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Early-anniversary reflections about my findom experience thus far...
Posted by masterzal

It is common for people to take a step back and dedicate a portion of their time to self reflection at the beginning of a new year.

As opposed to making that process coincident with the Earth completing yet another boring loop around the Sun, I like to entertain such thoughts closer to my birthday instead (the 5th of April), which seems like a much better occasion and excuse to celebrate and look back.

By the time I turn thirty seven next week, I will have been a member of this site for almost three years, and I think that it is fair to say that this site has changed me; not in a drastic, or in a bad way. But the more we grow, the more we find ourselves wanting to learn and experience new things, for which change is usually a suitable mechanism to go through.

This has always been a trait of mine, also in my personal and my professional life: I do not like stagnation and I do not do well staying at idle over extended periods of time.

My time in OF has not been any different.

When I first joined, I found myself surrounded by people who, for the first time, understood a very personal part of me that I had rarely shown to anyone else.

I would say that my communication style back then was certainly more assertive, if not borderline aggressive. Perhaps under the misconception (unfortunately shared by many) that such were the tools and characteristics of Dominants. 

Being, at the time, surrounded by a number of very successful Alphas with a clear bias towards leather, boots worshiping, or pain-play (kinks which were not particularly high up on my list of preferences, or not as high as they were in theirs, at least), made me question my approach to domination compared to theirs.

I was still feeling a sense of belonging, but there were very significant differences between us that I struggled to reconcile.

Yet, these guys managed to pique my interest on a continued basis, and even brought a competitive side out of me, wanting me to do better within the scene. And the ability to motivate others is something that I will always admire in people.

The chat room was a fundamental tool for me to gain perspective. I found myself chatting with other users for hours, subs and Doms alike, getting to know them better, appreciating the nuances of their dynamics, learning about what made them tick, getting insights into their psyche, and eventually bounding with them.

And, as I learnt more from them and about them, I also learnt more about myself: what fascinated me the most about this site was and will always be the human interactions.

It is not about sums of money, it is not about the rankings, it is not about sex; it is about building trusting relationships:

With my fellow Doms, because they are individuals sharing a rather unique and uncommon kink with me.

And with subs, because the unquestioning obedience that most of us seek comes from building trust and developing relationships, rather than from proclaiming a title and dictating rules.

And, as it happens, I have always been good and thoroughly enjoyed building relationships.

I did not need the gear, I did not need the aggressiveness and, for what is worth, I did not even need a face. I just had to continue exploring the beauty of human interactions and their multiple facets to find my place.

As a wise submissive from this site said once (yes, there are A LOT of smart, incredibly intelligent, and wise submissives around): the rest are nothing more than tools to “lubricate” such relationships.

Fast-forward a couple of years, my approach has not changed much ever since that initial realisation. What has drastically changed is who I choose to cultivate those relationships with, and how much energy I opt to invest in each of them.

Arguably, it is a matter of deciding “whether if the juice is worth the squeeze”. And if you think I am talking about cash, think again; subs and Doms can offer a lot more than that.

I have significantly reduced my interactions in the chat room, I have not made as much contributions to the site as I used to, but I am still enjoying it, having fun and I plan to continue celebrating birthdays as a member of Submit for years to come.

I would urge you to dwell and dig deeper too. Open up (not only sexually, but also mentally), make your dynamics varied, get creative.

Transactional interactions can be fun, but they are usually short-lived.

As I often tell my subs: in a few years time, you will not remember the individual tributes you received or made, but you will certainly cherish the way some of them made you feel and the interactions that you had the opportunity to share along the way.

A bit about me
Posted by ArmyAlphaUk

Well boys. How lucky you are to be able to gaze upon my perfection!

I have been in the scene for a few years now (check twitter @armyalphauk)

So thought I would grace this site with my majesty.

I am here to own and control you. It really is that simple. If you have what it takes, then you will find your meaning and purpose once I take full ownership of you. What a lucky pet you will be 

Speak soon

Exposure subs
Posted by Maskedmasterbe

We all know there is a world out there of men that are turned on by being laughed at, humiliated, and exposed. In this short blog I want to focus on exposure subs and my findom.

b*******l is real and is getting more and more into findom. The master exposes the sub online (without consent). The sub is paying master to remove every single piece of info that is in the public domain. Myself I am not into non-consensual play.

