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First week on the site
Posted by SuperlativeTop

Have to say that I am loving it. Its a great community, and with the exception of one weird person (nameless), its all been positive

I love the trust and admiration of all the fags and Masters on this site...Some fags like to get straight to it, where others need more encouragement, and I am enjoying to each fag that reaches out, and testing the waters with them

You are all unique fags, so its been a learning curve, as most of my experience has been with in person meets in pubs or clubs, where I take the money directly from the fag's wallet.

Keep up the good work men and fags...come and talk to me as yourself, and Iwill treat you in the same way

How do I proceed - brief Rules
Posted by SupremePower

*Life of a slave

Being under My Power and controlled by My Supremacy, you are now transcending to the ultimate level of inferiority. 

When you are reaching ME, you already "surrendered" you Ego !

A perfect slave has no ego and has been borned to find and serve the Supreme Power that can Dominate it's entire life.

I am referring to you with "it" , because this is the lowest level of refering to a slave, a slave being worthless and having no desires in its life, apart from seeing it's Master happy and fullfiled by offering it's services.


It will be trained every week, feeling itself draining and stripped of its own life. (And slave will love this)

For My Pleasure and Desire, training will be made on cam and for every session, the slave has only one "right"... To strictly follow it's Master's Orders!


slave has the only right to please it's MASTER entirely. Every "move" made by the slave, MASTER has to be noticed with all the details. When slave it's asked anything, it's reply has to be as soon as possible, if there are any delays, explanations required!

*Tributes, taxes and finances

In order of appreciation and Worship, slave has mandatory "right" to send Tributes to it's MASTER. 

Being a worthless fag, MASTER collect regularly fag tax from his inferior fag slave. In any other circumstances, when Master require any transfer, slave has to fulfill Master's wishes, unquestionably.

Fullfiling all * (points) slave will be honoured and proud of its life achievement!

Surprised by a masochist
Posted by father_kandi

I get asked to do (shall we say) "little jobs" from time to time to keep my status in the congregation. The other night was one of those little jobs .

          I had been up from 6am and had to shift a pile of stuff out of my basement at home (I wont bore you with the details) and I was starting to get pretty sweaty by lunch time . 

          I got the message about the job while I was having my coffee I saw his picture and what I was being asked to do and laughed. He was arriving in an hour so I didn't have time to shower.

I got to the playroom fifteen minutes before he was to arrive so I popped on my shirt and leather trousers and long socks and knightsbridge 20 holers. And waited for him to arrive .

             When he did I was shocked at how small he was as he looked a lot taller in the picture he entered (head bowed) in a nice suit and a face full of fear. His tie looked new and expensive like one a wife would pick as a present.  

     "Boss sir" he blurted out

     " I've been sent for punishment master boss sir"    his words growing slightly bolder as he spat them out .  " you address me as father " I said 

        "I beg forgiveness father " his shame visible 

I instructed him to step up to the desk and empty his pockets . A phone, a half packet of polo's, then "plop" the wallet hits the desk . The look on his face when he realises he forgot to leave it in the car.  The car keys are slamed down next and he gets even more nervous . 

         "Put your hands on the desk and stay still" i said calmly as I stand up and continue stand behind him giving him the obligatory frisking . As I drag my hand around his body making sure he has nothing on him he squirms when I reach his groin so I grip his call and balls in my hand 

  "I said don't f***in move" 

"Sorry father please forgive me father" he whinced as I finished searching him. I led him to the st Andrews cross and cuffed his hands as he faced the cross . He started to shake as he knew what was coming.  He knew what he had been sent to me for. I read him out the message that the I was sent from the congregation in a clear firm tone " dearest father kandi we regretfully send another lost soul to be chastised by the manner of paddle and cane 80 strokes of each to be administered in sets of 10 across back and or bottom and NO MERCY is to be shown as his crimes are his own to bear" a pause to breathe in "do you accept this to be your fate ?"

"Yes father" he said with resolution in his voice,

"Then we shall begin" I reach around from behind him as his forehead sweat drip to the floor and open his belt and slide his trousers followed by his white boxers down his legs exposing his already semi hard cock leaching to his heart beat. 

      I take my paddle with the brass 666 on one side and start to get the feel for the weight in my hand as I could see he was preparing himself mentally .

" 10 firm strokes of the paddle across the bare bottom present that arse boy"

He pushes his backside up as far as he possibly can and readies himself 

Smack the first one slaps his round backside firmly a little harder than he was expecting and he grips the cross harder. 

In less than a second a half the second impact slapped against him and in the same amount of time the third then fourth all staying in the same firm level as they all copied suit untill nine and then ten clapped down , all the while he gripped harder and harder as his knee started so slowly curl inwards involuntarily trying to compensate for the pain.

