How to start $erving

If you've joined this site or you’re just curious to experience the pleasures of serving, I’ve written a simple guide to start you off.Just my thoughts. I welcome the opinions of fellow masters, and also faggots that are already enjoying the pleasure of servitude. 

Step 1: Buy some tips. A small amount will do.

Step 2: Get comfortable. Turn off any distractions. Close the curtains.
Sit down and relax.

Step 3. Practice the act.
Open up the profiles of a master or two that you feel drawn to. Or, a Master you already talk to on Skype / messages. Or, a master you like that’s gifted you with a target you’re considering accepting. Look at that tribute button. You’ll instinctively feel drawn to it. Think about how good it’ll feel to submit and send a master some of your tips. Think about how your submission benefits a master. Think about doing it a few times, so you get comfortable with the idea.

Step 4. Give it a shot.
If this is your first time, you may not fully enjoy or understand the experience. But that’ll come a little later. Touch yourself as you hold that tribute button down. Notice how good it feels deep inside as you submit and send. 

You’ll feel a rush of pleasure, and your first instinct will be to do it again. Don’t. There’s such a thing as too much of a good thing. You run the risk of beginners remorse if you do it too much too soon. So wait at least an hour, but no longer than a day to try it again.

Step 5. Be ready to repeat. But use your judgement.
As you start tipping, more and new masters you’ll be faced with all sorts of feelings and requests. Your Skype / Kik etc may start filling up with eager masters who want more. This is normal. You need to learn to balance and moderate. Send your tips to a master you feel a real connection with. A master you interact well with and that offers you something you need and you could build a great bond.

Real Time Location Map
So I'm often asking subs where in they are so I thought it's be good to have a location map where Masters and slaves can add their approximate location. 

This is the Map


Select the Master or Slave layer

Select Add Marker

Click on the map your approximate location

Fill out your profile name and save

Add, share, let my know if it's been useful. 

New Feature: The Dungeon
The Dungeon is now up and running.

Slaves in the Dungeon can view no area of the site other than the Dungeon.

They cannot read messages, comment, view profiles - NOTHING until their sentence is finished.

Slaves can put themselves in the Dungeon by going to their profile, or if they're owned their Master can put them in there from the Manage Slave screen.

Masters can comment on the slaves in the Dungeon, abuse and humiliate them , while the slaves can do nothing but watch!

Let me know what you think and any suggestions for improvement.

Based on feedback the Dungeon has now been updated:

- Masters can add any slave to the Dungeon that is not owned at half the price a slave pays to add theirself there

- Slaves have a 1 day grace period after being released from the Dungeon

"Straight" Masters, "gay" slaves
I've seen a lot of truth-twisting when it comes to the "Sexuality" listing in Master profiles on this site. Of course, anyone can say anything they want in any aspect of their profile; much of online representation is fantasy anyway. But sometimes I think Masters intentionally lie about being heterosexual in order to hoodwink gullible fags. And if someone does that, I don't believe they deserve the cash they got from them, because it was, frankly, fraudulently obtained.

There are a handful of well-known masters on this site who are demonstrably straight. A lot of us use the "bisexual" listing option with varying rationales -- in my case, I have enjoyed using both women and male fags for My sexual gratification, and continue to do so now -- ie, I mean this year, not one woman one time 30 years ago or something. One master on here I've met in person is as straight as they come, but he told me "I've put my dick into fag's mouths to piss down their throats; I'd feel dishonest if I didn't count that on my profile as bisexual behaviour."

Meanwhile, a number of masters on the site call themselves "straight" and put on a front publicly that they have zero same-sex attractions in order to create an image that draws the sort of cash fag who "only worships straight men" -- meanwhile in private they send me pics of their spread arseholes and/or tell me about all the sex they have with men.

Part of the problem is confusion between sexual orientation and, conversely, people's position on the Dom/$ub spectrum. I think there are OF masters whose only experience with a vagina was coming out of one at birth, but still they hesitate to list themselves on here as "gay" -- because "gay" still carries stigma, and sounds too much like "submissive fag." And homophobic str8 masters who insult the gay masters and call them "undercover fags" only add to the problem.

But for what it is worth, I think there is a big difference between a sexuality that including being aroused by male bodies or some male/male sex acts -- versus the submissive urges to tribute Superiors, lick toilets, choke on big cocks, be owned, etc etc etc.

But there is no genuine shame in any of those things -- unless a sub actually needs its feelings of shame exploited and amplified in roleplay for purposes of brainwashing and control!

For some, submission is mental. For others it is sexual. For many, it is both. The same is true for Masters. You don't have to be physically turned on by a cunt to enjoy abusing and controlling it.

Perhaps it would simplify things -- and lead to greater honesty -- if we took the Straight, Gay and Bisexual labels off profiles altogether, and replaced them with Dominant, Submissive and -- if we want to be really honest -- Versatile.
An Owned faggot's gratitude + financial control

Two subjects rolled into one, but you/You will see how they might relate.

