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Sustainable Sending
Posted by subcorey

A message inspired by an earnest discussion among several fags in chat.

Sustainable sending simply means sending what you can afford to send. A straightforward notion yet quite difficult for many finsubs to master. It is the key to long lasting servitude and financial stability. A concept drilled into me years ago by the first Dom I served that I always keep top of mind is: a broke fag is a useless fag.

What cash slave hasn’t stroked to the idea of a massive drain? Dropping hundreds or thousands in a single ruinous session. It can be arousing beyond measure, yet it can leave you feeling broken and resentful. At its worst it results in slaves deleting profiles and ghosting their Masters.

Too often fags are guided by the little cocklet between their legs, which can lead to bad decisions. While  you should always strive to please your Master, both in tribute and in other ways; you need to play the long game. How best can you serve Him sustainably over time? Aim for years of service, not just a few weeks of mindless stroking.

Take the time to figure out what you can actually afford to send. It can seemingly take the fun out of it, but coming up with a budget will help keep you from overdoing it. There will always be slaves who can send more than you, that’s just a fact. Focus on what you are able to affordably send rather than trying to compete with those with deeper pockets.

Even seasoned subs can fall prey to sending more than they should. When it happens it's imperative that you communicate to your Master that you will need a period of recovery. If He is a wise Dom He will understand, if not then it’s time to move on. Smart Masters will want to cultivate a lasting relationship, not drain you into oblivion then hang you out to dry.

The best Masters know how to guide their fags in sending sustainably. There are always those who will push a slave past its limits, but it's still up to the slave to inform the Master that they can’t afford to send more. We're all adults here, both the Master and the slave share responsibility. The slave not to oversend and the Master not to ruin the slave.

Now that doesn’t mean you should waste a Dom’s time simply to pinch some pennies. Don’t accept targets you can’t complete. Don’t promise more than you can send. If you're having trouble managing your sending, try asking your Master to require permission to send to help keep you grounded. If you can’t send more until your next pay, ask how else you can please Him. True submission and servitude extends beyond tip counts.

Be the best fag that you can be for them, but do it sustainably so you can continue to do so for years to come. The Masters may be in control, but that doesn’t mean you can abrogate your own responsibility to keep your head above water.

I punished my slave for sending tips
Posted by MasterMister

This might sound unusual to some, but I'm sure most of you will understand. 

Since this slave started serving me, he's showed nothing but absolute loyalty, commitment and devotion. Before he met me, he was serving random master after random master, looking for the right one for him, to the point that he ended up in a dangerous financial situation. Besides, this corona pandemic is seriously affecting his business. So I accepted him as my own slave and helped him control his impulses. I forbid any tribute beyond his weekly tax and set a maximum of one gift from my wishlist per month, with a maximum value of €30. I did this to protect him and make sure that he will be able to serve for a long time.

Yesterday, he disobeyed me for the first time. While I was taking a nap, he came to OF and sent me a gift. Under normal circumstances, that would have put a smile on my face, but these are not normal circumstances. He says he did it because he got jealous seeing that other slaves had been sending me gifts, which I understand, but there's no excuse for disobedience. 

Starting today, he's locked until further notice. I've locked him in the past just for fun, but this is different.  Not being allowed to cum for a while will give him time to reflect on what he did. It could be for a day, a week, a month... uncertainty adds another layer of suffering.

Being a master means having power over someone, but that power comes with responsability. Even though punishment can be unpleasant, it's for his own good. I'm sure this will make our relationship even stronger.

Human ATM
Posted by slaveofMasterSir

its Thursday  February 27th 2020 and i got a text from my sir  about to meet him by an ATM and do a drain live. I had to leave work and went to meet my Sir,  with my card,  by the ATM not that fare from where i work. No word was speaken, i just put my card in the ATM, enterd the code and then Sir took over. Saw him pressed the amount , than gave me my card and took the cash. i said thank you and Sir left me.  It only took some seconds , and i was so horny about the session, where sir drained me live. That was a fucking good drain and hope my Sir will send me more text about meetings by an ATM for drain.
Posted by servus

Sometimes i wish there was a dungeon for Masters. i respect all of them even if i serve mostly one, but there is one kind i really hate: poachers. Those i think would be appropriately described as "the most vile of creatures on Owned Fags" and as such, they would deserve a MoA offered all-inclusive lodging in the dungeon.

