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Boy looking for slave
Posted by Stamppe

Lets have a chat, I look for serious and extreme slaves. New here and to findom, i have certain demands before i take in any slave. 

1. Only mine

2. Be ready to leave everything behind

3. No budgets or restrictions, you are here to serve me.

4. Needs a face

Beginner or not, i have no demands on your experince. Have manners speak formally to me unless you have gotten permission to talk in any other way.

I Will take in one slave and dedicate my time to it, do you have What it takes to become mine?

pig looking to build walk in shower due to disability.
Posted by tatbear501

Yes, all ready to serve, near Detroit, my master lets others hold my leash, put their fingers in his ass as they work me over. Lots of piss sweat and spit, maybe some j-lube for slip. is a personal art site. Ferndale is the suburb, afternoon is usually the time, drinks, smoke, some porn. We have our roles, you are our toy for the afternoon, entertaining each of us as top and bottom, you should like to be versatile as well as have a really creative dirty mind. We have toys, tables, chains, leather, video recording area. Were both Poz, late 50s, tattooed, pierced, safe, sane, consensual (and my cock is locked up since sept 20th)

 However, the dog does have a fantasy of regularly servicing a guy (BBC or BWC or medium size its the action) that comes in the back door and pulls out cock and tells me how to pleasure his cock with the bottom of my throat. Husband would either be sitting on big plugs and dongs or filming us. Like I said I like dirty minds. Creative play is way more important than good looks or youth. Why is it so hard to find a dick that will come over for a blow job or to the skull- fuck a fat tattooed white guy.

Recent update
Posted by Fatdom4subpig

I am not one to typically divulge personal information to others, however I feel I need to give a small update in regards to my whereabouts this past couple months and my lack of activity. My living circumstances changed somewhat unexpectedly and suddenly so I have been f****d to reduce my time on this site and most findom related activities to keep my privacy. Privacy is something I happen to enjoy with regards to others, especially undeserving faggots who don't have any need to know my business whatsoever. This, however, is in regards to other doms and masters I may have had conversations with. I feel mutual respect with other masters is tantamount in communications so we don't lock horns and begin drawing lines in the sand like the overly aggressive beasts we can be. Oddly enough, this is something that I actually encountered last month. I had entered a (very short) relationship with another Dom and it didn't end particularly well. As it usually goes, we butted heads and tried to out dominate the other and it didn't end amicably. That is about as much as I will divulge to anyone in regards to my personal life off of this site. 

As for my appearance on here today, it is sadly still brief as my privacy has not been restored to full as of yet. However, that being said, my private communications are still available and I am far more capable of talking and dominating over those than I am on this site. Sure, I could log in on here on my mobile devices, but I rather enjoy sitting in a chair and seeing all of you nice and large on my computer monitor. Feel free to approach me on my kik, telegram or even my new wickr accounts (gene86, @richlandchub, and gene86 respectively). I will reply when I am able to. Although, do note that for whatever reason I am not getting notified at all on my kik account. I get all messages, but I do not get alerted to new messages. This may be due to the fact I have a new device and the data didn't transfer properly. As far as I am aware my other accounts notify me perfectly, however.

That being said, I need to keep this brief as my time is very limited. So keep draining those useless fags in my stead! 

Hello fags
Posted by worshipme23

New Master here. 23 years old student looking for bitches who want to send me their hard earned money so I can enjoy life, because alpha men shouldn't have to work. I am very open minded, I love degrading pathetic men and being worshipped. I am looking for paypigs who are going to refund my membership costs for starters. I am also looking for pathetic paypigs in general. I am very creative in abusing my subs, and if you think you deserve to be abused by me, send me a message saying why you think you're worthy. I'm waiting.
Join the herd
Posted by IncubusAsmodeus

Seeking the unknown?
Seeking magick?
Seeking pleasure?

Join the expanding herd of followers of Incubus Asmodeus...

Mezmerising, powerful, addictive, friendly AND cruel, educated in the occult.

Bow before your new leader, submit to his will, let him guide you into sinful pleasures 

you have never experienced before...this is your chance to seek new experiences, new heights of pleasure.

First come first served basis. 


Halloween art contest
Posted by masterzal

It is no secret that some of the tributes on OF are under-utilised, and those under the “holidays” section are probably used WAY less frequently compared to others.

As I often say, servitude transcends far beyond money: devotion and worshipping can take many forms and shapes.

My submissive pet Tohey93 understands this well and he had no issues stepping up to the challenge of decorating my pics to give them a Halloween touch 👻 🎃.

He came up with what could (arguably) be considered FOUR works of art, which will serve the purpose of:

a) Re-invigorating the use of some of the less-loved tributes on the site.

b) Entertaining ME.

c) Having a bit of fun.

