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Cashfag pay raise

Even though i'm an unworthy faggot, i recently was given a promotion at work accompanied by an undeserved pay raise(rise). 

i've blogged before about how payday can be difficult for a cashfag -- seeing that bank account go up, and feeling the urge to dispose of it by sending as much as reasonably possible to better men.  What goes up must come down, and all that.  Well, an increase in salary would only make things worse!  The selfless fag wants none of that for himself. 

The solution was clear and easy: send 100% of the increased income to masters.  If a fag was able to survive sustainably and serve superiors comfortably before the pay raise, then the fag doesn't need to keep any of the raise and can send all of it away. 

Knowing that the increased pay would be tributed to superiors, i was motivated to negotiate for an even higher salary.  Since it was all destined for Alphas, it would be wrong of me not to ask for more, if more could be given.  To my surprise, though the negotiation was tough, they accepted my counteroffer.  i was proud to accept the higher salary and to try hard to find more opportunities to submit it all to deserving masters. 

Is Findom "real life"?

In a conversation you will sometimes read "in the real world" or "in real life".

It may be that some Masters and fags see Findom as something totally separate from their 'real lives'. It may be just a fetish or a way to try and make some money on the side.

But if it is something you indulge regularly, it is a part of your 'real life'. You may wish to separate it from the rest of your life because of shame or because it's not something you want to associate with who you are 'in reality'. 

For many of us, Findom is very much our 'real life', and is as much a part of it as going to work, shopping, or going out with friends.

When i first met my Master on Twitter, i didn't know what i was looking for, other than to submit to a Real Man. He showed me that he could transform my life in a real way and make my submission to him impact on the rest of my life. Over the past year, He has transformed my life from being a selfish fag to living only on what i need, and he removes the rest of my earnings to his own account.

That is an amazing gift he has given me, enabling me to show genuine submission to his superiority, and emboldening my own sense of my natural inferiority and purpose in life. Through audio files and regular work on me, and encouraging me to be used by other Alpha Men locally, he has helped me to embrace my true self, my degeneracy, and to labour each day for a Man who deserves to have what i earn more than i do. The mental changes have been very real, and my life priorities have been changed. He keeps me safe. He is the most important Man in my life, and he has my 100% trust, obedience and confidence that he wants what right and best for me.

This is "the real world", and everything else in life is effected and influenced by it.

Different Masters and fags approach Findom in different ways, and all those ways are legitimate if that is what they want. However, when you refer to the rest of your life as "the real world", remember that there is nothing more real than Findom and how it impacts on lives.

My first findom experience

I haven’t always been conscious of my dominant nature. I’ve always been a top and had high self-esteem, but I didn’t get into BDSM until I was 26 years old. It’s funny, because the first time I drained a fag was before that, and before I learned that findom was a thing.

I was a 23 years old guy in my last year of university. I was looking for some casual sex in a chatroom just to have something to do on a Sunday afternoon. Someone with the username “CajeroHumano” (HumanATM in Spanish) approached me and made me a very interesting offer. He wanted to meet me at a public place, preferably a cafe, and hand over cash while I made fun of him. Of course, I was suspicious. I had been offered money in exchange for sex before, but who would pay someone to laugh at them? Oh boy, if only I had known… 

In the end, I agreed to meet him. After all, I had nothing better to do and he lived in my area, so if he was trying to fool me, I wouldn’t waste much time. We exchanged pics so we would recognize each other. He looked like a pretty regular guy, probably in his early 30’s, not handsome, not ugly. We agreed to meet in a cafe 10 minutes from my apartment. He was already there when I arrived. He was a bit older and less thin than his pic, but there was something that told me that he was serious: his eyes. That look of fear and eagerness that I’ve become so familiar with. I sit next to him and he opened his wallet, hands trembling a bit. I said something in the line of “are you really that pathetic that you’re gonna give me your money for making fun of you?”. He didn’t answer, didn’t even nod. He just gave me a 20€ bill.

I kept humiliating him and receiving cash for the next 10 minutes, a fast drain with a result of 80 euros in my wallet and zero in his. When I was done, I just smirked at him and left the place, leaving him there to process what had just happened.

It’s such a hot memory, but I sometimes forget to count it as a findom experience because at that time I didn’t know what it was. I just thought about sharing it with you to have some fun during this lockdown, so if you want to share your first experience as a financial dominant/submissive, I’ll be happy to read it. And, hey, CajeroHumano, if you’re reading this, hit my inbox. I’d love to empty your wallet again.

MAster not Master
People keep asking me why I always write MAster, not Master. 

All names are written with a capital letter - John, Chris, Tom...... 

In ancient times the names of kings, saints, heroes and God was written with two capital letters to honor them.

Therefore I honor Masters by always writing MAster, or their name with two capital letters. 

cashfag $ubmit/remorse Cycle
My Ma$ter was u$ing a sissy fag the other day... u$ing her/it hard, and while we discussed in chat the purposes of a faggot, the sissy was driven to hand over even more tips.

