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Cock worship
As we head out of lockdown and meets are back on the cards, it got me wondering how much some of you fags could've made more of the enforced lockdowns.

I know how much you slaves and fags love to worship cock. But how many of you have been making use of dildos to keep yourself trained in the art of gay cock worship.

I ain't talking about a tiny vibrator, or fag butt plug. I'm taking about a real life-sized man dick of a dildo to kiss, lick, suck and face fuck yourselves towards becoming a proper gay cock worship slave.

If you've been missing cock, then it's not to late. Bust out them dildos and work yourselves back into peak performance. And who knows. you may soon have the pleasure of licking a real man's meat and slurping up our juices....

If you've been keeping yourcock worship techniques up to A+ standard comment below....

2nd Post : "Feelings"
"I feel I want to try it out." 

" I feel like this is not right for me!"

Fags should keep your "feelings" or experimentation up in their head, lock it up and never share it. I am not here to make you feel that you should be a slave. You should know that you are a faggot and that your place is to get fuck up mentally, physically and emotionally. 

The feeling you should get from me is pain and suffering. The feeling you should get from me is longing for my attention. Do you think I care about your feeling? To all fags, I do not care about your feelings. 

You should get r***d and you know thats the kind of feeling you should aim for. Aim physically and monetary.

Know you place. Know where you stand. 

Straight men versus Gay men.

This is profoundly serious issue I am dealing with in my life. I finally had the courage to talk to my psychologist about it, she did not know really know too much about the topic. I even was afraid of talking to other gay men, fearing they would feel I hated myself for being gay. I do leave open the chance this is just an illusion I have created out of some childhood abuse. I see straight men as superior in every way to gay men. I find them physically more attractive more alive. I also know this could be an illusion created by "contrast" from the porn industry. This leaves me with a very lonely life in that I think I will never be happy because logically it would be impossible to really be with a straight man unless I change my sex. I feel shame and somehow, I am damaged because of this wanting to worship straight men, be there slave or life. And I question why the intense turn on and sexual excitement of a straight man using or humiliating a gay man.

True slaves and wannabes
True slaves understand their place. They know being beneath a true Master's thumb is something to be honored and celebrated. Since true slaves are beta..they crave everything associated with a true Alpha Master. Wannabe slaves are made up of two types..The first wants to monopolize a Master's precious time without giving a tribute or service. The second example joins a stable within an hour...They get high on ownership..As quickly as they commit and join your stable..they leave. New Masters would be wise to learn these two slave types...either that or waste your time with time wasting wannabes.... Master Broady
1st Post : A Fag's Place
MasterD has been in this scene for the past 5 years or probably more. I have used a lot of Singapore's slave and now I am branching out to use slaves that will pledge their loyalty to only me. There is too many slave who wants to "try", a "casual" slave or "part- time" slave. I do not get this at all. If you are slave, you do not have a choice. You submit fully to me mind, body, soul and intangible/tangible things. There is not point for you to beg me to take you in when you do not wish to commit fully. 

Your place is under my feet and ass. You ask permission before you speak and you should beg for leniency. Do not take my kindness for granted. Respect your master. Respect your place as a slave. Do not question why. Do it because I told you so. Expect to be a human punching bag. Expect to be a pig who get stuff in the mouth and ass. Expect to be used 24/7. Expect to be mine and only mine. 

If I whore you out, you should be thankful. You gain my respect enough to know that you get to be used by other masters/dom. Your whole existence is only to make me proud, excited and happy. Your happiness is when I am happy. 

You do not get to choose. You get to be used. Drill that in you mind FAGS!

Something about Master

We faggots are born as beta males, a category of lesser males that will never be able to grow and transform into a Real, Alpha Men. Many of us spend years trying to live a life he wasn't meant to live, because he lacks one thing to make him realize about his true nature: the bold presence of a Real Men in his life.

For us faggots, having a Alpha Man that we can look up to and follow His steps is something we dream since a young age, and we search for Him everyday of our miserable lives. Some of us can realize this dream and finally be chosen to serve a Superior Man, so we can learn from Him with His words, His knowledge, His opinions and we can also learn by serving Him, knowing His tastes, His preferences.

I consider myself a very lucky faggot to be chosen by Master @masterblk to serve Him. He's a Black Alpha Men that I'm very proud to be serving, proud to be able to kneel and feel happy to be under His domain. I think about Master everyday, and sometimes I need to refrain myself from keep wanting to talk with Him because I know that a Superior like Him has more to do than chatting with a slave, but I always learn something anyway. 

When Master thinks that I could do something, I'm sure He will call me and tell me to do it, so I don't need to feel anxious about it, instead I must feel happy that He remembered me.

Thank You again for Your presence in my life and for letting Me be Your property, Sir.