MoA has gone through a lot of efforts to make it clear what ownership means, but still some "Masters" would try to approach owned slaves in the hope of being served, sometimes even insulting the Owner and trying to lower Him in the eyes of the slave. This is absolutely unacceptable.

I am lucky to be owned by a very generous Owner who is not jealous, and who allows me to serve His friends as well as some other Masters whom i feel inclined to. The only limit is i am not allowed to serve a few Masters who have been offensive to Him or hurtful to one of my slave brothers in the past. This DNS ("do not serve") list is very short (3 Masters at the moment if i am counting well). As such i often pay small tributes or gifts to other Masters as Sir Coinnigh, Sir youngswimmerboy or MoA Himself can witness, but i never do it in the back of my Owner and He fully approves of it. It also doesn't mean i would serve a Master i am not inclined to, except if my Master ordered it of course.

I posted what i thought was a clear warning on my profile months ago stating that i didn't want to be approached by poachers, and that i would take appropriate actions, but this doesn't seem to be enough, maybe because some Masters are so full of themselves that they believe it doesn't apply to them, or just because they don't read profiles, whatever...

So from now on this is how i will deal with poachers who contact me:
- first time i will answer them politely i am not interested in serving them and remind them i am owned (at this stage i would not consider them as poachers)
- if they insist, which makes them poachers, i will ignore them
- if they still insist (for instance by sending me targets) i will let it publicly known they are poachers by posting a negative comment on their profile
- if they go on i will report them to MoA.

The only reason i don't report them sooner is i think MoA has a much better use for His time improving the site than dealing with such scums and i don't want to bother Him unnecessarily.
🌟 New Owned Fags Milestone! 🌟
Posted by MasterOfAll

Well, today is the day that the site turned over 250K within a one year period!

Yep that's right, over a quarter of a million quid has been processed by this site within 365 days and I'm buzzing.

Thank you to all who have supported and used this site, especially those of you who have been there from the beginning.

I will never stop innovating and trying to create the best findom site that there is and have a place where we can all have fun and explore findom in a safe environment. 

I just wanted to mark this special occasion with a little blog post, thank you for reading!


What makes a good FINDOM fag/slave/sub? - "Money vs Sacrifice"
Posted by SoS

As a sub to men for some 35 years, and a cashfag for 21 years, i felt it may be helpful for some subs here (and Masters) to have my thoughts on what it is to be a 'good sub/slave/fag'. You may disagree with some points, or have other views, but this is simply my own view, which is widely shared across the BDSM community.

There are some basic elements of what makes a good sub.

* Subordination (awareness and practice of it)
* Obedience (to the one you trust and serve)

* Respect
* Humility (accepting mistakes and errors, willing to apologise)
* Putting the Alpha's desires first 

A fag will often approach an Alpha with a list of expectations and requirements. This is the opposite of what it means to be a good sub. The instinct of a sub is a wish to please and satisfy the needs and desires of the man he is serving, before his own desires.

Note that I don't mention tributes of money in the list, as this is secondary to the above. In findom, in it's real sense, tributing is a by-product of the above qualities. 

What is Findom, and where does it fit into BDSM? 

Findom has many offshoots and vagaries, but this is how I understand the basic principles...
Findom is a curious thing. In the world where it is a sexualised practice, it is the opposite of how it is in the world outside of BDSM.


'Findom' in the work place is a natural power exchange, where an employee is the financial subordinate of his employer. In the work place you will do as you are told, and do whatever the employer requires, because that is the way you get your wage, and hopefully, if you please him enough, you will receive a bonus. All the power is in the hands of the man who gives you money, and you will put up with all manner of things in order to avoid missing out on it. The more you please and are compliant to your boss, the more likely you are to get a bonus. You are the sub, and the Dom is the one giving you money. It is the manifestation of the saying 'money is power'. Money talks.

