Real Time Location Map

So I'm often asking subs where in they are so I thought it's be good to have a location map where Masters and slaves can add their approximate location. 

This is the Map


Select the Master or Slave layer

Select Add Marker

Click on the map your approximate location

Fill out your profile name and save

Add, share, let my know if it's been useful. 

New Feature: The Dungeon

The Dungeon is now up and running.

Slaves in the Dungeon can view no area of the site other than the Dungeon.

They cannot read messages, comment, view profiles - NOTHING until their sentence is finished.

Slaves can put themselves in the Dungeon by going to their profile, or if they're owned their Master can put them in there from the Manage Slave screen.

Masters can comment on the slaves in the Dungeon, abuse and humiliate them , while the slaves can do nothing but watch!

Let me know what you think and any suggestions for improvement.

Based on feedback the Dungeon has now been updated:

- Masters can add any slave to the Dungeon that is not owned at half the price a slave pays to add theirself there

- Slaves have a 1 day grace period after being released from the Dungeon

Kind to fags

When I first have contact with a fag, I like them to know what my needs are, I then like to consider theirs, to me there must be something in it for them too.

I guess I have the wrong attitude for a Master here, because the next thing I know they are tributing left , right and centre and not to me.

Slaves I have had in the past especially realtime, responded well to my caring about them, and I would find it hard to be so heartless, Do I have the wrong attitude to be a Master here?

The Financial Domination Scene...

...what bugs you about it, and how could it be addressed?

Not what you call your self.

So you give yourself's name like "littlefaggot" and you put in your profile that your into "Humiliation" and so I send you a message like "little faggot get crawl over here and beg for me not to abuse you"  and yet you react has if someone has done something that bothers you.  Why the fuck did you give your self's that name in the first place!!!  If you don't want something then don't ask for it with the name you chose and the things you say you like. Be honest with your self and others and you will get what you want not what your profile says you want when you don't want it. 

New Feature - RealID

In an effort to help cut down on fake profiles and reassure slaves that they a serving a genuine Master we have introduced a new feature - RealID.

RealID will allow Masters to upload an image and have their identity confirmed by an Admin.

Once this is done their profile will then display a notice saying that their identity has been checked and give peace of mind to any slaves who may wish to serve. If you want to you can also set the picture to be public giving further reassurance to slaves.

If you are a Master and wish to upload your RealID photo you can do so here:

"Straight" Masters, "gay" slaves

I've seen a lot of truth-twisting when it comes to the "Sexuality" listing in Master profiles on this site. Of course, anyone can say anything they want in any aspect of their profile; much of online representation is fantasy anyway. But sometimes I think Masters intentionally lie about being heterosexual in order to hoodwink gullible fags. And if someone does that, I don't believe they deserve the cash they got from them, because it was, frankly, fraudulently obtained.

There are a handful of well-known masters on this site who are demonstrably straight. A lot of us use the "bisexual" listing option with varying rationales -- in my case, I have enjoyed using both women and male fags for My sexual gratification, and continue to do so now -- ie, I mean this year, not one woman one time 30 years ago or something. One master on here I've met in person is as straight as they come, but he told me "I've put my dick into fag's mouths to piss down their throats; I'd feel dishonest if I didn't count that on my profile as bisexual behaviour."

Meanwhile, a number of masters on the site call themselves "straight" and put on a front publicly that they have zero same-sex attractions in order to create an image that draws the sort of cash fag who "only worships straight men" -- meanwhile in private they send me pics of their spread arseholes and/or tell me about all the sex they have with men.

Part of the problem is confusion between sexual orientation and, conversely, people's position on the Dom/$ub spectrum. I think there are OF masters whose only experience with a vagina was coming out of one at birth, but still they hesitate to list themselves on here as "gay" -- because "gay" still carries stigma, and sounds too much like "submissive fag." And homophobic str8 masters who insult the gay masters and call them "undercover fags" only add to the problem.

But for what it is worth, I think there is a big difference between a sexuality that including being aroused by male bodies or some male/male sex acts -- versus the submissive urges to tribute Superiors, lick toilets, choke on big cocks, be owned, etc etc etc.

But there is no genuine shame in any of those things -- unless a sub actually needs its feelings of shame exploited and amplified in roleplay for purposes of brainwashing and control!

For some, submission is mental. For others it is sexual. For many, it is both. The same is true for Masters. You don't have to be physically turned on by a cunt to enjoy abusing and controlling it.

Perhaps it would simplify things -- and lead to greater honesty -- if we took the Straight, Gay and Bisexual labels off profiles altogether, and replaced them with Dominant, Submissive and -- if we want to be really honest -- Versatile.

