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Posted by YoungBearMaster21

You start to feel a little pressure behind your eyes as you grow lightheaded. You're heart is racing and the palms of your hands are a little clammy from the butterflies circling chaotically in your gut. 

It's as if a haze has settled over your mind. With a few deep breaths you begin to settle in and focus, no longer feeling the urge to run and accepting the truest part of your nature you allow yourself to be guided toward your purpose. 

Tip after tip. In succession you are allowed to return to Master what is already his. As the amount slowly grows you think you might faint as you grow harder and the fluttering in your stomach turns to churning waves of  ecstasy. You dont know why but you feel a growing connection with each tribute. 

The knowledge that your purpose is being fulfilled floods your brain with dopamine, and suddenly you are like putty in his hands. You know now that there is nothing beyond this point in time and that each moment of your life is going to be dedicated to the service of your Master. Paramount are his needs. Ever growing is the realization that in all things, the thought of him should be forefront in your mind. There is nothing more than the relinquishment of control to his strength, compassion, and intelligence. 

There is nothing that you will ever crave more than the rush of subjugation and the penance of existence. 

Factors and Faggots
Posted by Halfwolf

Code of Conduct for Ethereal Grace

3rd Addition Circa BC 3576 

In a perfect utopia, well before most of your ignorant ancestories were even forseen. 2 of the most adorned Gods , surrounded by slaves much more smarter , loyal, and handsome. Then most of you European pig fuckers inhabiting this server now. Set a easy to follow step by step " Worship-Ology" of the standards accepted by God's. 

Allow me to translate this from the God Like tongue , your predeccessors could decipher, to your more rudimentary dialect. 

*Deities may be approached , but if it comes empty handed , it will be squashed like a roach.

*Gods have no desire to share you , we don't know if we truly even care for you. Give us a couple nights to spread you open , we may decide you are a worthy token. 

*Does IT really see itself as a desirable stimulant. The reason it shows up is due to its impotence. Dont boost your value past the maximus lip consent. 

*When a faggot walks in , after summons , 2 perfect dicks hanging in between Statuesque like bodies, do we need your feeble, filthy, fillings in of how glorious we are? No vocals , no hands, bow down , be a open mouth wet and active. Do not expect your facial abuse, and never ever ask , for you will no longer be permitted of this task. 

*Our celestial bodies may not break down or exhaust like your inferior designs. Does that mean that you approach with filth encompassing your tiny little digits. We have a place for Pigs, not in the Sex Quarters. This a very stern order. 

*Compensation just like Menstruation,  it comes once a month very heavy , then little trickles until your a dried up crampy demonstration. Negotiations are for tax collectors , we are Mind Developers. 

*Absenteeism is weak. Timeouts are for the meek. Your missed punch at our clock is a way to be tweeked. Late today is a later . K 

A easy start for beginner level servitude. If you are on a leash , then pull a lighter harder. Don't limit yourself to inferior minds , or you will find yourself.... finalized. Low hanging fruit is for the rabble. Elevate your efficiency. 

Aether and Neutrino J 

How it feels
Posted by Masterjakejohnson…This is how you feel isn't it? When I start to find out your weaknesses. Each arm wrapping around you.. The grip becoming tighter and tighter, until you realise your totally trapped and can't escape my clutches.

It feels warm and comfortable and leaves a fuzzy feeling inside your tummy, knowing that with each passing second you are becoming more and more entrenched. Every feeble attempt to escape only causes my arms to grip that little bit tighter. You realise there is no hope of escape and you give up.

It is at this exact moment you feel a sense of calm sweep across your mind. You no longer feel the need to fight or resist. It all just somehow feels right now. Almost like you have been waiting for this moment your entire life.

You are home, right where you belong. Safe in the knowledge, that the balance of power, has firmly been cemented in place.

There is no feeling of panic, anxiety or fear. All of that has dissipated and been replaced by feelings of comfort, belonging and security. You have broke through to the promised land.

You will forever be thankful. That I guided you, to exactly the spot in the universe that you needed to be in. But most importantly and above all else.

You feel complete. Your puzzle has found it's missing peice.

Enjoy the ride, but don't be scared. Because the end place is more beautiful than you could ever have imagined.