This scenario is obviously very familiar to all of us here.


In the 'findom community', it is the opposite way around. The power play is not expressed by the Boss (Alpha) handing money to the employee (subordinate), but by the sub demonstrating his subordination and often obedience by handing over a tribute to the Alpha.
Be clear that in findom, a tribute is not a payment, but is simply a tribute, which expects nothing in return. If something is expected in return, such as time, cam, pics, vid or whatever else, then it is not a tribute, but a payment in return from what he has bought. In essence, this is not submission, but a simple transaction. The Alpha may choose to spend time with the sub, do cam, send pics or whatever, in order to encourage the submission and develop a bond, but that is because he chooses to. It is not part of a 'deal'.

A tribute is an expression of subordination and worship. A sacrifice made.  Nothing more and nothing less.

On a simple level, a tribute is not pressured or demanded. It is freely offered and given.

In a more advanced relationship, the power can extend to a deeper control of the sub's finances. FINDOM (financial domination) is just that in these cases, where an Alpha can extend his power to a control of spending in the sub's life, demanding when the sub hands over his money, and demanding when he is not allowed to. It can extend to moulding the sub's way of life by controlling what money is available to the sub. This is where Findom comes into it's own on a very powerful level, based on an enormous amount of trust on both sides.


What about you?

ONE VERY IMPORTANT THING for a sub to note is that the amount of tribute offered is of less importance than the level of sacrifice made. Some subs are deflated when they see other subs tributing large amounts to an Alpha. They look at the slave market and feel their efforts are wasted because they don't rank amongst the 'high flyers'. They feel they are 'useless' and bad subs. This couldn't be further from the truth.


What the slave market doesn't tell you is how much sacrifice is made, how much the subs give up or go without, in order to hand over their tributes. Many of them have a much better income than you. In that regard, if you are making sacrifices in order to tribute, you are as good as those handing out large amounts of money, and you may be a better sub than some of the greater tributers if your sacrifices impact on your life.

Money vs Sacrifice


I make this comparison...A tribute of £10 from a poor student or sub with a low paid job who struggles to get by is greater than a £500 tribute from a wealthy sub who wouldn't miss it. Of course, there are many Alphas who prioritise levels of money obtained from subs, which is understandable. However, in the Findom BDSM world, it is not the amount of money, but your level of personal sacrifice that is important to a 'great' Findom Alpha. 

It is worth noting at this point that Findom is not an end in itself, but is a tool for expressing submission in the BDSM environment

A top quality Alpha/Master isn't concerned about the amount of money you can tribute. He is much more concerned about the level of sacrifice you make for him. 

So... my point being, don't concern yourself with what others do. 

Focus on what you can do. 

Your submission is between you and the Alpha you tribute. 

If you serve with humility, obedience, respect, subordination, making sacrifice, and worship the Alpha by putting his wishes before your own, you are amongst the greatest subs. 

Without these qualities, you are are nothing of a sub. 

With them, you are amongst the best, no matter how much or little you are able to tribute.

SouthernScum / lowlifekunt
Posted by SkinBossDan

Truly broken beyond words I’m so saddened to say southern scum / lowlifekunt is no longer with us he was one of the finest to ever step foot on this scene not just my boi ... 

but a friend of more then 6 years

 I have no words 

See you on the other side 


On switching
Posted by Switch

I think most of us have done it. 

I don’t think you get very far in a scene without exploring it fully, and embracing new and different parts that you’re less aware of. 

But we don’t like to talk about it, do we? There’s a permeating culture that submitting is something that is lesser, to be ashamed of, that would injure an ego. 

I’ve been guilty of it. To wear my name, Switch, as I do but not be open with my own experiences and interests is starting to feel a little disingenuous. 

It’s not to say that I’m announcing my wallet is open for business. It’s not to say that I’m looking forward to an avalanche of poorly worded, feeble requests for money. 

