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Wasn't Expecting This
I have just gotten home from dropping TBMaster off at the train station. I never thought acquiescing to a Master, a man who owns me, could make me feel like this. Can 2020 be such a crap year if it was when I met a Man I intend to worship well into the foreseeable future? His hands fit me as no hands ever have, wherever he puts them, whether intended to nudge or sting. He knows my story and hasn't run because I'm too intense, too dark, too much. He actually sees all that as why we fit, and fit we do. We spoke for the first time online and then in person just two months ago in August. I had no idea what this would become in such a short time. I'm not sure he did either, not fully. With him, I just fall. He catches and puts me where I need to be.

I hope each of you on this site -- whether Master or sub, whether Dom or faggot -- whether this is just role-playing, a diversion, or an identity you've held for years -- has nights like I just had. The world would be a better place if we did.

If you don't see me around here or on Twitter as often, I'm good. Just click on my profile and see where it says "This sl*ve is owned by TBMaster." That will tell you I'm doing great.

To Bi or not to Bi
Hi there, well it seems as if it's time for another pice of pie that is Master Pete's life.

It's 1989 and I'm working backstage in one of the theaters in the WestEnd.  I'm not going to change the place and people names to protect people from exposure though a true story.

Getting work backstage is very much about who you know and being in the right place at the right time.  I had got a foot in the door(stage) about a year before and so had all ready made some friends one of witch asked if I wanted to join the team on the show they worked on.  I jumped at the chance as it was a big show.  Any way what your all reading this for is the juicy bit's.  I promise I'm getting there.    The team(grew) was made up of 2 girls, 4 other boys and me.  Working backstage is a very close knit thing, your often relaying on every one knowing what to do at just the right time.  So you tend to get very close and nick names become very common.  I found out that one of the girls had the nick of "Erotica" 😉  There was also a man there that seemed a little camp, call him Mark as it turnd out he was gay.

Any way back to Erotica (E) she was not what you would call a model but quite small, slim,almost but not quite black hear.  We become close friends and in fact her boyfriend got me the next job after the run of the show.  Any way three weeks after starting work Erotica (yes we will find out how she got that name) invited me to a party after the show.   

We left the theater at diffent times and she was at the party before me.  First things first get a drink, work hard, play hard.   I started mingling and seeing if there was any body I know there.  I saw Mark and E but I did not see her boyfriend, witch I thought was strange but a faw more drinks and I was chatting and had forgoten about that.  3 O'clock and we'r very d***k and got to the stage in the party when we'r all sitting around in little groups.  In our little group was E, another Girl(Sue) and her boyfriend, Mark and me.   Then and almost out of the blue E winked at Sue and said to Mark, "So Mark Sue wants to know, what do gay men do in bed?".  Well if we warned so d***k that would have been a red faced moment.  It turns out that  Make was very open about things.  Said"do you really want to know?" Sue said "Yes and I want you to show my boy friend", "go on put your hand on his leg",   Well it's hard for me to not make what comes next corny but I promise it is all true.  At that point E grabs me and for the first time I see E's boyfriend sitting across the room.  He winks and gives a thombs up sign.  E just then kisses me full on, the first kiss from a girl I had. The she pulls a way a bit and points to Mike who has got a bannar from a friut bowl (yes I know corny) and with one had on Sue's boyfriend he takes the peiled banner and takes all runk 6" in his mouth and swallows!!! it.  The hole lot in one go.  E turns back to me and we start skissing she giding my hand over her tits as Sue is saying her boyfriend want's that.  "Yes you do don't you dear and Mark you'll do it).   Well we found what we were sitting on was a sofa bed and desided to pull it out so we could sleep the night.  O you want more?  You want to know if Mark sucked Sue's boyfriends dick and if I ended up going down on E and giving her 2 orgmsams, what about E's boyfriend, was he the one licking my ass? (maybe).  And the frozen pink icecubs in the shape of elephants.  Well we were very d***k and you know how sex clouds the mind, I am not shure I could get it right.  However what I can say is that night I learned why E was called Erotica and how fexible in more ways than one, some people can be when it comes to sex.