Not all faggots are programmed to be owned, and many are $luts to various Ma$ters. But all faggots have the potential to be owned.

Once a faggot embraces the need to be owned, there are many things that the faggot should be grateful for. The gratitude of a faggot to it's Owner should be right at the top of the faggot's mindset.

Once a faggot is taken into ownership by a good Ma$ter, the structures, rules and requirements provide the faggot with a sense of belonging and stability.

Early on in the relationship, a good Ma$ter will make sure He knows and understands a faggot's finances and financial responsibilities. A Master can only cultivate a faggot's loyalty and devotion in a full way when He has this information.

The risks of not knowing this information can result on a faggot handing over more than it can afford, which is a serious threat to any long term control of the faggot.

This is particularly important with a faggot who has developed a heavy addiction to handing over it's cash to a Ma$ter, so there needs to be controlled spending, not only the spending on itself, but in how much is handed to it's Ma$ter. (We all see the faggots that 'burn out' within days or weeks. This is due to lack of serious interaction to gather information about a faggot's finances. Plus, a lack of control. Faggots burning out is a whole subject in itself).

The greater the levels of information handed to a Ma$ter, the greater the trust is involved, and the more effectively the Ma$ter can cultivate His asset for His longterm benefit.

How do these things relate to gratitude from a faggot?

The seriousness of a Ma$ter/faggot $lave relationships varies considerably with each Ma$ter or faggot. But, even on the most casual level, the Ma$ter provides many things for which a faggot should be grateful.

An owned faggot should show gratitude to the Ma$ter for:

1. receiving the faggot into His $table

2. the Ma$ter's valuable time spent on His faggot

3. providing a sense of belonging

4. providing a sense of usefulness and value

5. providing the outlet for the faggot's natural need to be u$ed and exploited

6. being the focus of devotion and worship that a faggot needs

7. providing stability and purpose in the faggot's spending regime

8. the care and concerns for the faggot's wellbeing

9. the intense pleasure and euphoria experienced when the Ma$ter's cash is handed over to Him

Once a faggot has been under the regime and ownership of a Ma$ter for some time, a faggot will develop triggers cultivated by it's Ma$ter. and should develop a deeper understanding that it's Ma$ter rightfully deserves whatever the faggot can provide.

So, an advanced faggot should be grateful for:

10. the mindfuckings and mental rehabilitation that remove the doubts and selfish desires originally brainwashed into it by society - leading to the full acceptance of it's instinctive and natural purpose to be an extension and asset for a Man.

These are just some of my thoughts on why a faggot must always be grateful to it's Ma$ter every moment of the day. Others may disagree, or have other reasons for a faggot to be grateful.


Kind to fags

When I first have contact with a fag, I like them to know what my needs are, I then like to consider theirs, to me there must be something in it for them too.

I guess I have the wrong attitude for a Master here, because the next thing I know they are tributing left , right and centre and not to me.

Slaves I have had in the past especially realtime, responded well to my caring about them, and I would find it hard to be so heartless, Do I have the wrong attitude to be a Master here?

Not what you call your self.
So you give yourself's name like "littlefaggot" and you put in your profile that your into "Humiliation" and so I send you a message like "little faggot get crawl over here and beg for me not to abuse you"  and yet you react has if someone has done something that bothers you.  Why the fuck did you give your self's that name in the first place!!!  If you don't want something then don't ask for it with the name you chose and the things you say you like. Be honest with your self and others and you will get what you want not what your profile says you want when you don't want it. 
A short intro Story
It's late, you are sat by your computer scrolling through the endless barrage of shit you normally deal with. Your wallet is heavy, your mind full of useless junk. It is then you get that need, that craving you cannot deny, the need to serve others. Your mind is racing now, going through scenario after scenario with all the different levels of control. You start to stroke your useless cock, maybe someone who will take all the precious cash away? Maybe someone that will humiliate the fuck out of you? You recede into your pathetic thoughts of how utterly useless you are, how you need to serve someone greater than you. 

Then you stumble onto this site, you look through and see the profiles of true Masters and Alphas that need to be served. It all makes sense to you now, you are in the right place, you are home. It is time to empty those thoughts, empty that wallet. You start to discover that your life's purpose is to ensure true Masters and Alphas get the respect they deserve. 

So tip well and enjoy yourself, fag. You are home sweet fucking home.

You like what you read fags? Message me for more.

How i started as a cashfag...

A faggot's introduction to FinDom

Remember the days when Yahoo Messenger was one of the most popular ways to connect with men online?

It was around 1999. I don't remember exactly. I worked in an office job with a reasonable but not wonderful salary. It was very easy-going, and the company was small and had little idea of what it's employees got up to. I would go online on the computer while working, and log into Yahoo Messenger - browse the gay dom/sub Yahoo groups and other gay sites.  It was a gay company and I was in charge of their online shops that sold sex toys and porn DVDs. So, there would be no serious issues, even if I'd been caught. Everyone there was probably doing the same thing.

