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Being a cashfag

I posted this on my blog yesterday, thought about posting it here to:

I have been into the Findom scene for about 3 years, and I have tributed and served many different Men so far. I never thought that I was gonna get into this fetish and lifestyle.

As Y/you can see by my blog, I believe in the superiority of the Black Men, but I already tributed non-Black Men that were clearly Superior to me.

I always was submissive and liked to pay for everything when I used to have dates.

I was a cuckold during 3 years and my (then) girlfriend never had to pay for Uber, Motels or condoms ever, I always made sure to pay for everything.

Now I feel complete when I pay my tribute (or fag tax) to one (or more) of my Superiors. Knowing They are enjoying life, having great experiences and that I'm helping Them achieve that is very rewarding to me.

I work hard and feel good knowing that I'll send to my Superior this money I'm going to receive. He deserve it and I'm honored to give.

I've lost count of how many extra time I made so far just to pay my tributes.

I never imagined that I would feel so happy.

Thank You to all Alpha Men for letting faggots like me to serve You.


Evening Masters and Slaves

This week has seen the good news of being allowed out for longer periods and going further afield. Living in the countryside with plenty of good walks around, I have been able to exercise better climbing the local hills that have been closed for a few weeks. We are another step closer to being able to meet again.

My fags are happy with the news and one has even come over to tribute in person. Social distancing observed etc. Another has upgraded their chastity device to one i can lock remotely. The Irish Bitch is happy and will be rejoining the site soon.

With work being slow over the last couple of months, i have spent my time well. I am able to play the sax again, rewatched plenty of old sitcoms and movies and even started looking at new vans - Will soon the dream back from the ashes! Name has been decided to be Dominator II.

This week i have not welcomed any more fags into the Stable, either here or offline. I am not in need of more but they are always welcomed. New leathers are on their way, been a while deciding on the right ones but i am happy with these. I will post some pice when they arrive.

As always look after yourselves. my Skype is always open for a chat if you just need someone to talk to.


Call me Sir

Master of the day May 16.   I have been a Master for more than 25 years now and have had some really good experiences. For me it's not a game. It's my way of living.  And now I am contemplating wether I should share some of my events in writing. 

Being a true and open Master means my friends and colleagues know me as the true Me. 

Some colleagues have also learned that if they ask about my night before they will get a full reply.

This is an excellent site for me. I have a lot of fun with findom and it fits my ideas of Master slave relations, but it is also just a part of all that that I am. 

My main goals are real meetings and training of a slave to become a total slave for my pleasures . 

A sexslave, workslave, cashslave, painslave, totally exposed for me, under total control of me, trained by me and molded into my idea of the perfect total slave. 

Looking for those few gems of a slave I take my time and enjoy the journey. 

I already found a good few and I am  very proud of them but got time for a couple more. 

Let me know if slave thinks it's up for the task. Up on my standard. And we'll talk 


Road Trip 2020

Right, time to start planning.

In October, I will be doing my annual Road Trip of the UK. Looking for fags to serve at every stop.

Current route has me going from North West to Wales. Going coastal to visit the main places. From Wales across to Bristol and down to the South West. Cornwall, Devon and Somerset onto Kent and London. Heading north again I will be going to the midlands and North East before heading to Edinburgh and South Scotland. Not sure if i want to go further North but for the right sub i will. Afterwards heading for Glasgow for a few days as the place is nice then back to the North West.

Going to be taking my time on the journey and looking for fags to sort hotels, entertainment and pay for all other expenses on the way.

My Road Trips have proved fun and profitable in the past and if any Sub wants to get a meet they need to book early.

Dm me where you are and your interests.

LBB 11/05/20 update
Another mixed week with this site. Some good fun with a few subs, others not sure what they are after. My IRL fags have been serving well were they can. 

My Irish bitch is doing very well and is thinking of joining the site again. 

Also had to deal with a beggar trying to poach one of my fags offsite. The email made for an insightful read. Also I am sure they will be surprised at the response when I send it. Was from another site but the dom is on here and the fags profile there clearly stated it was owned. 

A few new additions to my collection of fags, a couple are cash pigs and the other is more onto worship without findom. Happily accepted all of them as any master should. 

The takeaways are both doing well and the restaurant will start doing deliveries this week as a trial. 

Decent weather over the last few days has meant a few bbqs in the gardens and even partook in a VE day street party, all socially distant of course. 

Here's to another week of fun and hopefully decent weather. And please remember masters who are poaching owned slaves - mine tell me everything. Begging them for service makes you the sub. May name and shame next time as this is not the first time you have been sniffing around my subs!

Stay safe all, if you need a chat my skype is always on, just checking here periodically.

MASTER DIESEL Introduction

The weather is dull, my house has never been so clean or organised and another Monday in Lockdown, so I thought I would be productive and do an introduction to myself on Owned Fags. So, let’s start how would I describe myself in a few words? Well an Old Guard Leather Master, Dominant, strict but fair, Confident in knowing who I am and what I want and expect in every aspect of MY life. I have always been into wearing leather from being a teenager. Financial Domination started for me at school being in a gang of lads picking out the weak loners and cornering them and emptying their pockets and enjoying spending their money at the corner shop. I have always worked and have a long successful career, so be clear findom is not about making quick cash or easy money! I have been draining and using fags for over 20 years. I enjoy the control, obedience and getting inside fags and slaves heads and getting them onto the path of service to work hard, to earn good money, to then hand it over to ME, giving them satisfaction, fulfilment and purpose to want to do it all over again knowing you are pleasing ME. Getting that cash large or small is as horny as fuck to me watching the figure going up and spending MY money on what I want when I want.