         "Thank you father for I have sinned May I have ten more please father" he said in a strangely aroused voice just as I notice how hard his dick has become . Now I've seen a lot of things in my time but a guy who gets harder while being paddled was a knew thing for me. 

         "What would you do i wonder if I left one of your hands unruffled? " I said softly in his ear and I swear to you he looked me dead in the eye and in a soft serious voice he said "father i would stroke my dick till I came as long as you were hitting my bottom father " 

            Without even thinking I undid his left hand and said "don't you dare stop pulling on your cock" and stood back behind him and readied the paddle in my hand " 10 more strokes of the paddle across that bare arse present that arse" 

He pushed his arse up again and started to wank himself fast and I started again .....he lasted 7 stroke of the good paddle before he started to jump and moan and then he emptied his balls on my floor . But I had a quota to fill. I had instructions. 80 of the paddle and 80 of the cane.

Now any of you who know anything about cp you will know that if your target has ejaculated before you start his pain threshold can go right down .

Not this fella 

He gripped that cross again and said in a bold triumphant voice " forgive me father for I have sinned can I have another ten please father?" 

        He took another six sets of ten with that paddle and by the time we did the last ten I shot you not , his dick was almost hard again.

             I put back the paddle in its rightful place and picked up a good strong centimetre and a half thick cane and stood back behind him so I could slide his shirt up and over his head exposing his back .

            "80 lashes of the cane across the back and bottom in sets of 10 present yourself boy " 

He readied himself with his hands gripped to the cross . I lean into his ear and say " grip that cock again and don't stop wanking until you've cum and don't you dare stop until then ".

   He started stroking himself and I started to sting his arse with that cane . One. Two three four five six SEVEN. he just kept wanking faster and faster but I got right up to ten and he hadn't came again (obviously because he had just cum) bit he seemed so close so I just kept going 11 12 13 14 he starts to convulse and shake 15 16 17 18 he pumps his fist faster 19 20 21 and suddenly he pops . He goes limp and starts to thank me as I take a break but I have to remind him he had another 59 strokes to go across his back and bum. He took them and absorbed them like a sponge his back was tigerstriped and his backside was raw.

   We both learned something that night. I would love to show him off to a few fellow doms.

On the hunt.
Posted by Sfxalt

I generally wait for boys to come to me.

Unfortunately, one of my most reliable boys has gotten himself into a non-open relationship.

I figured that I'd look on here for a new boy to take his place, although the physical side may be lacking if you are non-uk. That can be excused if you are up to the task.

I am an intelligent and (relatively, depending on my mood), patient Dom.

You must always be well mannered, obedient and in pursuit of my pleasure.

Your servitude may not always have a sexual aspect, for some it never does. If you want to experience those pleasures, you will require my permission.

I expect my boys to strive to better themselves in their whole life. I want to be a proud Dom.

Punishments will be meted out if you don't fulfil these conditions. 

Both physical and mental.

My degree is related to psychology, I am a trainee psychoanalyst and have many years experience in manipulating the self image of a wide spectrum of people. Do not imagine for a second that you can fool me or lie.

I am in a relationship, he will always be superior to you, though never to me. You can safely know that you will never be my number one; but a few of my boys like to compete to be my favourite plaything.

Boundaries will be agreed.

DM me if you are interested in servitude. I will not chase.

Slave faggot
Posted by Bottom1100

Hello all masters. I an a fat slave faggot for real men to use and abuse how ever you would like. Im from Rochester ny. If your from here or live close by feel free to contact me text 585-502-7220 or email tennipp at the ya hoo place. I will be your personal slave. Real slave. Im a pig bottom. I wear pantys and a bra. I can come to your place to, clean, cook, wait on you, wash you, hold your cock while you piss, feed you, massage you, use me for entertainment. Make me do any foul thing you would like. Face fuck, asspussy abuse, piss on, spit on, call me extreamly nasty names, sexually abuse me, pimp me. If you want i will dress in full drag. I am private and descret. I will worship you master. 
Posted by DoyourawOslo

I am haveing some problems navigating this site. Would appreciate if someone would guide me and give me some tips. I am a dom fin master. 

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I received a sickening text on Saturday night from a Dominant
Posted by Cracka33

Last Saturday evening, I received an offensive text from a well respected and long standing Dominant on Ownedfags and it was sick and disgusting.  Everyone is entitled to their private and public opinions but this has to be called out right now. When I showed my Owners the text, they were absolutely fuming and I'm glad that they didn't have the Dominant's home address.

I won't name the Offender because this blog isn't to start a war.  It's been created to educate and open your minds but please read on and have a serious think about the words that I've typed.