Here's why most 'subs' do not last long. A piece of creative writ...
"You may tie me up, Master," "You may beat me, Master," "You may make me worship your feet, Master.. . " ad nauseam. Now l ask you, is that a list or things he will do for me? I don't fucking think so. (Excuse my colorful language.) Where do they get such ideas? Surely not from knowing my needs. Anyway, I digress. All of the things on each list were directly related to their gratification, not one of them mentioned what he would do in return for me after spending my time, energy, and creativity on him. Time, energy, and so forth that I would have spent running errands, doing laundry, having the car serviced, doing housework, cooking (I love to cook), and other day-to-day things. Time, energy, and creativity I could have spent doing my reseach. You can just imagine how I feel about that. My expectations or requirements for a personal slave are very stringent. Otherwise I have found that these brainless pests have two names only: "in the way" or "underfoot." Their names aptly describe their capabilities. It's not that they don't mean well, but they think with their balls. He gets so excited, "Oh, he's going to do this, he's going to do that," that he can't even serve a proper glass of iced tea. And exactly how many times do I have  to tell him, or beat it into him, that I want three ice cubes in my iced tea? Twice? Twelve? How many times do 1 have to explain what "light and sweet" means when I want coffee?  If the submissive thinks that, by aggravating me he will get more of the treatment he thinks he deserves, for example, a good beating or face slapping, he is wrong. l do not like to be manipulated, even the attempt makes me see red. And instead or being shown to the spanking bench, he will he shown to the door. These brainless ones are eliminated at the first meeting. 
BDSM essentials

To subs reading this, have you ever felt at times you were in another world while in a submissive state? Do you make decisions you normally wouldn’t make as you’re being dominated/fucked over? Did you spend more then you intended to, did you give out sensitive information, or perhaps did you let a man black out your computer screen because you “weren’t thinking clearly?”  This is totally normal because financial domination is a form of BDSM as subs do other “abnormal” things with non findom BDSM.   The correct term for this state of mind is “Subspace.” The ability to reach TRUE subspace is not the same thing as sniffing and sending.

When the average person thinks of Bondage of any kind the first thing that comes to mind is blind folds, leather, whips, chains, paddles, and rope. The power transfer of your life source coming from your wallet is a MENTAL form of bondage rather then physical. Subspace to many feels like you are almost hypnotized. Some say they feel like they are in a trance after staring at a pendulum. Many have a hard time reaching subspace when they crave to submit, which is where things like poppers or other drugs come into play. A truly skilled dominant can push a submissive into subspace without any substance if he or she knows what they are doing.  With Findom, I sometimes like to mix physical BDSM with Findom rather then alone. For example torturing their balls, twisting their nipples, a spiked chastity device, or whatever comes to my mind. In BDSM its easier to get into someone's mind into subspace when mixing pain and pleasure.


When you mix pain and pleasure, your adrenal glands naturally release something called epinephrine (a hormone and neurotransmitter) as your brain releases endorphins from the pleasure you are feeling. During intense stress (doesn’t have to be bad stress) and high tension your adrenals can also release something called enkephalins, and enkephalins are very important to understand among these other natural brain chemicals. Enkephalins bind/attach to your opioid receptors during pain as an automatic response as a natural pain killer. Despite feeling some pain or being reminded of mental anguish as you’re being manipulated, your brain will release endorphins as you are “getting off” on losing control or being humiliated. And SOMETIMES if you know the submissive well enough, you can get their brain to release enkephalins without physical pain but it’s not that easy. In findom its much harder to activate opioid receptors naturally as the bondage is more mental. This is why i**********n comes into play and can be useful. Intense fear from things like dangerous thrills, blackmail, or info extraction can certainly trigger enkephalins to be released as an automatic response. A skilled dominant will be able to travel through someone’s mind like a long corridor and knowing which doors to enter. Many of my slaves are curious as to some of the questions I ask them, and each time I reassure them I have a reason for everything. :-)


When You combine enkephalins, endorphins, and epinephrine the chemical combination creates a mild MDA or Morphine like effect. This is why pain can go away during the state of subspace. I’ve had old ancient slaves with spinal issues crawl on the floor feeling nothing at all as I manipulate their thinking as they are under my “spell.” Those opioid receptors combined with the rush of endorphins is literally like you just took a narcotic. And these brain chemicals create a unique effect, as its not just them all being present at once. The temporary altered brain chemistry can truly render one’s logic completely out the door! Subspace for some is like Heroin for the mind.. as many of the problems that bother you go away for a short while, nothing else matters but where your mind is focused in the world of subspace. When you feel that “urge” to get fucked over you remember those pleasurable feelings at times when you are feeling bored or at an emotional low. Subspace becomes a coping mechanism that you become hooked on, like staring at a book and hearing nothing as others call your name.


