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Something i wonder about Masters is - who does actually get sexually aroused by receiving tributes from fags?

 Maybe you don't. But if you do, what is it about it that turns you on?


Which of these is You? 

There may be more than one that applies to You. 

You may have other reasons that aren't included here. Please mention them.

1. I get heavily sexually turned on by the power of it.

2. I get a bit sexually turned on by the power of it.  

3. I get sexually stimulated from being worshipped through cash, but not in a massive way.

4) I do it simply because I'm a superior Alpha. I get a buzz from it, but it's not sexual.

5) It's fun and I enjoy it, but it's just an interest I have. It's not sexual for me.

6) It's a way to make some money from fags, nothing more. 

Human ATM
its Thursday  February 27th 2020 and i got a text from my sir  about to meet him by an ATM and do a drain live. I had to leave work and went to meet my Sir,  with my card,  by the ATM not that fare from where i work. No word was speaken, i just put my card in the ATM, enterd the code and then Sir took over. Saw him pressed the amount , than gave me my card and took the cash. i said thank you and Sir left me.  It only took some seconds , and i was so horny about the session, where sir drained me live. That was a fucking good drain and hope my Sir will send me more text about meetings by an ATM for drain.
Sometimes i wish there was a dungeon for Masters. i respect all of them even if i serve mostly one, but there is one kind i really hate: poachers. Those i think would be appropriately described as "the most vile of creatures on Owned Fags" and as such, they would deserve a MoA offered all-inclusive lodging in the dungeon.

MoA has gone through a lot of efforts to make it clear what ownership means, but still some "Masters" would try to approach owned slaves in the hope of being served, sometimes even insulting the Owner and trying to lower Him in the eyes of the slave. This is absolutely unacceptable.

I am lucky to be owned by a very generous Owner who is not jealous, and who allows me to serve His friends as well as some other Masters whom i feel inclined to. The only limit is i am not allowed to serve a few Masters who have been offensive to Him or hurtful to one of my slave brothers in the past. This DNS ("do not serve") list is very short (3 Masters at the moment if i am counting well). As such i often pay small tributes or gifts to other Masters as Sir Coinnigh, Sir youngswimmerboy or MoA Himself can witness, but i never do it in the back of my Owner and He fully approves of it. It also doesn't mean i would serve a Master i am not inclined to, except if my Master ordered it of course.

I posted what i thought was a clear warning on my profile months ago stating that i didn't want to be approached by poachers, and that i would take appropriate actions, but this doesn't seem to be enough, maybe because some Masters are so full of themselves that they believe it doesn't apply to them, or just because they don't read profiles, whatever...

So from now on this is how i will deal with poachers who contact me:
- first time i will answer them politely i am not interested in serving them and remind them i am owned (at this stage i would not consider them as poachers)
- if they insist, which makes them poachers, i will ignore them
- if they still insist (for instance by sending me targets) i will let it publicly known they are poachers by posting a negative comment on their profile
- if they go on i will report them to MoA.

The only reason i don't report them sooner is i think MoA has a much better use for His time improving the site than dealing with such scums and i don't want to bother Him unnecessarily.
10 Tips for Masters Who Are New to OwnedFags

My blogs are typically about submission. How to serve better etc.

This one is specifically for Masters new to the site. Read up & enjoy.

Feel free to DM if anything below is unclear.

1. Read the rules.

Read the website rules. Read about kink, about D/s ownership.

Read up on findom.

If you're going to try a new kink a sub proposes. Study it. Ask other Alphas.

Everyone starts somewhere. You are given the power to govern a slave's body, mind, and wallet.

Wield that power responsibly, within the guidelines set for this community.

The only tribute allowed here are those sent with OwnedFags tips. No other tribute methods allowed. Period.

2. It takes longer than you realize.

For every useful sub, there are 20 timewasting pretenders.

For every lasting sub, it takes 20 who are fleetingly useful.

So if you're a math guy: that's roughly a 0.25% ownership rate on every sub interaction you have.

Lots of empty-handed, empty-headed strokers. The truly servile sluts are few & far between.

3. Don't do it for the money.

Ultimately, no one is here for the money (or shouldn't be). It's a fun byproduct of a kink: findom.

Findom is about power exchange through currency transfer. Much like bondage is through mobility transfer.