I have posted a picture with the four “pieces of art” he created and you can cast your vote for your favourite by sending the tribute shown in the corner of each pic (these can be found under the tribute > send gift > “holidays” section).

PS1: Yes, there is a rabbit between the options, but if Donnie Darko got away with it as a Halloween costume, so can I 🐰.

PS2: No, this is not “findom”, strictly speaking; but if you are not having a bit of fun with your submissives, you should check your priorities and you are welcomed to ignore this post.

Happy Halloween!

*Day 2*
Posted by sebboi1991

Wow! The messages and support I've received already has been amazing! Thank you in particular to all the alphas who have taken the time to reach out and talk to me about where I'm at and what I'm hoping for - without even expecting anything at this stage! I'm so grateful, I only wish I had discovered this site sooner - I unfortunately never knew that Doms and Alphas were so keen to help me grow into a better cashfag.

I want to write a little bit about why I haven't yet become a fully owned cashfag and why my experience has been so out of sorts. A lot of you have asked, so I thought I'd take the time to really think about it and record it here.

When I started tributing randomly to a local straight man, I didn't even understand why it made me feel so good, let alone that there was a name for it! So when I would give him my cash, I would be feeling so guilty afterwards that I would hide away from him, ignoring messages and denying the whole thing to myself. This continued for a long time and with different men. On top of that, I feel like I was tributing to a bunch of men who had no interest in me or who I could be for them as a cashfag. They just wanted a quick buck and to get out of there. This repeated process would make me feel less and less inclined to serve regularly.

I now feel like I have more of an understanding of how awesome the relationship could be. How a real alpha could help me with my goals, and make me feel amazing every time I tribute him. I don't want to make these too long, so I'll stop here. Message me if you have questions or want me to expand on what I've started here.

Why do they get off on disappearance?
Posted by Irishboss95

One can ask this question both in real life relationships and our very infamous master/slave community here on OF, where do slaves get off on leading masters on wasting their incredibly valuable time and then disappearing. If you are one of these what i can only call wankers, fuck off away from OF to whatever shithole you’re only worth of calling a home. 

I am after a third successive conversation with someone who wanted a master slave connection and I’m one to always try and guide people to finding out what they want and what level they may want to explore, a connection over random cash tributes any day. Anyways, getting back to it, developed a bond found similarities identified the path they wanted to go down and engaged as so and as soon as tribute is mentioned to a master who is fully deserving of it, disappears and ghosts me… 

Now I’m not here to complain about all slaves and this ain’t just my issue as many masters after speaking to them have been on the receiving end of this crap but seriously? Why would you even bother? Go somewhere else and waste other people’s time, first time I’ve considered leaving here as I know it’s a great community but too many pricks with tiny pathetic fag cocks getting in the way of slaves want to be be owned and dominated by masters willing to out the effort in… 

Rant over 

New Beginnings
Posted by sebboi1991

This is my very first blog post on Owned Fags, and I'm super proud to be here! I've been exploring findom in a very very ad hoc way for a few years now, and I'm trying to allow it to take over even more of my life.

My path to service has progressed very slowly. I remember the first time I was sucking a cock, and that man suddenly started being quite rough, and I loved it! From there I took it down my throat harder and harder, then up my boy pussy, and finally started exploring more service and humiliation kinks - like piss play, sucking on toes, cleaning men's apartments and acting as a footrest. A long time passed like this before cash came into the equation.

The first man I ever gave cash to was a bodybuilder. I liked that he was muscular. I liked that he was straight. I liked that he didn't seem to care much about me. And I liked that he took whatever cash I handed to him. This happened only a few times, with fairly small (in comparison to where I am now) amounts, and with no consistency. Over time, I found other men who would allow me to tribute them, and branched out online. But it is still very hit and miss - I need to be in the mood.

I'm here to try to learn to accept my place as a cashfag every single day. I want to learn to celebrate my service and share it with others. I want to leave behind the guilt and just revel in the bliss of knowing that I've serviced alpha men the best I can!

If you've read this far, let me know the types of things you want to hear about and please send through any advice. I'm looking forward to telling you how far I go!

Hello everyone!
Posted by SirNoteri

Hello everyone!

I'm a 23 year old linegiver and findom, who's been having this fun since about a year, but joined this site only today.
Even though I'm rather young, I'm a strict, passionate and dominating findom. You'll get your mind fucked like nowhere else. And if you message me over on my twitter, you'll get more interaction than anywhere else.
If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up on here or on my twitter @noterii_ .
You can also welcome me with sends, and afterwards thank me for taking your money. That's what gets me hot and bothered, and is one of the reasons why I'm doing all of this.


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