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Findom is not only about money

Hello everyone, fellow alphas and sub betas in here. I'm a 37 yo cashmaster/dom man approaching findom from a different angle. As a cashmaster I really enjoy getting my things payed by sub betas, but I think about it as a part of a well-built relationship. I can drain your wallet, I can get the money, but I don't enjoy it as much if I don't know anything about you. Tell me about you, your life, your problems, your concerns, share with me your everyday life. This is what makes me want to be your cashmaster. I love to call it "cashfriendship". You know your role and you know I'm the master, but you're not only money. 

Is here anybody thinking about findom the same way?

Break from the website..
Hey everyone I hope everyone is doing well during these times I’m just making this post to say that I’m sorry for my absence from the site and I’m getting back in the saddle.looking to meet some new slaves to get to know and hopefully train up. Feeling extra Dom and alpha recently so I’m hoping a willing sub will let me use them soon.

Hope to speak to some slaves soon! 

Many thanks, 


Sub Task: The Ultimate Fantasy


I recently gave a newly doting faggot toy, @subcorey, a task: write for Me a fantasy of how our first real-time encounter would go. What follows is the least of a deliciously deviant weekend that I, and every Alpha deserves...

A Weekend with Master Dorian


It arrives in your city Sir. Luckily we both live in Canada so it is an easier trip. It is so nervous to meet you, it has never served a master in person and its heart is racing. It booked a nice hotel room sir, with a king sized bed, as instructed. It knows you’re on your way and it feels like it is going to pass out, it is so excited and nervous at the same time.

It hears the knock at the door. As you had previously instructed it lets you in while it is on its knees as you enter. Its heart is beating so loudly it can hear it. You inform it of some rules for our meeting. If it displeases you you will hit it, HARD. You also might hit it “just because.” You take its phone so you can send yourself cash as you please. It can jerk its tiny dick if it asks politely, but only if you say yes. 

Next you make it disrobe so you can inspect your faggot in person for the first time. You laugh at it and spend the next ten minutes telling it why it is a disappointment. It is too fat, too old, its dick is too small, it is unsuccessful in its career and it will never be a real man. It thanks you for the honest assessment Sir. It feels ashamed but its tiny dick is hard. You help yourself to some cash and it thanks you for it. It asks permission to jerk its tiny dick and you reply simply, “No”. You tell it to put on a tiny pink thong, it is the loser queer’s uniform after all Sir. Then you slap it hard for being such a disgusting faggot that you have to look at.

You take a seat in a chair and order it to rub your feet. You know it doesn’t like feet, but you want comfort and your slave will provide it. It is beyond happy to be able to touch Master and make him feel good. Next you take off your shirt so it can admire your amazing muscled abs, pecs and arms. You haven’t worn deodorant or showered for a few days and tell it to lick your pits clean. They’re so stinky but i**********g at the same time. You help yourself to some more cash and it thanks you for it. It asks permission to jerk its tiny dick and you reply simply, “No”.

You decide that you need some entertainment next Sir. You order it to tell you an embarrassing story from high school. You sit in the chair while it stands before you in nothing but its tiny thong, it feels like a loser on display. It tells you about the first time it felt like it was less than, that it realized it was a loser compared to the Alpha males. It was seventeen and sitting next to a guy it didn’t really know. A guy three seats over told him to hit it. The guy next to it asks why? The other responds “cause he’s a faggot!” It was pretending not to hear it but it was still a shock when that slap hit its face Sir. A group of guys laughed at it, and the teacher didn’t notice. It had tears running down its face and it felt terrible Sir. It was the first time it truly felt its place in the world Sir. It is a loser for the better Men to use and abuse for their enjoyment. Once it finishes the story you help yourself to some more cash and it thanks you for it. It asks permission to jerk its tiny dick and you reply simply, “No”.

Next you use the restraints you told it to buy to secure it face down on the bed. It is exposed and helpless. You remove your belt and take off your pants to reveal a very well worn jock. You have been wearing it all week. It's saturated with your sweat, drops of piss and precum. You take it off and it tries to peek at your huge Alpha dick but you smack its face and tell it to close its eyes. You stuff the jock in its mouth to muffle any screams it might make and blindfold it so it won't know what's coming.  

It's trembling in fear as you pick up the belt, it doesn't know you're holding it. Suddenly you strike it hard across its ass. The pain is terrible. It cries out but you don't care. You tell it to count out loud each time you hit it. You slowly and methodically strike it over and over, you beat it from back to calf. Its entire backside is red and raw. It thanks you for beating it while tears run down its face. As you release it from its bonds you help yourself to some more cash and it thanks you for it. It asks permission to jerk its tiny dick and you reply simply, “No”.