I hope you enjoyed and remember it's all true.

P.S.  you faggots stop wanking over this and pay your tribute to thank me for sharing with you.

I’ll keep this short and sweet. I’m sorry.

My last blog was careless.

It’s not worth losing friendships, so I deleted it.

To those upset, I am your equal & admirer.

Feel free to reach out if you felt slighted, but yet to voice it.

Now a comment remarked I danced around a slave in My post.

So, to Aaron258: know that I enjoy your presence here & meant no offence.

Who doesn’t love a good wedding planner, after all?

To MoA & all those who commented, I appreciate you challenging My words.

There’s no one right way to enjoy this place.

I gravely misspoke in trying to express a personal view, and it came off dickish.

Mea culpa. 


FFS: Communicate

FFS Communicate

by DorianTheAlpha

This may be the most self-evident blog ever written, and yet: here goes.

I often say there’s very little that communication & tribute cannot together solve.

The funny thing is: if you can’t tribute, what’s the very first thing to do?

Communicate that.

Communicate what you can & cannot do.

Communicate who or what you are, and are not.

Notably, communicate if you’re into realtime, online, or both.

List the kinks you like on your profile.

Don’t list kinks you don’t like (you’d be surprised how often this happens).

Communicate with your Master.

Communicate with other slaves.

Communicate with MoA via the Contact Us section (constructively).

If a limit is breached, say so to your Alpha.

If a kink feels unexplored or sidelined, bring it up.

If a change in your personal life happens, share it.

If you’re simply feeling down, or horny: be clear about it.

If you want more tasks, targets, or simply more chat — it’s a word away.

Now speaking up doesn’t mean whining, complaining, rudeness, or petulance.

The best communication is selfless, humble, concise, and human.

Banter, jokes, cheeky fun, vanilla conversation all make lasting M/s well, last.

Now obviously some matters are sensitive, and we aren’t all the same.

Some of us are quiet, to the point. Other less so, case in point yours truly.

We won’t all say it in the same way. That’s what’s great about this place.

But holding back, lying by omission, being vague or playing dumb,

Worst of all ignoring something altogether… just don’t. Be better.

For fuck’s sake: communicate.

My name is not actually Dorian, but I do approve this message.

Oh and pop into the chat if you like, or don’t. But it’s good fun.

Tips Withdrawal
I've just put in a request to make my first tips withdrawal since joining Owned Fags. You fags have been very generous, as you should be, and I'm very satisfied with the service this site offered, and how easy and efficient it was to request.

I'm building up some loyal fags on here, and very happy with the tips and gifts you've been offering up since joining. Keep them coming fags.

Master Doug.

Just thought I’d write what I’m upto thus afternoon 

I’m horny today. Been horny af all day. Had a wank before college this morning. 

Anyway heading home from college my bollox was heavy & needed drained. So I thought fucj it I’ll pop into the cottage see what’s on offer. 🤪

Bogs very quiet when I went in so I tucked wasteland of my trackies behind my nuts and got my knob out. Had a look in the cubicles read the graffiti then stood at the pissers. 

Soon enough a guy came in. Stood there pissing like he was putting a fire out. Couple of shakes & he tucked it away. Then this younger lad came in. Looked me up & down. Took his knob out and stood there playing with it. Looks over at me smiles and turns so I get a better view 

We went into a cubicle & I fucked him. 

The Nature of Worth

I hadn’t planned to write this, but a conversation today with one of my fag brothers compelled me to.

Findom is HARD, especially so on owned slaves. While the session sluts get off and move on, those of us who live the life every day from morning to night know what this means. The sheer emotions involved in devoting everything we have to one Man can be overwhelming.

When I hear one of my brothers say that they feel worthless because they feel inadequate it saddens me. Worth is in the eye of the beholder. For an owned slave worth is the value your Master places in you. Not just in the money you send, but in your devotion and submission to Him. You are more than a dollar sign, a real Master understands that. If He doesn’t then it’s time to move on, because frankly you deserve better.

