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A lazy Easter Weekend allowed time for some New original poems. These poems focus on the sense of smell, and the effects a the Scent of a real Man can have on a faggot. Written for and inspired by the very handsome Master ClayBoss4. Thank you Sir.

Let his scent on you imprint

So lucky to even catch a hint

Of his superior aroma

His scent gives you an instant boner

Breathe in deep of Masters Alpha Stink

And let it take you to the brink

For more of his scent you supplicate

In his damp sweaty pits you’d suffocate

Nothing else intoxicates

Like the Scent of a real Man


To some his stink might repel

But nothing beats Masters Smell

His musky pits are so intense

They overwhelm your faggot senses

Soon you just crave more and more

His Manly odour your adore

It’s no use, you can’t resist

You NEED to give those pits a kiss


His hot and sweaty groin you watch

You long to sniff at Master’s crotch

You’d huff and sniff just like a dog

Getting a lungful of his hog

The smell of sex and piss and sweat

His scent could get you into debt

You are a filthy little sniff freak

His Alpha stink will make you so weak

But for each sniff there is a charge

His bank account you must enlarge

Nothing this good comes for free

Down on your knees cunt pay your fees

Faggot, why are you here?
I want to learn more about what brought you faggots here. Tell me, or talk amongst yourselves.

The posts I’m seeing so far indicate excitement over being owned and drained. But it feels surface level. You need to delve deeply into the psychology of why you’re here and why you’re a faggot to fully appreciate being owned and drained.
Maybe you understand your dynamic and who you are, but if you don’t, message me. Helping you name and fully access your faggotry and dispelling any other illusions you’re confused by is one of my greater Alpha strengths. You exist for Our pleasure. I enjoy fucking my faggots’ minds just as much as using their bodies as my personal hole.

So, tell me: why are you here? Why do you think your instincts brought you here?


With these poems I have tried to capture themes of surrender, acceptance and weakness. They are all stages/feelings that I been able to explore as a sub and especially as a fin-sub, under the guidance of Master SimX, who these poems were inspired by and written for. 


I want to open up my mind

And let Masters Cock inside

Fucking thoughts into my head

Dreams of having my throat bred

Imagining the words he’d say

As I serve in every way

Would he tell me I’m a slut?

A filth fag, a worthless mutt

Would he say “good job dog”

While my popper’d minds a fog

Maybe he’d just moan and grunt

Using my face like a cunt

Either way I’d beg for more

Like a degenerate whore.


The good thing with objectification

Is that there is no expectation

All it need do is complete its task

There is nothing else of it to ask

Just a thing, there to be used

Grown indifferent to abuse

Just a slick wet choking tunnel

There to be filled, drilled and pummelled

You want to shove your cock down deep

Watch its eyes and make it weep

Grab and stretch, unhinge its jaw

Mouths like that belong on whores

Restrict its breaths to just a few

Teach it it belongs to you

Spit in its face for extra lube

Feeding it your fleshy tube

See what kinds of noise it makes

As your God-Cock pounds and r***s

Pump it full of salty goodness

Making its existence less worthless


There is nothing wrong with being weak

When you're spent and passed your peak

You can relax, have no fear

Master is always here to steer

He'll take you where you need to be

So you can serve Him properly

Serve with cash or gifts or hole

Controlling you is his goal.


More poems inspired by and written for Master SIMX_. These poems mostly focus on the faggot lust for taking cock in its throat and being used as an object to bring its Masters pleasure. 


It is most happy on its knees

When all it has to do is please

Down upon all fours it crawls

Completely under Masters thrall

Masters orders- loud and clear,

"Come here and suck, you filthy queer"

Oh so eager to obey-

It sucks and slurps the hours away.

Grateful for the chance to worship-

Committed to making Masters Cock Drip

Desperate to show devotion,

It submits more with every motion.

This cocksucker is a devotee

It is its Masters property.


