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Findom is not only about money

Hello everyone, fellow alphas and sub betas in here. I'm a 37 yo cashmaster/dom man approaching findom from a different angle. As a cashmaster I really enjoy getting my things payed by sub betas, but I think about it as a part of a well-built relationship. I can drain your wallet, I can get the money, but I don't enjoy it as much if I don't know anything about you. Tell me about you, your life, your problems, your concerns, share with me your everyday life. This is what makes me want to be your cashmaster. I love to call it "cashfriendship". You know your role and you know I'm the master, but you're not only money. 

Is here anybody thinking about findom the same way?

I punished my slave for sending tips
This might sound unusual to some, but I'm sure most of you will understand. 

Since this slave started serving me, he's showed nothing but absolute loyalty, commitment and devotion. Before he met me, he was serving random master after random master, looking for the right one for him, to the point that he ended up in a dangerous financial situation. Besides, this corona pandemic is seriously affecting his business. So I accepted him as my own slave and helped him control his impulses. I forbid any tribute beyond his weekly tax and set a maximum of one gift from my wishlist per month, with a maximum value of €30. I did this to protect him and make sure that he will be able to serve for a long time.

Yesterday, he disobeyed me for the first time. While I was taking a nap, he came to OF and sent me a gift. Under normal circumstances, that would have put a smile on my face, but these are not normal circumstances. He says he did it because he got jealous seeing that other slaves had been sending me gifts, which I understand, but there's no excuse for disobedience. 

Starting today, he's locked until further notice. I've locked him in the past just for fun, but this is different.  Not being allowed to cum for a while will give him time to reflect on what he did. It could be for a day, a week, a month... uncertainty adds another layer of suffering.

Being a master means having power over someone, but that power comes with responsability. Even though punishment can be unpleasant, it's for his own good. I'm sure this will make our relationship even stronger.

It walks two paces behind MASTER carrying HIS purchases which it has been honoured to contribute. It loves to watch MASTER’s confident masculine swagger.<br />
MASTER stops at an ATM. This is the moment. MASTER clicks HIS fingers. It puts down the bags and searches for its wallet. MASTER is getting impatient and clicks HIS fingers again. It finds the card and hands it to MASTER. As MASTER inserts the card and punches in the pass code, it gets that blissful feeling of total vulnerability. Everything it is, everything it has is MASTER’s. MASTER accesses the account and checks the balance. HE pauses. Will HE take the lot now or stretch the pleasure out and take more later. It can see that MASTER is hard and its little fag pussy is dripping. MASTER grunts, makes a decision and punches in numbers and the green arrow. It can hear the money being counted and it is weak at the knees. Out comes the cash. MASTER grabs it and hands the card back to HIS fag. HE has left some cash in the account for later.<br />
Without looking round or acknowledging HIS fag, HE walks away. It picks up HIS bags and follows.
Ever searching for The One.. (Part 3)
One of my 2020 new year's resolution is to completely stop being a cash slave. I want to start giving myself a chance to find a genuine relationship. Someone who can dominate me and someone who can love me and care about me at the same time. When I was in London and Berlin in December, I went to some kinky or bdsm bars and I had so much fun there. I got to serve several guys there without them expecting money at all. I remember talking to another slave who strongly adviced me to look for masters in the right place. Places like these bars or Re-con. This kind of Masters, they do exist.

Unfortunately, in the very first month of 2020, I already failed my resolution terribly. I went back to Dominants, I created a new profile and I started looking for masters to serve. I had not logged in to this site for a couple of years and my previous account had been inactive. I ended up serving like 4 to 5 different random masters online and paid them hundreds of dollars, euros and pounds.

I was extremely disappointed with my inability to stop this or at least to control myself. I am not rich, I am actually struggling financially with my business going slow since last year. I regret it but the damage has been done. I also found the site Dominants to be toxic with a lot of men who are just insecure about their masculinity. I was cheated by one master who made me pay a lot of money and simply asked me to fuck off. I couldn't do anything because I paid with Amazon gift cards. So I stopped going to the site again. I continued serving few of them that I liked occasionally through Skype.