The term ‘worthless’ is a loaded one in this kink. Many of us get off on it as an aspect of humiliation, but it is simply a word to express that we are below the real Men. It doesn’t mean you lack value. What you need to remember is that a real Master cherishes His property. A real Master understands what your sacrifice means. A real Master understands the need for sustainability and pacing.

I wish OwnedFags had a segregated space for slaves to talk freely and openly. These are just some of the concerns and hardships we all face. I am always here to talk things through with any of my fellow slaves, feel free to DM me here, or we can even talk offsite if that is more comfortable for you. I’m sure many of my great brothers and sisters feel the same way. Reach out to us, we’re here for you. Don’t carry such burdens alone.

So where in Greece do you live and why?
Thats the question someone asked and I though I might share with you all the replay.

I live with my partner slave John on a island called Aegina, It takes an hour to get from Athens Airport to the port then an 1.5 by boat.  That the easy part of the Question to answer.  The next part needs a little more info.

The last blog was when I was set whan I was 15 and I am sure there will be more to say between then and now but for the time being .... Fast forword to when I was 35.

By this time I had lots of experience of plain good old fashion sex, and some experience of BDSM London places like the Hoist.  My circle of friends has always been small but the ones I did/do have are all true and I am open with every one even the straight friend.   In fact I met my partner in 2000 at a friends.  I got a e-mail from this friend wanting to know if I wanted to help him with a house guest(slave) as he was busy with his full time slave and had plans, one weekend.  Well me bing me and not to turn down many chances of a sex I agreed to go and help.   So I got on a train(o this is boring) any way I was late so when I got to my friends house, my friend said to go strat to the play room.

In the play room he, the guest(slave) was all ready bound nude to a workout machine.   A note from my friend saying Here he is bound with a butt-plug and ready for you.  IT needs his cock abused.  By genteal because he was circimcised just a month ago.   Well read rag to a bull, I don't think my friend know just how much of a sadist I can be.  Being circumcised my self I know that the cock head will still be sensitive as will where the scar was.  So there he is, my test subject, I start light fingered working out just how sensitive each and every part of his body is. (I use his becayse I had not got in to the "IT" used for faggots and objects).  Then I go to the toy box and start putting clamps and pegs on the body, nippes chest arms and legs but leave the cock free to abuse.  I did not say a word to him on the machine just peged,flicked, clamed his body.  I think he may have been gaged as well.  All the time working up to wanting to hurt that cock and knowing when I take the pegs off thats the worst time.  I start to run my finger nails over his chest and down his belly.  I am sure he would be jumping if he was not bound tigh.  My friend is very good at bondage.  By this time I am horny to give that cock pain and my nails move closer and closer, finaly reaching his cock.  I still have a very light touch.   I am sure he must have relized what I was about to do because his cock was twitching and chest heaving a bit but I was not treating him as a him, he was an IT.  Now I started working on the scar and the exposed sentive cock head.  At this point my aim is pure pain, that is what was going to get me off.  I noticed a rouler and know I was going to ues it.  I know his cock was going to be in pain and bruised and that is what I wanted I was going to get off on this. Almost as if automatic the wooden rouler smacked down hard on his cock head.  He jumpt and I did it again jump, again jump,  I don't know how many hits he got but I did come off with one hand jerking my cock and one hand with the wooden rounuler hitting his.  At that point with spunk flying my friend came back and up to the room.  When when about taking the pegs off, O what sweet pain he jumpt at each one.  We removed the bonds and tock him to the bed to rest.  My friend keps towls and water there to drink and wash.  He thanks us and we left him to recover.  It was 4pm by then and the friends main slave hard started making dinner.  The guest(slave) joind us and we talked a little before I left to go home.  

Opps I still have not answered the question.

Two weeks on he sent me an e-mail wantting to come to me, which he did.  The e-mail said many things but the main one is he was imprest by the workout I gave and wanted to experience such treatment more often.  At the time I replayed OK come, I was not looking for a partner and was think as much as I enjoyed the last session this was going to be a chore but I was very very wrong.

After the secound meeting at my flat we started seeing more and more of eachother.  Things did not go as plained but we where having fun and we started going on holidays together one of witch was this island. We were married in 2006 and hunymoond here, When he got home John said "You know I always wanted to retire to Greece" and I said OK (As I don't have many connections/family in the UK).

