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Ever searching for The One.. (Part 2)
In 2014, while serving my British master online, I also met a master from Canada from the same site, Dominants. I found it more interesting serving him because he's a bisexual guy. There was several times on cam that he showed me his dick and we even jerked off together cam to cam while I was on my knees and he was just sitting like a boss. 

When I was planning my trip to London to meet and serve my British master, I was also planning a trip to US and Canada. After the concert in London, the next day I flew to New York and I took a bus to go to Montreal to meet him. I booked for 2 nights stay in a nice expensive hotel to spend time with him. That evening, he came and met me at the hotel. It was my birthday's eve and I wanted to spend time with him. He brought me to a nice restaurant for dinner. It was really nice to get to know him and it was indeed a lovely evening. He then went back to the hotel with me and it was like in heaven when he started letting me serve him. He was lying on the king sized bed and asked me to be on my knees at the edge of the bed and let me kiss and lick his feet. 

Then later he asked me to join him to the bathroom. He stood in the bathtub and asked me to come inside and stay on my knees facing him. He stroked his dick and then asked me to give him a blowjob. He spit on his dick and asked me to continue sucking. I got so weak that on my knees I hugged his waist as a sign of appreciation. Then I politely asked him if I could kiss him. He gently grabbed my face and kissed me slowly. He then cum and let me swallow it. We then had a shower together. It was one of the most beautiful feeling I ever had in my life.

Then we both went to sleep. It was nice to get to cuddle with him. It was short but it was really nice. The next day was my birthday. I wanted to spend the day exploring Montreal with him but he said he had to leave but he would come back in the evening. I just couldn't go out without him so I just waited in the hotel room for him to come back. But he never came back, he didn't respond to my calls, he didn't respond to my messages and he just disappeared. I was heartbroken and I realized I fell in love with him. I never had experience being in love and I was naive and immature at that time so I was hurt easily and to be far away from home alone made it even worst.

I decided to check out from the hotel to move to a cheaper accommodation. I was devastated that I even cried when I was checking out. The hotel staff was kind enough to ask me if I was ok and I said I'll be ok. I stayed in Montreal for few more days hoping he would eventually reply me and that I would get to meet him again but he only texted me once telling me his grandmother passed away and he had to be with his family. I wasn't sure if he was telling the truth but I felt that I needed to leave Montreal so I took a bus to go to Toronto. I spent several days there before crossing the border back to US via Niagara Falls. It was breathtaking to get to see Niagara Falls and at that time I've felt much better. 

With my passion in travelling, I told myself to focus on that. After Niagara Falls, I took a long journey with Amtrak train from Buffalo to go to Chicago. I stopped in Battle Creek to spend a night there. There were many masters at that time in Michigan so I got to meet 2 of them to serve in person. They were just some random masters that I've known online. In Chicago, I met another slave that I've met online too. He was a very kind and helpful guy. He brought me to some gay bars and clubs and it was really nice to exchange stories with another guy who understands this feeling and desire.

My first trip to US and Canada turned out to be one of the best trips I ever had. I went back to New York to catch my flight back to London. I spent and celebrated new year in London. I tried to meet again my British master and his friend but they insisted that they didn't want to meet anymore. They said I was being manipulative. At that time, I realized that for some masters, it's not just about money but they really expect loyalty and failure to be loyal will result in complete dismissal. I wasn't loyal, I couldn't be loyal, I was a slut. 

To prove my point even more, I met another master from Germany on my last day in London before going back home. He was in London for some work trips. I've known him from a Yahoo group several years ago and served him occasionally online. He was very dominant and I was extremely curious to get to serve him in person. He came to my hotel and asked me to keep myself on my knees wearing nothing but just my boxer before he entered the room. He wanted me to always look down and he expected no eye contact. 

He asked me to put my head inside the toilet bowl and he flushed it so the water flowed all over my head. He then asked me to crawl to him. I accidentally looked up because I wanted to see his very handsome face so he slapped my face left and right continuously. He then asked me to take off my boxer and to be naked. He laughed and he played my dick with his shoes. He also asked me to lick the soles of his shoes. I wasn't sure if it was safe to do that but I was so weak that I did it anyway. He let me serve him for merely 30 minutes, he took the money and he just left without letting me cum. The rule was I must stay on my knees all the time until he left the room. I was extremely helpless!