Dinner time and you order room service for dinner. The most expensive item on the menu for you, the cheapest for it. You don’t care, it’s paying for it after all Sir. It’s not happy with its meal but you don’t give a fuck.

You then inform it you are horny and jerk off to some porn on your phone. It tries to avert its eyes but it is entranced by your massive Alpha dick. You finally shoot a massive load on the carpet and order it to lick it up. It feels like a loser licking the carpet but it has never tasted anything so good. It asks permission to jerk its tiny dick and you reply simply, “No”.

You take your place in the King size bed and fall resting. It sleeps on the floor next to you, listening to Master breathe softly and it is so filled with joy that it is blessed to spend the weekend with such an amazing man.


It wakes to you yelling at it “wake up you stupid faggot!” You need to piss but don’t want to get out of bed. You tell it to take your dick in its mouth and swallow your piss, but if it spills any there will be hell to pay! It feels the spray begin, it tastes awful but it is on a mission, it came out of Master so it is good for it. It swallows as fast as it can. You let out a sigh of relief as your bladder empties into your faggot. 

It thinks you’re done using it but then it feels your dick hardening in its mouth. It knows you’re straight but it understands right away, you want to use it as a hole, nothing more. It services you with its mouth. Up and down, up and down, it gags on your huge dick and you smack it for not keeping up. You then tell it to lick your balls clean. They smell musky and taste salty. Then you tell it to lick your hole clean. You haven’t showered in days and it can tell. It smells bad but it’s so turned on. It returns to your dick and you fuck its mouth until a flood of cum fills its throat. You help yourself to some more cash and it thanks you for it. It asks permission to jerk its tiny dick but you reply simply, “No”.


You order room service for breakfast, on its tab of course. You eat a sumptuous meal and allow it to eat only toast and water. When it asks for bacon you tell it that it is fat enough already and that your cum and dirty ass were all the food it needs.

Next you tell it to entertain you with another oral presentation, something that would embarrass it. While you sit in your chair it stands before you in nothing but its tiny pink thong. It feels your eyes on its fat disgusting self. It tells Master about how it fantasizes about its male family members. How it has stolen dirty underwear from two of its cousins as well as its brother in law. That it jerked its tiny cock while it had their dirty undies in its mouth. It tells you how it wishes they would tie it down and take turns r****g its pathetic ass. It feels so ashamed yet turned on at the same time, it is such a sick fuck. You tell it that it did well and help yourself to more cash, it thanks you for taking it and asks permission to jerk its tiny dick but you reply simply, “No”.

After story time you tell it that you are sore and require a massage. You take off your clothes and lie on the bed face down. It is in awe of the manly body before it. It rubs you from head to toe and you seem pleased. You turn over so it can do the other side. It freezes when it sees your dick and you smack it hard, “stay focused faggot!” you yell.

Once the massage is over you inform it that you wish to go shopping. We visit several stores so it can buy Master whatever he wants. Every time we get to the cash you inform the cashier that it will be paying, then you make it carry all your bags. We repeat the process from store to store until you have all you need. 

After the shopping you get hungry and we go to an expensive restaurant to eat. You order plenty of drinks, appetizers and a large main course for yourself Sir. You only allow it to eat the complimentary bread and water, that is all it deserves and as you said “it is fat enough already”. When the waiter comes with the bill you point at it and say “give it to the faggot, it is paying!” 

Next we return to the hotel. You tell it to remove all its clothes except the thong and to stand in the corner and stare at the wall, for no particular reason other than you can. It thanks you for giving it time to contemplate its worthless existence. After an hour you decide to order a movie on pay per view and allow it to sit at your feet while we watch it together. It feels overjoyed that we can spend such quality time together, it feels content.

After the movie you inform it that you are horny, but that it is not needed. You jerk off to some porn on your phone. You cum into a tissue and it then watches helplessly as you flush it down the toilet. It feels heartbroken but it learns the lesson, you don’t need it and can replace it at any time. It asks permission to jerk its tiny dick but you reply simply, “No”. You get into the bed and it sleeps on the floor at your side. It falls resting to the sound of you breathing softly and it feels content and safe with its Master.