Like a young one walking near the top of the stairs, they aren’t aware they can be hurt themselves if they fall. In subspace, a sub trusting a “non compassionate” dominant may be hurt beyond the realms of what they intended to happen let alone their limits. It’s up to the responsibility of the dominant to check in on a human level if he/she feels that the session/playtime will harm the individual. Its also wise to check in on how your sub is feeling not just for moral reasons, but for the sake of long term dynamics. For example, if the submissive loses control and starts acting out on serious actions that could be detrimental in anyway, the dominant can expect a looming “Drop” when subspace has ended. A skilled master who knows what their doing does their best to make sure Drops don’t happen. And remember, A happy slave is a loyal slave.

International Findom recruitment dream
I woke up this morning with my head consumed with Findom.

The alarm clock woke me up for work during a dream about an international Findom recruitment campaign.

It was very sketchy with little detail, but the essence of it was:

Members of a global Findom organisation were methodically contacting individuals to find out if they were naturally Alpha or beta by nature. They would then draw them into an indoctrination process into the truth about where they naturally fit into society when the fake social equality mindset is stripped away.(A bit like the methods of Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormons).

In the dream, the recruitment/conversion campaign had become well advanced, and i was helping an Alpha to strip a beta's home of it's content and replacing the content with the basic requirements. It wasn't a gay beta, but a married one with family, and in this 'new world' where Findom was spreading quickly in society, the betas/fags weren't decided by sexuality... simply by being male betas. Alpha males learnt that betas were for using and exploiting, and betas accepted that was their role in life.

Quite a powerful dream that has really stayed with me all day.


10 Tips for subs New to OwnedFags

10 Tips for subs New to OwnedFags

I recently wrote a similar piece for new Masters. 

This one is specifically for submissives new to the site. Read up & enjoy.

Feel free to DM if anything below is unclear.

If you approach Me inquiring about this article, I won’t presume you want to serve Me.

Note: some Alphas will disagree. Ultimately, submission is about serving your Alpha.

So do what they want first and foremost. This is simply a basic set of guidelines.

I’m well aware of the similarities to the Alpha version; it’s meant to be a converse piece.

1. Read the rules.

Read the website rules. Read about kink, about D/s ownership.

Read up on findom.

If your Alpha commands a kink or task you don’t know: ask about it. Learn about it.

Don’t play dumb. It’s see-through.

Everyone starts somewhere. You are born with the purpose to worship your Superiors.

Thrive in that purpose exuberantly, within the guidelines set for this community.

The only tribute allowed here are those sent with OwnedFags tips. No other tribute methods allowed. Period.

2. Do not waste time.

I almost put this first (but reading the rules is truly critical).

Simply put: don’t waste an Alpha’s time. Don’t waste anyone’s time.

Can Alphas be pushy or talkative too? Of course. That’s not an excuse.

It’s important to get to know each O/other. That’s not an excuse.

As a sub, the onus is on you to be useful and earn an Alpha’s presence. Always.

Send before speaking, even if only a beer (which represents 50 tips or £5).

If an Alpha reaches out, don’t drag on the conversation. Serve, or decline.

Here is a short list of common excuses that signal to an Alpha a sub is time wasting:

* Scared to serve because a past Alpha mistreated or manipulated them.

* Unsure how all this works, so needs you to explain every little spoon-fed detail.

* Leads the chat with their own desires, especially time-intensive ones like cam or real-time.

* Wishes they could serve, but has to ask their other Master offsite.

* Wants to get to know you, then after a short exchange, vanishes once time to serve.

* Would definitely tribute, except their jobless or a student, so don’t have the money.

Which leads quite naturally to:

3. Tribute. 99.9% of dynamics will require it.

There are Alphas who dominate without requiring tribute. It’s an extreme rarity.

More so, you should still be offering them gifts to show gratitude.

So tribute. Be useful. Be proactive. 

Every day, your sacrifice restarts. There is no entitlement. There is no earned credit.

Be clear what you can afford. Then push yourself to the very edge of that limit, for Him.

Findom is about power exchange through currency transfer. Much like bondage is through mobility transfer.

It's just another vector for a submissive to surrender to its Dominant, whether in session or lasting servitude.

For almost every Alpha —especially this website’s community— it’s essential.

Submission is sacrifice. Sacrifice hurts. That’s the point. And it’s clearest with tribute.

4. Communicate.

If tribute is the heart of submission, communication is the brain.

Have a request? Tell your Master.

Found a new limit? Tell Him.

Feeling regret, guilt, sadness, worry from sub drop? Share it.

Feeling horny, eager, masochistic, desperate? He will use it.

Not interested in an Alpha’s DM? Tell them by declining politely.