There you are now you know.

We are molded from our past.
When I was 15.  On the way home from the shops there was a group of boys known to be hard nuts at school.   I heard them egging one of them on to try and go after me.    I kept on walking but heard one of them on his pushbike ridding up behind me. I know he was going to try and hit me or something.  So as he got close I moved to one side lifted up my fist to face hight and he when smack right into it.  I was surprised his nose did not brake, the f***e he smacked into my fist.  Thinking back my hand must have hurt but I did not notice.    You know what happend then.  I kept walking and never looked back.  We had past some planks of wood that some builders had be using and I heard him picking up some wood.  It turned out to be a pice of 2b1.  He came running up behind me but I still did not turn round.  That takes balls but as a faggot you would not know about that would you.  He was shouting at me to turn round and face him I would not I know that if I did he would swing at me with the wood.  After about 300 yards he called out "Stop please, I'll put the wood down" and I heard the wood drop.  He then said "Stop please I want to shake your hand"  I stopped and turned round.  He was standing there with his hand out striched.  "look man that fucking well took guts to keep fucking walking, I could not have f-ing well done that" He was the sort of boy who put fuck in between most words.  He continued to say "...I an't going fucking hit you, I want to shake your hand" and you know what we did and stayed best mates until he left with his family 3 years after.   After that I know I have the inner strenth to face anything.
2 Masters , "a look into the minds of greatness'
Masters , faggots , and Supposed Straights, 

I ask for a moment of your time in bringing up a issue the 2 Masters face in our playhouse. I humbly ask the assistance of any Master or even slave with insight. 

Our dilemma lies in keeping the slaves occupied during down times , which for some may not even exist. For the 2 Masters it is a re ality , we are kinder than most , but still find the need to "exert" our will to quench the thirst of our more sadistically fueled indentured servants.

So as of this upcoming Saturday we have reinvented the wheel for any slave willing to join our house and swear loyalty to not only handsome, hung , and God like Masters, But now proprietary owners of the " Torture , shame, and enjoyment " series of E learning courses on our website. Ask for details tip for insight. 

# SASS - simple and effective for mouthy lil faggots -  Slap A Slave Saturday  can be swapped to MASS, TASS, WASS etc.. also for the more disciplinarian #SASD slap a slave daily

#GPFS- for myself and the rest of the alpha gays on site I've made this tag , Gay Pride, Faggot Shame - keep your homo pride in line , but shame a fucking faggot for his fairy like existence 

# SOS - for all our lords of the straight world who have crossed the line for the love of money , Started Off Straight, we know what you've done we've seen the videos , please stop lying it's ok. 

#MING- for our younger Masters who live at home and have lots of explaining to do when your parents find your videos on their flash drive - Mom I'm Not Gay, can also be swapped with #DING for dad 

#NPNS- this one will fill the coffers of even the most inexperienced Master , No Pay No Stay , pretty obvious of who in your house can benefit from this tag .

#MHIC- for the slaves out there that have realized there Masters are only here because there husband's or even wives have denied them sex for the last 19 yrs , My Hole Is Closed , that would allow you the opportunity to say no with out saying no. 

#BGF- for all the obvious size queens faggots and brown lovers Black Guys First , a good way to emphasize choices without the blatant disrespect to the " smaller members" can be swapped for Brown if you are into the mixed guys like myself or our latinos

Obviously this is a work in progress , and our efforts have not been clinically proven to reduce inactivity, we are not backed by any clinical research , or GLAD. But we continue to push GLAD into endorsement. I would ask that any attempts at marketing the 2 Masters tags be immediately held liable in a court of law. We will have t shirts, hoods , and sweater, jocks , and panties for sale with your favorite tag ...coming soon. Our email can be used for additional tags , or simply hatred mail for those offended . 

Keep up the struggle slaves , they know not what secret accounts you have . 

Pay tribute to the 2 Masters are we not worthy? Join us before our new found fame of our tags, literature, and clothing line  #AWNG becomes a reality. 

Are We Not Godly 

Master J &Master Aether ...Out but never stopping