Overall, it was a month trip and yes all of these meetings were planned in advanced with all these masters. It's one of the craziest trips I ever had that I went crazy wanting to serve in person so badly. The damage was huge as I just couldn't control myself. 

After that, for several years, I continued serving online mainly these 3 masters (British, Canadian, German) as my long term masters that I gave my commitment to at irregular time period. I occasionally served other new masters online but I wasn't committed to them. Many times I tried to quit but I always came back again and again. I also planned more trips to meet them again. I met the Canadian master for the second time in Montreal. It was a beautiful one week spending time with him and staying at his place. But around half year after that, I quit serving him after he barely responded to my messages. Sometimes I just sent him my monthly tribute without any interaction with him. I then found out from him that he already have a girlfriend. I was happy for him, he wanted me to continue serving but I decided it was time for me to move on. 

I met and served the British master quite a number of times. My last meeting with him was in 2017, I had it planned that it would be the last one and I wanted to stop. I cut off my communication with him after the meeting without saying anything. I realized this has put me in financial struggle and I really needed to stop. End of 2018, I found his Instagram and I sent him a message. He was surprised to hear from me again. I thought he would be angry but instead he said it was nice to hear from me again. I tried to meet him again but it just never worked out. One time I cancelled the plan while another time, he cancelled the plan. Last December, I travelled all the way to London to meet and serve him again only for him to just cancel it. I even tributed him in advance that he never bother to give it back. So I can say it's just not meant to be anymore and it's over between us. He's also married and has 2 kids now.

Despite me wanting to stop, an addiction is still an addiction. I ended up giving my focus and commitment to the German master. I sent him weekly tributes and met and served him in person in total 7 times. It was on and off within the period of several years. I quit serving him several times but when I came back to him, he would punish me with a high amount of penalty to get back to him. I was weak and desperate so I paid him. 

I continued to struggle financially to please him. He literally looked at me as merely a slave who exists just for his pleasure only. Meeting him, there was never a chance to have a friendly conversation with him. It was hot but in a long run, I felt sad and lonely until I reached a breaking point last year in December (the same trip I planned to meet my British master) to have the courage to finally stop serving him! I felt I was badly abused financially as his expectation was too high to meet. He's a wealthy person and he doesn't need the money but he just extremely enjoys the power and to see the struggle and sacrifice to give him money. He was really exploiting my fear and weakness to sending him too much money!

I really didn't enjoy my last meeting with him. I wanted to leave during the session but I was scared to do so. I ended up paying him a lot of money doing things that I didn't enjoy anymore. I regret it, I felt I should have just left but I didn't and it was too late already. A week after that I sent him a long email that I could not and I wouldn't continue serving him anymore. I need to start to seriously take care of my financial situation. And he of course didn't give a fuck about me quitting. He did wish me the best though.

To be continued (part 3 will be the last one)

Fag master in self isolation
Is anyone else in self isolation and worried about their income from Fags?

I’m still waiting to see if I get any fag pigs to own but I’m worried that I’m this current moment in time there will be a lack of them due to the virus going around.

Is anyone scared and holding onto their Money because they can’t go to work or they feel like they’re going to need to cut back?

Do you think us masters are going to suffer due to the affects of corona virus? 

Confused Masters' comments... ?

Some confusing comments on some profile of Masters.

"Pay me to abuse you"

"You will pay me to lick my feet"

"My time is money. You'll pay for my attention"

...and similar 'pay me for' comments.

These are not findom. These are Masters offering a service for payment.

"Hand over your money because I deserve it, and I'll laugh at you"

"Open your wallet and hand over what's mine"

"You can't resist paying me for nothing in return"

This is findom.

See the difference?

Fag MJWT10 humiliated in the woods
My great owner, Master GarBoss, ordered it to create  a blog of its service to Alpha men in the nearby woods.

It wore its cage last week and offered its service to an Alpha who grabbed its useless junk and demanded to see it, once stripped he punched the cage and laughed at it and walked away saying he wanted a proper man to serve him

Last Thursday it was in the wood again and saw two Alpha's chatting, it went to secluded part in the bushes and knelt down. The Alphas followed, they didn't speak to it, just puled their hard cocks out and grabbed the back of its head, once they had bother cocks f****d into its mouth, they again ignored it, played with each others tits and kissed each other. The only time they took any interest in it was when they were near to shoot their loads and held its head in place making it to swallow. Once finished they zipped up and walked away. It thanked them and stayed on its knees only they had left. They completely ignored it throughout. The humiliation on both times it made it feel good and just how a faggot should be treated by Alpha's it felt it had served as best at it could but to an Alpha not good enough!