It wants to take Him in its throat

Let Him feel it gag and choke

Show Him just how hard it works

To make His hot Cock squirt and jerk

To Master’s Cock its mouth is glued

It needs to show its gratitude

This object serves Him at His leisure

A mindless toy for Master’s pleasure

This hole will gobble suck and lick

To stimulate His Alpha Dick


Make me his blow job machine

A hole for him to r**e and ream

Programmed to give satisfaction

Worship his cock with no distractions

His pleasure is my only function

Be a wet hole with warmth and suction

And I do not need to breath

Not until his cock recedes


I know I am a worthless cock sleeve

Something to cum in, then leave

I would serve him orally,

Work until He spunks in me.

Soft and wet, warm and sucking

My faggot throat was made for fucking

A hole for him to prod and poke

Tease and Ram till I gag and choke

My cunt mouth gets all wet and frothy

As I serve on hands and knees

Surrendering my primary air-way

So that he can laugh and play.


Here are two more poems inspired by and written for Master SIMX_ that He is kindly allowing to be shared in this blog. These are two of His personal favourites. Thank You Sir. 


If I Plead, and pray to my God
Maybe I’d be Masters Dog
Lick his feet and sniff his groin
Offer him my faggot coin.
If I plead and act the fool
Maybe I’d be Masters Stool
A place for him to rest his feet
A hole for him to fill with Meat
If I plead, and act all femme
Maybe I’ll be His ATM
Dispensing cash on demand
To avoid his reprimands
If I plead, and don’t act coy
Maybe I’d be Masters Toy
There to keep Him entertained
A weakened play-thing, to be claimed
If I plead and if I suffer
Maybe I’d be Masters Loofah
Wash his body, scrub his back
If I’m lucky, lick his crack.
If I plead, and if I Pay
Maybe I’d be Masters Maid
Scrub his floors and bake his bread
End the day with Brutal Head.


My Master's Smile is quite disarming.
Cool and calm and very charming.
His playful eyes might h*******e-
But don't be fooled by his disguise.
Behind those big brown playful eyes,
Is master's dark, sadistic side.
You will submit, you will comply
You simply need to serve this guy.
When he drops his cool façade
You'll find a Man who gives it hard.
You will beg to prove you're worthy,
Of a Cock so strong and girthy.
Confronted with his throbbing hog-
You'll know you've found your one true God.


These Poems were inspired by and written for Master SIMX_

Thank you Sir for allowing them to be shared here Sir.


Honouring Master with gifts

Makes my faggot heartbeat swift

Honouring Master with cash

Reminds me that I’m faggot trash

Little acts of dedication

Reinforce the Humiliation

I am just a toy for Him

My mind is a game for Him to Win


I beg you put me on my knees Sir

For I’m a desperate Cock Pleaser

I would not know what to do

If it weren’t for Men like you

There is never even a question

Of your Superior station

You teach me every day with grace

To accept my natural place

I am lower, I am less

Serving you equals happiness


This faggot is a wretched thing

Unworthy of such an Alpha King

It is a Whore, It is a slut

It is a worthless faggot Mutt

It is there for Master to use

Bully, cash-r**e and abuse

Beyond this it has no function

Just a fag abomination


This faggot is an animal

Serving as Master’s urinal

Draining Masters Alpha Piss

Puts it in a state of bliss

Mouth wide open to receive

Piss dump status it achieves

The taste and heat of His Piss

Excites the faggot epiglottis

This piss pig greedily swallows

And in degradation wallows


Follow your submissive instincts

And fixate on Masters pit stink.

What lowly faggot can resist

The chance to sniff at Masters pits.

Feel ashamed? You might be harassed?

You crave his scent, don't be embarrassed.

So what if he thinks you're a creep

Press face to pit and breath in deep

You'll soon see its natural

To inhale his musky Man smell.

Next you'll want to do a taste test

His salt on your tongue- simply the best.

This is how your Master knows

That he owns you head to toe.


Now and then, I get that feeling of desperation, where the urge to send my Owner's money is so intense that it overwhelms everything else. It's usually after a period of being ordered to NOT send anything, no gifts, no tributes, no games played, or anything at all allowed.

One aspect of Findom which is very powerful and greatly under-estimated is the control. Financial Domination, not simply by receiving money/tips handed over, but by controlling it - as if the Master owns or uses an ATM, and decides himself when it is used and when it is not used.