Today, the sissy deleted her account, as is the habit of fags who are in the cycle of $ubmit and remorse.

It is a condition that just about every cash faggot endures. In my own experience and the experience of other cash fags, it's a very common condition, which is frustrating for Masters, and confusing for fags.

The greatest issues with this condition are:

1. selfishness, and the belief that that fag deserves to have luxuries in life from the money he/it earns

2. fear of financial issues

3. the denial of what the faggot is

This condition can last for years, and some faggots enjoy this cycle, getting hyper horny when the natural urges and needs pull him/it back to findom and into a splurge of hard and fast cash/tips $ubmissions. Then the fag retreats and regrets... until the next time.

For many fags, this cycle of $ubmission and regret is the basis of their findom life, and the cycle has become a sort of fetish in itself. These fags will undoubtedly never be broken out of the cycle.

For other fags, it's simply a stage in their development, where the selfish pride and desires for their own luxuries and extras have yet to be cleansed from their mindset.

We need to take into account that there are various types of fags, ranging from confident and assured fags, to the self-loathing fags who see themselves as the inferiors they are.

This is why the condition of the Cycle is complex. Those who hate and are ashamed of what they are, and $ubmit to Masters because they know themselves to be inferiors, are more likely to come out of the Cycle at the other end, finding horniness in their inferiority, fulfilment in their 'fulltime' subordination to Superior Men, and really 'live' it.  These are fags to be envied by others, as the conflict and struggle of the confusion that they endure is shaken off by those who fully accept their status. They reach a stage of fulfilment in their sacrifices to Men, beyond just the moment of sacrifice itself.

Shaking off that Cycle of $ubmission and remorse is a liberation for a cashfag. All cashfags know what they/we are, and that it is something for life. But, the majority of fags fight it, and continue to struggle with it. Society's conditioning gets in the way, making us believe that we all are deserving and equal. That, of course, is a social fabrication which doesn't exist in reality. But, it fools many fags.

In my own case, my Master has managed to break this Cycle in me, and now i feel a real sense of change and liberation as a loser and cashfag, as a way of life. It takes a good, genuine and insightful Master to help a fag to break away from the Cycle and embrace the reality.

I'm sure that other fags here have their own stories about this, and it would be interesting if you'd tell us about it. 

Some may disagree with my analysis. Or you may be able to add to it. This is just my own observations and personal understanding, right or wrong.

Keeping tabs on submission

As a long-term sustaining cashfag, i find it helpful to take stock every so often of how much i've $ubmitted over the years.  I think back to my initial tributes, which were in requested gifts to real-time masters, not cash.  But those had a cash value to consider.  Then a few years ago as i starting sending cash online, i could write down each tribute and add them all up on a piece of paper.

We've long past the point where my $acrifices would all fit on a sheet of paper, but thankfully modern banking tools make it easier than ever to search and calculate debits that went toward cashfag service.  But i still enjoy the discipline of writing it all out in a journal.  i find it easier to stock and notice trends over time when i calculate it all manually.  This practice of taking stock every now and then has several benefits:

1. It serves as an excellent reminder what a total faggot i am, of course.

2. It brings back good memories of particularly enjoyable tributes.

3. It helps me ensure that i am stretching farther every year with rising annual totals, always pushing myself to do better in being a good slave/sub.

4. Standing in context with the rest of my budget, it helps me notice where i can do more to sacrifice.

5. It helps inspire me to ask for more in my pay raise so that i can send more and continue to become a better cashfag.

Kink Glossary - The Dominant Types

In this guide we talk about the Dominant Types and this is to give all you subs on here a more accurate idea of what to expect instead of the porn fantasies you've got bouncing in your head.

Sadist: The "Bringer of Pain" a Sadist enjoys the company of a Masochist. By which I mean they want guys who can take a lot of intense pain and abuse. The word "Mild' is not in their vocabulary. Sadists have little empathy, few limits and are not one to develop relationships. To them a Masochist, or anyone submitting to them in fact is just something (not someone) to satisfy their desires. When meeting a Sadist be warned they are the most unstable of this group and are not willing to suffer fools lightly. Approach with caution and never cross. If they are willing to let you have a safe word make sure you remember it. More so if your not a Masochist as you will be using it a lot.

Dom: Doms or Dominants which ever you prefer. These are the guys who like to be in control. Whilst all on this list do, it is Doms who seek to control more than any other. From environment, finance, clothing, food etc. A Dom is the most versatile and generic on this list. A Dom will want to be in charge and as a result they are more cautious of what they engage in with subs and others. Last thing a Dom wants is things to go too far outside what they want to manage. These guys however ensure you are safe, don't be mistaken this is primarily so they are covered as well. They will check on you regularly but not obsessively, will discuss limits and push them and most importantly they will use you. This is the guy to start with if your just getting into the scene or want a more casual go at things and develop your interests.