It's just another vector for a submissive to surrender to its Dominant, whether in session or lasting servitude.

If you need money, get a job or sell items. Desperate Alphas are always see-through, and fail. Just truth.

4. Build relationships with other Alphas.

Focus on the other Dominants here. Chat with them. Learn without being clingy about it.

Some, like myself, occasionally whore out their owned fags.

Especially at first, do not DM any slave here that has a lock; that is officially owned. Never.

If that slave reaches out, message the Alpha first.

Once you create a rapport with the Alpha, learn which owned sluts are allowed to & choose to chat, then do so.

Ultimately, conduct yourself so that you are earning the respect of your Alpha peers first and foremost. Always.

5. Find your style.

Emulation is natural. As with any craft, there will be those you look up to.

Take care not to let emulation become imitation. No one likes a copycat.

Find your original voice within the aspects of others you admire.

Ultimately, the most successful Alphas here are such because they are true to themselves.

For instance, I'm a soft-spoken Master. At times, I get harsh, but it's not My innate voice.

I know that, and I stick to it. Others do the opposite. It's about range & authenticity.

6. Build your brand.

A fair bit of domination is marketing. Content is king, engagement is queen, context is god.

Post as often as you can (without spamming). Find a cadence that works.

Few subs are attracted to empty profiles. Post pics. Make vids. Write blogs. Chat publicly.

Engage with others' posts and content, esp Alphas. Care about this community; not just yourself.

7. Set limits, and respect others’.

Not every sub will be a match with you. Maybe you hate piss play; piss pigs won't align with your style.

Maybe you want to solely focus on findom. Maybe findom is secondary to you.

Many subs focus on real-time meets, and even within that types of meets (eg dungeon play).

Be clear about your desires, your dislikes, and focus on those with whom your dynamic could line up.

8. Recognize the toll this takes.

Drop is real. The defeat, deflation, or other such blues felt in kink.

It can be sub drop following a heavy drain or kink session.

it can be Alpha drop after 15 timewasters exhaust you mentally.

Maybe your personal life is impacting your motivation to dominate, or create content.

Be mindful of the weight of your work here.

Yes, dominance is effortless.

But domination is hard work. And acknowledging that is crucial to lasting success.

Take days off. Communicate them to your slaves. The real ones will understand.

Likewise, sometimes subs need to step away. Not all Alphas accept that, but it is equally normal.

9. It isn't a competition.

It's easy to get caught up in the points. The Pantheon & slave market positions.

I've been guilty of it, as I'm sure many others are.

Domination (and submission) are about the intimacy & thrill of power exchange.

Owning a fag is about fulfilling Your Alpha desires together, through their sacrifice & your domination.

Each dynamic is unique. It's own singular bond. No two subs should compete, even serving the same Master.

And no two Masters should compete, because I'll never be Garboss, SkinbossDan, or Fidelio.

They have their styles, their successes, their subs. I have Mine. That's a great thing.

It's the range of kink, and domination.

10. Have fun with it.

I've learned so much about myself through domination.

How sadistic I can be. How compassionate I am.

If you aren't here to enjoy yourself, and create enjoyment for others (even with pain or struggle)

Then you're likely here for the wrong reasons.

Consider this an extensions of "don't do it for the money".


