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Posted by MasterOfAll

We're thinking of adding in a proper store, were Masters can sell things for the slaves to buy.

Is this something people would use?

We have an area for selling stuff at the moment in the forum, but we were thinking of adding in a proper store if people would use it.

Post thoughts here.

Featured Members
Posted by MasterOfAll


We now have a new featured members section. For 50 credits you can add yourself to the top of the main page for 7 days.

It's a great way to get people to notice your profile.

Owned Fags Team

What makes a good slave?
Posted by MasterOfAll

So, I've been thinking today.. what makes a good slave?

There are a lot of things to consider when taking on a new slave. For me it used to be just about the money. What money did they have? How easily were they willing to part with it?

Over time that has kind of changed for me. Nowadays I tend to look at a few more things.

I tend to look at:

1. How keen where they to contact me (I very rarely make the first move).

2. Have they ever been owned before? (To judge how well they know what's going to be expected of them)

3. How easily are they willing to part with their cash? (Important to a fin dom)

4. How much like hard work do they seem to be? (Nothing worse than a needy slave who demands your attention every second of the day)

I'll also pick up on other things during the initial conversation, such as are they just in contact because they're horny and probably wanking off, and do they seem serious.

There are so many time wasters out there.

To me a good slave would be a slave that makes initial contact, willingly sends an upfront tribute to show they're not a time waster, explains what they're expecting from a master (nothing worse than the master and slave being into different things) and a slave who is online a lot to build up that trust relationship. Really annoying having a slave who is only online one day a week etc, as you never get to speak to them and mold them, and then the relationship just becomes a series of small tributes once a week and it doesn't progress much further.

What are your thoughts?

Site changes
Posted by MasterOfAll

Sorry for all the changes to the layout and colours of the site the last day or two.

We're still finding our identity and trying to separate ourselves from the other Master and slave sites out there.

Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated. 

Posted by MasterOfAll


We have now added in the ability to write on group walls, and to also have a forum set up within the groups.

Owned Fags Team,

Owned Fags Adverts
Posted by MasterOfAll


We've now introduced a new advert campaign system to the site.

What this means is you can now advertise your profile, own personal site, or slave services to a large number of users!

Make yourself known, drive people to your profile and get interest!

Our prices are cheap and will guarantee more masters or slaves getting in contact with you.

So go ahead, create a catchy banner and then get advertising.

Owned Fags.

Time wasting fags
Posted by MasterOfAll


We now have a new section in the forum for you to discuss fags that are time wasters.

This section is only accessible to masters, so the faggots can't see what you're saying about them.


Site Update
Posted by MasterOfAll

Development of the site is done.

Nothing else is going to be added for a while now, just bug fixes as they're found.

Let the promotion begin, let's get this party started!


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