Do not ghost. Do not leave an Alpha on read. Be better.

Learn how your Alpha likes to be referred to. Use it.

Does He want certain words in ALL CAPS, or Capital Case, or $tylized perhaps?

Do the little things (on top of the fundementals).

I have yet to encounter an instance that cannot be solved with tribute and communication. 

Sometimes only one is needed. Often some combination of the two.

5. Respect every Alpha. That doesn’t mean be boring.

D/s is a simple acronym to portray that every Dominant is above any given sub.

As such, owned, new, seasoned, cynical, or otherwise: respect every Alpha.

That means be courteous in chat. Reply in DMs.

A simple “Sorry [Sir/Boss/Master/God] but I am not interested. Have a good day.” goes a long way. 

That doesn’t mean you always have to tiptoe around Alphas, or feel scared to engage.

Chat with Us. We may poke fun. We may taunt. That’s part of the D/s community.

It will teach you about the Alpha mind, and about yourself. 

An Alpha is usually more generous with an amusing slave than a vapid cunt.

6. There are many types of subs. Know what you are.

There are owned subs who live to serve their one true Master.

There are owned sluts who are loyal to a Master, but serve many.

The Master knows this, and sometimes even encourages it.

There are community/session whores who serve freely, to all.

Some subs like the games here. Others enjoy camming. Some love tasks.

Some subs fuck their Alphas non-stop. Some live at the glory hole.

Others are straight & married to women. Others are asexual.

Subs clean apartments. Subs get filmed tied up in dungeons.

Kink is a massive spectrum. For every sub, exists an Alpha.

If you’re completely new to BDSM, take a kink quiz online.

Once you know what you want, and what you are:

7. Express your wants & limits clearly.

Lasting submission begins with finding the right fit.

Many Alphas reach out to new slaves.

Verify your account.

Complete your profile.

If you just took the aforementioned quiz, post the results to your profile.

Add as much *concise* detail as possible. No one wants to read a brick of text.

Be clear about the type of Alpha or dynamic you enjoy.

Be clear about any limits, experience, and considerations you have.

If you’re stuck, go to the Slave Market and observe the top slaves’ profiles.

Do not copy them. 

Use them as a reference to construct your own original thoughts.

8. You will fail. Learn from it.

I’ve seen spectacular fuckups from subs.

And smaller day-to-day mistakes.

This might be an innocent hiccough, or a willful blunder.

Either way. To revisit #2, the best apology is said with tribute.

Then own your failure, and explain to your Alpha you know what went wrong.

Moreover, explain how you will improve, and grow.

Then commit to that growth, and do not repeat your mistake.

9. Building dynamics takes time.

For every Alpha you crave, there will be others that demand your servitude.

For every Alpha you serve, there will be others you crave.

For the Alpha who owns you, you may want to also serve others.

I cannot speak to numbers here. 

I’ve never discussed this with My subs to know how many Alphas reach out. 

It’s a part of being a useful sub. It’s appealing to other Alphas to see a slave serve its Master.

So, be useful, and be prepared for it to be noticed.

10. It isn't a competition.

It's easy to get caught up in the points. The Pantheon & slave market positions.

I've been guilty of it as an Alpha, as I'm sure many others are on both sides.

Submission (and domination) is about the intimacy & thrill of power exchange.

Finding the right Alpha for you isn’t just about W/who’s on top (pun intended).

Is success attractive? Obviously. Does it signal a certain experience? Generally.

Are those in the Pantheon top 25 on here regularly, and actively? Almost always.

Use points as a general indicator, not as an ultimate measure. 

I know lasting ownerships for Dominants who aren’t “famous” here.

And I know subs who serve sublimely but aren’t top of the slave market.

As much in finding your Alpha(s) as in measuring your own success serving them. 

If your Master is pleased, you will know. 

If your Master is displeased, you will definitely know.

Celebrate other subs’ serving Him well. That’s the point. Don’t be jealous.

Those are your beta brothers, serving your Alpha: his desires fulfilled.

That’s all that matters.

Obvious bonus: The reality is unique to you and your Alpha (and have fun).

This article is a general guideline: you should serve, obey, and listen to your Master(s).

As I’ve said: kink is vast. The same goes for ownership, session play, and everything in-between.

If you aren’t happy, tell your Alpha. If he is unhappy, do all you can to learn why (if unclear).

Then fix it. If it doesn’t work, He can remove you from His stable, or you can leave yourself.

Don’t delete your account. This place isn’t nearly as scary as it seems. It’s a beautiful community.

Stick around, and remember:

Submission is between you and Him. Everything else here is secondary.

This isn’t a place for friction or frustration. It’s about pleasure.

Finding pleasure in pleasing your Master.