Than we have exposure subs begging to be exposed. They want to get exposed, they actually kick on seeing their pictures and what they are doing all over the internet. If a master exposes the material which was send to him, than he actually helps realising the subs fantasy. It is as if the sub send a script to the master. I don’t see any power exchange here, there is no thrill for the Dom. If you are paid to expose the sub, it is rather being paid for a service. Yes I have exposed subs on their the demand for which I was paid. But I see it more like some marketing stuff. It’s a play which needs to be handled carefully, the last thing I want is to give the  Sub some power. Also it gets boring after a  while. Okay, not all exposure subs begging for attention are the same, if an exposure sub submits to a Doms superiority a relation can be developed like..

… Sub is tributing for you attention

… Sub is promoting his master

… Sub I getting mindfucked by his master and is showing his respect by tributing

I am sure there are more elements that can be added here, so comment or share experiences (let focus on he positive ones here).



Is This More Than a Baby Step?
Posted by 3inchfag

So for the last month, i’ve been making small reductions in my daily expenditures in order to free up some money for my Superiors. As i wrote earlier, the little stuff does add up! And i feel the wee sting of a skipped coffee, or a meal with no meat, in ways that, because i am a faggot, i find exciting.

But i felt a bit like an old lady clipping coupons. (Without the cats - one does draw a line.)

And i wondered, what could be a bigger move. Something that could allow me to look at myself in the mirror and say, “you are not just a dilettante, you are a true submissive that is, step by step, attempting to walk the walk”. 

And then i saw it: the cable/internet bill. This is probably different in other countries, but in the US, i have been paying a company a large combined fee for my phone, cell phone, internet, and TV, and it is a huge monthly bill. On top of this, i also subscribe to a few streaming services, like Netflix, which are what i’m actually watching when i take some down time. i did a little research, and realized that canceling the TV portion of my service and my landline phone would result in a monthly savings of $165 - far more than canceling the streaming services. 

So i did it! I can’t watch regular TV anymore, but now i will have a pretty nice savings going forward to spend on Men who are better than me.

i literally did a little dance when i figured this out! The customer service rep didn't want to explain it to me, but i persisted. He was even angrier when i pulled the trigger, but this was important.


As a side note: i appreciate that my blogs probably read very narcissistic and virtue-signaling, and i apologize. But i am sincerely happy that i figured out how to free up some more money for Superiors, money that i was 100% wasting. 

I wonder where else i can find similar dividends??

The Little Things Really Add Up!
Posted by 3inchfag

i’m keeping a log of how much i’m loading onto the site, and how much i’m reducing my spending day to day. i put a lot on in the first week, so i’m definitely “in the red” as far as OF vs my spending cuts go, but it’s surprising how steadily i’m working away at it. Turns out, skipping the same little extras every day adds up to a pretty decent sum every week, and it’s so comforting to know that when that hot Master on here inspires me, i won’t be standing around empty handed.

Another big opportunity for savings/sacrifice is to shop at a cheaper grocery store. I’m lucky enough that there are two i can walk to; the cheaper one is farther away. But i can save a considerable amount by shopping there, getting the same items for between $1 and $5 less - and over time, that adds up a LOT. 

Plus there’s the added humiliation of making myself walk over a mile round trip rather than just a quarter mile . . . giving up my time and energy to be able to sacrifice for my Superiors, in addition to the money itself. faggots need to stay in shape anyway, both in case a Superior wants to use us, but also so as not to be a burden on the health care system. So it’s very much win-win.

i guess the way i’ve gone about this so far, it’s like a debt contract, which is hot. Eventually, i’ll be able to save enough that it will come out even.

But what if it never does?

And why does contemplating that make my little weiner stiff??

Hot Takes
Posted by DorianTheAlpha

Hot Takes

A few thoughts to stir the pot:

  1. A big cock and/or being fit is fun, but hardly defines dominance.
  2. Meaningful conversation and timewasting differ. The latter happens far more.
  3. Doms can also (and often are) time wasters when reaching out to subs.
  4. Manners matter, both ways. Manners can exist within intense, harsh, vulgar dynamics too.
  5. Power exchange that lacks formality or framework is just friendship with money transfer.
  6. Bottoming from the top is as common as topping from the bottom (if not even more common).
  7. Honesty matters just as much with a Master as with their sub, especially if they are a switch.
  8. The chat should have a daily theme/prompt to stir banter & minimise drivel.
  9. Much of the content here is an echo chamber; it is okay (and important) to constructively disagree.
  10. MOA should grow a Hulk-Hogan style handlebar stache next Movember.

Feel free to challenge below (or call out if you find these to not be hot takes/you agree).