One evening around end of February, I was feeling bored and I just logged in again to Dominants to have a look. As I scrolled down the timeline, suddenly a picture of a new Master there caught my attention. I instantly clicked like on it. Then I opened his profile, he's from Spain. I looked at his other pictures and commented in one of them. It was a picture of him standing with magnificent view of the sole of his foot and how much I wish I was down there looking up to him. I added him on Skype and I felt very keen to talk to him and to serve him. There's just something with his look that made me feel so drawn to him!

If I remember correctly, it was late at night my time when he responded to my Skype message. I thought he must be expecting for some tributes for me to talk to him but no he did not ask for it at all. It was a nice start of conversation, warm and friendly. As usual, I tried my luck asking him if he would be ok to show his cam for verification and instantly he said yes. I thought it would be just a short cam just to show himself but instead it was a genuine cam time and he did not ask for any tributes at all. Seeing him on cam gave me a beautiful feeling, not just because he's a really good looking guy but because he genuinely wanted to talk. After that I continued chatting with him and naturally I asked for his permission for me to send my first tribute. He accepted that only via Amazon gift card. I kinda understand that he wanted to build trust first. I sent a small tribute and it felt really nice and no I did not even hope for him to use me on cam but I really wanted to get to know this Master more. 

The next day I contacted him again. There's something about him that I really like and that is his genuineness. I felt he's not doing this for money but he's naturally into dominating and findom is just one of the ways. And the fact that he's bisexual made me even more interested to get to know him more. I have nothing against straight masters but I always prefer to serve gay or bisexual masters. And he's generous and sincere in spending time to talk with me and to get to know me too without expecting tributes. I was the one who naturally felt the need to send him another gift card

Few days after that, he let me serve him on cam. I wasn't sure what he's into so I just let him guide the session. It was really amazing to be on my knees naked looking up to him on cam. He smiled a lot and he didn't insult me or degrade me. His smile really made me feel weak and helpless. I used to enjoy being verbally abused or degraded but ironically, I felt really nice or even better serving someone as nice and kind like him. Think of him like a good hearted boss in a company which everyone respects and loves. The boss that loves and cares about you. Don't you want to give your all to this boss? I felt he was invading my heart with his warm personality and sincere kindness.

I was drawn to him so much that I wanted to plan a trip to Spain to meet him and to serve him but he said it's still too early for that. He wanted more time to build this relationship. He was right, what was I thinking? I just met this guy for like less than a week and I got so crazy already to travel thousand of miles to meet him? But I wasn't crazy actually, from my years of experience in serving, I knew he's really different. He's committed and he's sincere about building a long term connection and relationship. I had a strong feeling that something good was going to develop here. 

I shared with him about my journey and I told him I needed someone to save me. And I needed him to be the one to save me and to protect me. I needed him to guide me to be completely loyal to him and to make me serve only him and nobody else. I felt his kindness really deserves that. I told him I was ready to be his slave and to stop serving others. He made me sign a contract and he also introduced me to this amazing site Ownedfags which I immediately joined his stable and I sent him some tips. I am proud to be the first to join his stable here. (Thank you so much to MasterofAll for building this website!)

He gave me some instructions to follow. I must say his name 3 times every morning when I wake up and I must say a prayer given by him every night and I must jerk off every day only by looking at his picture. I realized he wanted me to build that addiction to him. And I did all these from the very first day I was given these instructions. To my surprise, my interest to serve others slowly disappear. And he's been talking to me everyday and not even a single day we didn't speak to each other. I would lie if I said I wasn't worried I would fail this but he constantly guides me and he really helps me to focus and the thought of disappointing him makes me feel sad and guilty.