There is a lot to learn but kneeling, showing respect and thanking Alpha's for any tiny bit of humiliation a faggot receives is a good start!     

A Masters Work
In chat today, an interesting topic came up. Basically, it centered on what a fags responsibilities are toward the man it serves or is owned by, and what, if anything, the Master/Owner owes the fag. Being a man with a strong philosophical bent, I couldn't help but want to devote a blog entry to my own particular viewpoint on the subject.<br />
<br />
Now, before I start, let me emphatically state that these opinions are strictly my own concerning how I choose to operate. I am a firm believer that EVERY real man, master, and owner has the absolute right to interact with his fags in any way he chooses and that his superiority is subject to the judgment of no-one but himself. That's what being a Rank 1 male is all about and he has the right to expect that those fags who serve him perform as he wishes for the duration of his ownership. Men, Masters, and Owners, come in all flavors, as do fags, and as long as the combination works then it is 100% right. My methods may be as foreign to some as theirs are to me but all are worth of respect.<br />
<br />
In my view, though a Master's need to control, use, abuse, and drain fags of cash is the perfect counterpoint to a fags need to be humiliated, degraded, and freely give of its body and wallet, it is not a totally one-sided dynamic. Granted the man holds the power and the fag is simply an object for his pleasure and profit, but that doesn't mean, to me at least, that the fag does all the work while the man simply relaxes and plays. For my part, I expend a considerable amount of time and effort when not operating directly with a fag to ensure that those times which I do are more productive.<br />
<br />
For example: as entertaining as spending time using and abusing a fag is, doing so all day every day is not really practical. So, I hit upon the idea of giving my fags weekly assignments that are separate from any other use I may have for them. Mostly these assignments are fairly mundane, but at other times they are rather complex and comprised of many parts. I deliver the assignment at the same time every week, explaining what it consists of, and outline the time the fag has to complete it (sometimes one day, sometimes a whole week), and detail the penalties for any variance for what was required and/or complete failure to achieve the stated goal. The penalties, as a rule, are financial and can, at times, be quite expensive. If a fag does a good job, and thereby owes no payment, I still reap the benefit of the control I have demonstrated over my property. I will not actually praise the fag beyond a 'good boy' but will at times offer it some small reward, all of which helps further deepen the bond of the dynamic. Should a fag fail utterly, or be fined for any type of non-compliance, then it has to pay promptly, after all, I did my part in designing the assignment and the fag must do its part one way or another. If the fag chooses to succeed or fail at the assignment doesn't really matter in the end, because I am rewarded either way and the fag is as well, according to its own level of chosen performance. It is a perfect balance of mutual effort.<br />
<br />
The point I am trying to make (rather badly I feel) is that I, as a fag-Owner, don't just sit back, relax, and constantly make demands. I expend effort to develop creative ways of putting my fag to use and it, in turn, expends effort to fulfill those duties. Let's face it you can't walk up to any ATM (the non-fag variety), hold out your hand, and get money handed to you; you have to go to the effort of getting out your card, punching in your PIN, and entering an amount. Likewise, fag-ATMs are the same way, you have to present the right trigger (the card/assignment), drive home your right to do so (the PIN/your attention), and then extract your reward (the cash or compliance). In this way, The superiority of the Master/Owner is maintained and furthered while the inferiority of the fag is deepened. A mutual reward/benefit dynamic; the fag gets pleasure from the service and the Master/Owner gets the pleasure of the control and finances of his fag. Just as it should be.<br />
<br />
Some Masters/Owners like to use, abuse, and cash-**** their fags just because they can, and some fags like to be used, abused, and cash-fucked just because they crave it, all without any deeper connection. There is certainly nothing wrong with that as long as it works for both sides. I totally understand that fact. However, it is not something that really works for me personally. Though it's definitely a pain at times, I rather enjoy the creativity of developing new and interesting ways to use a fag beyond just saying 'send me money now'. In my experience, the dynamic of absolute take vs. absolute give, gets tiresome after a while and soon vanishes. My constantly engaging with my fag on some level, via regular contact via text, email, chat, or whatever, assigning specific responsibilities and exacting penalties, keeps the dynamic fresh and interesting and leads to longevity which is vastly more satisfying and ultimately reaps more rewards. I also find that when those occasions occur when face-to-face contact is possible and the physical side of the use and abuse can be explored (as well as the financial accompaniment) the fag can submit to, and endure, much, much, more of those things I enjoy doing to it.<br />
<br />
I'm not sure any of this will make any sense to anyone but me. My explanations are often difficult to interpret because what forms in my mind does not always translate well when I attempt to type it out. Plus, it isn't something that can be fully or accurately explained in just one short missive. But, for those who get the general idea, great. For those who don't, or just don't agree, that's great too. There are more than enough faggots in the world for us to all find those that suit and can serve our individual needs. To all Masters/Owners: my respect always. To all faggots: serve until it hurts.<br />
Be carfull of what you DON'T ask for
We all have fears and nightmares even Masters (yes we do).   Let me share  with you all, a nightmare  I think some of us many have.   We know many boys/subs/slaves like to say things like "Sir I will do anything for you!" and we think GREAT.  Here's a boy that wants to serve, to give all I need to take all I want to dish out.  So we look at it's profile to see if we can get a handle on what things at what level will get the best for US and it.   Problem! the profile is small and/or almost blank.  This can only end in one of two ways GREAT or frustration for both the Master and boy.