what are my rights as a cash fag
So I recently needed up in a terrible financial situation and I might don’t know what the flight thing to do is. I’ve been a cash fag for over two years now and I found a master I like that treated me very well and we got along great and I started to fall for him thinking he would actually fuck me and that is a big deal because having a .5 inch dick soft means I am to shy most of the times to try . Anyways longer story short I fell for this master and he wanted more and more control . I gave him passwords to my gmail and to ****** and to my bank application . He monitored me at first but never did he take anything . I continued falling for him and he told me he wanted to meet in person and all that and I didn’t really trust him but I started to think he might be serious . I wanted it to be true. One day not long ago he asked me if he could have access to my computer using teamviewer and I said yes but I had a feeling he was going to take money so i said please don’t take everything I need some money I have bills and so on . Well he didn’t take everything not that time . I did give more than I could afford but I waited it out until I got more money and yes I was afraid I’d lose my health insurance and my credit took a huge hit but I was ok and I felt like I could recover . I hen told him that while it was super hot to give up control I would not be able to do it unless he was ok with me asking for money back . He said it would turn him on for me to beg for money . I guess he didn’t say he would give it but I do remember him saying he would if I was good . I let him do this again and Again but the last time he did it he took more than I was able to afford and he got super angry when he saw that I gave a little bit to someone else as well and decided to not give anything back . Basically I sent over 15 grand in the last he last 90
Days to him and 1.5 grand went to
Someone else and I was blown away that he would take so much and leave me with minus 800 dollars I. My account and not give anything back. I think he v******d our agreement and I tried to ask him for help but he won’t speak to me and was angry that I gave someone else money. I am not sure if I will calm the bank and try and get them to reverse the charges because I don’t want to screw him over either but I am with out a car and I have nothing no money for food for bills no money for a car and I had to turn the rental in . I am so broke and I am so angry and he refuses to talk to me and he said he would give me a grand back but he hasn’t and even if he did it would not do much . What should I do please send me
An email
How to spot a time-wasting faggot

The issue of ‘time-wasting faggots’ came up in chat. I’ve certainly fallen victim to them. A lot in the begginning. 

Here’s a few classic hall-marks of a time-waster. Not all time-wasting faggots will show these traits, but if you spot a few of them, and are engaging in endless messages that don’t seem to go anywhere, chances are you’ve found a time-leech. Remove it immediately.

When you look at profiles:

(1) They’re in the newsfeed lots. Commenting on any Master’s pictures or updates, but never / rarely actually serving.

(2) They have low slave-points (will often have some to give a veneer of service)

(3) If they specifically say not a cash-whore, if this is what you are after, move on

When you talk to them:

(1) They’re into extreme blackmail fetishes, which seem unduly complicated and make little / no sense. 

(2) They stress their need to worship and serve and be owned. But they have a reason why they can’t do it just now.

(3) They’re generally over-enthusiastic in their approach; the decent faggots are polite, respectful and restrained until they know you better.

However, I do need to balance it out with:

(1) No two fags are the same, the best judge of whether it’s a time-waster is you

(2) Some faggots are shy, want to suss a master out first

(3) Most of the faggots on here are good and decent. And have joined this site for the right reasons.Just because they don't want to serve me, or you, doesn't mean they don't want to serve. But the chemistry has to be right. 

Concentrate on those faggots you can build a connection with, and it's mutually rewarding.

Whore that fag raw.
We all know the PC view of raw fucking and the risks, or think we know.  However I'm not PC.  Often we read things about cumdump fags taking raw loads and know that fags have no rights and so have no right to say no to being fucked raw.    Maybe part of what makes this hot is knowing that fags are so stupid as to accept the risk and this fact is one of the things that make them a fag.  Lets face it fellow Masters would not be so stupid but wait we do fuck raw and that has some risk maybe not as much but some.   So how to stay safe?

Well if we have someone that is monogamous with us, then amusing tests are clean and there is no cheating then we can enjoy raw safe sex.  The downside of this is we don't have the fun of knowing our fag is just a piece of meat with fuck holes to be abused and used no mater what.     For me in my ideal world I would have my monogamous Girl Friend/Wife who enjoyed/understood this life style that I would fuck raw and some fag's I would whore out and watch take load after dirty load with all the risk on them.  I would never use these fags in any risky way as I am not that stupid.   

Faggot you have NO choice in this you take the raw load, because your a worthless fag that has no rights.


Any one else get off on the idea or reality of having a fag converted?

Poaching slaves is for the weak
It's interesting, now that I have developed significant experience on this site and scene, to watch new masters come onto the scene and make some of the beginner mistakes that I used to make. 

We all know what it's like when a handsome new master storms onto the scene. Whether his cock is large or simply average, photos of it gets lots of likes in the Newsfeed—after all, everyone loves free porn. He quickly clutches at the lowest-hanging fruit to flesh out his new stable. His boastful profile and/or intro video get lots of attention—nothing wrong with that, everyone loves fresh meat. 