Ritual for fags by MasterRogerG
Posted by fagforcock


 (1) Fag strips off its clothes, gets on its knees, and says: "this lowly fag kneels thinking of its Master."

 (2) Fag then bends over, and says: "this pathetic fag prostrates itself in tribute to Master's superiority as a male and dominant."

(3) Fag then says: "this worthless cum dump acknowledges its lack of rights and its obligations as a slave. It is obligated to serve Master in any way he wishes. In particular, it commits itself to completely satisfying his sexual whims no matter what degradation and discomfort this may result in for fag."

 (4) Fag grinds its erection into the floor and says: "fag acknowledges its own penis is useless and its sexual needs are meaningless. It has no right to any sexual pleasure, only to submit to abuse for Master's entertainment."

 (5) Still bent over it says: "it commits its fag cunt to Master's sexual pleasure and begs him to use its asshole as a fuckhole even though fag is undeserving of such an honor."

 (6) Fag returns to an upright kneeling position and says "it commits its mouth fuckhole to Master's sexual pleasure and begs him to use its mouth as a fuckhole even though fag is undeserving of such an honor."

(7) Fag smacks its erect cock 20 times and says: "it smacks its worthless hard-on to inflict pain on itself to express its total submission to Master for his use and abuse."

(8) Fag twists its right nipple 20 times and its left nipple 20 times and says "it twists its fag tits to inflict pain on itself to express its total submission to Master for his use and abuse."

 (9) Fag smacks its right ass check 20 times and its left ass cheek 20 times and says "it smacks its cunt cheeks to inflict pain on itself to express its total submission to Master for his use and abuse."

 (10) Fag strokes its worthless cock to the edge of orgasm but does not allow itself to ejaculate. As it edges, it recites over and over: "fag strokes it useless penis to express its total sexual obsession with Master to whom it owes everything and from whom it deserves nothing."

 (11) Finally, fag kisses the floor and says: "in recognition of these acts of submission, and of the fact that fag is not even worthy to kiss Master's turds, fag begs Master to take total ownership of this unworthy fag and use and abuse it as he sees fit.

This fag performs the ritual two times a day in honor of MasterRogerG and feels it's submission growing each time. it would recommend it to other faggots.

Thank you MasterRogerG for owning this fag and allowing it to perform this ritual in Your name Sir.

Alpha Male The Origins.
Posted by anewsubintown

The origins of Alpha Male: “alpha male” theory is strongly related to heterosexuality, macho culture, etc. So the “alpha males” are supposed to be tough, straight and dominant, while homosexuality is necessarily portrayed as weak, effeminate, submissive, etc.

i have no idea what i’m doing, but it sure is fun!
Posted by 3inchfag

Many thanks to all of You for a really enjoyable first week of servitude! Especially to MOA for creating this site.

Like it says in my profile, i had high expectations on joining, and they have been exceeded. i have felt like a slut and a servant, i have been genuinely humiliated several times, and the whole time i have felt like a complete faggot. Which is what i am, and why i’m here. (Not quite ready for “it” yet, although some of You have certainly pushed that!)

When i created the profile, i had an agenda for the kind of situation i was looking for, which was totally blown out of the water. Not that my fantasies or desires have changed - just that i wasn’t expecting there to be so many Superiors i would be attracted to, and so many that i would feel a need to give my fag cash to. So, i guess it’s a little silly to tell ten guys that they’re each getting the measly $5 i saved buy not buying a second coffee that day, when that’s obviously not true, but i do look forward to spending some quality time with some of You and having that very intense, very specific interaction that can be so meaningful between a faggot and a Man.

In the meantime, i’m enjoying sending beers and such. Is it bad to try and get a Superior’s attention that way? I hope not. Anyway, too late! 

That said, slowly, i’m becoming a little more discerning.

To those of You who have taken time to engage with me in longer chats, whichever of us initiated it - my deepest gratitude.

It sounds cliche, but a beta only blossoms in the presence of a real Alpha. There are a LOT of You on here, i’m really impressed. Whatever happens in the next weeks and months, i’m sure i will become a better faggot because of it.

Many thanks!


New here but not new to draining
Posted by Gianttallbully

Hey guys. I’m new to this site and I’m looking for outlets to show my superiority. I have an urge to be constantly worshiped. More than a bugler really. I need to own. I love being fully in charge. I love leaving subs with absolutely nothing except an obsession for me. Since I was young I knew I was better than everyone. I was given a huge body and massive feet. I’m 6’7” and strong as an ox. Really hoping I’ve come to the right place to find what I’m looking for. Let me own you and let’s have fun. 😈
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