Eventually he agreed to have me travelling there to meet him and immediately I booked my return flight tickets to Madrid to be there middle of March. He agreed to spend a weekend with me at his city in Spain which is around 4 hours by train from Madrid. I was so excited to get the chance to meet and serve him for the first time. 

The first 2 weeks of March, we continued talking everyday. He let me serve him on cam again and it was pure amazing. I've stopped tributing others. I sent him more gift cards and I also made two gift orders from his Amazon wishlist. I was able to say no to some masters that contacted me to serve them. As time goes by throughout March, as we all know the coronavirus started to hit more and more countries especially in Europe. Spain is one of those that is hardly hit. I remember in the beginning of the month, he told me he was worried that it's gonna get worst in Spain because the government didn't do much. 

As what he predicted, it became true and Spain was placed under complete lockdown a week before my trip. My country was also placed under movement control order. I was devastated that I had to cancel and postpone my trip. I wanted to just go and secretly wish to be locked down with him. He was very sweet to say that if I got stucked in Spain, he would not leave me alone but he would be there to help me. Eventually I realized I cannot be selfish and I decided not to go for the sake of his safety and my safety. I also had to stay in my country because I have a business to take care of, I have a team here that needs me. As how great he is as my leader, I must do the same for my team. 

This lockdown somehow becomes a blessing in disguise. We end up spending time a lot everyday talking to each other. We talk about many things from personal stories, music, movies, video games, world issues, coronavirus and many others. He shares with me some of his favourite songs and one of them is Off to the Races by Lana Del Rey which I have been listening to religiously. I love the song!

Every morning he will be the first person I'll talk to and every night he'll be the last person I'll talk to. I think about him everyday and I'll miss him when he's not online. I think I'm really in love with him and it's amazing that he accepts and appreciates the feeling. And he cares about me too. He knows about the situation of my business due to this coronavirus so he put me under strict rule that I'm not allowed to tribute him more than my weekly tribute. At one point he even wanted me to stop tributing until my situation gets back to normal but I insisted to him that I will manage my weekly tribute and I will not and I cannot stop that no matter how much I am struggling. He genuinely cares about his slaves. For the past many years, I've never met any masters like him.

One time I surprised him by sending him a gift here at Ownedfags. I also got jealous seeing other slaves sending him gifts and I wanted to do the same. He appreciated that but he said I broke his rule which was no other tributes other than my weekly tribute. I was put under chastity for 5 days for breaking his rule and it was truly a lesson of obedience as I got so weak and helpless. He genuinely cares to help me with my financial situation. This punishment has made me became more attached to him and it has grown our relationship stronger that I can never disobey him again. 

He also forbids me to have sex with others and that my body only belongs to him to use. My mind, my heart, my soul and my body belong to him only. He has made my loyalty to him became so strong to the point that despite our long distance, I will feel extremely guilty to meet other guys even just to have light fun. There was one time a guy on Grindr wanted to have fun with me. I was completely honest to my Master and I declined it because my Master did not allow that.

It has been more than a month now I've been serving him and I've completely stopped serving others. Not just that, I've literally stopped jerking off to guys other than him, I've stopped having sex with others literally and a devotion and loyalty like this never happened in my life before. 

He's really an amazing Master, he gives me time and space to grow. He's a true Master, a great leader and motivator, he literally saved me, he changed me and for the first time in my life I am able to be completely loyal to a Master and to my surprise it's his kindness and care that make me become loyal, devoted and committed to him. He helps make me realized that just because I happen to be gay and submissive, it doesn't make me less human than others. He teaches me to value myself and to have self respect. He wants this to be fun and enjoyable for both of us and this is how this relationship will continue to grow strongly!

And here I am down on my knees giving my utmost respect, dedication, commitment, devotion and loyalty to my one and only MasterMister as I kiss his feet and hug him as a sign of my true appreciation and gratification to him. I no longer search for the one because He is The One, MasterMister is The One! Thank you so much MasterMister for releasing me from my insignificant existence, for giving me sense to my life and for being my reason to live! You are my King, my Lord, my God from this day until my last day! 