The Pantheon

The Pantheon is the oldest church in Italy, built by the Romans to worship the many Gods they had.

We've adopted that idea and created this new section, along with 'Master Points'.

Masters can now earn points from various things on the site.

Masters can currently earn points from owning slaves, how many credits their slaves have purchased, how many times they've been posted on the Worship Wall and how many gifts they've received. More will be added in the future.

To see how the points are calculated, head over to The Pantheon.

More details on how the Masters can use these points will be detailed soon.

Please leave comments and suggestions below.

Whimsical musings about life, OF and existence !!

As I sit watching the Ocean lap incessantly on the beach and with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc at my left hand I contemplate the myriad thoughts that scamper through my head like restless unfettered ********. One thought, however, crashes upon me more like a wave than a gentle tide - why did I join OF and what is it really all about?<br />
<br />
The first thing that rings with a clarity that all truth provides is that we all have fetishes, some of which bubble near the surface and some of which lurk in the deeper recesses of our consciousness. Fetishes do not restrict themselves to any sexuality, socio-economic group or any of the "nature v nurture twaddle". They exist in all of us and some of us like leave to explore these to an extent which may involve the dipping of a toe into dark waters or the headlong plunge in the deep end of the newly discovered. Hence OF! At the risk of creeping up the wonderful posterior of MOA, I must say that this site is run with a wonderfully "light touch"" regulation as indeed it should be given that , by and large, the membership are rational, intelligent and consenting adults.<br />
<br />
In his play "The life of Galileo" the wonderfully left wing playwright Bertold Brecht, has two of the characters, Andrea and Galileo in conversation - says Andrea "Uneasy is the land that breeds no hero" Galileo replies "No. Uneasy is the land that needs a hero". I plonk myself firmly in the Andrea camp as I believe that we all have a need for a hero as much as some of us wish to be seen as a hero to others. Long may such role models exist to enrich all of our lives!<br />
<br />
That said I do find it sad that such an innocent ideal can be spoiled by the brutish behaviour of some who automatically assume that all subs are beneath their own assumptions of superiority. We all come to this site for our own particular reasons and there are some for whom this site is a well defined vehicle for additional income. So be it and I make no judgements on such motives. However feral screams that a particular "sub" is "time wasting cunt""or worse do little to encourage those who seek to discover their fetishes but do not, for whatever reason, wish to continually submit to what could well seem like unfair and unnecessary fianacil pressures. We all serve others in our own particular ways and if that is through gentle encouragement and guidance it could prove to be infinitely more rewarding in the long term. One accepts, even expects, a certain amount of role play and teasing (where would the fun be otherwise?) but when that "teasing" becomes akin to cyber bullying then everyone suffers and the point of a fetish community is demeaned and reduced. Likewise the insipid habit of blocking people on chat. What is that all about? Far from increasing delusions of superiority it only enhances to inferiorities of the person concerned. Have the wit and the vocabulary to answer back to the bullies as we would in "real" life. <br />
<br />
We all come to this site from different directions and with different needs. Respect those and respect the individuals concerned. Very few will become ones lovers or partners or even dinner companions but they are ALL entitled to their opinions provided these are expressed with humanity and clarity and not with a barked indifference. If,someone's views and needs differ from your own then avoid them. There is more than enough room for us all.<br />
<br />
The Chat Room should be a place for fun conversation for people from all over the world. Never should a sub be afraid to enter not to,express an opinion without some feral attack from a remorseless few.<br />
<br />
I suppose that I have learned to accept my own individual idiosyncrasies and I am the first to laugh at myself - not everyone feels that comfortable but they can learn to so become with support and a feeling of "community", cyber though it is. I have had the great good fortune to correspond with some on here with whom I be delighted to share a bottle of wine and a good meal! May that long remain true!

AllFAGbet - the ABC of fags

I want to launch a pet project of mine.

What if I could find 26 fags who would pose each for a naked selfie while having a big letter written on their chest? Each fag another letter completing as such a full alphabet. Wouldn't that be cool?
This would give us a special fag-font that we could use to create some impressive sentences. Imagine what would look like. All those possibilities...

If a fag is interested in serving as a letter in the allFAGbet, contact me (MindFucker) immediately.

Any Masters that want to lend their fags for this purpose are also welcome. In this case we could add 'property of' in small case, he he.

The rules: fag must be naked. Face can be blurred, but it's not preferred. A preference for a certain letter might be expressed, but I decide upon which letter it will be.

Hope this will work out to something cool.


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