It wakes to you yelling at it. “Wake up stupid queer!” You tell it to follow you to the bathroom on its hands and knees. You sit down on the toilet and tell it to take your dick in its mouth. It feels its mouth fill with piss and it swallows as fast as it can. Once the piss abates it can feel your dick hardening in its mouth. Then it hears a fart, you’re about to shit. You tell it to suck your dick while you shit. It hears loud drops in the water and its nostrils are filled with a terrible smell. You tell it to keep sucking. It continues bobbing up and down on your huge Alpha dick while you push out more and more turds. It’s gagging from the smell but its tiny dick is so hard it keeps going until it feels a fountain of cum fill its mouth.

It reaches for the toilet paper but you stop it. You order it to lie on its back, then you squat over its face and tell it to lick your dirty hole clean. All it can see is your hole caked in shit, it doesn’t want to lick it but it has to, you ordered it to. It tastes awful but it feels so right to be used as your toilet paper, like the filthy faggot it is. You help yourself to some more cash as it cleans you and it thanks you for it.

It asks again if it may jerk off and you finally utter the word it has been dying to hear. “Yes.” You sit in a chair and tell it to get on its knees a few feet in front of you. You order it to remove the thong it has been wearing for two days and stuff it in its mouth. You reach into your bag and pull out a tube of Icy Hot and throw it to it. You order it to rub it all over its balls and use it as lube. You tell it it is not allowed to cum until you say so.

It feels like such a loser. A fat queer on its knees jerking its tiny dick with Icy Hot in front of a real man. It can taste itself with the thong in its mouth, and it can still taste your shit. Its dick and balls are burning, it’s in agony. Five minutes pass, you say nothing. Your mouth has turned into an evil grin. After ten minutes you finally tell it that it has permission to cum. You hand it a cup to jerk into. Its dick is burning. It takes it another five minutes before it finally fills the cup with its puny load. You tell it to drink it, and remark that it is the only one who will ever taste its worthless cum. It swallows the cum and asks permission to go rinse its crotch. You help yourself to some more cash, it thanks you for taking it. Finally you let it go rinse and laugh as it runs to the shower.

Once it is out of the shower you order it to pack up your things. You smack it hard for not doing it properly. After it is finally done you order it to its knees. It thanks you for using it and abusing it this weekend. It thanks you for taking so much cash from it this weekend. It will be forever grateful that it got to spend such amazing quality time with a real man like you. It kisses your shoe to show its deference and you leave. As soon as the door closes It realizes it misses you already Sir.

Weekly Update 8/6

Hey All

My new business is now fully set up and operating, currently just serving the North and Wales got big plans if there is the need. Have had a few high value deliveries this last weekend seeing Manchester, Chester, Wirral and Preston. Got Cleethorpes, Hull and York on my list for Wednesday. Anyone with experience of advertising through google and facebook please get in touch.

My owned slaves are doing well and behaving as to be expected and had quite a lot of applications for my vacant role. I am looking for a younger more attractive fag for the PA duties. Please can all older fags stop asking.

Still working from home for my day job so easy life at the min lol, although it does feel good to get out on a long drive. Got some leather gear on order now, will hopefully be here for when we start meeting properly. Met one of my fags the other day for a socially distanced $ervice.

Have fun guys and keep safe.

MASTERDIESEL taking Total Control of gimp
It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in May, slave was looking around on the site when MASTERDIESEL approached  slave, we got talking sharing likes and dislikes.

slave was looking to be Totally Owned and Controlled in life and financial MASTERDIESEL was very much into this, slowly over the week Master was slowly taking control having access to slave emails.banking app.

MASTERDIESEL asked if slave would like to meet him in real time slave was excited slave and said yes , so we arranged a day to do this.

The day came slave was excited but nervous all at the same time, slave took the train to see Master. Master came to pick up slave at the 

train station. slave got into Masters car. MASTERDIESEL was dressed in Full Leather, wow what a lucky slave and a honor to be serving a Hot Master a Master who went out of his way to speak and wanting to take control of the slave.

We arrived at Masters house, Master put slave at ease,slave handed the keys to his chastity device. Master and slave talked for a while MASTERDIESEL took complete control of slaves Banking app locking slave out of it.

Master told slave to strip and get into its leather, Master put a Leather collar and restraints on the slave. then the training started.

As you see from the pictures posted.

It was time to leave but before slave left MASTERDIESEL asked what slave would liked to be called slave said gimp so that is what i'm known as,

MASTERDIESEL now has Total Control of gimps Money Life Emails and Chastity and Everyday things.

gimp is now happy serving its Master and has a purpose in life.

