EXCUSES.
  22. Get use to being on the fucking floor, faggot. It WILL NOT be allowed on my furniture or any furniture without direct permission or told otherwise. I dont give a shit where we are. Hotel, bar, my bros place, or even on a camping trip. Stay the fuck down and get comfortable! Furniture is for humans. its definitely not human or equal, its a fucking fag.

it is 100% responsible and in its best interest to keep up with my demands, update new laws (allot more to be added), and follow my orders. YOU LIVE FOR ME AND ONLY ME! Make me proud, keep me happy, and we won't have a fucking problem. Welcome to your new life, fagfuck! You’re lucky I'll be home soon. In the mean time, I'll be watching...

Master Cris

Hello everyone!
Posted by SirNoteri

Hello everyone!

I'm a 23 year old linegiver and findom, who's been having this fun since about a year, but joined this site only today.
Even though I'm rather young, I'm a strict, passionate and dominating findom. You'll get your mind fucked like nowhere else. And if you message me over on my twitter, you'll get more interaction than anywhere else.
If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up on here or on my twitter @noterii_ .
You can also welcome me with sends, and afterwards thank me for taking your money. That's what gets me hot and bothered, and is one of the reasons why I'm doing all of this.

My fag-teacher's diary: part 1.
Posted by YoungGalMaster

Some time ago I used to have a Tumblr page, but we all know what happened to Tumblr. There I posted My fag-teacher's diary, short texts written by it, where it would explain how was the last meeting with Me.

As I met with it weeks ago (you can check a couple of pics on My profile), I asked to writte a diary like it used to do. It came late, but it's here and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed being there.

PD: the name fag-teacher is because it was a teacher on My university.

My fag-teacher's diary: part 1 (on OwnedFags). 9/9 meeting.

Once again I had the honor of serving my Master Younggalmaster. He was strict and tough as usual. I waited for him naked, in chastity, on my knees and with an envelope in my mouth with my economic tribute. As soon as he was in he put me to clean his sneakers with my tongue, something I was going to spend a lot of time doing. Then he decided to smoke a cigarette while me still at the task of brightening his shoes with my saliva. When he finished his cigarette he squashed the spent cigarette on my back. That I did not expect and was painful.

Then he sat at the table while I put a pizza in the oven, which was the meal he had me instructed to have ready for him. I also served him a beer. While we waited the pizza to be ready he rested his feet on my head while it laid on the floor. When the pizza was ready, I cut it for him and I laid down on the floor and he rested his feet on my back. I laid there patiently and happy while he ate. When he finished it was my turn to have my meal which was dog food seasoned in my Master’s urine and a glass of my Master’s urine. I wonder what it would be to live 24/7 like this. While I was eating he started smoking again. I did not eat all the food but my Master made sure I had a good serving, not allowing me to finish till he was happy. I did drink all his urine, it was better than the taste of the dog’s food. When I finished I was again instructed to get back to the task of licking his shoes. That not lasted long because immediately I could feel the burn of another cigarette snuffed in my back. I could say I was ready but it felt even more painful if possible.

Then we went to the living room where he started playing with me. As usual he punished my nipples relentlessly especially hard. I was in real pain although I managed not to complain loudly, although I requested for lenience eventually. He also used the flogger in my back, which actually is not the most painful instrument he uses on me. I think is the other one, a long leather paddle which has a potent sting and leaves clear marks on my skin.

Another object of his punishment was my balls. That was also extremely painful. He broke the chastity cage when pulling and squashing my balls with his feet. Obviously a defect of the device. But that left my balls even more free to be punched by the fist of my Master.

At one moment I had to leave him a moment to answer the phone. When I came back he slapped my face hard, I said ‘sorry’ for interrupting him but he slapped my face a second time, I said again ‘I am sorry’ and slapped me a third time and asked me what I should say. That clicked on me and I said ‘thank you’. He said then now I understood my place and pointed again to his shoes to start licking again.

When he got bored he just left, not without having to kiss his shoes before he left through the door.

I want to mention that he was dispassionately hard and merciless. I am aware that to him I am less than a worm, a completely disposable toy. I also have to say that I found him even more attractive than ever, although something I have learnt through all these years is that I cannot touch him, only he can do that, and he does only to cause me pain.

Thank you very much Master for allowing me to serve you.