That can be a good thing. On both sides of the Dom/sub divide, the scene can sometimes feel pretty small, filled with all the usual suspects (Myself included!). So new faces are a great thing, Dom or sub. Of course, all the attention can go to a newbie Dom's head. We've all seen arrogant new masters slander other Doms as they climb their way to the top of the Pantheon on short-lived waves of fresh-meat excitement. And we've seen them flame out just as quickly too—just as the highest-paying $ubs who get lots of attention usually burn out within a month.

Using another guy's $lave—or even stealing them away—must feel like a real ego boost for a new master trying to make a name for himself on the scene. I've done it myself—when I was a weaker and less experienced Master. And since then all kinds of new masters have actively chased after my owned subs to try and woo them away.

It must make a guy feel like he's the Real Man, and the slave owner must be some kind of chump. After all, the new master thinks, if the $ub handed over some Tips or cash despite being owned, the slave owner must clearly be lacking in his control and power. Yanking a slave out of someone's stable and plunking it into your own must be the ultimate demonstration of who's the real Boss, right? Well, that's one way to look at it. 

The other is that such behaviour is a facile and empty power play that only reflects negatively on the poacher. I've come to realise that about the time that I did it myself. And I think that when the glow of excitement of being the shiny new master wears off, guys who make their mark on the scene by stealing from another master will come to see themselves in the same light. It's not powerful or masterful -- it's weak and unmanly. 

There are so many different types of Doms and $ubs that it can take a long time and a lot of effort to build a powerful and meaningful relation$hip on this scene. All subs can be tempted. If an owned sub approaches you, have the balls to turn him away. And if you think that the way to show your power is to actively chase after another man's property, you shouldn't feel pride. What you deserve to feel is shame. 

"Straight" Masters, "gay" slaves
I've seen a lot of truth-twisting when it comes to the "Sexuality" listing in Master profiles on this site. Of course, anyone can say anything they want in any aspect of their profile; much of online representation is fantasy anyway. But sometimes I think Masters intentionally lie about being heterosexual in order to hoodwink gullible fags. And if someone does that, I don't believe they deserve the cash they got from them, because it was, frankly, fraudulently obtained.

There are a handful of well-known masters on this site who are demonstrably straight. A lot of us use the "bisexual" listing option with varying rationales -- in my case, I have enjoyed using both women and male fags for My sexual gratification, and continue to do so now -- ie, I mean this year, not one woman one time 30 years ago or something. One master on here I've met in person is as straight as they come, but he told me "I've put my dick into fag's mouths to piss down their throats; I'd feel dishonest if I didn't count that on my profile as bisexual behaviour."

Meanwhile, a number of masters on the site call themselves "straight" and put on a front publicly that they have zero same-sex attractions in order to create an image that draws the sort of cash fag who "only worships straight men" -- meanwhile in private they send me pics of their spread arseholes and/or tell me about all the sex they have with men.

Part of the problem is confusion between sexual orientation and, conversely, people's position on the Dom/$ub spectrum. I think there are OF masters whose only experience with a vagina was coming out of one at birth, but still they hesitate to list themselves on here as "gay" -- because "gay" still carries stigma, and sounds too much like "submissive fag." And homophobic str8 masters who insult the gay masters and call them "undercover fags" only add to the problem.

But for what it is worth, I think there is a big difference between a sexuality that including being aroused by male bodies or some male/male sex acts -- versus the submissive urges to tribute Superiors, lick toilets, choke on big cocks, be owned, etc etc etc.

But there is no genuine shame in any of those things -- unless a sub actually needs its feelings of shame exploited and amplified in roleplay for purposes of brainwashing and control!

For some, submission is mental. For others it is sexual. For many, it is both. The same is true for Masters. You don't have to be physically turned on by a cunt to enjoy abusing and controlling it.

Perhaps it would simplify things -- and lead to greater honesty -- if we took the Straight, Gay and Bisexual labels off profiles altogether, and replaced them with Dominant, Submissive and -- if we want to be really honest -- Versatile.
Not what you call your self.
So you give yourself's name like "littlefaggot" and you put in your profile that your into "Humiliation" and so I send you a message like "little faggot get crawl over here and beg for me not to abuse you"  and yet you react has if someone has done something that bothers you.  Why the fuck did you give your self's that name in the first place!!!  If you don't want something then don't ask for it with the name you chose and the things you say you like. Be honest with your self and others and you will get what you want not what your profile says you want when you don't want it.