Fuck it, I love you MasterMister, I really do!

Is there anything like the rush of tributing your Master?

Is there anything like the rush of tributing your Master?

That moment when you give some of the money you have worked hard to earn to a man better than yourself.

That moment when you acknowledge that just by being the man He is, He is more deserving that you are.

This is not a transaction; you are not buying anything; you are merely showing the respect that is due by tipping.

When you tribute your Master, you must do it selflessly, sacrificially, unconditionally.

You are showing your adoration for the Man you place above yourself, not paying for a service.

You have accepted your place as a cash fag and you humbly bestow your money to a man better than you will ever be.

Master deserves your respect, Master deserves your love, Master deserves you putting His needs before your own.

Give up your daily take-away coffee; this money is much better used by Him.

Give up a meal once a week; this money is much better used by Him; spend the time contemplating all that He is.

Give up a night at the cinema or a new pair of jeans; this money is much better used by Him.

You are a fag; you exist to serve real men, you exist to be used, you exist to worship, you exist to tribute.

There is no better feeling than when you know you have made His life better.  You can take pride in the fact that your loss was his gain, your pain was His joy.

You were born to serve, you were born to be used, you were born to worship, you were born to tribute.

This is who you are. You are a fag; Master’s cash fag.

 Accept it and find deep contentment. Accept it and become at one with who you were always were.

It’s time to tribute, fag. 

I find consent really hot.  The idea of a submissive freely offering cash (or body) to use as I please, for no reason other than that he feels compelled to submit, horns me immediately.  This is power exchange.  Raw, taboo, sexy, affirming, full of life.

Of course, there are other darker themes around the same scenes - 'cash ****', 'blackmail', and more.   Trying to find the right line, some are keen to add the word 'consensual' to those terms -- but that seems like a contradiction in terms: just because you can form the phrase doesn't mean it makes sense. I guess what people are trying to get at there is an element of role-play, in the first case, and a form of advance commitment in the second.  This is edgier, but appeals to some I know: edgy because all sorts of law and protections surrounds all of these activities.

A bit of edge spices things up a bit, but a serious risk to my career, or to my credit rating, or even to my financial or other online  accounts, is quite a mood killer. I want to be enjoying the financial domination game, not looking over my shoulder for a submissive who wants to make mischief or worse.  

And sub behaviour is of course the other challenge here.  If your capacity to consent is impaired - because you are deceived, or because you are mentally ill, or even because you suffer from serious low self-esteem issues, then please seek professional help and stay away from this community.  On the other hand, if you fully have capacity, but tend to think with your cock, or you tend to get pissed and start sending tributes, I have no problem with taking your money.

Others will have different outlooks, and a different propensity to edginess.  Find your appropriate level.  As for me, a fully aware, capable consenting adult who serves me - preferably over and over again - is truly, deeply, fucking sexy.

[with apologies for triggering word filter warnings - fair enough]

Punishment or funishment
As a fag when you think about punishment, what are you thinking? Are you thinking about something that makes you suffer, or something that turns you on? Possibly both if I know some of you...

Let’s face it, most fags and slaves have a desire for interaction, like cropping, humiliation, being trampled etc etc. The list is limited only by your Master’s imaginations. But is this really punishment, if you want it?

No: is the answer. That’s why it’s ‘funishment‘. It may teach you a mild lesson but if you enjoy even part of it, then it’s not really serving as a deterrent...

If a fag or slave truly fucks me off: is truly disobedient, disloyal or goes too far testing my authority, I will punish them by ignoring them a good long while or complete dismissal.
Slutty's Bar

What would be the best name for Slutty's bar for findom masters?

Several masters on here have enjoyed the service of a drink from me or another fag during the daily happy hour.  It got some of us to thinking i could open a great kind of bar.  The masters would always be served drinks by fags for free.  i guess i might make a good bartender.  The fags always pay, and some even enjoy a recycled drink from the tap.