Thank you Master

Something i wonder about Masters is - who does actually get sexually aroused by receiving tributes from fags?

 Maybe you don't. But if you do, what is it about it that turns you on?


Which of these is You? 

There may be more than one that applies to You. 

You may have other reasons that aren't included here. Please mention them.

1. I get heavily sexually turned on by the power of it.

2. I get a bit sexually turned on by the power of it.  

3. I get sexually stimulated from being worshipped through cash, but not in a massive way.

4) I do it simply because I'm a superior Alpha. I get a buzz from it, but it's not sexual.

5) It's fun and I enjoy it, but it's just an interest I have. It's not sexual for me.

6) It's a way to make some money from fags, nothing more. 

June's Findom Donation!
As stated on my profile, I donate 50% of my income from findom to charity. Why do I make this commitment? Because I want you to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I don't need your cash. It's not paying my mortgage. It's not covering my student loans (jk I don't have any). I take your cash for one reason: it gets me off. Plan and simple. So I give some of what I earn away, because that's how little your fagcash means to me.

For the month of June, I will be donating 50% of my income to the Central Texas Food Bank ( Anyone--master or faggot--who sends me confirmation of a gift of at least $10USD (or the equivalent in your local currency) to the the Central Texas Food Bank or to a food bank in your area dated during the month of June 2020 will receive a free dick pic from me. 

Happy draining, everyone!

A new venture

As well as the regular service i have been receiving, one of my slaves has set me up a website to advertise my courier service. it has also sorted an accountant out to deal with this and my takeaways so i can stop using my usual one (was a bit crap anyway). The site is now live and business cards on the way. If any of you in the UK need anything shifting (internet purchase, new leathers, chastity keys etc) let me know. All collections and deliveries are abiding by social distance guidelines

Have fun guys and stay safe

Weekly Update

Good Morning all

Another week of working from home, going onsite for one day and a couple more BBQs.

This week has seen 2 more fags welcomed into the fold. One a eager, older chastity finpig, keys are in the post and contract signed. The other is another local twink to play with owned by me and wants limits pushing to become the perfect sub, sadly no findom to this slut but he is good to look at haha.

The take-aways are now all back to normal working hours and are nicely busy, will hopefully be able to get the replacement van 'Dominator II' by the end of the year. Currently looking at a repurposed horsebox style with living accomodation for the top and a spaciuos service area for the subs in the back. all furniture will be stowable for the vehicle to be used in my new company transporting furniture etc around the UK. Once all is ready I am open to renting the vehicle out for use by others but this will take time to sort out. Tributes sent to me will now be split in half, one to me direct to continue my current lifestyle and the other to the purchase of the vehicle (currently looking at 40k), doing it properly this time and no cutting corners. the fate of Dominator I has taught me many lessons and i am glad i did not sink much cash into the project. Anyone wishing to donate to the project let me know.

On a side note if anyone needs anything smaller transporting in the UK let me know;)

I will soon be moving out of my rented property and in to my long term accomodation. some work is needed but it a decent detached with a drive big enough for the Dominator II and my day car. The goal with all this is to use the take-aways, new courier business and fags to fund my life and to quit my day job in the next 18 months. Time will see if i am able to do that and live my dream.

I am now looking to gain 3 more finsubs per month, either fully owned or co-owned, here or offsite to add tyo the flock and give me my 'hard earned by you' cash.

Have had a couple of social distance cash handovers in the last couple of weeks and I am now able to travel in the North to collect, soon hopefully will be able to do nationwide. All socially distanced of course, luckily my courier business allows me to travel, i am limiting it as the hotels are still closed and i aint kipping in the car overnight.

Mental Health is still important and i say to all (master, slaves, those who aren't sure...) that my skype is always open for service or just a chat, just let me know which it it when you add me. 

Stay Safe you ugly lot!

Holiday Weekend
So this is a holiday weekend in the U.S., where many people (well, those who are still employed) will have a day off tomorrow.  It's to honor the memory of those who died in military service to the country.  This year, there has been an unofficial effort to add those who have been serving the country in other ways during the pandemic.  That feels right to Me- because what's being done by medical people and others is indeed a sacrifice,  I think those who served the nation in uniform will be just fine if their "day" is shared at a time like this.

For those of U/us who remain employed and healthy, the least W/we can do is express gratitude for those who have, or are, making sacrifices right now for the common good.

Not really a FinDom message today, but there it is.. <g>

Stay safe!