Posted by PleasesMasters

Shortly after StephenTheGreat became my Owner Garboss82 messaged him to say that he thought I’d been on the site before.  He was, as usual, right.  I have a great affection and respect for Mr G, please excuse the shorthand, Sir, because when I originally joined he was the first Master to contact me and became my mentor, guardian, confessor and adviser.  He also avoided, he’ll be surprised to hear, a fate worse than death.  Mr G is well known for his love of cigars.  Like strawberries and cream they’re inseparable.  I on the other hand hate the smell of them and rush sobbing into the nearest corner crying my eyes out if they come anywhere near.  I’d thought about applying to join his stable but suddenly realised he could pop in there anytime he wanted accompanied by, gasps of horror, The Dreaded Cigar, with the inevitable result.  As a responsible owner, which he undoubtedly is, he’d be duty bound to spend all the Tips he had on buying eyebaths, eye drops and tons of paper tissues to stem my flood of tears and as a consequence go bankrupt.  I like to daydream that Mr G owes me a hug and a pat on the back for my selfless sacrifice on his behalf, though I secretly hope my Owner will let him give me a slap or two and a whack with a cane which is much more my thing.  Incidentally, I call my Owner “He Who Must Be Obeyed”, or HWMBO which some find difficult to pronounce.  Masters pronounce it Mate.  Faggots pronounce it God.  I pronounce it Hyumbo, a bit like the car.  He doesn’t even try.


So why did I leave?  Well, I met an American and lived happily with him until he was recalled to the US.  Strictly dominant, like HWMBO, Mr G, and MasterOfAll, – again with respect, Sir, shorthand MOA – he ruled the roost with a rod of iron.  I liked to think of myself as the power behind his throne but was usually more often than not ordered under it.  After he left I was at a very loose end, then remembered Owned Fags (OF) so applied for entry and MOA kindly let me in again and who should I bump into first this time?   Another Master I respect and admire, but who doesn’t wish to be named.  I respect that and will always be grateful for the advice and guidance he gave me on my return.  Thank you, Sir.  It was soon after re-joining that I fell bang wham at the feet of HWMBO, who, gentleman that he is, kindly helped me up, invited me to recuperate in his stable and there I happily remain to this day.  Inevitably he’s now more than just my Owner, he’s become my much respected, admired, and deeply worshipped HWMBO. 


Once happily stabled all was going well until I accidently messed up playing roulette and the tips I was guarding for HWMBO disappeared before my very eyes to another Master, who, I have to say then did an act of kindness HWMBO and me will never forget.  Thank you, Sir.  But that was too late for me I’d already been flung into the Dungeon a place of indescribable squalor.  It’s in such a state I think MOA should apply for a Government Grant to fix it.  The prisoner before me was so underfed that it had eaten all the straw in the mattress and left me only a five year old unchanged sheet of unknown colour covered in dust, filth and goodness knows what to snack on.  It turned out to be white after I’d licked it clean, a task I enjoyed.


Being retired I’ve plenty of time to spare, so after being released I patrolled the site poking my nose into one or two profiles and discovered OF’s hierarchy.  MOA is Creator, Chairman and Owner, Moderators are the Board of Directors, Masters are the shareholders and faggots are the underfed, unpaid, unwashed, ill clad masses physically f****d by those above to work their butt off under the threat of the lash without tea breaks or sleep to make OF profitable.  I also discovered that some faggots really seem to believe they’re worthless. If so, they’re wrong.  Each of us has a value.  Masters obviously so.  Faggots much, much less so.  But where would we be without each other?  That’s one of the beauties of OF.  It’s an amalgamation of people with the same interest coming at it from different angles.  Like Romeo and Juliet you can’t have one without the other.


As for the Masters, I’m lost in admiration.  They’re all very secure in their role.  They know what they want. They know how to get it and while doing so they can at the same time supervise and watch the faggots crawling around below them pacifying their desperate craving to serve, respect, obey, swoon over and be owned by 100% Alpha Packed With Testosterone Males.  I’d be happy to be a Nanny to each and every one of them.  Dish up a hearty breakfast, make sure there’s new underwear every day, have a freshly laundered shirt and a clean hanky ready, and then wave them off to work, but I couldn’t do their job.  The responsibility of looking after a gaggle of faggots?  No way.  It must be like trying to herd a swarm of fish that twist and turn and always end up in the wrong position.  The correct one being, according to HWMBO, bottoms up mouth wide open.  I can’t think why.  


I love being a faggot.  I love being in OF and I love being the property of HWMBO who to my mind is a Dominant Dominant among a Community of World Class Dominants.  So where does that leave me?  Good old Shakespeare can always be relied on to come to a faggots aid, “We are such stuff as dreams are made of” he wrote.  I think that’s very true of everyone here in OF.  I’ve come to the conclusion that OF is a community dependant on each other living out their dream, snug and warm in an enchanted castle built by a clever magician, MOA, to keep us safe from harm and free to do our thing.  Thank you, Sir.