I became very proficient at keeping it all hidden, making sure I positioned myself at the desk where nobody else in the office could see my monitor. Then I'd go home in the evening to my partner.

It was through Messenger where I was contacted by a 55 year old leather Top man called Jon, from Maine. He was very friendly, and we ended up having some horny chats as well as talks about each other's lives. This became a daily routine. He was well into his leather gear, and we would even do a bit of cam on Messenger while I was working, so he could show me his latest aquisitions. 

Jon (or 'SIR', as I called him) liked to tell me about his leathers and how hot they made him look. They did. He liked the best in everything. Top quality leather, as well as expensive labels in his clothes. He worked in Real Estate, so wasn't short of money, to say the least. We were quite a contrast, with me rarely ever buying new things for myself, and getting by fine on my modest income. I was content with that.

I was keen to always be submissive towards him, as is my nature. He encouraged that. We had discussions about domination and submission, and the problems of doing it over the internet. I told him of my frustration of having a partner at home, and not being able to submit to a Master in any real way.

During one of these discussions, he asked if I had an online bank account - the one that people used with Ebay. I didn't, so he told me to get one, and it would be active within 24 hours. He didn't tell me why, but that he had something horny in mind for me. I did as he ordered, of course.

The following morning, the account was set up and live, and it was the first thing he asked me about when he logged in. I still had no idea what he had planned. He mentioned how I wanted to experience a real form of submission to him, and this was going to be the means of achieving it. He wanted me to wait for a few hours until the late afternoon when I could really focus on him and my submission to him when the others in the office had gone. He told me that I was going to send $25 to him, which would be a very real form of submission. Handing over to him some of what I had worked for and earned.  The way he worded it made it very horny to me, and it was a way of submission online I hadn't thought of.

 The time arrived, alone in the office at the end of the working day, and he gave me his email address to do the deed. He told me to transfer the money and then tell him how I felt. I did as he ordered, clicking on that button to transfer the $25 to him.  It was a unique feeling I'd not felt before. but I needed to experience the feeling of sending cash as a submission, as it was a real way of showing it.

I told him how it felt... it felt very strange, an experience not felt before... sort of humiliated but also horny by the fact it was a real submission, and not just doing something pervy on cam. It was handing over a part of what i'd earned in the day. A proper sacrifice.

I wasn't really sure what to make of it, but He said to let it sink in...

it was about a week later that He said I should try it again to see how it felt, if different at all.

The 2nd time was more intense and horny, really feeling the deep level of submission of it and the reality of the submission.

After that, he had me send $25 once a month on a fixed date. We would chat a lot, and He told me about others who $ubmitted to Him and bought Him clothes and leathers.

it was a gradual process, but I started to look forward to the $ubmission date... then after a few months, the need suddenly escalated, and I was asking to $end more frequently.

It developed there on, with him getting me to $10 at a time with increased frequency. The intensity of the feeling became more and more addictive. I started to buy Him things online that He wanted, such as a leather jacket and leather trousers, and they were sent directly to His address.

I was with Him for about a year until I broke loose, needing much more, and became a cash $lut for all sorts who would demand cash from me. But that's another story.

2017 in review: Thank you!
Hi Everyone,

So I decided to do a little blog here and just chat about what's been happening with the site over the last year and to also thank you all for your continued support.

You will have noticed that not a lot of new features were added this year. That was because during the development of certain things I realised that the core of the site was not adaptive enough to hook in with all the new ideas that I had.

When I started this place I really wasn't sure if it wold work out and so I kind of just threw it all together with no real vision or consideration for how it may grow.

This meant that I have spent this last year going back and rebasing a lot of code and making it more adaptive for new things. A lot of this you would not have noticed as it's all background work, but it has taken a lot of time to complete.

No that this is done I can crack on with developing the new things that I had planned, so 2018 should see lots of new an improved features!

Some of these include; a marketplace to buy and sell, community goals, a user dashboard, new menu system, new blog features, new group area, new photos section, better mobile support, site layout redesign more controls and features for stables.

There will no doubt be other improvements and additions too, but those are the main things I want to focus on.

Apart from talking about the technical side of things I also wanted to talk about the community side of things as well.

We have seen more members join this year than any other so far, more content like photos and videos uploaded and more Tips paid out than ever before.

For example:

Tips paid out in 2016: £97,037.23

Tips paid out in 2017: £138,645.74

This is almost a 43% increase!

This place really is becoming such a fantastic community and I cannot thank you all enough for your continued support.

I will continue doing my part to give you all the best possible site in which to have fun and make connections and I hope you continue to enjoy using it.

Thank you all again, and let's continue to have fun together in 2018!

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