Master: Masters & Slaves pretty obvious for this pairing. Masters are task orientated and work on developing a relationship that becomes almost unspoken. The dynamic of the relationship always varies but it's usually designed for long term goals and targets in mind. Masters make the best trainers outside of Handlers. They will develop you with smaller tasks until you act on instinct and habit, and they will punish you if you fail. Some may employ a reward system, but all will definitely employ a punishment system. If you fail a task, order or fail to respond appropriately they will ensure that you remember next time. They don't do well with manipulation of this system and will easily discard you, than persevere if you try to get your own way. This is simply because Masters are centred around order more than control. They create the rules, you serve. It's that simple.

Handlers: These guys are a specific type of Master. These guys work with Pups in a similar way to a Master. The only differences being that these guys are as close as you could get to someone who'll give you love and attention. And they have tasks centred around you behaving like a dog. In other words they'll more than likely have you eat dog food from a bowl, than indulge in things such as Piss Drinking.

Pigs: Pigs have already been mentioned in the Submissive Types. Centred mainly around filth, WAM and other similar areas. 

Note: Unlike in other guides Dominants are not as constrained as submissive in their roles so, in this one Sadists, Doms and Masters are on a Scale of 1 to 10.

1 = Master, 5 = Dom, 10 = Sadist

Most Dominants sit on this scale of 1-10 and as a result can vary even though they identify as one or more types i.e. Sadistic Doms or Dominant Masters. Handlers and Pigs can sit on this scale but they are more constrained in their behaviour and manner so we're not included. 

Remote controlled fags
The internet allows so much scope for controlling fags.  Some people imagine there's not much you can do as a Cyber Master beyond a bit of verbal. But how wrong they are.

* Financial Domination is an obvious one.  Whether it's handing over cash or handing over control of a bank account, there's real actual financial pain possible without being in the same room as the fag.

* Remote control chastity.  The key to the device can be locked in a box controlled by a bluetooth padlock.  The fag may have the box, but there's no way it's getting the key without the Master's say so.  

* Remote control butt plugs.  Sub has to put it in, but then its arse is under remote control.

* Online cameras.  Fag's house becomes the big brother house.  Master can set all kinds of rules....

* Amazon Alexa.  "Drop in" allows instant access to someone else's Echo -- voice call and microphones.  Speak and hear what's going on.  Great in combination with the cameras.

* Tracking apps.  Use the fag's phone as a tracking device.  Endless possibilities.

I fucking love technology.  I fucking love control.

Blocked by YourGodandMasterHaze?

     I was blocked by YourGodandMasterHaze for some unknown reason. I got the email he sent me on Aug 3 (below) and when I tried to contact him back it said that I was blocked from contacting him with no explination or reason why. I was going to tribute him as he ordered, however, I cant do that either. I really wanted to know what his plans for me were going to be or become. If anyone is in contact with this man please tell him I said I am sorry for whatever it is that I did to him to piss him off and to give me another chance. I work 24/7 and own a small construction company with very little time to myself at this point. It's the first email and time I heard from him and very curious of what could or will happen when the time is right. I don't think its correct of me putting his email to me out there, however, think its only fair for now until I find out what the deal is and unblocks me where I can speak to him.

~Justin UrDirt

Top 10 worst paying slaves I ever met!

Since I joined the online master-slave scene in early 2010 I met countless faggots, slaves or subs. Some of them fakes some of them paying some of them also paying in realtime meetings. But what some dont understand is that even if you pay that doesnt mean you are a good slave, faggot or sub.  I met many many slaves who tought that just because they pay or paid then can now to anything they want, give what attitude they want and show respect when they want, but they are dead wrong. So among the countles paying slaves, faggots or subs i met i made a top 10 worst of them. Enjoy, i sure did !

1  The fat priest( no particular name because he changes his name every 2-3 weeks but everyone knows who he is, Mark Rowles)

2  itay DeLuca ( this faggot used to pay very well untill he scammed more than 10 masters at once)

3  Mefisto ( pays once a year or once every 2 years but never stops speaking about when he paid )

4  Thomas aka london_slave on yahoo ( lazyest slave i ever met and with the most excuses, so that he manages to pay 2 times every 5-6 months and thinks he deserves attention all this time for it) )

5  Shitlover ( Joseph Connolly, irish scum, another drama queen plus he pretends to eat shit but eats nutella instead)

6  FaggyQueer ( because he is the most pathetic freak I or anyone else ever saw)

7  Skyy ( paid me 2 times and both times caused problems to my amazon, this after everyone, and i really mean everyone, fucked him and crying that he is broke and so that i wait for him )

8  Vincent Roux ( from 5 gift certificates sent usually only one was received and from 2 purchased items none was received. now he doesnt cancel but only pays rarely)

9  Gaybidet ( cheap and useless italian scumbag ) 

10 Stephen Porter ( used to pay well but was always a slut, that didnt mind me, but then turnet completly useless even tried to scam me once so now i think he is off the scene and not serving anymore or is a scammer now)