Look on my profile and you will see two of my interests are Corporal Punishment(CP) and another is Cock Torture(CT).   To all you slave boys out there that have a brain maybe you might think that I want to put these two things together so if you say "Sir I will do anything!"  You can expect that at some point maybe right at the start I will test you out on this.   So your on skype and things move to CP,  

boy: "Sir I got hard hearing your voice"

Sir: (GRATE)  "that hard-on needs to be punished boy" 

boy: "Sir yes Sir"

Sir: "right boy get your belt double it and rap it round you hand leaving about 6"

Sir:  "As you got hard hearing my voice boys penis need to be punished"  (I want to belt your penis)

boy: "Sir yes Sir"

Sir: "You will now belt that penis 6 times HARD!!! boy"

boy: (the sound of a smack)

Sir: "..COUNT! them out boy. Start again"

boy: (the sond of a smack) "1" (smack)

Sir "STOP! do you know how to count out wacks boy!? boy says {1 Sir} start again."

boy: "1 Sir" (smack) "2" (smack)

Sir: "STOP!!! you forgot the {Sir}  start again"

boy: "your ridiculous" (sound of the phone being hung-up)
boy has blocked Master

Now up to the end this I though was going well what  do you think?

This is the nightmare a boy who dose not say what he wants and then buggers off when he gets what he did not want!!! 

Shame on you boy not having the guts to say "Sorry Sir this is not working for me.". 

Master BMD's Orders For FagSlave
From your Owner: Master BMD
To faggot slave: FagSlave

You are now under the control of the ruthless and cruel Master BMD. You are my fucking property to do with as I please. You will surrender your full self to me both mind, body, and soul. I expect complete obedience even through the most humiliating and degrading of tasks.

Faggot you will serve and obey me at all times. You will be required to do the following tasks...

1. Every day when you start your day you will check in with me on skype.
2. You will send me a full picture of yourself with face included.
3. Whenever I give you a task or order you will thank me every time for the honor of serving.
4. When I punish you for whatever reason you will instantaneously apologize and ask for another. Example "Thank you Sir may I have another"
5. If in chat on and I am in the chat room you will first ask my permission to speak.
6. At least once per week you will be utterly fucked over and degraded on camera, skype, or public chat on for my amusement.
7. You will create a blog on about how much you love to serve me, need to serve me, and how fuck you over royally. You will also place that I own you on your profile page.
8. You will check in with me at the end of each day as well too faggot to see if your master needs anything before you go to bed faggot.

These 8 orders are just the start of your training faggot. You will receive further instruction during your morning and evening check ins on skype. And I expect you to remember every tasks and all your training too faggot!!!

