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Weekend PSA

For all the good little loser fags who have been working hard all week to earn money for myself and other Alphas. Remember to live below your means this weekend. Very few of you have impressed us this week with your wallets. So you'll have to go without more this weekend to impress us. 


Get your tributes in early. I want a luxurious weekend of spending your money. Your money is wasted in your bank accounts cashfags. And remember, I don’t want your lunch money – I want your big money. I want you to show your loyalty by handing it all over so you have to live like a prisoner, whilst I live the good life, laughing at your pathetic existence whilst you do your chores,worship me and serve me.



Be clear about what you want.
You/faggot, know what; I'm not stupid. When I see a faggot showing interest or I see a faggot I'm interested in, what do I do?   I lick on it's profile and read it, I look at the photo's and videos, I read the feedback.   Then I scroll down and look at some of the things that faggot has done and liked or commented on.   I take note of what I find.  If I find "only do real meets" I understand that and would not order you serve me as/in cyber.   If on the other hand I see you serving/gifting others on here then I know you do, do cyber.  Don't take me for stupid thinking "I'll just say I don't do cyber."  I'v seen you do it so I know you do it.  If however you don't want to do it with me, I'm a big boy. I can take some one saying "Sorry Sir you just don't do it for me, I wish you well"  Yes I may be upset for all of 5mins but so what I get up again.   So be honest about what you want.

I have responded to 3 message from a faggot.  One of the messages read; "HI Sir. I love how blunt and brutal you are to fags like me. Makes me feel like I have no choice but to comply Sir".  So I checked it's profile and scand some of the things it done.  That included sending gifts/tribute to other Masters and nothing in his profile said it did not like/do cyber.  So how do you think I replayed?  Of cause I demanded service.  You guess what replay I gote;   "sorry Sir I only serve people I meet for real".    Well OK I don't have a problem with faggots only serving people that meat for real.  Thats OK.  What I have a problem with is;  Did the fag really think I did not look at it's past actions.  Did the fag think I did not look at it's profile.  Dose the fag think I am a fool.   It would appear it dose not have two brain cells to rub together.  What it should have said was.  "Sorry Sir, with respect I don't feel you do it for me."  Or they should put in there profile that they only serve in real meetings.  Yes I know, no faggot wants to say that but from my view it's better for a faggot to be honest.

A Total New Form of Servitude!

It has been 5 months since I first met MasterMister online and I never thought I would reach a new form of devotion and a new level of servitude all because of him!

Many unexpected things have happened to me these 5 months literally:

1. I've been buying gifts only for him and I've been tributing only him. I've completely stopped tributing others. I bought him a lot of gifts last month for his birthday. I've also never missed my weekly tributes.

2. I've been serving only him and I've stopped serving others. Few times I had the urge of serving others. He said he would only allow that with his presence but eventually he said he didn't feel like sharing me with others which I'm completely happy to know! I feel valued and appreciated!

3. I've uninstalled apps like Grindr, Re-con and Tinder. I've lost interest to meet or to date other guys or even to have sex with them. My relationship is only with him.

4. As he said, my orgasm solely belongs only to him. Literally for the past 5 months I've been jerking off only because of him by thinking about him or by looking at his pictures or by having cam session with him. I honestly feel wrong and guilty to jerk off because of other guys. I also do not want to fail to maintain this record.

5. The trust that we've built with each other is so huge to the point that I've given him access to my online banking and financial accounts and he holds all my personal credit card details. I've never done this with any other masters in the past!

6. If I remember correctly, only one time he asked me to send tribute and that's as a punishment for a mistake that I did. He has become so powerful to me that I myself have to constantly request for his permission for me to tribute him or to buy him gifts. Several times he declined that I had to keep begging him to give me permission. That's really true power of a legit Master!

7. I've been messaging and texting him every single day and he will always reply to me. I feel my day is incomplete without talking to him. I do respect his time and I will always wait patiently for him to reply. Few times I was quite occupied with works and didn't get to text him but he texted me to check how I was doing and that's really nice.

I realized all these happen because he taught me to serve with love and not with fear. He makes me fall in love with him. He makes me think about him every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to sleep. He makes me want to do anything in my capability for him!

I know it's a long way to go but it is my dream that one day I'll be able to move to be with him. I'll find a job and give all my salary to him every month! I hope when that day comes, he will accept me with an open heart to live with him and to let me continue serving him until my last day.

Ironically, 2020 may possibly be one of the best years in my life because of him! I am completely loyal to him, completely devoted and committed to him and only him. Thank you so much MasterMister!

Difficult times

I am sure many members here have found it difficult during recent weeks and months to keep things together. Some financially ('by writing cheques that can't be cashed'), some mentally, some both. My own journey has been somewhat of a rollercoaster, but with a general trajectory in the downwards direction.

I can confidently say that the only reason I am still here is due to two very special people. One in my home world and one in my findom world (he knows who he is)

We all have our own ways of dealing with things and searching for solutions.  Nonetheless the underlying message is very important however. You should never feel you have to be alone with your feelings.  You might not be able to talk to close family and friends, but there are many resources to call upon for support, or for jjust a shoulder to cry on. Mine was closer than I thought.

This whole Covid situation will start to calm down at some point. Things will become clearer and there will be a way forward for us all.