A rewarding and enlightening session with Master Bandit
Posted by hofsy

I had an amazing session with Master Bandit yesterday. I didn't feel as nervous being on camera for him this time. And I felt I could let go of being my normal self and become the real sub puppy I envisioned without worrying about being laughed at or judged negatively. I could just succumb to submissiveness and let Master play with me while I followed his orders and obeyed him. I felt sad when we were done because I was going to miss him, but it was not a deep depressing sadness like last week after I took off my cage and came. As far as findomgoes it was really nice in the session yesterday. Doing straight ****** was way nicer for me. It felt a lot more powerful and impactful this time because I was reimbursing my Master for something specific vs. not really knowing what it would be going toward. And while I didn't feel regret or anything after it did feel nice knowing that when I was the most horny and was thinking about sending enough to pay for both of Master's flights he told me no, it made me feel I can trust him that much more & that he's looking out for his boys!
Posted by Slave146

The Slavemaster commands - the slave obeys.

My future life should be as simple as that. After having served the last years several Tops only as a sub, a BDSM-test drove out all doubts: I AM A SLAVE.

I quote the most crucial words of the verdict: "It’s not just a BDSM cliche— some of us, like you, are actual consensual slaves. You want to give over access to your entire self: body, sex, will and more.  You get off the very most by being owned, controlled, and possessed. Your deepest pleasure derives from someone else taking his deepest pleasure from subdueing you. Just so you can have a chance to exercise your own devotion to your path as a slave".

So not just a bottom anymore, but a slave - for 100% a slave. This decides all. A bottom can exchange his Tops freely for limited temporary service himself. A brand new slave has lost this freedom and ends up for sale on the  slavemarket.  Once procured, his body has become the exclusive property of his new Owner. In contrast to a bottom, a slave might be marked as such, obliged to wear a locked slavecollar 24/7 henceforth. From that moment on he just has to obey, as for a slave within set limits COMPLETE submission is his main duty.  

Because a total slave exists to serve.

So I too am in need of a real Slaveowner to turn me into what my slavish nature has predestined me for: to serve Him at regular times for His sexual pleasure and His sexual pleasure only, which might might extend from sucking His cock to licking His boots. 

Becoming a slave means that my Master decides if and when I will have to cum, as my seemen is at His disposal.  This may include cumdenial, but of course f****d orgasms by a milking-machine as well. Although living apart, sexually I will be 100% His slave 24/7. 

Since old times, experienced Masters agree that chastity as such is good for slaves, as it keeps them horny and thus more eager to serve. It is well-known that slaves lack the capacity for selfcontrol. When they cum, they become lazy until the NEED TO ORGASM again becomes paramount. 

Like most slaves i fail to hold my cum, ejaculating twice a day. To counteract this and to insure that i don't have to concern myself with my sexual needs (and neither He will have too) all the time, a former Master once confronted me with the most feared instrument of sexual discipline. He decided i would have to learn to wear a real chastitybelt. For reasons of security the Carrara was chosen, an extremely heavy stainless-steel chastitybelt, which indeed did put an end to all masturbating and made clear to other Masters that I was His EXCLUSIVE SEXUAL PROPRIETY. 

In case of need this it is still available for the new Owner of my body and balls too.

A sturdy Master in full leather has the best chances to worm the most out of this slavebody, as He will make it submissive and stimulate the deepest feelings of slavishness inside more easily, as this fag then will long to crawl leashed at His boots to lick them. The slave comes with two fucking-holes, of which the back one STILL is rather virginal and thus in great need of careful training. He has nearly no body hair, apart from his slavecrotch, but that can be shaved. 

f****d on my knees, collared and leashed, muzzled and belted, secured with my head and hands in the stocks, or kept in heavy ancient slavechains and caged when not in use, as His slave it will be my duty to serve my new Owner during our meetings as best as I can.  This may also include attending SM-parties or festivals like Darklands Antwerp or Folsom Berlin.

*The second row of pics of course doesn't show me, but the Master of my dreams, ready to enslave, train and discipline me - perhaps YOU: in full leather, jacket, jeans and boots,  a bullwhip at hand, seen from the viewpoint of a servile sexslave. The first row shows what's needed to become a good one. All pics are taken from the internet. In case of serious interest pics of the slave are available*.