Cash fags required to pay my Nike’s bill
Posted by depravParis75

Bought new sneax and Nike jogg pants yesterday they look fucking great and I need cash fags to pay the bill. Fags are here to pay for boss expenses 👇🏿 Come and tribute me fags and you will be allowed to worship my new sneax 👇🏿 Your place is at my feet worshipping and licking your boss sneax and feet👇🏿👇🏿You will beg to be allowed to worship. I do have also great boots to put on your fag face ... you will make them shine fags 👇🏿👇🏿 I do love when I go shopping Nike or ROB leather and have fags paying the whole bill ‘cause fags are here to pay for their boss expenses ... that’s how life is : some are born to serve and pay and a few others are here to be paid, worshipped and enjoy a boss life 👇🏿👇🏿  No reason to change a world like this fags and I’m sure you will agree fags it makes your life more useful to pay for your boss expenses ‘cause you are born to be cash slaves and to serve 👇🏿👇🏿
Posted by subcorey

I'm finally free

Yet am doused in burning fire

Jostling now in pain

I'm waiting to rinse

To be free of this torture

So painful so raw

Relief felt anew

Please don't lock me up quite yet

All red and swollen 

Thank You for the pain, Master

Posted by Masterjakejohnson

Your mind gets weak, your knees get soft, your hands start shaking, your voice starts trembling.

It's happening again... That familiar feeling, the urges you just can't fight. 

You cannot handle the fact that you lose the right of calling yourself a „man“ when being in the presence of cocky, muscular and mean alphas like me.

You are nothing more than a shy little submissive girl, when experiencing my macho presence.

You feel the urge of dropping to your knees and lapping away at my cock, while firmly grabbing my thick, strong hairy legs.

You feel the urge of opening your wallet and getting rid of one £10 note after the other and handing it over to me.

Because you know that I deserve it more...and could take it in any case if I wanted to.

You are nothing against me. I am ridiculously superior to you in any imaginable aspect.

Don’t try to hide or escape. Your pathetic attempt to deny my superiority makes no logical sense. Submit NOW and accept your fate.

You know it is inevitable anyway. 

Posted by MasterTC2818

I have not been on this site in a while and I am looking to make a comeback, and than see how that goes with whom I talk to, if you have a foot fetish and you enjoy worshiping foot pics or vids, or like to have a conversation as long as you are serious then feel free to message me on Skype or kik, and we can go from there, thanks for taking a look. I had to redo my blog due to a screwup that I made so I do apologize for that, nonetheless I am looking forward to making a comeback and see where things can go. Looking for anything that comes my way, just be serious is all I ask,
Lets see if i can....
Posted by MasterTC2818

Make a come back, if there are any slaves that are looking, ideally on the older side of things that are looking to talk to someone who is wanting to have a conversation along with having a few sessions that involve ****** and amazon, if you enjoy staring at feet, worshiping them along with body pics of anything, feel free to message me on Skype that you can find on my profile. I look forward to hearing from whomever ends up messaging me, thanks for taking a look and I hope to get myself back into swing of things on here again. 
The Edge
Posted by subcorey

Obedience and selflessness are two of the most important virtues for a faggot to live by. Sadly, I recently failed my Master in both.

He bestowed upon me the most generous gift of removing my cage to edge my pathetic dick for a short time. I let it get away from me. Thinking only of myself and my weak horny whims I came without His permission.

Should He ever decide to grant me the opportunity again I will remember that He owns this faggot husk and it is His decision whether or not I get to experience the gift of release. As always I will strive to do better for Him in all things. He is everything and obedience is life.

Recovery Rant.
Posted by Lancashirebigboss

After chatting with quite a few from here on Skype, Masters and Slaves alike, I want to say thanks to all. Keeping my head in the right place while waiting for the op the other day. For those in the know, all went well and just got to wait for b***d test results over the next coming weeks/ months to make sure the issue has gone.

Although I am knackered, completely, feel like i have been hit by a double decker but feel relief at the same time.

Im going offline on haitus for a few weeks rest and recovery.

Findom isn't my main kink, hence the low amount of tips, yes it gets me hard dominating financially but I am more into the developments of a sub becoming who they were meant to be. The reason I am on owned fags is not really meet but to chat with subs and masters and the community here is one of the best around (All hail MOA!) there are sites with huge teams of people working on them and they are shit, this one (to my knowledge) run by one man, is the best I have seen for genuine people, yeah there are the fakes you get on every site but they are soon weeded out, get bored or booted.

Life is good. Hope to be online and back to feeling myself soon. And with UK lockdown lifting, its coming at the best time (as long as the covidiots behave) By summer we should be back to normal, seeing friends and family we have only seen on a screen for the last year, looking after our local pubs, restaurants, hairdressers etc and , of course, meeting our subs and masters for some much needed physical contact.

Please no skype, whatsapp etc for now. I'll post on here when I am back.

Stay Safe you sexy bunch of wierdos



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