I'm a very passionate slave who loves, worships, respects and cares for the Gods that I am close to of any skin colour.  I also hope that I'm a good example of what a slave should be. What I am not is someone who stands by and does nothing when I see our African Friends being called "Scammers" and "Goons" based on right-wing assumptions and a bad rotten brush that tarnishes anyone and everything good in an uneducated, biased and blinkered holder's eyes. 

You want to throw bricks and insults at anyone - throw them at me and then you'll feel my wrath and it won't be friendly! I won't stand for anyone being insulted on assumptions, rumours, hearsay and media misinformation and I'll call every one of those offenders out too! Hear me roar when your arses get kicked off Ownedfags and your Tips taken off you.

I have video chatted with most of our African friends through WhatsApp and I couldn't meet a better class of NON-RACIST, warm, unbiased, chilled out and friendly people.  Their smiles are huge and infectious and if you're feeling down, just given them a call to brighten yourselves up. They may have very little money and resources in their countries but what they give back is so much more than what we have in our current lives. They have jobs, they have families, they have friends and they have exactly the same dreams and aspirations as every one of us. If I win the lottery big time, I know exactly who my winnings are going to be given to.

During my video chats with them, I've said hello to shopkeepers, their work colleagues (NOT in a Scammer call centre!) and their beautiful friends. I've been taken along dark roads where the only street lighting they have are passing car headlamps or lights outside shops and houses. I've been inside their homes, their gyms, their drinking establishments, their gardens and their friends' homes.  Not once have I been asked or ordered to give them any financial tributes or aid before, during and after those video chats and not one of them has even chatted to me from a dinghy which has just landed on the Kent coast either!

I've also heard the murmurs of some of the Offender's inner circle of Dominant friends wishing our African friends weren't on here.  Ownedfags is a brilliant website and shouldn't be used for any political or racist views.  It's a great website where we can learn from each other and enjoy the fun at the same time.  It's an international website and It's not whites-only so get over it.  Those views are so 1500's. 

Here's a little history lesson. It was the Whites who introduced slavery.  It was the Whites who introduced racism and it was the Whites who introduced the apartheid in South Africa which lasted for 46 years!  Do you want me to go on about the Whites' historical and continuous path of hatred, discrimination, division and destruction all over the world?

Some of these inner circle Dominants have strongly expressed interest in owning me.  Well - I've got news for you.  I'll never be owned by a Racist!

That's my rant over but if you're wondering why our African friends are on Ownedfags, why don't you just simply ask them instead of assuming the worse. Please talk with them and not to them. They are beautiful, they are amazing, they are protective of me and whether you like it or not, I will always have their backs!

Posted by Bottom1100

Im a little clit white slave. I would like to bow down and be owned by the black new world order. tennipp at yahoo dot com 

585-502-7220 text me

Use me like the little dick pig faggot i am. Im in rochester ny. Looking for hook ups. Use and abuse me as your personal slave. I like it rough and kinky. Piss, spit, smack, kick, humiliation, public, r**e. Whatever you want. Use me like a honky should be used.  Dress me like a pig bitch, in pantys and a bra. Pimp me out. Make me walk the street. Take me in public, put me on my knees and kiss peoples feet. Make me say sorry for being a racist white honky. Use me to wash you, clean your place, lick your ass, cock, pussy. Use me like i should be used. Public degrading and humiliation turns me on. 

Boy looking for slave
Posted by Stamppe

Lets have a chat, I look for serious and extreme slaves. New here and to findom, i have certain demands before i take in any slave. 

1. Only mine

2. Be ready to leave everything behind

3. No budgets or restrictions, you are here to serve me.

4. Needs a face

Beginner or not, i have no demands on your experince. Have manners speak formally to me unless you have gotten permission to talk in any other way.

I Will take in one slave and dedicate my time to it, do you have What it takes to become mine?

pig looking to build walk in shower due to disability.
Posted by tatbear501

Yes, all ready to serve, near Detroit, my master lets others hold my leash, put their fingers in his ass as they work me over. Lots of piss sweat and spit, maybe some j-lube for slip. is a personal art site. Ferndale is the suburb, afternoon is usually the time, drinks, smoke, some porn. We have our roles, you are our toy for the afternoon, entertaining each of us as top and bottom, you should like to be versatile as well as have a really creative dirty mind. We have toys, tables, chains, leather, video recording area. Were both Poz, late 50s, tattooed, pierced, safe, sane, consensual (and my cock is locked up since sept 20th)

 However, the dog does have a fantasy of regularly servicing a guy (BBC or BWC or medium size its the action) that comes in the back door and pulls out cock and tells me how to pleasure his cock with the bottom of my throat. Husband would either be sitting on big plugs and dongs or filming us. Like I said I like dirty minds. Creative play is way more important than good looks or youth. Why is it so hard to find a dick that will come over for a blow job or to the skull- fuck a fat tattooed white guy.


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