*The slave speaks Dutch, English and German*

On tribute
Posted by delta

In a prior post I reflected on why so-called "Masters" end up begging their "slaves," for money; and how, on account of that, "slaves" end up dominating "masters" by telling them what to do in exchange for money (because ultimately slaves pay for something). If the two parts enjoy being in that position, that's fine. Who cares? But I guess the very idea of Tribute (which is supposed to mediante slave-master relationship) fades away to be replaced by a mere Tip. A tribute must come from the slave's deepest necessity to satisfy his master and make him happy.  Maters should never ever ask their slaves for money. Slaves should always offer tributes, not plain money. Of course money can be a tribute but the meaning of tribute should not be limited to just $$. A slave must know what makes his Master happy. A tribute can take the shape of money, but it needs to come from the slave's will and the deepest of his heart without being asked for. It cannot be an exchange although at the end the slave will feel accomplished because he has made his Master happy. The nature of being a slave has found meaning, purpose and raison d'être. That must be enough for the slave. But it will never be enough for the Master. Tributes feed slave-master relationship. Plain Money for the sake of money turn it into a market transaction between a buyer and a seller. Why is it so difficult to find a slave who understands that?  
A Referendum of Sorts
Posted by subcorey

At the behest of my  Master I am putting a question to the community.   The decision of whether or not I am allowed release, much less to touch myself belongs to Him alone. I handed that control over to Him 14 months ago. The question therefor is: Should subcorey be gifted a week of free stroking and orgasms in advance of Locktober?

 I humbly beg the great Masters and fellow subs of OF to consider the following points in favour of it:

1. My steadfast loyalty and dedication to Him since I joined His stable 15 months ago.

2. My continued demonstration of such through both mental and physical chastity since I handed Him that control.

3. My consistency in service to Him. Not just in tribute, but in everything He sets me to.

4. My continued service to the community. As OF’s resident lush I’m always happy to help guide new members and lend an ear to those in need.

5. To help prepare for the long journey ahead for Locktober. While my longest time locked in chastity was double that, it will be the longest I have gone without release before.

 No matter the outcome of the comments on this blog, the final decision rests with Master as always. Thank you all for your input and consideration. 

Change the way you approach masters!!!
Posted by apollotrainner


Well, tonight, for the first time, I'm writing something here in this platform in order to light up some points that fags and Doms are having trouble with. What really makes me uncomfortable is how the fags here and also on Twitter are using money as a way to control masters. It's incredible how the alphas are behaving like a fucking slave just because they submit to money. 

The first thing I must say is that fags must behave like fags. Do not approach masters on their DM's like they were your friends or fags like you. I do not tolerate this with me. Never come to me giving me conditions or going straight to the point of serving me. First I must consider you as a slave, and for that to happen you must ask for permission to even start a conversation with me. Actually, the process begins even before that, when you tip my profile to have the right to message me and beg for serving me. Do that with every master here and you will show the proper respect. I'm sure they will like it.

Second thing, masters, act like alphas. If you are letting those fags control you and tell you what to do; if you keep starting every conversation in this website or even worse, if you're desperate for attention in order to get money, you better join my club of slaves, because that's your place: licking my feet. You might be like: "fuck you, you can't control me the way you control your fags. I have a different approach..." I totally respect different approaches, but c'mon... It doesn't mean you have to behave like a submissive. Show them the fucking strength they are looking for. Be a real man. Do not tolerate fags misbehaving and asking you to message them or even worse, giving you the conditions to serve. It's your job to do that. You fucking control everything. 

The last time my Fag tributed me, it did it without telling me or asking what I wanted. Well, he transfered US$150 to my account and I made it transfer another $50 just because it failed to consult me. It ended up sending $75 because it is well trained and it wanted to pay the fee and add 50% more of that fee without even asking me. That was acceptable because it wanted to compensate me for the disobedience. It also knows the money in its account is mine to take. This is just an example of how a well trained fag behaves when they make a mistake even when they think the action would make you happy. In fact, it does, but what really pleases me is obedience and humiliation, so I punished him for not asking me the right to make a transaction. 

I'm ending this topic here. I might come back later to talk about other stuff with you guys. 

Have a good evening, 

Master Apollo.

Meeting AlphaTedtheDILF
Posted by kevintyfun

After speaking with an online Mistress for sometime she decided I should be bi and submit to a man until I did I could only watch gay porn.  Finally I got in touch with AlphaTedtheDILF and arranged an ATM meet.  It took all my nerve to go ahead with it but I was happy that I did not chicken out.

I arrived at the meet location with the knowledge that Master Ted would be filming the exchange.  While nervously waiting I overheard him talking to someone else about the exchange which scared and excited.  When Master approached I couldn’t speak and simply handled over the money, was dismissed and walked away.  

I took a seat nearby to think about it and calm down and was messaged by Master who asked if I wanted more which I did.  I was surprised to see him approach and he told me I could touch his cock.  I did.

Thank you Master AlphaTedtheDILF


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