Master's Amendments for faggot:

1. You are only allowed to cum once per week during the abuse session on cam, skype, or public chat. You will not cum any other time not even a wet dream.
2. Faggot must stay loaded up with tip balance of at least 400 tips at all times. Fsggot is not to be at 0 tips at any point in the week.
3. Faggot will not respond to any master on message board or Skype without first checking with me for approval of return messages
4. Faggot is not to serve any masters in public chat unless I have pre-authorized it or invited the Master to join in during a public chat cash **** session.
5. Faggot will not entice any masters on the site in any way whatsoever.
6. Faggot will remain loyal at all times and also be respectful of all masters on the site.
Be clear about what you want.
You/faggot, know what; I'm not stupid. When I see a faggot showing interest or I see a faggot I'm interested in, what do I do?   I lick on it's profile and read it, I look at the photo's and videos, I read the feedback.   Then I scroll down and look at some of the things that faggot has done and liked or commented on.   I take note of what I find.  If I find "only do real meets" I understand that and would not order you serve me as/in cyber.   If on the other hand I see you serving/gifting others on here then I know you do, do cyber.  Don't take me for stupid thinking "I'll just say I don't do cyber."  I'v seen you do it so I know you do it.  If however you don't want to do it with me, I'm a big boy. I can take some one saying "Sorry Sir you just don't do it for me, I wish you well"  Yes I may be upset for all of 5mins but so what I get up again.   So be honest about what you want.

I have responded to 3 message from a faggot.  One of the messages read; "HI Sir. I love how blunt and brutal you are to fags like me. Makes me feel like I have no choice but to comply Sir".  So I checked it's profile and scand some of the things it done.  That included sending gifts/tribute to other Masters and nothing in his profile said it did not like/do cyber.  So how do you think I replayed?  Of cause I demanded service.  You guess what replay I gote;   "sorry Sir I only serve people I meet for real".    Well OK I don't have a problem with faggots only serving people that meat for real.  Thats OK.  What I have a problem with is;  Did the fag really think I did not look at it's past actions.  Did the fag think I did not look at it's profile.  Dose the fag think I am a fool.   It would appear it dose not have two brain cells to rub together.  What it should have said was.  "Sorry Sir, with respect I don't feel you do it for me."  Or they should put in there profile that they only serve in real meetings.  Yes I know, no faggot wants to say that but from my view it's better for a faggot to be honest.

The Hierarchy of Men and Today's Equality World
I believe in the hierarchy of males. Some Men are born to rule/lead/dominate and others are meant to serve/submit/kneel. There is nothing wrong with either and it would be better and happier for males if we were allowed to realise our full potential in either role. Today's society would not dream of allowing this to happen unfortunately. I am glad we all have equal opportunities but this goes against human and animal nature so I think this is why there has been a big increase in this type of site and interest. Findom, cuckolding, sites catering to foot worship and chastity etc are just forms of expression to make up for what is being denied to males today. 

Dominant Men want to see submissive males on their knees doing what they are told - cleaning their flat, doing their shopping, cooking, paying for things, licking their feet and shoes clean, drinking their piss, being their footstool, sucking their cock, taking their cock and seed in their ass or at least some of these acts to prove the Alpha is superior and sub inferior. Groups of Men usually enjoy humiliating and degrading submissive males together as a way to bond. 

Submissive males enjoy the above because it makes us feel useful and we are happy to be pleasing the Dominant Man or Men with our service. I also find it a massive rush of pleasure in my head when I am kneeling looking up at an Alpha begging to serve, licking His feet etc. I get dry mouth, I cannot speak properly, I shake a little, eyes roll to the back of head, I am hard and leaking, my ass tingles and I even get pins and needles sometimes too. This is because I am satisfying my inner need to serve/submit/kneel that I was hard wired to desire and this is a great thing to experience. 

We should accept who we are and do what we can to fulfill our role and restore the natural order!

Where's respect?
As a human being, I think respect is the base of any relationship. As a Master, I know respecto has to be an obligation from a slave. It doesn't care if a slave belongs to you or not- It's not about a slave choosing who is going to show respect to. 

As inferior and submissive beings, slaves should show respect to ANY Master that approaches them. Do you beta belong to a Master? Congratulations, but if another Alpha texts you, you're OBLIGUED to at least show respect, greet and then move forward with the conversation or not. You can't serve another Master? It's OK, but silence, unless expressed desire of your owner, is not the right answer. 

Respect all the Masters in here. Always.