It is the ownership of an income and bank account of his property, with all the responsibility that comes with that. Understanding how much money goes into it, and how much is sensible to withdraw. It is the owner of the ATM account where he decides when it is used, and how much is withdrawn, or how it is withdrawn; it is not for the ATM to decide.

In contrast to that are the Masters who withdraw as much money as they can from an ATM, then he gets a message saying his card has been cancelled and the ATM is out of action and inaccessible to him or anyone else for the next few months (deletes from the site). That is where greed controls the Master, and his irresponsibility shows he actually has no control.

We all recognise when this occurs on the site.

A responsibly controlled ATM is lucky and should always be grateful when used, with a view to long term and steady use, where the Master's greed is satisfied with a consistent and steady flow of his money. 

For me, this is a safer place, although can be deeply frustrating when the natural instinct to function for my owner is raised high. The denial to function, which can be for weeks, is a real demonstration of my Owner's power and control over his money and the ATM that holds it. It demonstrates the deeper purpose of Findom in the relationship - subordination and domination, where the money is a tool within that dynamic.

It's something which fills me with admiration and respect for him, and make me very proud to be his property.


My Master is Strong, overflowing with Power

In his mighty presence lesser men Cower

With Firm Hand and Deep Voice he keeps me in my Place

My pussy gets moist when I see his face.

So Manly and Great, I love him so much

My pussy gets slick when I think of his touch.

Muscular and Tall he is such a fine Gent

My pussy gets wet when I inhale his scent.

So Rough and Rugged, So Smart and Kind

My pussy starts dripping when he fucks with my Mind.

I Love my new Master, I'm a dumb slut it is true

But oh my dear Master, I Need to Serve You


The power of this Alpha Man

Is like a drug that should be banned

It’s so addictive, so intense

It leaves dumb queers with no defence.

Willing victims, worthless fodder

Live to carry out his orders

Kneel and worship, bend and spread

This Alpha Man controls their heads

Superior in Every Way

Dumb fags are compelled to obey

He is everything they need

Big strong Man with Alpha Seed


Girly and Weak, Slutty and Dumb

I wish I were covered in my Master's Cum.

Cum on my face and Cum on my Tits

I love my Dom Master to absolute Bits.

His Load is so creamy, potent and Yummy

I Need Master's Seed in my Cunt and my Tummy.


At the start of this year a Master on another platform tasked me with sending him daily “love poems” to show my dedication… he ghosted after about a week! I shared the details of this task with a Master from this site and he encouraged me to continue and write poems for him instead. The Poems I intend to share on this blog will be the poems written for the “ghosting Master” and later perhaps some original ones. The poems I have written for my “OF” Master are his property though I will beg his permission to post a few of them.

They are mostly rather silly, so I hope they bring a smile to your face.

My Master is so Handsome and Clever

He really is such a Fine Fella.

He helps me to see that I am his to exploit

Without him I'm nothing, a life with no point.

It is a fags place to serve, she always obeys

I only do what my Master says.


Violets are Blue.

Roses are Red.

I'd love to give,

My Master some Head.

Surrender my throat,

With a choke and a gag

And soak up his load

Like a worthless cum-rag.


Being Master’s slave is super easy,

When Master is Hot and Super Sleazy

He knows you're just Thot, a faggot, a Slut,

He knows you were born to Suck Rim and Fuck.

He has Control so Submit even More

Soon you'll be Master’s Filthiest Whore.

Let go, get Addicted to his Man Musk

He really deserves your obedience and Trust.

Your Master is Alpha, you must understand,

It’s your job to comply with all His Demands


Cash Faggots are helpful creations

They exist to ease all Masters Tensions.

To help Him Relax

Good bitches pay Tax,

To give thanks for their Master’s Attentions.


Manipulate the faggot’s brain

It is just a dumb dog to tame

Break down all of its resistance

Make serving you its whole existence

In chastity its cock it cedes

Condemned to be a hole to breed

Its own male pleasure it forgoes

Instead your tasty load it swallows

To your power it soon succumbs

Contented as a dump for your Cum