As part of this domination is a huge part of this for me, Boot worship soles treads, heal shaft the whole boot fags, Leather worship, Oral pleasure ready for a deep throat fucking love to hear a fag gagging on my pierced thick cock, Ash use fags with open mouths ready to take my thick hot ash is not a choice is a requirement if any fags are near me while smoking MY gars, smoke abuse nothing better than seeing a fag in my gas mask in tight bondage, fuelling the fags lungs with MY thick heavy gar smoke from MY 8x80 Asylums through the gas mask tube, strict Corporal Punishment for MY pleasure not just when a fag disobeys or disrespectful, Domestic service why should I clean MY house when I can get a fag to do such mundane tasks in life. Poppering a fag slave up makes them weaker to be used and drained for MY gain and pleasure.

So, Fags PM me or approach me in the chat room and let’s show you your rightful place in life.


The last days of lockdown are hopefully getting near

Let’s not pretend it’s been tough. Fucking tough. The first day wasn’t a surprise, because I predicted it. Being locked up sounded easier a few weeks ago then what reality proved. Even the most basic pleasures involving leaving the house are denied. I’ve not been in a pub since 13 March. I’m craving a juicy steak that I didn’t have to fuking cook myself. I miss takeaways. And I fucking hate queuing up to go to the Supermarket.

And I’m sure it’s been tough for you fags and slaves. Not being able to get close to Masters. 

So here’s some tips to help you break the boredom of what willl hopefully be the last few days of lockdown.

1…Prepare your fag holes for use

When lockdown ends, there’ll be Masters needing to make use of your holes for their pleasure. So get acting now to get them in tip-top condition. Grab a dildo (or cucumber, courgette if you don’t have one) and start ploughing them holes deep. Don’t neglect throat training, and just think of exciting a Master the next time you are able to demonstrate your perfect deep throat.

2…Humiliate yourself - or get a Master on here to help you remind your place

This time in isolation may have started tricking your mind into forgetting your purpose. As fags you serve as objects for the pleasure and entertainment of Masters. Use this time even more than normal to entertain and Masters by humiliating and degrading yourself online

3…Revise your profiles

On this site and others, revise and enhance your profiles. Set out more clearly the type of Masters you crave in your whoring lives. Update profile pics and revise wording to make it as compelling as possible.


Be mindful of your financial circumstances and don’t go overboard. But take time to enjoy the simple plea$ures of tributing a Master to please Him. 

Update 4th May 2020
Morning all!

Yet another week of lockdown woes  Sax arrived and getting used to playing again. Just as well as the powers supply in my PC blew yesterday. Hopefully replacement is this week but can use mobile for the site and Laptop for Skype so can still be active. 

Many thanks for the lottery win, my second win on site. Once available I will add the full amount to the community fundraiser. 

A lot of less fortunate families need the help of those who can. On my social media last week I posted that if anyone was in dire need of anything to let me know. The response has been high and for those in genuine need of food etc I have been able to help. 

Keep safe you lot and if anyone just needs to chat my skype is always open. 

Weekly Update 27/4/2020

Strange week of high and lows.

Had to say goodbye to someone very close (covid but had bad health anyway, TBH blessing in disguise)

A couple of new fags joining me offsite and one of them very eagerly buying me a saxophone to help take some time up during this lockdown. For those interested it is a used Yamaha and is being delivered this week. The other is doing well but not yet serving financially as out of work. Quite local so I have him running quick errands (mainly dropping off cigs and booze while socially distancing)

One of my Take aways reopened this week and has made more in three days than it did the week before christmas so very happy at that, need to make sure they have enough stock next week as run out of most things with 2 hours to go.

How much longer this lockdown lasts is yet to be confirmed but I have noticed an increased amount of traffic on the road outside and a lot of other small business reopen mainly with a delivery only service.

Keep strong, safe and sane. Remember your local businesses, they are being hit very hard at the moment and need you to help keep them going. Mine is fine because i dont dodge taxes haha.

If anyone needs a chat, Master or slave, fetish related or just for social interaction feel free to DM me or ask for my skype. Mental health is just as important as serving and being served!

Peace out!


64. (poem)


Where do stars even go when they fall? 

Do they end up like you, 

With a pet head, 

fingers through your hair,

between thighs of guys 

like mine?

Deeply, you breathe, oxygenating 

what’s there, between us to burn 

pulling toward our kindling's

Butt end

But more butt ends than one 

a smoke burning at both ends 

a light sure smolder out 


“Look at me,” I beckon in whisper 

You respond by whimper, 

meeting your eyes with mine 

with a mouth still full of me 

when you withdraw: 

    It’s in silvery strings of your saliva beads,

    and eyes bleary with a film, 

    a glass-like gloss

    that glistens with gratitude 

    shimmering with yearning 

    where I catch glimpses 

    of the fallen stars 


        the fluid of your eye 

        it’s there I might know where stars go 

        when they eventually fall 

that maybe, it’s not as simple

as a climactic expiration 

but instead choose their fall from grace, 

from light-providing bodies 

to become the satellite to another.