Now the only question is, what would Slutty's bar be named?  i received several great ideas in recent chats, especially from SKINBOSS8 and ItalSkin.  Comment to add yours if you've got a great idea!

"The Slutty Hour"

"The Whippet Inn"

"Blue Oyster Bar'

"Pound It Inn"

"Fill My Crack Inn"

"...(add yours here)..."


G Rated Master

I was told about this site by a cashslave who I trust, so I'm going to dip My toe into the pool so to speak, and see what happens.

In My exploration of FinDom, it’s interesting how timing has played a role in discovery.  I’m the type of of Guy who always picks up the tab at a restaurant when out with friends, who springs for the movie (and the concession stand... geez, talk about overspending!  LOL)   And I’m definitely the more conservative, prudent money type: max out contributions to My 401K, use zero percent financing when I buy something big,when I could have just paid cash.  

Just a few years ago My financial situation went from being very much upper middle class to decidedly middle middle class.  I come from a very blue collar background and My family never truly wanted for anything.  We were nowhere near poverty yet the value of prudent money management was instilled in Me at a very young age. (Thanks, Grandparents who lived through the Great Depression!)  So when I did achieve upper middle class, it really helped My overall long term finances.  The only debt I carry is a mortgage and some zero percent financing, because to Me, debt is BAD.  

My introduction to FinDom was a surprise among all the visual stimuli on sites like Tumblr.  Just about the same time I met a sub online through one of the gay apps and W/we started conversing about the typical stuff.  It didn’t take long before the subject turned to draining his wallet.  As a financially prudent Guy, I pretty quickly pelted him with questions about savings, retirement security and such.  It became clear he is also a financially smart individual, and he saw this as his way to serve a Dom: to help his Master in some material way; whether that be a nice dinner out, or to buy something off Amazon.  For him it’s all about knowing he is helping his Master be more comfortable in His daily life, and to experience the pleasure of it through Me. I was a bit surprised at how much the experience really resonated in Me, but then I realized this is the very crux of Dom/sub relationships:  Masters need to Own, to Dominate, to be in charge; while subs need to submit, to obey, to serve.  It’s Yin/yang.  And the financial aspect, when handled maturely, is just another version of that dynamic.

I'm sure many Masters here receive a lot of tips by being demeaning and arrogant and that’s great.  But its not Me.  I require courtesy and manners and decorum.  So, if that sort of cashslave finds that engaging with Me resonates, great.  

Integrity , Drama and Lessons Learnt

So this weekend I awoke to an angry message and feedback from a Master about my interactions with one of his owned subs. I had plans so though I wanted to address it directly the Master had blocked me.

Since, whilst I want to set the record straight, I do not want additional drama I’ll leave this anonymous - it shouldn’t be hard to work out the parties involved if you want to follow the breadcrumbs.

So what happened? Well a sub approached me in open chat to try ‘nosis. We had a few sessions which were focused on submission and arousal - though I was clear in the suggestions that he was owned should serve his Master.

So time and chat move on and we get to talking about the ownership tattoo my primary slave has and the sub expresses an interest in earning one.

Seeing how this could go I was clear to the sub in our conversation…

“You can enquire respectfully, but make it clear that I have been clear that I will not steal a sub”

“You can mention my name because the message should be clear I'm interested but will respect his ownership”

And I left sub to go and talk to his Master. Obviously this did not go how I envisioned.

So what are the lessons to learn.

  1. If you are approached by someone else's sub it probably best to directly inform their Master straight away regardless of what your interaction with the sub entails.  

  2. If you are pissed with a Master then it’s best to sort it out with them directly rather than blocking them.

So what to do. The Master kicked the sub out of his stable and said I could have him. Obviously given the circumstances that wouldn’t sit well. So I’m going to leave it a month. If the sub is back with his Master, great. If he’s been stabled by another, fine. If not, we’ll see how the land lies.