It’s to say that my sexual interests are varied. I move in epochs, changing from time to time across a healthy and acceptable spectrum that enables me to enjoy everything. Unlimited pleasure, because I am becoming more accepting and embracing of who I am and where I sit in this scene. 

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that we need to be more open and less fragile. If you practice switching, you don’t have to advertise it, but you should feel confident and comfortable in sharing it when you choose to. 

The narrative has to move, I think. We need to build a more open-minded, less arbitrarily binary scene for ourselves. We are not one or the other, but we can be both, all, some, or none too. 

Here endeth the lecture. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. 

Posted by SoS

Something i wonder about Masters is - who does actually get sexually aroused by receiving tributes from fags?

 Maybe you don't. But if you do, what is it about it that turns you on?


Which of these is You? 

There may be more than one that applies to You. 

You may have other reasons that aren't included here. Please mention them.

1. I get heavily sexually turned on by the power of it.

2. I get a bit sexually turned on by the power of it.  

3. I get sexually stimulated from being worshipped through cash, but not in a massive way.

4) I do it simply because I'm a superior Alpha. I get a buzz from it, but it's not sexual.

5) It's fun and I enjoy it, but it's just an interest I have. It's not sexual for me.

6) It's a way to make some money from fags, nothing more. 

2022 Q1/Q2 update
Posted by MasterOfAll

Hi everyone,

This blog is a bit of an update on what you can expect for the last part of Q1 and going into Q2 of 2022.

There is quite a lot here so please come back to the blog if you do not have time to read it all now.

1) Adult material

I recently ran a poll on the site asking for your views on if adult material is essential to the site, and how people would feel if it was removed. The results were that about two thirds of people wouldn’t be bothered and one third of people felt it would damage their experience.

I have taken some time to think about these results and have also looked more into what the new UK laws coming into effect (Online Safety Bill 2022) would mean for the site.

Taking everything into account, I have decided that for the good of the site adult material WILL be removed in the coming months. Adult material WILL still be allowed to be shared via PM; we cannot have anything public though.

Removing adult material will mean we will not have to comply with the new age verification procedures, but also it will also mean other benefits outlined below.

2) Identity verification only for withdrawing Tips

Removal of adult material will mean users will not have to verify their identity to upload content as they currently do. Users will still need to complete these steps to withdraw Tips though in order to comply with money laundering laws.

3) New payment methods

Removal of adult material will open the site up to other payment method possibilities. One of the reasons we have so few at the moment is that a lot of payment providers will not work with adult sites, and those that do will take a huge cut and also put other restrictions on the site such as filtering certain words.

We will be partnering with REVOLUT in order to add further payment processing abilities to the site, these will include card payments, payments via REVOLUT pay, payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay.

REVOLUT will become our preferred payment provider for card payments as they only charge a 1% fee + 20p to process; as opposed to the almost 14% that Verotel currently charge us.

Having these MUCH cheaper processing fees means we can then lower other fees such as the Tip withdrawal fee. More on that in the coming months.

4) Less aggressive word filter

As stated before, not having adult material will release us from certain obligations, this will mean a less aggressive word filter, making for a better, more natural experience for all.

5) Site name change

The world has changed a lot since 2013 when the site was first set up, and honestly, not much thought was given to the name when it was. I understand (from people telling me) that ‘fag’ is not really a word that some people are comfortable with, and it has put some people off of joining.

We will be undergoing a name change and a soft re-launch of the site going into Q2. All user data and accounts will remain as they are, it is just the name that will be changing along with some new visual enhancements.

More information will be given closer to the rebrand.

These are the biggest changes to come and I feel they are a positive step for the site. More options, cheaper fees and a site more focused on Findom and Ownership than before.

Please provide your thoughts in the comments, I understand some people may not be happy with these changes, and that’s fine, but please be respectful and try to see the bigger picture before commenting.

I really believe that these changes will allow the site to grow bigger and faster than before and I am actually quite excited to see what possibilities are opened up by them.


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