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The Leatherman From Abroad
A beautiful man from beyond the horizon visits in "The Leatherman From Abroad"
An Intimate Visit
I'm kidnapped after one of my events and I spend the night with Sir Steve in "An Intimate Visit."
When you lie down with pups
Hey boys, the blog is back up! Life got messy there for a while, and I was knocked out of my routine.  Starting back up here is "When You Lie Down With Pups!"
Notice to Masters

I just wanted to make you aware of the various ways to promote yourself on the site, apart from using the news feed.

The reason I am doing this is because the news feed is very ineffective. As it sounds, the news feed is used for 'News'. Usually posts from the site regarding activity that is happening on it (new ownerships, roulette playing, people joining etc), it really should not be used to attract people to your profile, but rather used to keep members updated on your activities.

The simplest reason it should not be used to attract people is because the news feed has things added to it all the time, and your posts will get pushed down and 'lost'. Say you post something now, 2 hours later it wont appear and new slaves that log in won't see it. It's really ineffective.

If you want to attract slaves to your profile you have several other ways, all which stay visible for longer and will have a greater return. Let me explain them:

1. Featured members - Get a slave to add you to the featured members, or if you're new then add yourself to get noticed. Featured members appear at the top right hand side of EVERY page on the site. They also appear largely on the very front page where people sign in.

2. Worship wall - Get a slave to add you to the worship wall. Worship wall posts stay on for a long time and will be noticed over a longer period of time than a news feed post.

3. Create a group - Create a group dedicated to yourself, add exclusive pictures in there. Create a following for yourself. 

4. Climb the Pantheon - Get yourself to the top of the Pantheon for greater exposure.

I hope you'll take on board these other methods for promoting yourself. The news feed is being incorrectly used and you'll all be more happy with the results if you take on board some of the other suggestions I have made here.

Masters Competition
Right, Masters, I'm going to run a little competition.

Refer any slaves you have to the site and get them to sign up, make sure that they put your username as the referral in the referral box on the join page.

Then make sure they verify their profile.

The Master with the most number of referred and verified slaves after a week will get featured for a month for free and also 25% of the total number of credits bought by their slaves when they verify.

This is a great offer and a good way of getting credits for free! 

COMING SOON: New Video Chat

Over the next couple of days we will be launching our new video chat service.

This means you will be able to cam 1on1 with any other member that is verified directly on the site - even if they are not on your friends list!

Slaves who're in chat with a Master will be able to send credits, virtual gifts, add the Master to the Worship Wall and other things for a more interactive experience.

Masters will be able to perform various actions whilst on the call as well.

Our new video chat uses the latest in HTML5 and Web Real Time Communications technology, as such only certain browsers support it. We recommend using either Google Chrome, or FireFox. Other browsers are slowly catching up.

Sadly because of the way Apple like to do business Safari does not support this technology yet, so this new chat feature will not work on iOS devices.

When it launches we'll be asking for as much feedback as possible, so please try to use it as often as you can.

Many thanks!

NEW FEATURE: Chatroom v2
All, the chatroom has now been upgraded with better video support and a better text chat area.

Go take a look!

I'm hoping these new updates will encourage better use of this area!



I'm now very pleased to announce that we have live video chat on the site!!

You can not chat 1on1 with anyone on your friends list. NO NEED TO ADD TO SKYPE OR YAHOO.

Simply add them as a friend then then click the video button next to their name.

It currently uses flash, so will not work on some devices but a new version will be released soon that will work on all devices!

Example chat window:

I want to find some lads to make a bootlicking video.

There are some great bootlicking video out there but none are as good as I would like.
This would be super budget with the only expense being the great boots and the tongues!

IF you wanna take part - we are looking for Primarily skinheads but scally and chav lads might be an option too, as I have had some well cool scally lads who have licked boot well in the past.

TOPS and SUBS will be used to lick boot

Breaking in a Bondage Boy

I introduce a good boy to some naughty fun!

"Breaking in a Bondage Boy"