Though it has been said before on this site, we all need a degree of consideration for each other.  Some of us have had minor inconvenience others have had their world's turned upside down.

Take a moment. Think. Communicate.

You want more.
I was on this site the other day in the chat window, someone was saying how they hate people (Master) who drop in sometimes. Say hi and then expect tribute, then you don't see them for weeks and sometimes months.

Well that sounds like something to get upset about (not) but hay on there you go. 

Yes I get the point and I might be guilty of a little of this but look, it's a two way street.   You see I am like most people I get board.  If you keep tempting me, in this case with tributs/gifts then I am less likely to get board and more likely to make some input that may or may not keep/get you hot for more.

You see faggot, for me the "F-U" finger, is just that.  F-U I don't need this or do it for you so you need to put the work in if you want me to give a............

Keep well Master and faggot$ get serving and you know it's good for you and the right thing to do.
The Hierarchy of Men and Today's Equality World
I believe in the hierarchy of males. Some Men are born to rule/lead/dominate and others are meant to serve/submit/kneel. There is nothing wrong with either and it would be better and happier for males if we were allowed to realise our full potential in either role. Today's society would not dream of allowing this to happen unfortunately. I am glad we all have equal opportunities but this goes against human and animal nature so I think this is why there has been a big increase in this type of site and interest. Findom, cuckolding, sites catering to foot worship and chastity etc are just forms of expression to make up for what is being denied to males today. 

Dominant Men want to see submissive males on their knees doing what they are told - cleaning their flat, doing their shopping, cooking, paying for things, licking their feet and shoes clean, drinking their piss, being their footstool, sucking their cock, taking their cock and seed in their ass or at least some of these acts to prove the Alpha is superior and sub inferior. Groups of Men usually enjoy humiliating and degrading submissive males together as a way to bond. 

Submissive males enjoy the above because it makes us feel useful and we are happy to be pleasing the Dominant Man or Men with our service. I also find it a massive rush of pleasure in my head when I am kneeling looking up at an Alpha begging to serve, licking His feet etc. I get dry mouth, I cannot speak properly, I shake a little, eyes roll to the back of head, I am hard and leaking, my ass tingles and I even get pins and needles sometimes too. This is because I am satisfying my inner need to serve/submit/kneel that I was hard wired to desire and this is a great thing to experience. 

We should accept who we are and do what we can to fulfill our role and restore the natural order!

I want a slave to serve me !
I want a slave to serve me , be my loyal faggot , according me all your attention!!

I m a alpha who want abuse and use a faggot , under my feet , to see how implored mercy !

Worship me , i a GOD for you  ,.

I want a loser , who don t deserve his life !!

I wanna see this puppy eyes , this stupid face , when i put him to lick my silly feet .

Be my slut , i wanna see a dog loyal , who enjoy me

Attractiveness, Age, Weight

When deciding on a slave, do you every consider any qualities other then his need to serve? Are you in any way stimulated by his looks. Is their anytime you may ask a slave to change his body to please you? Would you ask a slave to gain weight or lose weight? I guess I want to ask how much control do you have over his body and what you do with?

Would you consider taking  some time to please answer in order of priority, attractiveness, age and weight, when you consider to take a slave to train for lifetime owner ship. 

Submitting to an Alpha's Feet and Footwear

Feet are the lowest part of the body and throughout history it has been common place for weak, conquered and inferior people to kneel and bow their heads at a Superior's feet and either beg for mercy or grovel. Some even make these people kiss their feet. Doing these things is some of the most degrading and humiliating things a person can do and probably why feet get a bad rep in society. This is why submissive fags like me enjoy kneeling and kissing feet because it shows how inferior and weak I know I am to an Alpha male. 

Licking feet is even more humiliating because you are licking off the sweat and dirt which shows that you are lower than the lowest part of an Alpha and have no self-respect so you will do as you are told. If you like feet then you are submissive in some way. I would never believe somebody is Alpha if they like feet. 

Many fags like me like feet to smell but in varying degrees. I enjoy feet smelling like the Alpha has been in the same footwear all day in work for example. Some like feet that have not been washed for days and in the same socks for weeks too. This is because the pheromones of an Alpha radiate through body parts that denote power like feet and I personally like to feel like I am licking His feet clean and enjoy having the Alpha's foot smell on my face that I keep smelling over hours. I would question if you are an fag if you do not like feet to smell at all and especially if you do not like feet at all. 

Footwear is very similar as you are licking the dirt off which is also very humiliating and degrading. It is a job for a lesser being. 

Conclusion, if you enjoy licking, kissing and smelling feet then you should feel embarrassed and ashamed because it shows you are weak and inferior and that is why we are fags :)

Cock worship
As we head out of lockdown and meets are back on the cards, it got me wondering how much some of you fags could've made more of the enforced lockdowns.

I know how much you slaves and fags love to worship cock. But how many of you have been making use of dildos to keep yourself trained in the art of gay cock worship.

I ain't talking about a tiny vibrator, or fag butt plug. I'm taking about a real life-sized man dick of a dildo to kiss, lick, suck and face fuck yourselves towards becoming a proper gay cock worship slave.

If you've been missing cock, then it's not to late. Bust out them dildos and work yourselves back into peak performance. And who knows. you may soon have the pleasure of licking a real man's meat and slurping up our juices....

If you've been keeping yourcock worship techniques up to A+ standard comment below....